Best Announces for Supreme Court

News outlets across the state reported this week that Great Falls attorney Beth Best has officially announced her candidacy for the Montana Supreme Court Justice.  Best is running for the seat that will be open when Justice Jim Nelson retires. Beth stated she

“is running for the Montana Supreme Court because I believe in public service, and access to justice for every person as guaranteed by our Constitution.”


Throughout state history only four women have ever been elected to the Montana Supreme Court.  If elected, Best would be the fifth. You can read more about Best from her press release, a portion of which is pasted below the fold.  Or, visit the campaign website:

Beth Best has lived in Montana nearly all of her life. She attended Great Falls public schools starting in kindergarten, graduated from Charles M. Russell High School in 1974, received her undergraduate degree at Montana State University in Bozeman, and her law degree from the University of Montana School of Law in 1981. She met her husband, Mike Best, in law school when he recruited her to play receiver on the law school touch football team. After law school, they served together in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany. Beth prosecuted crimes, provided legal services to soldiers, and taught the law of war to soldiers. After returning from the Army in 1984, she clerked for U.S. District Judge Paul Hatfield in Great Falls before opening a private practice with her husband. They have been in private practice together ever since.


Beth and Mike raised two kids, Matthew and Sydney, on their small family ranch in the Eden area, south of Great Falls, for twenty-one years. Beth served for six years on the Board of Trustees for the Centerville Schools. The family raised Angus calves, 4-H lambs, chickens, geese and ducks.


Since 1985, Beth has demonstrated her commitment to access to justice for all individuals while representing Montanans from all over the State, including police officers, business owners, farmers, office workers, soldiers, grain elevator workers, railroad workers, cooks, grocery store employees, doctors, firefighters, deputy sheriffs, maintenance workers, teachers, nurses, and government workers.

She has served as the Chair of the Montana Board of Labor Appeals, and currently serves the State as the Chair of the Montana State Fund Board.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 13, 2011 6:40 PM at 6:40 PM |

    Elizabeth Best is good people. She’s topnotch and very, very bright. But in addition to that, she’s fearless and relentless in pursuing the TRVTH and upholding the law. I can think of no one I’d like more on the Supreme Court. She’s integrity personified. She has that rare combination of attributes that would serve the court and Montana well.

  2. Hmmm….school board member, veteran, pro-labor, long-time experience. Sounds like a great candidate. Glad to see women like this running.

  3. This is looking like a great year for women candidates. With Franke Wilmer, Pam Bucy, Denise Juneau, Monica Lindeen, and Beth Best on the ballot we have the opportunity to put some great women in office (or back in office.)

  4. Beth is a ‘Top Hand’ and she also appreciates agriculture and defending our OPEN government laws. Glad to
    see more Ladies out there to start DUMPING that Toxic TEA!!!

    • Best has an outstanding resume. It is exciting to see candidates of this caliber and experience running for office in the judicial branch. The people we elect to this office are more important now than ever, seeing as how the GOP has launched an attack on the judicial branch through legislative referenda and failed bills.

  5. I don’t care if she is a woman or a man or a woman in a man’s body or uses strap-on tools. I am interested in her words

    “I believe in public service, and access to justice for every person as guaranteed by our Constitution.”

    Them are fine sounding words, and Democrats are allowed to talk like that when running for office. Obama talked a fine talk, but as it turns out he did not mean a word of it.

    The fact is that most people are frozen out of the justice system: the are forced to sign word-barf contracts, are prevented from suing by “tort reform” and are relegated to arbitration if they do have legitimate grievances. Courts seldom enforce consumer protection statues, and the burden of proof for bad faith is unbreachabe. It’s impssible to prove thatncrooks are crooks when they are lawyered up. While repayment of attorney fees for prevailing parties is a common contractual provision, courts, who regard contracts as sacred, are blasé about enforcement of that part of the sacred contract, preferring instead to award attorney fees on a percentage of success basis, enough to make those provisins meaningless for regular people.

    Our justice system is a joke. Does Beth Best have some real rubber on her tread, or is she just talking silly Democrat talk?

    Honest question.

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