Keeping Up with the GOP Gov Kandidates

Agenda 21

There’s a whole lot of crazy tumbling out of the GOP Kandidate Klown Kar this week.  The latest?  TEA Party blogger Ed Berry writes on the Oathkeeper’s website that the Reverend Dr. Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, has jumped onto the ticket of far-right candidate Robert Fanning to be the Republican Party nominees for the Governor’s office.

Now, governor candidate Robert Fanning, an expert in economics, finance, wildlife and resources, has been joined by 2008 presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin as his lt. governor running mate. Fanning made this historic announcement last night at a Gubernatorial Forum in Billings.

Speculation that Baldwin would run for Montana statewide office began earlier this year, when in a speech to a packed room at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell last January Baldwin warned the audience that “There’s a fight coming.” In his speech, which some thought seemed to call for a civil war, Baldwin described “waking in the middle of the night and imagining himself as governor of Montana.”

he all but declared his candidacy, describing the prospect as, “so thrilling I just get goose bumps.”

To win a Republican nomination, a candidate has to move right, recant absolutely any past position that violates the current conservative dogma and never, ever dare to speak the truth that the Democratic Schweitzer administration has managed the state budget better than any time in state history.

Fanning and Baldwin are already so far right they won’t have to do much moving.  Consider the anti-Semitic sermon written by Baldwin, in which he lashes out at the Jewish Banking Conspiracy and refers to Jews as the modern day “moneychangers” which Jesus banished from the temple. He also says these same moneychangers control the media and thus will never report on their own banking conspiracy, and so of course it is he, Chuck Baldwin, who must bring us the truth about them.

“They are destroying America,”  Baldwin says, “but Christians don’t see it,” and so he implores Christians to wake up to the reality of what Jewish leaders are up to.

Baldwin was heavily involved in the modern-day incarnation of the White Citizens’ Council that supported segregation and opposed the Civil Rights Movement.

Baldwin said he was drawn to the Flathead and the Rocky Mountain West by what he described as a “freedom-minded spirit in that area that is superior to most places in the country.” He spoke in May at the “Liberty Convention” in Missoula, and at a conservative gathering in Hamilton last year.

The Liberty Convention was the event that included headliners several white-supremacist speakers including Red Beckman, Baldwin and a small handful of  others.  Red Beckman is guy whose name you have probably heard before.  In addition to refusing to pay his taxes, Beckman believes that Jewish people are the literal children of Satan, and people of color are sub-human “mud people.”

In a recent Flathead Beacon article, it was reported that Baldwin has written a column in which he expressed this view:

“The South was right in the War Between the States, and I am not a racist,” he wrote. “Neither do I believe that the leaders of the Old Confederacy were racists.”

Fanning and Baldwin must know at some level that not all of their ideas are fit for prime time. Or maybe it’s just that there are some conspiracies that are too sensitive to discuss publicly.  That’s because on their website, their position on Agenda 21, the insidious UN Black Helicopter agenda in favor of food for hungry people and bike paths, is for certain eyes only, and is password protected. Here’s a screenshot: Agenda 21

They should keep all of their ideas far from public eyes, because the more Montanans learn about this pair, the less there is to like.


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  1. I hope the prospect of losing bigtime fills him with the same quivering excitement.

  2. Has General Robert E. Skees given his endorsement to Baldwin and Fanning yet?

  3. What is WRONG with taking an OATH to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC! With fighting oppression, untruth, and for FREEDOM!! May God help those who try to stop the frenzy that Dr. Baldwin will whip up in thois state. You pathetic bloggers and naysays shall go the way of those before you-to irrelevance and to hell.

    • Huh!!!!! Another idiot runs amok!!!!!!!Your pathetic “proud patriot”.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton | November 15, 2011 2:15 PM at 2:15 PM |


      I think the definition of “enemy” is worth some discussion as we all likely differ on what that means (paranoid people versus… everyone else).

      If you don’t like bloggers, don’t read blogs.

      Also, Baldwin’s comments are pretty bad: anti-Semitic, racist, and really paranoid. But I suppose that’s the new Christian Right – forget economic justice and poverty reduction, get the gays, the Jews, the non-Aryans, the UN (?!?), and the “enemies!”.

      Keep praying to your Jesus statue in Whitefish. K? Thanks.

    • I did! I took an oath to protect, even you sleazeball Tbaggers! Also I know my American History. Whereas Tbaggers like you, need someone else to explain it to them…. or show them in pictures!

      Case in Point!

      I don’t remember any writings that told of our forefathers having to wear a lapel pin with the flag on it! I Cant remember any history of them hanging, red white and blue bumper stickers on their horse drawn wagons! Let alone wrapping themselves in a flag to do patriotic duties! And lastly I don’t ever remember them wanting a state sponsored religion, like you t-baggers do. So if you can read PP… and I am not sure you do… I am gonna give you a web address of what was said by James Madison, before the 13 original states signed off on the establishment clause.

      In January of 1774, Madison wrote about Tea baggers like you of today, to prominent Virginian, William Bradford:

      “Poverty and Luxury prevail among all sorts: Pride ignorance and Knavery among the Priesthood and Vice and Wickedness among the Laity. This is bad enough. But it is not the worst I have to tell you. That diabolical Hell conceived principle of persecution rages among some and to their eternal infamy the Clergy can furnish their Quota of Imps for such business. This vexes me the most of any thing whatever. There are at this time in the adjacent County not less than 5 or 6 well meaning men in close Gaol for publishing their religious Sentiments which in the main are very orthodox. I have neither patience to hear talk or think of any thing relative to this matter, for I have squabbled and scolded abused and ridiculed so long about it, to so little purpose that I am without common patience.

      The Imps James talk about, are Malcontents called tea baggers today!

      In the petition, I have sent you to on the internet, James Madison laid out 15 reasons why separation of church and state was a superior form of government, concluding that in the previous 1,500 years, every marriage of church and state produced a lazy and corrupt church, and despotic government. It was this petition, plus the writings of Thomas Jefferson, that was distilled into the first 10 amendments of United States Constitution!

      Thats right! You have no sense of American history whatsoever, and neither do the bad school grade history struggling GOP candidates you swore allegiance too today!

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      the Establishment Clause commands strict government neutrality on all religious issues, including neutrality between religious beliefs and nonreligious beliefs.

      I believe a true Patriot like Most Democrats today, have no reason to fear you false christian T baggers ideas on government!

      Us sane individuals , who do read, will not allow you to change how well the constitution still stands as a testament of freedom today!

    • Proud Patriot, there is nothing wrong at all with the oath taken by our service members, and none here wrote that there was. I do understand your discomfort, though. It must be awfully disconcerting to you that the person given the Constitutional duty to define those enemies is … a ‘Negro’.

  4. So I guess this kind of thing is just fine and dandy withe the folks at GOP Headquarters, since we havn’t heard a peep from them against these candidates or their views. We now know that while the draw the line at open KKK membership-this kind of thing is no problemo at all.

    • Carrie, the GOP doesn’t have to respond. These people are running for office as Constitution Party candidates. All the GOP has to do is to stand out of their way enough to endorse without endorsing. That’s what they did with Jore in 2006.

  5. I looks like I types an extra “e” on the word with on my post and left off a “y” on the word that should have been “they.” My point was-the Repubs distanced themselves from the KKK candidate John Abarr, but not from Baldwin and Fanning.

  6. @Rob-are you sure? I thought that since Fanning spoke at the Republican forum that he was running as a republican.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton | November 15, 2011 3:09 PM at 3:09 PM |

      I think he was being snarky and suggesting that we “let” these idiots take the GOP nomination if they can… so the Dems get an easy victory.

    • I’m sorry, Carrie. I was probably being more flippant, literal and obscure than I should have been. You are correct that there will be an “R” behind Fanning and Baldwin’s names. But it is evident that they are not establishment Republicans. They represent the Constitutionalist constituency, and will be running as that.

      You’ll notice that the state GOP hasn’t really endorsed any candidate for Guv yet. That’s the Weather-Vane strategy. They will not repudiate anyone or reject any viewpoint if they think votes can be had. They don’t really need to. All they need to do is to embrace all candidates until they find out which way the electorate is leaning. It is more important to them to keep the outliers than to hold to any principle. If it means embracing a third party candidate (like Jore) to get the win they really want, Greenwood and the gang will do so in a heartbeat.

    • Carrie, I personally know Bob Fanning, and have never met Baldwin. But, the fact of the matter is Baldwin is NOT Fanning’s running mate. Former Montana State Representative Joel Boneik is. It is true that he is a firebrand at times, but Fanning is the element in the team that brings about the balance of calmness that tempers Boneiks firey charachter.

      So for anyone to smear Fanning with Baldwins potential for racism, when he inst even running with Fanning, and hasnt been since the early days of the campaign, would be inaccurate and unfair. So is catagorizing him a “far right” Republican.

      Bob Fanning is a Constitutionalist, no matter which party he seems to side with on any issue. He is running on a platform to 1): Save property rights from the Agenda 21 takeover under the Y to Y corridor plan, 2): To strengthen the rights of Montana Citizens against federal over-reach, 3): To safeguard peoples homes from unlawful foreclosures and 4): bringing the state of Montana to fiscal self-suffiency while lessening the tax burden on the Citizen.

      Anyone who would object to those goals would seem to me to be “rooting for theother state”, whatever state that may be…

      Furthermore, I have been on the platforms website, and I have seen no such “password protection” on any page. Maybe that was before his old web designer was offered noteriety to jump ship and move over to endorse another candidate, and the new web designer fixed all the issues the former designer bult in of his own initiative.

      Bob Fanning is a technical neophyte when it comes to marketing on the web, who wouldnt know how to password protect anything. He has delegated that to some
      wonderful volunteers, as any good leader must. He should not be held accountable for the poor actions of volunteers, especially when running a campaign on a very tight budget.

      However, he is definately the most knowledgeable, accountable, approachable candidate on the issue of his campaign, putting in countless hours to show anyone tha realities of his platform, including the the solutions, not just the problems themselves.

      It is my honest opinion, that when in office, no-one will ever be told he is too busy to sit down and listen and consider a solution to a problem faced by Montanans, no matter what their social standing may be. In fact I began liking his platform only after attempting many times to get such a sitdown with other candidates from both sides of the political Isle, and being told they were not interested until AFTER the election.

      Mr. Fanning sat down and spoke with me without hesitation.

      If access to Government is the thermometer of its transparancy and willingness to be representative of the Peoples political will, and proactivity on finding solutions whether you are already in office or not, the Bob Fanning has proven himself to be a faithful leader and an honorable statesman rather than a politician, long before the polls open.

      I urge everyone to go to, read what is there, and if you have issue with any of it, ask to meet him singularly or in a group. He will go far out of his way to show you he is a man whom you would want in the Governors office, protecting YOUR rights…

  7. Got it. Thanks Ryan.

  8. Thank you Rob-I appreciate the clarification, and I see what you are saying : )

  9. I wonder, does ‘KKK’ spell ‘Tea Party’ if a ‘man of the ‘cloth’ like Baldwin starts attacking Jews? Who’s next, Roman Catholics (vilified by the ‘know nothing’ party of the 1850’s as portrayed in ‘Gangs of New York’ so vividly) and unwed mothers?

  10. I went to Fanning’s website. It contains 1-an odd video rant about wolves. 2-A photo of him getting closer to a bison then those tourist videos from Yellowstone that end up on Spike TV.

    3-a link to this article that compares political correctness to mosquito saliva, then goes off on a big black helicopter rant against the UN.

  11. And the thaught that with 10 jokers in this race for the Republican nomination anyone of these jokers could win, now granted for awhile now and even in recent postings Ive said that the race will come down to Hill and Miller, but with 10 candidates you do not need a large majority to win, all you need is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 25%, also if Im right this is the joker that was born and raised in Chicago, and just moved up here in the last three to five years. And his running mate Chucky Baldwin probley does not even have the Florida license plates off his vehicles yet, and to think they could be the Republican nominees for Governor and Lt Governor respectively. Here’s the other kicker this election could be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Because if the Republicans do not get a mainstreet pro business leave the radical crap alone candidate, then I would say that the mainstreet Republican is a thing of the past, and has been dying for several years. Case in point Carol Lambert former state representative from Broadus, A plus rating from the National Rifle Association, and a A plus rating from the Montana Stockgrowers Assoc, and endorsed by NFIB clearly a Republican, but because at the 2007 legislative session she worked with Governor Schwietzer a Democrat to balance the budget, she was targeted by Roger the nutjob and his group and lost the 2008 Republican primary to a guy way to the right of her.

  12. Terrible AP article on Baldwin/Fanning

    Says the campaigns are fighting for conservative ground over their desires to ban abortion. Find me a republican who doesn’t and THAT would be news.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 16, 2011 9:59 PM at 9:59 PM |

      YOWZA! Pastord Chucky Cheesey Bulbdim is a DOCTOR! Yes, that’s right. Pastord Bulbdim is actually DR. Pastord Cheesey Bulbdim according to his bio that states that the pastord recieved not ONE mind you, but TWO “honorary” doctorate degrees! Wow! Now THAT’S impressive! I mean, SOME cynical types among us might LAFF THEIR ASSES OFF at honorary doctorates from some no name southern bible college. But not me! No siree! I’m impressed with Dr. Bulbdim’s academic CREEdentials! Hell, they’re ALmost as good as his MILITARY credentials!

      For you see, poor Pastord Dr. Bulbdim, like ALL good racist nutjobs, never actually SERVED in our country’s military. But he DID the next best thing. HE GOT MEDALS! For his bravery in action! Defending freedumb! Well, not exactally the bronze star, but a bronze medal none the less! Which is KINDA like doin’ sumthin’ great, which is KINDA like getting a real PhD., but is actually getting an honorary degree from Jumpin’ Jaysus BIBLE College in Sumpwater, Florida!

      From the good Revrearend’s own bio:

      “He has also been the guest of honor at a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was also awarded the Bronze Medal of Patriotism by the Sons of the American Revolution.”

      Hey, how bout that?? Impressive, no? No.

      Ya know, I’ve heard it said that after awhile, some folks begin to resemble their dogs. I wonder, does Dr. Pastord Bulbdim have a nuetered hairless Chihuahua??

  13. Agenda 21 is a takeover plan like the Democrat, Rosa Koire warns us about in her book, ‘Behind the Green Mask’. is a good start, as is democratsagainstagenda21 .com
    in educating yourself about the dirty control and health destruction plan – way beyond bike paths (great!) and other nice agendas. In some states you may still have the freedom to reject the radiating smart meter. (electric companies lie lie lie about the dangers and privacy etc.) Pastor Baldwin is too right for many, but wanting to get rid of Obama’s NDAA indefinite detention without any rights at all, no lawyer judge or jury. Obama’s kill list, he decides who is targeted without due process(look it up), drones allowed across the U.S. and just look up all the 800+ Executive orders, more than Bush Obama has signed. Cute the NDAA was signed on New Year’s Eve AFTER he claimed he would not sign it and would veto it. Sooo, there are some freedom loving people trying to save our hides, not caring that they could be scrubbing dishes in a FEMA camp somewhere? or dead, injected with mandatory vaccines? (Dr. Tenpenny, “Say No To Vaccines”) etc. etc. etc. Romney is a banker’s agent also…… look at the comparison of PAC donors, bankers for Mitt this time, last time for Obama. The fix is in, we are only insects being sprayed with aluminum, barium and other crap. Cheers (weather modification, been around decades) BTW: I am sorry to see you could not oust fluoride out of Bozeman’s water supply. Mass drugging is so yesterday one would hope, lithium is next according to reports, scientists want us to remain calm during tough times…….awe, so loving………

  14. SAy, I was directed to this blog once more, after the dog and pony show w/ intense fraud (duh) we call an election today.
    Gee Larry, If I am the ‘Crapdog’ of which you are posting about…….I think your gut feeling or whatever is greatly incorrect about me, and as far as my concerns go. I am a reconstructionist, only wanting our Republic to be strong and in the hands of the people, not the fractional banking system stealing trillions through the FED and other sources, bankrupting us so to obtain greater control etc. I love McNaughton’s work btw. The socialist’s plans are working quite well to enslave us all. While Bzig’s book, ‘The Grand Chessboard’ is playing out and puppet in office spouts the word, seems to me Agenda 21 along with global carbon tax push, U.N. takeover and EO from high office etc. are the gorillas in the room. Seriously, because this is a lefty blog?, is where one should go to be shocked at the NON right/left threats that are being imposed against Americans and people worldwide. Aircrap btw refers to the chemicals being sprayed daily around the world on us, as if we were insects. So, excuse me Larry, I agree! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS DAMMIT!
    We are in a world of trouble, allowing the dirty dogs to divide us is a big part of the problem.
    This website explains the poison/mass drugging without consent in most U.S. cities and towns. Check it out, Europe and other countries, some of our towns have banned the stuff. Freedom of health choice. Why not vote on fluoride being dumped into soft drinks and the rest? Labeling anyone? Prozac is fluoride if you get the drift. naturalnews .com
    fluoridealert .org tells the

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 14, 2013 7:22 PM at 7:22 PM |

      Crapdog, are you referring to chem trails? They are true. And exist. Who the hell knows what they’re spraying? Contails lots of barium though. Hell, I flew directly over a spray plane one time. Wow. What an experience that was. I couldn’t believe the shit coming out of that plane. It was NOT a vapor trail.

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