Farther, Faster, Racistier

Drew TurianoHow many times have you heard Republicans hold up their hands and say “Hey, we have no problem with minorities, we are against illegal immigrants.”

This may be true for some conservatives, but others use it to mask their true anti-immigrant – legal or not – views. That has become even clearer now the TEA Party arrived on the scene–its members proudly wearing the confederate flag in public ceremonies and urging white flighters to make Montana home.  This kind of thing has inspired conservatives to take off their masks and show their true faces. It ain’t a pretty site.

Meet Drew Turiano, “TEA Party Conservative Republican” candidate for Governor in the Montana Republican Primary.

Turiano apparently believes that the ideas he espouses need no longer be confined to white supremacy sites. He sent out a mass mailer this week saying (among other crazy things) that his problem is no longer only with the undocumented and the “many murderers, rapists, and thieves in that group.” Turiano urges that the target must be shifted to legal immigrants.

I can hear the GOP defending their man Turiano now, “You can’t call him a racist, he’s not saying that non-white people are bad.” No, Drew Turiano is only saying that they caused “severe damage” to our “culture, customs, neighborhoods, crime rate, English language, schools, health care system and the general economic health of America” is all.

Like Nazi candidate Shawn Stuart, Turiano proudly boasts the endorsement of the Montana Right to Life.

He’s got so many wacky positions we’ve only just tapped the surface here, so read the rest of his screed now.  He wants the message spread about him “AS FAST AS YOU CAN.”


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  1. He’s for nullification, how surprising. Why is it that these types always want to nullify federal law. The Civil Rights Act? Voting Rights? Seems more than a coincidence to me.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 3, 2011 8:28 AM at 8:28 AM |

    Turdiano? Just WHAT THE HELL KIND’A NAME IS THAT? It damn sure ain’t Murcan! Freakin’ furriner! He better change his name to smith or jones or sumthin’ like that if he wants any crediblity with me! BTW, I seen his bumper stickers. They’re good!


  3. He says we should use nullification to “bring the power of Jesus Christ” back into the classroom while at the same time “dismissing anti-Christian propoganda” from schools. Does he mean science? I thought he was the science fiction writer…

  4. On the issue of why the so-called Right to Lifers are so frequently allied with the white supremacists. One of the big issues for the white power people is that they are worried their claim that people of color are having lots of children, while white women are having fewer. They believe if they can outlaw abortion in western countries like the U.S., white people will not become the minority….ridiculous right?!

  5. Is that guy shaving his eyebrows?

    • @Heart, are you saying you don’t shave your eyebrows? Have some pride in your appearance huh.

    • Probably something along the line of “dark eyebrows, like thinning dark hair, and all things non white and clean must be completely banished from me (and Montana too)” I didn’t ACTUALLY read that within his platform…just guessing.

  6. What’s the problem? Are you afraid Turano will grab votes from Jim Lynch?

    What the heck, the flyer is all I need to see, so thanks for that.

    However, I must object to grabbing a Stormfront page without having an actual Turano post on that site. That’s really an overreach. Find something hard, and THEN throwing down the “racist” card will take the credibility pot. Not before.

    • Skinner, your comments are becoming more ridiculous by the day.

      It is not an over-reach to claim something reads like it should be posted at Stormfront if it actually does read that way. Turiano doesn’t have to actually post there to read exactly like those who do. Since, like this website, Stormfront actually allows anonymous commenting (and posting) it remains equally possible that Turiano *has* posted there, as that he hasn’t. His screed against “multiculturalism” sure as hell sounds the same. That’s the point of your willful misdirection, Dave. Wearing a pointy white hood doesn’t make you a racist. Spouting racist ideology does, and Turiano has done that adequately to prove where he stands.

      Your ignorance is also showing, and I’d appreciate it a great deal if you would quit insulting my intelligence. I’ve been blogging for 8+ years and have had more than my share of run-ins with the nativists, the racists and fools who would defend them as you attempt here. I’ve been called out directly at Stormfront (under my pseudonym) for being a Montana multiculturalist enemy of American culture and the white race. I know what racists say, and Turiano is definitely in that brood.

      If I have a complaint with this post, it’s that anyone would link to the PR-wing of the National Alliance for any reason whatsoever. If you’d like to discuss that or other issues of organized racism at some point, let me know. I’ll be happy to educate you.

      • Rob, the only reason this post exists at all is because it’s a chance to dredge up the broad-brush racist hole card.
        As I said, reading that flyer was all I needed to know in order to write off Mr. Turiano as a viable candidate. But the Republican Party as a whole is in fact a viable alternative to the Democratic party. Posts like this can’t change that, no matter how much certain folks hope.
        As for fighting neo-Nazi-niks, pseudonyms count little. It’s more fun in person, anyway.
        I’m a half-breed Kike-American and used to play chess with old guys who didn’t get their tats in the Navy. We talked about the camps, too. So, anyone starts talking to me in code, I respond in plain English.

        • You might be right about the intent of this post, Dave, but it doesn’t change your defense of what is indefensible. There was no “overreach”, here.

          It’s more fun in person, anyway.

          No, it really isn’t. It never has been. A commenter at the Stormfront forums thought they had a gigantic coup by sussing out my ‘real identity’, which has never been hidden. Dealing with those assholes has been no fun either way. Just as you say that Republicans are a viable alternative to Democrats, I say that they are not since they refuse to join in calling out what we both believe to be racist assholes. When the Republican party rejects the racists running for office under their flag, then we have a discussion. (and don’t even attempt to bring up the tired trope of reformed racist Robert Byrd, as Republicans reflexively do. Show me something reformed about your candidates, like Turiano.)

          • Why bother, Rob? You’ll never vote for any Republican, “reformed” or “not,” actual racist or simply accused. Your mind is made up.
            As for your post about integration, it’s clear to me you don’t get it. Identity politics is all about resisting integration. The mosaic versus the melting pot. A mosaic can be chiseled and retiled…a melting pot produces the strongest of alloys over time.
            And finally, I’ll say that racism ain’t just a white thing. It’s dishonest to forgive or minimize the politically-correct kinds…

  7. His immigration and ‘multi-culturism’ views sound a lot like those of the nutter in Norway who went on the shooting rampage. Maybe Torino got them from his manifesto.

  8. Mrs. Blanche Maison | November 3, 2011 12:36 PM at 12:36 PM |

    I suggest Mr.Tornio, Turano, Turbidino, whatever the hell his WOP name is, adopt a name that doesn’t end in a vowel.

    • Cowgirl, I don’t know who this troll you’ve picked up is, but I have to give them credit. They’re pretty good at the art of ratf***ing. I’d be interested to know if “Blanche” shares an IP with “Carter” or “obvious troll”.

      • “Obvious troll” was me, the others you refer to I have no idea. It was done in response to the obvious troll with the multiple personalities that was doing the obvious ratscrewing to laslovich (among other things) through “Carter” and other identities on the Bucy / Laslovich thread. If I was to guess Id say this troll has always been a regular contributor to this blog and sometimes uses his/her superpowers for good and sometimes evil. :)

        I dont read Mrs Blanche Maison as ratscrewing she seems to just be saying that Torino needs to get a less ethnic sounding name if he is going to be an aryan superstar.

        • Apologies, Jack. For the record, the use of “WOP” seems needlessly inflammatory, and ripe for allegations against the website.

          “Hal” is another persona which bears some skeptical scrutiny.

        • Mrs. Blanche Maison | November 4, 2011 4:56 AM at 4:56 AM |

          Jack, molte grazie for defending me.

          To the offended and unoffended, please scroll down to see the definition of WOP. (Which i mistakenly posted outside this thread.)

          Amo gli italiani, wish I was one. I believe it’s hypocritical that people with vowels at the end of their names work to drive out “the others.” Same way I”m puzzled when women join and defend the Republican party.

          Using the word WOP was my attempt to point out that Mr. Turiano would not pass the purity test. I suppose he’s suffering from the same insecurity that made Mussolini date with Hitler.


          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 4, 2011 6:56 AM at 6:56 AM |

            Blanche, I too was astounded when I saw that some dufus name Turdiano was complaining about immigrants! That’s why I suggested that his ancestors should have done what MANY immigrants did and Americanize their names! Hell, a lot of them did it! My own relatives included. They didn’t want to be labeled as Bohunks. Thus, Kuretich became Curtis, as in the journalist Bill, a distant cousin. Or Medved (meaning bear) became Bear, as in great granddaddy Bear. Or Reibich (meaning fish) became Fisher. Heck, sometimes you can’t tell a Honky by their last names!

            That’s why I offered up a suggestion for Turdiano. If his grandpa would have just SHORTENED their name to Turd, everything would be fine! No problems being a nazi withe a wholesome, American sounding name! Turd is a fine nazi-sounding name, and pretty much describes this guy and his beliefs to a tee! ‘Sides, it’s kinda catchy too! Vote for Turd, and what you hear is what you get!

            Or, my other suggestion would be for Turdiano to change his name to some sort of Native American sounding name, sumthin’ like maybe, Man Who Breaks Wind!, or simply Mighty Breaking Wind. THEN, he could claim to be one of America’s originals!

            But to claim for yourself American exclusivity with a name like Turdiano is just laughable, and I suspect that’s why folks are laffing at this dude!

            • Mrs. Blanche Maison | November 4, 2011 7:52 AM at 7:52 AM |

              Smart analysis Larry :)

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 4, 2011 9:09 AM at 9:09 AM |

                Or smart ASS analysis! You see, it’s left to us class clowns and ne’er-do-wells to speak the TRVTH, ’cause the folks who really can won’t! And that’s real sad. My generation let us down. Elizabeth Warren is the last real sixties fighter left. She never lost her fighting spirit nor her idealism. The young folks out there in OWS should make her their leader. She is what the sixties promised.

  9. What’s crazy is when Drew Turiano’s family stepped off the boat, they were treated to the same crap he’s spewing now. My Irish greatgrandmother also got it.

  10. Mrs. Blanche Maison | November 4, 2011 4:43 AM at 4:43 AM |

    From the Urban Dictionary: “WOP” is the English pronunciation of the Ital-Neapolitan word “GUAPPO”. The word defines those who belong to the Guapperia o “Camorra”, a criminal organization similar to the Sicilian Mafia located mostly in the province of Campania (an Italian Province) and its capital Napoli, Italia. The term is still commonly used especially in Central-South Italy (Meridione) to describe those that either belong to the organization or those that are arrogant to the point of inducing a fight. It was brought to the USA by early Italian immigrants from the province of Campania who named those suspected to belonging to the Guapperia “Guappi”, in a similar fashion the Sicilians used the term “Mafiosi”. Widely used in Chicago where most immigrants from Campania settled, one of its native sons Al Capone was a typical Guappo, it was confused by the non Italian population to indicate people of Italian origins, similarly the word “Paesano”. The term has been erroneously explained to mean “Without Papers” because of the initials “WP” by those, Italian descent or not, that have little knowledge of Italian history and dialects. The term has taken a derogatory meaning in North America and for many refers to people of Italian origin or background.
    You are a real “wop”, meaning you are arrogant.

    • Well isn’t that interesting. I guess it’s okay to throw around racial epithets if you know their etymology. Who knew?

      For the record “Blanche”, irony involving race rarely translates well on the Internet, especially from anonymous commenters. Pointing that out does not make me arrogant. Assuming that others will understand you clearly in this medium leaves the jury somewhat out as regards you.

      Larry’s excellent satire aside, it should be well noted that the modern racialists have little or no trouble with Italian sounding names. Most Italians, having immigrated a fair long time ago, have been well integrated into what is seen as American culture; mostly because being Italian no longer equals being a ‘papist’, as was the case during the earlier parts of the last century. Several notables among the leadership of the National Alliance are of Italian extraction. To be somewhat personal about it, the worst racist I’ve ever personally known was my ex-FIL, an Italian American.

      Except among the more radical skinheads, modern racialists focus on culture, and will target any culture currently seen as ‘the other’. Right now, that would be Mexicans and those who live south of Mexico in this hemisphere. Their arguments rarely rely on ‘dirty genetics’ or sub-humanity. They just imply such. That’s why the dog-whistling of “multiculturalism” is so effective at spreading racial hatred. It leaves race as an undertone, and focuses on the flag and apple pie. The modern racialists, for the most part, aren’t the KKK, Neo-Nazi Aryan worshippers or stand up fascists. They are much more sophisticated then that. (You’re welcome to look up the etymology of the word “sophisticated”.)

      In other words, the snark you and Larry are attempting would be effective if his surname ended in a Z. As it is, you’re about 4 steps behind and patting yourselves on the back for observing what is obvious.

      • Mrs. Blanche Maison | November 4, 2011 4:25 PM at 4:25 PM |

        I’m an idiot Rob and you’re brilliant. And I humbly thank you for pointing out the sad fact.

        • As I’ve indicated, irony (and sarcasm) doesn’t translate well to the Internet, especially not from anonymous personae (though you are becoming more exposed with every foolish comment.) That you keep attempting such, in place of actual discussion, is indeed very sad.

  11. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | November 4, 2011 5:44 AM at 5:44 AM |

    Thanks to fellow citizens on reflections of the fear-mongering and hate put upon immigrants. Even the Germans – my father-in-law and grandmother came to the USA after WWI – faced discrimination, and those who dissented, particularly in Montana, faced the unjust sedition acts which were repealed
    and our Governoer rightly apologized for those horrible laws and pardoned
    those unjustly.

    We’re all immigrants, even our new Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, visited here in Korea and his parents ‘came on the boat’ in the Thirties
    to escape FASCISM at the hands of Benito Mussolini. We don’t need FASCISM,
    fear and hate in America, because at the end of the day have strived to bring ‘Liberty and Justice for ALL?’

  12. I wonder if this guy gets the Koopmen endorsement.

  13. Ok so now we are at 10 Republican nuts in the governors race, maybe we can get an even dozen and pretend they are donuts. And me being a diebetic I can try to find the one my doctor wants me to eat the most. Either way I get my a– chewed if I eat one or elect one. Why why why cant we the citizens of the State of Montana say to hell with term limits and give Brian Schweitzer another four year term?

  14. Dave Skinner, Half-breed kike??? That is so degrading not only to yourself but to every other Jew on the face of the earth. If you don’t mind degrading yourself so be it but that is also degrading to the rest, actually with the rest of your posts it only becomes clear you are not Jewish and are more than likely a stormfronter yourself.

  15. This guy looks like a cross between Kojak and Webb Brown.

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