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Supporters Wanted

Behlmer honk and waveSupporters of the right-wing City Commission candidate Lorabelle Behlmer took to the streets in support of her candidacy this weekend–or rather a supporter did.   A Cowgirl tipster captured this photograph of Behlmer’s “Honk and Wave” event.  It doesn’t look like her candidacy was able to garner much of a turnout. Matt Elsaesser and Katherine Haque-Hausrath are running against Behlmer.


More Time Off for Rehberg

Congressional Republicans released their 2012 House calendar recently.  Did you know that there is no month in which they plan to work more than 14 days?  As the Slate Political Gabfest reported on a recent podcast, there are only two weeks of 2012 that the House plans to put in a five-day week like the rest of us. The House will be in session 109 weekdays, and on recess 151 weekdays.   That’s 14 more vacation days than last year.


 Mississippi to Vote on Birth Control Ban Tomorrow

A Mississippi initiative so broad that it would likely mean not just a total ban on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest or to save the mother’s life, but also a ban on birth control and in vitro fertilization will be voted on tomorrow. As USA Today points out in an editorial page piece against the measure:

Backers of “personhood” angrily deny that some of these things would happen, but the amendment says what it says, not what they say it does.

The law is so far outside the mainstream that no state has passed it.  Mississippi’s extreme government intrusion initiative could appear on Montana’s ballot in 2012.  Montanans have twice declined to sign enough petitions to get it put on the ballot and Colorado voters have twice panned the proposal.  According to the same article, only 20 percent of Americans support a total ban on abortion.  If the measure passes in Mississippi  (or in Montana or other states facing petition drives–OH, MI, and FL among others), it would certainly face immediate constitutional challenges.  Whomever is Attorney General in those states would  then defend the initiatives against the challenges.


Caught on Tape

Congressman Dennis Rehberg was caught on tape this weekend waving around a picture of Obama as Qaddafi.  Talking Points Memo has the story, picture and video.   A Rehberg staffer says that the Congressman was just being “polite” by brandishing the cartoon.  But if someone hands you something that ridiculous isn’t the  “polite” thing to do putting the cartoon away, not promising to give it to a campaign staffer, as he appears to do in the video?  I mean, if he had been handed, say, pornography would he have done the same thing?  As this  Missoula Independent article points out, a classier candidate would have handled the situation differently, while Rehberg “didn’t exactly stand up and set the record straight like McCain did in 2008.”


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2011 6:23 PM at 6:23 PM |

    Well, I have been preaching for a loooong time now about these christofascists, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, you’d better! They are nuckin’ FUTS! These morons are NOT concerned about abortion per se, but S-E-X! These idiots want to march the country right back to the days when sex was dirty, sex was not discussed, sex was banned, and sex was NOT done for pleasure, ONLY procreation! ONLY TO MAKE BABIES! Yes, they are nuckin’ futs! They want to control your life down to the most intimate detail.

    SOOOO, all you morons out there that drink the tea, keep votin’ for these religeeous wackos. They’re gonna put GAWD back into your lives and your bedrooms for you whether you like it or not! Yes, they are some extremely sick mofos! Dominionism, christrian reconstructionism, the Constistupid Party, it’s ALL the freakin’ same! They AIN’T worried about the Constitution. They’re ONLY worried about who’s puttin’ their whozit into whose whatzit! YIKES!

    We can do better.

  2. Caught on Tape: Now that was just F***ing BS! I do not care what party you come from…..An elder statesmen would have given it back to the supporter… told the Bigot he didn’t roll like that and that Obama was his president! That elections in 2012 would determine the outcome, that he need’nt have to be petty to get his points across to voters…. but NOOOOOOOOO the Dummy waved it around, showed others the cartoon like it was a prize! This man is just not right in the head! No way anyone showed be voting for Rehberg, if they were human!

  3. I agree with ilikewoods. The video shows three things about Rehberg. 1-the kind of people from whom he draws his support. 2-that he is a bigot 3-that he lacks the taste and backbone to do the right thing. and a bonus one 4-that he will do anything for a buck.

  4. I predict that Lorabelle doesn’t have enough supporters to win. I think Katherine and Matt will be successful tonight. Good luck to them both if they are reading this!!

  5. You know if Mississippi voters who are probley the most conservative voters in the country voted down the personhood amendment, maybe that should be a hint to the rest of the nation. Anyway I was wondering how did the elections in Great Falls turn out and around the state of Montana in general? Also with all this on Rehberg I still keep my bet that he gets beat by Tester, it will be close but this time next year Denny Rehberg will be looking for a new job.

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