Oops, Republican Files for Wrong Seat

A Montana Republican is in the Lee Newspapers this week saying he’s running to be “a stabilizing influence” on the Public Service Commission.  If that’s true, he appears to be running in the wrong district.

Montana state legislator Bob Lake, R-Hamilton, announced he’s running for Public Service Commissioner against Democratic incumbent Gail Gutsche.  The position comes with a fat paycheck of $94,500 per year.

Lake said he believes he can bring “a stabilizing influence” on the five-member PSC, which has drawn negative headlines this past year because of some feuding and personal attacks among members.

Lake didn’t come out an mention any of the antics of embattled GOP Commissioners Brad Molnar and Bill Gallagher, but did add:

“I don’t want to accuse the current members of anything,”

If Lake really believes he can be such a stabilizer, he’s running in the wrong seat.  Gail Gutche has proven her ability to work across the aisle and is probably the best PSC Commissioner we have.   The way to oust the destabilizing forces would be to primary Molnar or Gallagher.

One also has to wonder why Bob Lake didn’t bring these stabilizing talents to the Montana legislature.   I mean, if he’s got such mad skillz they could have been employed to stop the TEA Party Caucus from seizing control from GOP leadership.  Instead, Lake and his colleagues allowed the TEA Party to shift the focus of the entire session to time-wasting garbage bills like the gold standard, the Code of the West, and the birther bill.


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  1. Gail Gutche is a failed canoe saleswoman who saw an opportunity to suck a big salary from the government teet.

    • Please do lay off the crack before posting. Also, please pick up the occasional newspaper. Watching Faux News does nothing but make you more uninformed.

  2. Interesting…was ‘Dubya’ a FAILED oilman, even with Papa’s money and
    influence, and look where Dubya took us, into a disastrous, unfunded, unethical Texas ‘adventure’ in the

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 24, 2011 11:19 AM at 11:19 AM |

    From this pagan to you’all……


  4. Don’t forget that Sen. Lake was brought forward the largest tax increase bill of the last bat-crap-crazy session in SB 251. This guy want to raise taxes on homeowners, businesses, and kill jobs making people’s homes more energy efficient. Yep, Lake is a corporate lackey living off government healthcare.

  5. Yes Dubya was a failed businessman and bad president. What does that have to do with Gutche being completely unqualified to be on the PSC?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 26, 2011 2:38 PM at 2:38 PM |

      Oh get real, truthy. What does sellin’ DOG food and real estate have to do with the PSC? Lake is TOTALLY unqualified for the office. BTW, just where did lake go to college? What?! He didn’t?! He gained ALL his expertise from sellin’ dog food?? Wow! Just wow! How does sellin’ dog food and real estate quality lake, truthy? Look, at LEAST Kavula went to Harvard. The dude is no dummy. We don’t NEED anohter dummy like molnar on the PSC.

      • If Lake wins they will replace Kavula with Molnar….dummy or not, he is the poster child for creepy, unethical, lying republican who uses his public office to advance his selfish interests. Even his stance against MSTI had nothing to do with land owners and everything to do with his PPL greased palm.

        • The one who filed for the Dillon area seat on the PSC has even Kavulla beat as the poster child for creepy corporate boot licker. He is even an attorney for Western Tradition.

  6. First, “Truth,” don’t forget the ‘s’ that comes after the ‘t’ but before the ‘c’ in Gutsche’s name.

    Second, please note that Kavulla, who ran as a Republican in District 1, has sided almost exclusively with Democrats Gutsche and Vincent. This would lead one to question the competency of Republicans Molnar and Gallagher.

    Finally, the decisions I’ve read, and by no means have I read them all, show Gutsche to be thoughtful, informed and fair. If you have any facts that contradict this, I’d love to see them.

  7. As a conservative that has somewhat followed the soap opera being enacted in the PSC, I would have to say from the perspective of actually watching the videos of the meetings that Molnar and Gallagher have to go. They are acting like spoiled children most of the time and are doing more harm than good on that commission by preventing that body from doing the work that it is designed to do.

    As far as Gutsche is concerned, I see no indication that she is any more incompetant than the other members and she seems genuinely focused on getting the job done most of the time. I do not always agree with her stances in the meetings, but at least she presents them in a logical and seemingly well educated fashion.

    For me, the jury is still out on Kavulla. I have had many exchanges with him on another website and while I find him to be irritatingly arrogent, he often does speak from actual knowledge on the topic. My only real issue with him is that he is unaware of his own blindspots and dismisses many things out of ignorance rather than careful consideration. I will say that I prefer him to either Molnar or Gallager.

    • I certainly agree with you on the jury being out on Kavulla, Moorcat. Having followed him a bit over at Electric City Weblog, I find his politics to be atrocious. His sparring with Molnar and Gallagher has been entertaining, though.

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