Billings Republican Wants More Goverment

So much for the party of less government.

Rep. Tom McGillvray (R-Billings) attempted to get the legislature to sign-on in opposition to the ACLU’s lawsuit seeking relationship recognition for LGBT folks in the state. This comes as no surprise considering McGillvray’s long-time hobby of trying to insert government into the personal relationships of Montanans. He sponsored one of the nuttiest bills of the legislative session–compulsory marriage counseling for people seeking a divorce (House Bill 438) which was repeatedly been voted down by his own colleagues.   Under McGilvray’s law, a woman would be required to remain married to drug addicts, those who have gambled away their life savings, drug dealers, criminals, and general bad spouses, and undergo ten hours of mandatory counseling over eight weeks. Tom McGillvray’s bill made the Cowgirl Blog’s list of the session’s nuttiest bills.
So, when his bill failed yet again, McGillvray apparently sought other ways to insert himself into personal family decisions where government doesn’t belong–just as getting the legislature involved in fighting the ALCU lawsuit. Here’s the video:

Fortunately, Democrats on the committee stuck together and voted down McGillvray’s ridiculous measure.

What’s even more unfortunate for McGillvray (but fortunate for Montanans who don’t want the government interfering in their relationships with other consenting adults) is that 62% of Montanans support some form of relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples in the state, as we saw in the most recent Public Policy Polling survey. Looks like today’s loss for McGillvray is just the first in what will surely be a long string of them.


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  1. Let’s see the Tea/Koch Party endorses Privatizing the Profit (For the 1%) and Socialize the Risk to the 99%, and get rid of capital gains taxes so the Rich will ‘invest’ but where??? Not in Circle, Montana friends but in tax havens and places where labor’s vitually free, while we keep paying for an infrastructure that provides the roads and ports for us to keep importing

    The GOP declares ‘Liberty’ for all, but here’s there MANDATE on marriage, etc.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 11, 2011 8:46 PM at 8:46 PM |
  3. Watch the video. McGillvray’s ultimate goal here is an injustice, but his legal point is valid. Kind of like the folks before the Civil War who made good, constitutional arguments in favor of slavery. Tom is correct in that the court should not be ordering the legislature to write laws. The legislature should write this particular law without waiting for a court order. LGBT rights are coming, Tom. If you want it done by the book, do it by the book. If you simply do not want it done, get out of the way.

  4. The times, they are a-changin’…
    I really think that relationship recognition is going to make it- despite the awkwardly hostile machinations of the vocal minority.

  5. I agree with DGregory – no reasonable person is against relationship recognition anymore. Especially among young people. tThis is an issue that we’re going to win.

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