The Fundamental Difference


Jon Tester on his farm near Big Sandy, MT

Rancher–dirt farmer and butcher from one of the most rural areas in America; lost part of his hand in a meat grinder; grows organic wheat, barley, lentils, peas, millet, buckwheat, and alfalfa; works the land, fixes fence; is the only member of the US Senate who is not wealthy.


Ranchette for sale in Rehberg Subdivision

Actual Ranchette for sale now in Rehberg Subdivision

Dennis Rehberg does not being called out for who he really is.

Ranchette–inherited $50 million worth of land from parents; built condos, houses and ranchettes for people who move here from California and wear cowboy hats; gets drunk to kill time.


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  1. Though some will come here simply to say that there is no real difference between them, the difference couldn’t be more clear.

    • Well said Rob, and all true! If GOP ranchers and farmers vote for Rehberg, they will have no land or family heritage to give to their sons and daughters…. because Rehberg will ruin the water, and destroy that way of life for big oil and Mineral companies…he is just a tool in corporatism pockets!

      • and if the difference was listed out…
        one side marked themo-crap and one republi-con…
        would we have the vast distinctions we have realized between obammy and monkeyboy?

        say…less war…
        less free money for the rich…
        less freebies for the corpse-rats…
        less destruction of our civil rights…

        must have missed the real difference somewhere…
        it must be everywhere…
        like chickenman.

        • Actually going down your list:

          Less war – Bush started the American takeover of Iraq. Obama ended it.

          Less money for the rich: I wasn’t aware that wealth was a zero-sum game. That’s Republican thinking. Are you a Republican, rleeh? Being a liberal myself, I thought the goal was more money for everyone who wasn’t rich. Obama’s policies are geared to that very thing. Bush’s never were. Because of the difference you can’t see, the Republicans in Congress have taken the unemployed, the working poor, the working and middle classes hostage. 5 times now, I think?

          Less freebies for the corpse-rats: Assuming you’re not talking about the band, you’d best clarify exactly what the hell you’re talking about. At first glance, this seems a restatement of your first point, already answered. If you want to compare body counts, we can do that too, and you’ll notice a significant difference between the two Presidents. Oh wait, no you won’t. Or, like Mark often does, you’ll move the goal-posts to state that any death caused by American violence is the same as the hundred thousand we killed within a year of invading Iraq. So, just answer a simple question for me. Since they are the same, how many countries has Obama invaded?

          less destruction of our civil rights: This shows that you don’t even have a clue what you’re talking about. The Lilly Ledbetter act (Rehberg against, Tester for), The repeal of DADT (Rehberg against, Tester for), the refussal to defend the DOMA on Constitutional grounds (all Obama). All of those improve our civil rights. So yeah, I’d say there’s been “less destruction” of those rights. Since you’ll likely wail and gnash teeth over the NDAA, I suggest you actually read it instead of taking your emoprog marching orders from GGreenwald. If you do, you’ll find that it’s more restrictive to Presidential power than the original MCA was.

          Sure rleeh, you have missed the differences between Obama and Bush. When you remain willfully clueless, that’s pretty easy to do.

          • sure bush started the takeover of iraq and we can dream on that he’ll be convicted of war crimes for it…
            but, seems like a candy-date ran on at length about getting us out and we all voted for that…
            but there’s this little thingy….


            where obammy sorta maybe/maybe not reduces the military head count but saves no money because the army medic got $40k and the CONtractor medics gets $200k and the BEST part is joe plumber won’t have to give up the bases he built and paid for (instead of health care for OUR citizens) to stay there, as gen jay garner said “as long as we were in the Philippines” which would mean a setback on the campaign promise by only say, a century.


            and the stated mission continues to be acknowledged bullshit.
            so, we will be told we are out but we ain’t out.
            hey, just another jobs program, right?

            you might want to forward your zero sum ditty to all the jobless and homeless because it is clear that the tax “rebate” of $750 bil per year for the rich (in effect renewed by obammy) modestly affected their lives…
            but in terms of it all coming around for THEM, if they hope in one hand and shit in the other, they won’t be empty handed.

            as for the corpse-rats…
            at the same time the texass monkey boy wrote freebies for the rich on taxes…
            he initiated the pharm program of $650 bil…no demands for performance.
            and then the REAL numbers of the fail-out might have been a tad off…maybe a few trillion over:


            much of which was initiated by the monkey boy…
            much by his themo-crapic replacement…
            and all of it passed by our service oriented CONgress.
            but let’s not be mean to our corpse-rat friends…
            they do their part, don’t they?


            and, just as the actual bail-out numbers were a little off from what the federales claimed…
            maybe more than 60% got a pass.

            odd that a themo-crap would defend corpse-rats.

            as for pressure on our rights…
            you now need passports for canada and mexico (i crossed those borders my whole life on a birth cert or driver’s license)…
            not to go THERE, to get back HERE…
            congress signed our privacy away (obammy voted yea) with the warrantless surveillance law…
            congress granted the president carte blanc on declaring war and the right to ASSASSINATE u s citizens without oversight.
            live by any fantasy you like…
            but i read ndaa as an evil document that carries far beyond the printed words…
            seems like the aclu does as well…


            dadt, like abortion, gay marriage is a non-issue designed to distract from real ones…war and money and citizen rights.

            but, in fairness…
            i have to say…
            if you are happy with the “progress” of your standing as a citizen thanks to those “liberal” or “CONservative” polly-taxers you voted for…
            who am i to call you on it?

            • if you are happy with the “progress” of your standing as a citizen thanks to those “liberal” or “CONservative” polly-taxers you voted for…
              who am i to call you on it?

              Exactly right. You are nobody but an anonymous jerk on the Interwebotubes. In like kind, I am in no position to respond to your gibberish, incomprehensible as most of it is. I guess we’re both happy then.

              • true believer on, robbie…
                polly-tax has all got to be the way the parties promise, right?…
                even though recent (and ancient) history proves otherwise.
                talk about gibberish.

              • I stopped arguing with this fool long time ago. Because it doesn’t vote. and it also doesn’t Not Vote. ( like George Carlin did)! Meaning it doesn’t take a stand! It argues about both sides instead of doing us a favor and actually jumping in somewhere,and helping us Liberals, as Carlin did! Carlin detested the GOP, Hated Reagan, and his swarm of officially picked crooks.

                Rleeh hates everyone! this person is as close to a anarchist T party member as you can get!

                You See rheeh 70% of Testers Campaign money comes from People! Not corporations! The difference is pretty vast as Rehberg’s money this election cycle is almost an exact opposite…. taking money from Corporations! So yea, I stick with Tester and spend the time mentoring his outcome, cause thats what the population he represents is supposed to do! When you stop being part of the process, thats when you become as demented as the propositions you take!

                Can You explain how Personally Rehberg has made 600% more private money, since he gave up his cattle operations and angora Goat herds, since he has been in office?

                Can you explain to me how Max or Testers Wealth have stayed the same, since the day they stepped into office?

                So who is making Money off of Politics?

                The reason is pretty clear, you want to tear things down, but you don’t want to be part of those who rebuild! There is more to life then throwing word bombs around!

                “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”- Thomas Jefferson

                You have a lot of unintelligible propositions Rleeh!

                • i think we heard “change” from our polly-taxers, regardless of their stripe, for the last 50 plus years…

                  the hope and change obammy offered has become hope i don’t lose my job/house/retirement…
                  the change seems to be mostly CONstitutional…warrentless surveillance (approved by a staggering majority of BOTH “parties”) has made it’s logical progression to warrentless arrest, no identified location of incarceration, no right to hearing or counsel and all these benefits for an indefined period of time (passed senate 93-7…would that be BOTH parties?).
                  the propagandy on the new fascist program is that it doesn’t apply to amelikan citizens…
                  but the aclu (liberal enough for you? progressive enough?) believes otherwise.
                  some folks here believe “they wouldn’t/couldn’t do that”…ask japanese amelikans
                  remember that we are in a “state of war”…
                  not against another nation, not against an identifiable enemy…
                  against what?… a BELIEF system..?
                  is the “change” we got somewhere else in amelikan life?
                  maybe switching to CONtractors in iraq and shifting the troops to afghanistan? that’s change.
                  maybe giving TRILLIONS of dollars to FALL street, banks major corpse-rats and the richest individuals of our society.
                  these things are so obvious no debate need exist…
                  but, pointing out the obvious seems to threaten everybody’s cozy with the party of their choice.
                  have you noticed that anybody who doesn’t agree with YOU or the robster merits insult?
                  classic reaction in all mutual admiration societies.

                  actually, not too close to tea baggers, they are just the flip side of you guys…if only OUR man made it…life would be as it should be.
                  but it hasn’t been, no matter WHO wins…
                  is it so hard to figure?
                  nam was a perfect example of how to do things wrong for joe at work…
                  pointless war against no real enemy of the amelikan people…
                  staggering amounts of money and blood gone…
                  the rich did very well…
                  read in the nation that nam created the most millionaires of any single even in amelikan history…
                  until now…
                  now it’s billionaires.

                  the system is shot, does nothing for the average citizen(takes his money, maybe), needs restructure…
                  getting money out of politics would be a logical start.
                  money is NOT speech and corpse-rats are NOT people.
                  why are you not bonded in that effort?

                  in terms of personal wealth…
                  ever wonder how it is that maxamillion’s considerable share of sieben ranch (one of the richest ranches of its kind in the west)doesn’t show up on his “net worth” statement?
                  you don’t imagine that the scummies voted “rules of disclosure” in their favor?

                  i am so simple about all this intelligent abd complicated stuff…
                  that i just can’t figure how really smart people like you would not focus on the BIG things…
                  maybe it would have to be after you washed the rose color from your eyeballs.

                  • Thanks for answering my Question…. simple as it was…. with more ridiculous Black helicoptor crap and conspiracy debacles ! I believe you just proved my Point about you!

                  • Your faith in taking the ACLU as the gospel concerning the NDAA is missing a few relevant facts.

                    1) The ACLU exists, in no small part on donations from people like you and me. Regardless of how noble their goals are, it is not in their best interest to give people legal facts, but rather to foment fear. Kind of boasts the donations, don’t you know?

                    2) The ACLU is already gearing up for fights against the detainment provisions of the NDAA. But they can’t challenge without a case. Despite their caterwauling that we’ll never know about black-bag “detainees”, they seem to think we will, while telling the gullible (you) that we won’t. If you think about it, you’ll find something significant in that discrepancy.

                    • you didn’t, by any chance…
                      have relatives in germany…
                      say, the early 40s…
                      who assured the jews…
                      crematoriums were a big lie…
                      and we know unkie sham doesn’t EVER lie, murder innocent third world civilians, torture innocent people…
                      i think sham would NEVER break u s law…
                      or the geneva.
                      i’m just a plain ol’ closet true believer.

                    • True believer? No. True misanthrope? Without a doubt.

                      You continue to tell me what “The Gubmint” will do, based on very little save that you don’t like what “Gubmints” has done before. That’s not much different than the White Nationalists telling me their fear fantasies of Gubmint taking their guns and sending out hit squads. I’m telling you that the NDAA of 2011 is more restrictive of government power than the original MCA of 2006. Your only counter is to bring up the Holocaust, and claim that the ACLU knows better than I.

                      You still can’t answer the obvious questions. The ACLU is begging for support and money to fight the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA of 2011. That is a given. The only way they can fight those provisions is with a suit brought against the “Gubmint” based on a specific case. That is a given. They claim that we won’t know about such cases given the dark power given to the Presidency. Hmmm. Then how will they ever be able to fight it? Can you account for this discrepancy? Is it possible that the ACLU is playing you for a fool? You seem willing enough to follow if they are.

                      So which am I to believe? That my government is fascist for spelling out rules that were loose and opaque, or that the ACLU is getting funding through cries of Panic? Read the law.

                      You are being a fear- monger, rleeh. You’re no different than Colin Powell holding up vials of baking soda, or Dumbya wailing about mushroom clouds. You desire, above all else, acquiescence through terror.

                    • much as you leave me in awe…

                      i’ll stick with these guys and their opinions:


  2. Ingemar Johansson | December 30, 2011 9:43 PM at 9:43 PM |

    You’re right.

    If only Denny had pissed his wealth away….ya know, spent like a drunken sailor on shore leave?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 30, 2011 9:49 PM at 9:49 PM |

      That’s right, Ingrid. Dopey had a liplock on his wealth like a hooker on a sailor’s pizzle on shore leave! Dopey could suck his corporate donors dry!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 30, 2011 9:46 PM at 9:46 PM |

    Dopey Reeburp has reached his Cornhole Burns’s moment. MOST Montanans have finally had it with this embarrassing loser. Jon Tester has REAL cowshit on his boots. Dopey has REAL corporate shit on the end of his nose! THAT’S the difference between these two.

  4. Looking at Donors gives a voter an idea of whose agenda to choose from is all. I’m not crazy about some of Jon’s donors but their better than Denny’s

    Voting Records:


  5. Denney hasn’t had a real job since he flipped burgers at his Daddy’s Drive In on Poly Drive which ironically suffered a Butte Bankruptcy–it burned down.

  6. I believe Denny’s other hobby, besides liquor, was that he touted himself as Gongress’s only helicopter pilot (I guess few other owned a helicopter, and those that did refused to pilot it themselves.) But this was deemed too Richy Rich for re-election so he doesn’t promote it anymore–also, after the boat wreck incident it doesn’t go well with his drinky time.

  7. The Koch’s and the Chamber of Congress etc are running ads against Jon Tester…

  8. God Bless Jon Tester for running for Senate. His lack of personal wealth puts him at a huge disadvantage to the kind of slobs that usually run, but he did it anyway–and won. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed that wealth is almost always the key to success in America.

  9. There is no “fundamental” difference between these two clowns. Goof grief is this website a desert! Anyone who can look at Tester’s behavior over the last six years and not see total sellout is self-deluded.

    I’ll quote Greenwald here as his words are potent, and I know that noo
    ne here besides perhaps rleehs would ever read him as there are no vampires and the word “Hogwarts” never appears.

    As I’ve written about before, America’s election season degrades mainstream political discourse even beyond its usual lowly state. The worst attributes of our political culture — obsession with trivialities, the dominance of horserace “reporting,” and mindless partisan loyalties — become more pronounced than ever. Meanwhile, the actually consequential acts of the U.S. Government and the permanent power factions that control it — covert endless wars, consolidation of unchecked power, the rapid growth of the Surveillance State and the secrecy regime, massive inequalities in the legal system, continuous transfers of wealth from the disappearing middle class to large corporate conglomerates — drone on with even less attention paid than usual.

    Because most of those policies are fully bipartisan in nature, the election season — in which only issues that bestow partisan advantage receive attention — places them even further outside the realm of mainstream debate and scrutiny. For that reason, America’s elections ironically serve to obsfuscate political reality even more than it usually is.

    the hardest thing for me to understand since my entry into party politics in1996 is this creature known as the mindless party hack. I know you exist, I get that. I can predict your words like the sun coming up tomorrow. What I don’t get is that you were born with brains, and they are now mush. What did this to you?

    And Kailey, you lowlife, f*** off. 2012 is my Kailey free year. I want answers from the other brains around here. What gives? What takes a normally sentient person, and muddles the brain so much that s/he can’t see what’s right before their noses? Is Cowgirl paid to write this nonsense? Are you who come here merely happy not to be challenged to think?

    God this is a stupid country! Happy New Year!

    • I’ve told you before, Mark. I don’t do requests.

      • Mark Most true Dems, do not believe in what Greenwald sells because:

        1. Greenwald is not a Democrat, and he actually isn’t a American anymore. Greenwald no longer lives in America, he lives in Brazil.
        2 Greenwald is a Independent partisan dick… kinda of like you!

        I have watched your posts both here and at Dons Site, for over a year, and one thing is breathtakingly true: You believe your the only one right, and of course no one else is. And, no one else can have a say about what you think!

        Of course Watching your GOP dementia is a farce to see… and an embarrassment!

        I suggest you live by those words you written to Mr. Kailey first, before you run around foaming at the Mouth. At least he has taken the time to look at both sides of the any issue, before engaging his thoughts on the matter, which are rather quite refreshing from his viewpoint!

        The reason, most of us dont give you an answer to your posts is your answers are always the same… nasty self centered and wrong! Rob and Don, are the only ones generous enough to answer you…. also suffering your foolishness and ridicule! Give it a break and write your own blog for a change!

        That’s the action word by the way, “viewpoint”! It is what, a majority of real People in the USA take into consideration of others before opening their mouth!

        Too bad you do not give a damn what responsible people think Mark!

        • Isn’t it funny that Mark only brings GGreenwald up in this comment thread *after* I did? Despite Mark’s lament, I do read Greenwald. Many people do, even when they disagree with him strongly. That is apparently beyond Mark’s ability to understand. If we read him, we simply must agree, right? Uh, wrong.

          That’s a really huge part of the problems exhibited by the emoprog ‘message’. They start from the conclusion that they’re correct and often can’t understand that others may not see things the same way they do. What matters at that point isn’t whether someone agrees or disagrees with the message. Since the “message” is personal, what matters is whether or not anyone agrees with the messenger. Mark is simply rather more delusional about it than most.

          Mark doesn’t understand how anyone can not see Jon Tester as a “sell-out”. That’s funny to me, because I can’t recall many of Jon’s votes at all that run contrary to his campaign rhetoric. Wouldn’t that be the exact opposite of a “sell-out”? Of course it would. The delusional will never see it that way. What’s really important to them is not ‘what is’, but rather what they – personally, individually and almost religiously – want.

          If you want to see clearly what I’m writing about, read his latest conspiracy theory about me, Montana Cowgirl and Left in the West. Where he has no facts, he makes them up. What he misreads, he takes as gospel according to Mark. What few facts he does have, he changes to fit his view as if facts are meant to fit his desires. Does that sound suspiciously like what the right-wingnuts do? Of course it does. Tokarski, Greenwald, Hamsher, Sirota. They all do it to varying degrees. But the get-out-of-jail-free card for such thinking is this: The left-wing does it to. Of course they do. Emoprogs are the best proof of that.

        • But if Greenwald were a Democrat, wouldn’t he be part of the problem and not write about Democrats? That seems rather circular to me. I asked a direct question,I asked you to self-reflect a bit, and your answers seems to be that I should be nicer to you. BTW, I think you meant that Greenwald is a “non”-partisan dick. I know who he is I know he lives in Brazil, that he is an expat. I like that about him. He’s sentient.

          If you are swept under by propaganda, I get that. If you merely look to,partisan politics for personal validation, get that too. After all, it is like sports where the players can be good or bad based only on their uniforms.

          But if you want to look closely at issues, to do your due diligence as a citizen, then your first step is to step out of the labels and into reality Those of us who have done that are clearer headed and more satisfied with our world views. We are harder to fool, less trusting, generally smarter than you party people.

          So your first step should be an honest look at yourself, answering the question “Why do I do this?” Why do i place blind faith in people? Are you capable?

          I have my own blog, been at it for years. It’s not like this place at all. Mr. Kailey does to look at both sides, as he is a right wing Democrat and authoritarian sociopath. You’re completely wrong in that regard.

          • What happened to make a person a party hack you ask, it was seeing up close the results of republican/tea party policies and the devastating effects they have. At that point you become a party hack because you know that you might not agree with every decision/stance put forth by the democratic party, but overall you know the democrats share similar values. None of which are embraced by the teabagger controlled Montana GOP. And generally speaking dem party hacks do it because they believe in the cause, repub party hacks generally have something to gain that motivates them.

          • FYI, you are not smarter than a party hack.

            • This pretty well demonstrates the perception management end of the two-party structure. The mainstream Democrats are not doing anything different than mainstream Republicans, and a cursory glance at Obama’s pro-Wall Street pro-war anti-civil liberties record easily illustrates this.

              But you are reflexively voting Democroat because the Tea Party scares you. In your mind, the Tea Party becomes the bogeyman, thereby sealing the perception that Obama is moderate by comparison.

              Obama will easily win reelection, not that it matters, because millions of Wall Street dollars are flowing into his coffers, because Wall Street hasn’t backed any Republican alternative, and because you are so easily scared into voting for him by hobgoblns.

              Oh yeah, I’m smarter than a party hack. Smart enough to know that nothing changed with Obama’selection, and that party hacks cannot see that.

              • Mark, Craig Sprout informed you many years ago that the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”. Yet you’ve built a mythology around that very thing.

              • The only thing that scares me about the tea party is the level of stupidity within. Mainstream dems are not doing the same as mainstream republicans. There is a distinct difference when it comes to human rights, tolerance, public education, citizens with disabilities, healthcare, low income & children services, etc. The list goes on and on.

            • So you can be clever, when quoting someone who is actually clever. Sprout was pretty good at this stuff, and I miss him. You’re not, and I wish I was missing you.

              • Trolls always make blogs more fun.

                • Seriously- this troll is much funnier when he is called on it. Get a life tokarski please.

                • No, this is all issue-based, and not trolling, which has come mean someone who says things we do not want to hear. I really want to how you process information, because you’re not politically savvy at all. You’re very easily played, very easily fooled. The question becomes “is there any way to reach them? ” I kind of knew but am getting a resounding “no!” from you.

              • Mark, you are unbelievably easy to lead around by the nose. If you were the “clear thinker” you fantasize yourself to be, you’d realize two things:

                1) Craig didn’t come up with the quote himself. In fact, it’s rather a misquote often discussed in data-structures. That would be among those of us who actually understand technology …
                2) Given that all anecdote is offered equal weight in a function, then the plural of anecdote *is* data. That’s why Statistics works, that’s why Google works and Bing not so much, and that’s why inductive reasoning can be instructive if not proof.

                But you’ve rejected any anecdote that doesn’t fit your need. Right here at this website, you have had person after person offer you evidence that your many thesis are wrong; yet you reject those anecdotes out of hand because they don’t fit your fantasy of what is data. You’ve built a mythology around which anecdotes are worthy and which aren’t. Craig called you on that. You didn’t understand him then and you don’t understand me now. You name drop, and pretend enlightenment based on the narrow ideas of others. You demand that you not be challenged by any who don’t accept your myopic ideas of what is fact based only on what you think serves you. That’s why you should well and rightly be called delusional, Mark. Because you are.

              • And Mark, since I know you’ll again miss the obvious, here’s the thing. What lends weight to the propaganda you so laughingly accuse the rest of us have succumbed to is the very thing you miss in this thread. If you deny anecdote in order to serve your own needs, you are a victim of marketing. In your case, it’s the sales-pitch of Sirota, Greenwald, Hamsher and Moore. You, Mark, continue to accuse others of being Party tools. From what I’ve seen, you are the tool, well used and happy for it.

                I reiterate, that’s the personal flaw you brought with you from your wingnut devotion, just like most of your ‘heroes’. Kindly quit blaming the rest of us for your error?

                • Nice to know I can walk away from a conversation for a day, because of a sudden emergency trip to the Vets office for my dog, and no one misses a beat!

                  So Mark comes here, cause he does have a blog… and not many is listening to his Idea of right???? Think he has figured out what a real lefty is yet?

                  Speaking for myself,

                  I read ACLC, Greenwald and Firedog lake daily, but I do not put much stock in what they say, until I have looked at all the facts myself. See, Donation buttons on anything but the SPCA… in general give me a quezy sensation of being sold a load of goods!

                  I do support causes I believe in…I do support the candidates I like, and 1 blogger I find principled in LA …

                  The rest of my thinking and my ultimate decision in any matter…. I have to do for myself, after reading about twenty blogs a day, and countless newspapers… and the decision has to be good for me, my family, friends and community!

                  Weighing the facts, is my idea of doing the right thing, and it seems for the majority of times in my many years of doing this, it is the Democrats that more clearly carry my ideas.

                  I care about people, I dont care what they do Privately in their homes, or who they pray too! That is their business and liberty! I believe in doing no harm to others, who do no harm to me, and when I can I do what I can to help! I believe all Dems share that value!

                  Republicans do not share those simple values anymore!

                  Real Democrats roll up their sleeves and work at the truth! They fly out to Washington DC and meet their Representative, Like I did when he continued to duck the community I live in…. sending someone else from his office to spread messages that might not even be his own! After talking to the man, and seeing what he has not done for Montana … but for Big business…. I believe Rehberg is a Tool! Tools take the easy way out, and believe what they are told… no matter what side they are on!

                  Mark, your arguments just like Rehberg’s sound like they are tired rhetoric that was spun from someone else first.

                  You remember that game we all played in Preschool called telephone… when you sat in a circle with twenty other students, and the first kid whispered a secret into the second kids ear and his job was to pass the message to the next? In the end the Message became the most twisted tale, that didn’t even sound like the Original message!

                  Your the Kid on the end Mark! I say it is High Time you ask the GOP to give you better seating of the Rumor zone, cause the message you keep harping, regarding Rehberg and the GOP… is getting kinda Bizarre!

                  Lefties know we have dickweeds like Greenwald amongst us, but Tester isn’t one of them. He is a little more right then I imagined he should be at times…. but Rob is right, Tester is a good guy!

                  Rehberg on the other hand, has done zip, nada, nothing for my state that made a real difference like Jon has!

                  How many statues can Rehberg try ‘n’ save that look like Jesus in the next 4 years? Because that’s all that man will bring to the senate for Montana if Tester loses his seat to this t-Party nut-job!

                  Nothing worse for a state of people, then a juvenile senator who has No Power, already shown no will to run a committee on time, let alone with transparency! Can he truly write a bill that has more then corporate interests involved? I say, his record says “No way”. He has now personally lied to me and other people and tried to spin facts.

                  The man you are protecting is wrong for this state, as wrong as the company he keeps now…. ( Apologies to his old man I kinda liked his father). The fact that you decided that’s were you want to hang out Politically is your business, Just don’t expect any accolades from me for arguing your point… or his here.. cause I made my choice on the left side!

                  • I hope the dog’s okay, bud.

                    • She’ll make it! Hope to bring her home tomorrow! Seems she might have gotten in to a vicious argument over a bisquit, with her best canine friend! Unfortunate, it happened, she is such a unforgiving type for an 8 pound dog when it comes to food. Causing the nicest dog ever, and her best friend to bite her good!

                      Mini Doxies have been known to get into this kind of trouble before! I am jujst glad I wasn’t 2 minutes away when it happened!

  10. To all of you it seems that being “not wealthy” is such an admirable trait! The fact that he lost his hand in a meat grinder will make him a great choice? Will somebody please explain the insanity? If those are your fundamental differences I’d hate to see what’s trivial!

  11. Maybe Tester should cut off some more fingers and get some sympathy votes. I saw the latest poll showing him 6 points down and sliding fast. The internals look particularly bad. How do you like that Obamacare vote now Jon ?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 2, 2012 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

      Right on, Bobo! Ooops! I see that there is a nice letter to the ed in today’s GF Spitoon in which the local head of our Chamberpot of Commerce resounding rejects the attacks ads from the national level. (read Kock bros.) You see, Bobo, this is unprecedented. NEVER have I seen a Chamberpot of Commerce dude condemn attack ads by Dopey Reeburp. Dopey’s in the toilet and all he has left are turds. He’s kinda like the monkeys in the zoo who get mad and resort to throwing their own feces. That’s all the Dopester has left. Sad, so sad, that the Teatard cowboy has finally been outed! Again, he’s reached his Cornhole Burns’ moment in history. And the irony is that the BOTH attacked the Fire Dept!

      • All Rehberg could ever do is throw turds, since his record as a representative is a fat turd. Talk about self motivated, double talking, smarmy, do nothing politician.

  12. Looks like this struck a nerve–the Rehberg trolls have showed up.

  13. I wonder which troll is Austin James. Austin I havent seen any of your letters to the editor lately.

    • Those Austin James letters to the editor are heee-larious. I don’t read his blog because the writing is so terrible and because the big flashing “donate to Rehberg” button hurts my eyes.

      • It is a terrible blog. And to make it worse you can’t even leave comments. What a joke, all of my Butte friends say he is a county wide joke. Whenever some idiot sends a poorly written, poorly throughout letter to the editor they call it an AJ letter.

        • Your friends must not know Austin James then. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and think what Austin has accomplished and his political views are on point in comparison to where our country stands. He knows what our country needs, and more importantly our troops. Unlike most of the democrats who opose the war in Afghanistan, because of their lack of knowledge of what is going on. Don’t be jealous because someone who is most likely younger than you, is having much success. I am proud to be friends whith Austin and am excited to see his political career progress.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 8, 2012 5:10 AM at 5:10 AM |

            HEY, what’s really “going on” in Afghanistan, dude?! Hmm. Let’s see. Twenty billion on AIR CONDITIONING alone! Wow! Just imagine what Montana could do with a measely billion dollars!

            Sorry, dude, but anyone who supports a senseless war in Affy is a sucker! Oh sure, it’s a win/win for Blackwater and Haliburton, but no one else! BOTH of the chimpster’s “wars” were simply designed to redistribute wealth upward. Guess that THAT’S what he meant by MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

            • So your calling your soldiers who fight for your country ‘suckers’? Assholes like you make me sick. Do you think YOUR countries soldiers want this kinds of support? NO! You don’t know what is going on. I can name 5 main reasons of many for why we are here. 1. Revenge for 9/11 2. Counter terrorism and now counter insurgency (go google isurgency because i am sure you dont know the difference between a terrorist and an insurgent) 3. Help rebuild Afghanistan. 4. Help the civilian populus (womens get treated like dogs and protection from taliban) and 5. Prepare for what i hope will soon be a war in Pakistan also due to the rising rates or Insurgency. All you do is read or watch what’s going on in the news. Til you have been over here and actually KNOW what is going on just shut up a support your countrys troops. Here I am fighting a war, while we have hippies like yourself protesting our every move. Dont talk about “Affy” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Until you have seen the way the taliban have worked, seen how the people live and are treated here, and until you have had blood on your hands just shut up please. I am guessing you must have enjoyed september 11th? Or Osama? The civilians here are much happier now that they have the chance to have the western civilization life and to be civil. The things i have seen the taliban do to the helpless people, you couldn’t even beleive. Both my brother and I are veterans of ISAF and we both are behind our countries stance on the war. Win/win for Blackwater and Haliburton sure… That was mainly an Iraq operation, and yeah blackwater recently got a 120 million dollar contract. But what about the win/win for the US? or the Afghan populus? I say having no more 9/11 incidents is a win… And I say freedom for the Afghan civilians is a win? Killing Osama is a win? 3000 casualties compared to vietnams 60,000 casualties win? I could keep going but I think I already have said enough. War is expensive. And I will gladly say the AIR CONDITIONING YOUR tax dollars provide us is great, not to mention the our gear, gym, heating, food, drinks, internet, phone services, tv’s, satellites. So thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to hop on the internet from Afghanistan and talk to pukes like yourself.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 8, 2012 11:36 AM at 11:36 AM |

                HEY, watch it there, dude. Remember who’s payin’ your SALARY! It’s us “assholes” over here. The U.S. TAXPAYERS! So, yeah, we’re your boss! That’s what really sucks, huh?

                And we’re damn TIRED of fighting chimpy bush’s senseless, evil wars of wealth redistribution. We’re TIRED of seeing the dick, cheney’s pals get rich while the nazis in congress attempt to steal even your friggin’ social security! We’re TIRED of bankrupting OUR country to supposedly reconstruct OTHER countries! Do you even have a CLUE how much money has simply been LOST on these so called wars? I mean, simply disappeared?

                BTW, do you even have a CLUE as to who is actually benefiting from our military action there? Well, ask someone over there with a college degree, dude. It’s obvious that YOU’RE not exactly a scholar.

                It’s the Chinese, dude. While our military provides the cover, the Chinese are quitely making all KINDS of treaties and agreements with the Afghans to extract, develop, and TAKE their resources! Now THAT really sucks, don’t it?

                Sorry, dude, but you haven’t a clue. But then, that makes one a good soldier. “Ours is not to reason why, ours is to do and die”! Ever heard of it? Well of course you haven’t.

                So, I guess that I won’t “shut up” since it’s MY/OUR money that is being squandered for NUTHIN’! Hey, read a history book some time. Afghanistan is where empires go to die. Ain’t nuthin’ new, only to YOU!

                • Man, your post crack me up. To say that your our boss cause you pay taxes, that’s funny. Try not paying taxes and see what happens? I will continue getting paid, getting benefits, and living life. Whether you pay your taxes or not, you have no impact on my career at all. I will continue you getting paid and you will just owe. Thanks for giving me and my battle buddies some humor to laugh at. What kind of drugs are you on??? And a drop out? Hmmm… I guess being achademic all state and going to the U of M is being a drop out now. I joined because my brother is a purple heart and I seen the impact he had made and the RESPECT he got from hundreds and thousands of people, so I signed up asap. Not cause I couldn’t handle school, but because I wanted to walk the walk and not talk the talk behind a computer screen. I wonder how many random people come up to you and thank you for everything you do sitting behind a computer??? NONE, so thanks for that intelligent input. And no I never knew that Afghanistan (not Affy) has been at war, well basically forever. I love sarcasim… But, no you don’t know that the Army has months of classes learning the pash-tu language, differen’t cultures and the history of Afghanistan. You would never know it, because you most likely couldn’t hack it in the army. Yeah it may not seem like it because of the couple terrible cases in which soldiers abuse prisoners and treat them with no respect, but other than them retards who probably are drop outs, the soldiers know and treat their cultures with respect. I have heard that quote, and that’s funny because since I have been here are squadron hasn’t had one casualty. Then you go off about the Chinese profiting from Afghanistans resources, you don’t think I see that everyday? DUDE I live here, and I see the hundreds of Chinese contractors, merchandise, and anything and everything is chinese over here. Every car or truck is Toyota. I mean there are chinese people who live here. Look at a map, it borders Afghanistan, so kinda makes since. I do have a clue, because I AM IN THE ARMY, and so is my brother, so was my father, and so was my grandfather. Not one of them was a drop out, and my father is very successful for “not having a clue.” I know I will be just as successful as him. Because the army teaches you work ethic. Oh and last but not least “HEY, dude, you a Biblical scholar perhaps? Ever hear of Ecclesiastes? Well, there really IS “nothing new under the sun”!” – I went to a catholic high school DUDE. Man before you start throwing out accusations… know who you are dealing with. Just a heads up. ANd thanks again for the humor your bring me and my army friends.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 18, 2012 8:04 AM at 8:04 AM |

                    You WENT to a Catholic school? Well, I TAUGHT at Catholic schools! You obviously were not in my classes, dude. And that’s too bad!

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2012 8:00 AM at 8:00 AM |

                    Jared, want to know what a REAL soldier was like? Well, here it is! The absolute GREATEST soldier America has ever produced. Spread it around. Let your buddies read it. Research his man. You fellas really need to learn what Molly Ivins used to say, “who’s gettin’ screwed and who’s doin’ the screwin’!” And then, follow the history. It’s still happenin’, dudes. Prescott Bush, the grandpa, was a fascist. He SUPPORTED Hitler until the senate made him quit! You are fighting in a war for the Bush crime family, a bunch of nazis if there ever was one! And you, unfortunately, don’t even realize it! And that’s real sad, but not your fault. For you see, high school history classes conviently leave this little episode out!

                    This soldier will tell you EXACTLY what you need to know. Good luck.


              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 8, 2012 11:45 AM at 11:45 AM |

                Here, dude. Start your education! There’s actually MORE to life than flunkin’ outta East Overshoe High, Mt., and joinin’ the military! I outta know. Been there, done that! When you get out, get thee some education!

                The Charge Of The Light Brigade

                by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

                Memorializing Events in the Battle of Balaclava, October 25, 1854
                Written 1854

                Half a league half a league,
                Half a league onward,
                All in the valley of Death
                Rode the six hundred:
                ‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
                Charge for the guns’ he said:
                Into the valley of Death
                Rode the six hundred.

                ‘Forward, the Light Brigade!’
                Was there a man dismay’d ?
                Not tho’ the soldier knew
                Some one had blunder’d:
                Theirs not to make reply,
                Theirs not to reason why,
                Theirs but to do & die,
                Into the valley of Death
                Rode the six hundred.

                Cannon to right of them,
                Cannon to left of them,
                Cannon in front of them
                Volley’d & thunder’d;
                Storm’d at with shot and shell,
                Boldly they rode and well,
                Into the jaws of Death,
                Into the mouth of Hell
                Rode the six hundred.

                Flash’d all their sabres bare,
                Flash’d as they turn’d in air
                Sabring the gunners there,
                Charging an army while
                All the world wonder’d:
                Plunged in the battery-smoke
                Right thro’ the line they broke;
                Cossack & Russian
                Reel’d from the sabre-stroke,
                Shatter’d & sunder’d.
                Then they rode back, but not
                Not the six hundred.

                Cannon to right of them,
                Cannon to left of them,
                Cannon behind them
                Volley’d and thunder’d;
                Storm’d at with shot and shell,
                While horse & hero fell,
                They that had fought so well
                Came thro’ the jaws of Death,
                Back from the mouth of Hell,
                All that was left of them,
                Left of six hundred.

                When can their glory fade?
                O the wild charge they made!
                All the world wonder’d.
                Honour the charge they made!
                Honour the Light Brigade,
                Noble six hundred!

                HEY, dude, you a Biblical scholar perhaps? Ever hear of Ecclesiastes? Well, there really IS “nothing new under the sun”!

                The English tried, the Russians tried, and now the Americans tried! Those who refused to LEARN from history are doomed to REPEAT it! Well, guess what? We’re repeating it!

              • i have little doubt that larry respects SOLDIERS…
                he WERE one…
                but, he is right on.
                the war in afghanistan is deja vu all over again for he and i ago…
                A SCAM!!! top to bottom.
                most nam vets had no choice…
                they were drafted.
                a few of us were SUCKERS, myself included.
                nam was about testing new killing toys (boosting the stock of general dynamics through the murder of millions of south east asians…
                but the BIG money wasn’t even the boost to the market (nam made the most new millionaires of any event to that time) and the drop in unemployment in the GREATEAT CHRISTIAN NATION on the planet…
                it was control of heroin…the highest return on investment in the world, particularly when you take it away from the world dealers and the farmers under the pretense of an “international clean-up”.
                there’s a whole geo lesson on that subject, but unnecessary right now.


                spot quizz…
                guess what country is the (by far) highest producer of opium…
                hint: it’s really hot there.

                my son was SUCKERED by a predatory prick recruiter that was allowed to spread his bs at the high school.
                he was deployed to taji iraq…
                part of his job was securing the PALLETS of ben franklins coming in on military transport…
                AND taji was probably not the only base, of the 30+, that was used for that purpose…


                1) revenge, in and of itself, is not a sensible military mission…is, however, an excellent excuse…
                used in the sinking of the maine…
                pearl harbor…
                tonkin gulf…
                ??? 9/11??? some of the facts regarding it REALLY smell bad…
                or why would a multi-billion dollar operation like NORAD fail at the crucial moment???
                hell, they know every single aircraft in the air worldwide and can get those snappy little fighters on location astonishingly fast.

                2)the “terrorists” might well have been trained by U S…
                we funded AND trained the taliban for better than 10 years…
                they were essentially hired guns to take down the soviets…
                oh, and their supreme commander was a dude named…
                what was his name, i forget, no, no i got it…
                oshammy been laughing.


                3) when you say “rebuild” afghanistan, you must be talking about the roads and ore processing plants that unkie sham is putting up to rip off (we are really good at that) the 3 tril worth of minerals discovered recently that should count as afghan national treasure.
                it ain’t gonna be…
                finders keepers…


                4)you might be too young to understand the less than stellar record the GREATEST CHRISTIAN NATION ON THE PLANET has with social justice…people of color, women and gays STILL have rights issues in this land of dreams.

                5) we lost in korea…
                we lost in nam…
                we lost in iraq…
                we are losing in afghanistan…
                why would you want to go ahead and lose in pakkystand.

                some undefinable years from now when joe blow amnesia sets in…
                all those clowns saying “thank you for your service” won’t even give you a dime if your ass ends up on de street.

                sorry, pal…
                you may not be a sucker…
                but you HAVE been suckered.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 9, 2012 10:18 AM at 10:18 AM |

                  “or why would a multi-billion dollar operation like NORAD fail at the crucial moment???”

                  Of course 911 was a false flag operation. Untouched buildings (building 7) do NOT fall in their own footprint! That defies physics! Sorry, but you CAN’T defy the laws of physics! That darn science again. Who ya gonna believe, your own eyes or our good christian fascists who talks to GAWD!

                  But 911 was samll potatos compared to what Darth the Dick cheney had planned. How DOES the military account for SIX nukes that go missing!

                  Again, couldn’t possibly happen, no way no how. But they DID on DIErect orders from the Dick! We’re just lucky that someone, somewhere decided not to pull the trigger! I mean, can you even IMAGINE if the Dick would have actually been succesful in nuking a U.S. city???

                  It’s hard for folks to realize that there are REAL evil psycopathic criminals running the show. But they are, and what a show it’s becoming!

                  If you can wack a president, and blow up the World Trade Center, and STILL have no one call for a real investigation, by GOD you got’er Dicked! As in dick cheney!…..or nixon.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 8, 2012 6:28 PM at 6:28 PM |

                “At the same time, American officials fear resource-hungry China will try to dominate the development of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth, which could upset the United States, given its heavy investment in the region. After winning the bid for its Aynak copper mine in Logar Province, China clearly wants more, American officials said”.

                From rleeh’s article. Hey, soldier, the people of China would like to personally thank you for making Afghanistan safe for them to extract all the resources. It’s really, really appreciated! HOOO AH! And god bless Murca!

                • Man, I am not saying your not right. But I do not follow conspiracy theories. Trust me I have a friend who informs me daily of the same stuff you are talking about, but I just don’t get into them. I have watched a few of the documentaries, but just can’t beleive. Like I said to the guy below, I respect people who dont support the war, but not to support your troops is a differen’t story. I know why I am over here, and I am going to serve my country PROUDLY and SUPPORT every move the Army makes besides the dick heads who make us look bad. They should be sent to prison for years and years, especially with the recent scandal with the Marines. I just ask, support your troops… not the war.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 18, 2012 8:00 AM at 8:00 AM |

                    Always have, dude. You should know that if you’ve read what I post. Indicate just ONE line where I dissed the troops. Don’t get your knickers in a knot for nuthin’. But understand that each and EVERY American has a sacred duty to make sure that OUR country is not involved in illegal, immoral, and evil wars! Study German history just a wee bit more. Maybe you’ll get some insight as to where I’m comin’ from. Bush invasion was EXACTLY the same as Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

                  • Thank you Jared for your service and for your comments. All views are welcome here.

              • Jarad,

                Take a Chill Pill and relax a bit before hitting the keys on your keyboard. You are jumping before you actually understand what is being said.

                As far as your stated reasons you think we are/should be in Afghanistan, the facts do not support your reasons and the fifth you gave (5. Prepare for what i hope will soon be a war in Pakistan also due to the rising rates or Insurgency.) is nothing less than utter insanity. You do realise that Pakistan is a NUCLEAR power, right? War with Pakistan would (and is) unthinkable for many people – yes, even those of us that have served in the Military.

                Even the idea that we entered Afghanistan for “revenge” is silly. We entered Afghanistan because a religious fanatic from that country managed to do something few have ever done – commit an act of terrorism on American Soil. We went over there to kill his ass. Years later, we accomplished that (though it took a Seal Team and we had to enter Paki to do it). We will never “win” a War against Afghanistan. They have been fighting over there since before the birth of Christ and will continue to fight over there long after we are gone. Hell, even Russia, with all the resources they could bring to bear, couldn’t pasify that country and they were far more willing to do things that we won’t do.

                Give it up. I respect your service to our country, but I honestly don’t think you have a clue what Afghanistan is all about and I am thankful that you are not in any kind of policy position.

                • I know, it just upsets me to see people disrespect our soldiers. I have US blood on my hands, and they have the balls to say the things they say. It’s terribly disrespectful for those I know, who have got hurt in combat. But you are right about pakistan. I am very close to the border and see the interaction between the insurgents and pakistan. It’s very very shady. You do say we came over to kill Osama because of his act of terrorism, that is revenge. To kill because someone killed is revenge. Thank you for your input and actually respecting soldiers. I do respect people who are against the war. Many of my friends are against it, but those who are against our troops I do not respect one bit. And to call a A student who went to the U of M a drop out sucker, is very disrespectful.

      • That’s good! I may have to steal that actually.

  14. This line about “respecting” soldiers is tricky. I hope we can agree that it’s possible to respect soldiers who’ve been forced to engage in an indefensible mission (like Iraq) without respecting the mission. All too often those critical of the mission are accused of not respecting the soldiers being used in it.

    I also respect those who dodged the draft in the 60s and 70s. Vietnam was a disgraceful mission. In my view, refusing to engage in it was highly honorable.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2012 12:25 PM at 12:25 PM |

      I know that most guys who enter the military are not avid readers, but I would also recommend a book called Smoke Jumping the Western Fire Line by Mark Matthews for anyone who thinks that conscientous objectors were cowards and had it easy. Many conchis died for their beliefs. And for anyone who loves Montana history, this is one of the best books out there. I read the entire thing in two sittings. I couldn’t put it down.

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