Gingrich Shows He’s Still a Joke

This GOP presidential primary campaign offers an important reminder; for every scathing political comeback that makes it into the history books, there are loads more that flop—or worse.  The latest attempt to one-up a rival comes from Newt Gingrich.  It falls into the latter category.

Newt recently took issue with rival candidate Mitt Romney’s quip that Gingrich’s failure to get on Virginia’s primary ballot was like “Lucille Ball and the chocolate factory.”  It means basically that his operation was a botched effort.

So Newt, rather than proving that his field operation was sound, decided it was time to get witty.  He’d show Romney…er…by showing up at a real chocolate factory Wednesday,  apparently thinking this was some kind of clever comeback.

“Gov. Romney had a cute line yesterday about my team resembling Lucy in the chocolate factory, and I just want to say, here I am in the chocolate factory and now that I have the courage to come to the chocolate factory I hope Gov. Romney will have the courage to debate me one-on-one,” Gingrich said Wednesday to reporters.

Then, he seems to thought he would look even more clever if he actually got in there and started making the chocolate himself.  There’s even video:

I guess it is possible he hadn’t seen the Romney pic. Still, if he had thought about it, he probably would have realized that what he thought was some kind of brilliant comeback ended up making him look more Comedy Central than C-Span.



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  1. Newt did’t lose so big because he is a joke-the Repubs love them some joke candidates. (Freedom Fries!!) Looks like Newt cuz he got kicked right in the evangelicals.

  2. (McCain came in 4th in Iowa, CG)

  3. Ingemar Johansson | January 4, 2012 8:55 AM at 8:55 AM |

    Interesting what you guys got out of last nights results.

    Here’s what Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina had to say.

    “1) The extremist Tea Party agenda won a clear victory. No matter who the Republicans nominate, we’ll be running against someone who has embraced that agenda in order to win — vowing to let Wall Street write its own rules, end Medicare as we know it, roll back gay rights, leave the troops in Iraq indefinitely, restrict a woman’s right to choose, and gut Social Security to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires and corporations.”

  4. Newt has no intention of leaving the race–unless it gets cancer then he is out.

  5. Me too, Gilbert. Good one, Hi-Liner

  6. “They’re like a heavy metal band. Dress them up in black, put some Goth makeup on them, give them a name like The Apocalyptics, and they’d fit right in with the head-banger crowd.

    After all, it’s mostly doom and gloom with the Republican candidates, particularly when they start in on foreign policy.”

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