Baucus Bumps

With the failure of the super-committee, it looks like Max Baucus’s bumpy ride is not smoothing out any time soon. He has his work cut out for him to regain some credibility with voters. He appointed himself onto the committee, a questionable decision since most observers at the time felt that there was little chance of the committee agreeing to anything.  And they were right.

Not surprisingly, Brian Schweitzer joined in the super-committee bashing-fest this morning while guest hosting an Air America radio program on AM760 out of Denver (listen online here to Hour 1, Hour 2, Hour 3).  He even conducted an on-air contest in which callers got a chance to rename the super-committee, with Schweitzer’s belt buckle as the first prize.

Baucus was at least nominally in the right place ideologically, trying to get a deal including tax increases and spending cuts. However, Baucus is one of the authors of the Bush tax cuts, a fact which he heralded often in earlier times. Thus is he sleeping in a bed he made.


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  1. “Air America”?

    It was on AM760, and he substituted for his former campaign aid David Sirota, who runs a three hour show here each weekday. irota is quite good. Air America went belly up years ago. It was a weak Democratic attempt to be Republican. Obama would later succeed.

    You guys need new writers.

  2. I have not listened to Schwietzer’s fill in radio spot, but Im sure he did well, he just has the personality. As far as Baucus, his failure is that he tries to be too many things to too many people. Back in 02 he was buddy buddy with Bush, then in 08 he voted for the Wall Street Bailouts, then in 09 he had the health care fiasco and ticked off both the right and the left, and gave us a big pile of poop for a health care bill. Now in 11 its the super committee. Basically he has no spine, thats his problem. Atleast Schwietzer and Tester have spines, and brains, and I could say the same for Denise Juneau, Linda McChollah, Steve Bullock, and many others but Baucus he is a yes man, and has been in congress longer then I’ve been alive, infact he is an argument for term limits.

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