Rick Hill Touts His “Single Dad” Status

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill, a philanderer and (according to his ex-wife) abusive husband who left his wife and tried to dump his kids on her, is now bragging about having been a single dad, believing that this will cause him to win his party’s nomination.

In an email circulating from the Billings Chamber of Commerce, which contains bios of each candidate for Governor, Hill writes in his bio that:

…he was challenged early in his career by having to run a business and a household as a single parent.

(Here’s the screenshot.)

And this is the second campaign in which Hill has played this card. In 1998 when running for re-election for Congress, when his infidelities were revealed, Hill ran a TV ad  in which he paraded out his children and talked about his struggles raising them on his own.

He’s not being untruthful that he raised his children.  What Hill is omitting from the story, however, is that he actually tried to ditch out of taking custody of his kids.  In fact, Hill lied about this very fact in 1998, and got in trouble for it.

On the front page of the Helena Independent Record and many other papers in Montana in the fall of 1998, an article appeared, entitled “Hill Omitted Key Details About Divorce.”

Republican congressional candidate Rick Hill left out crucial details when he trumpeted his divorce records in August as proof that he’s a more responsible person than his opponent…Namely, Hill neglected to mention that four years earlier, he tried to divorce his wife and give her custody of their three sons.

Nor does Mr. Family Values mention in his bio the sordid details of the affair with the cocktail waitress that led to the divorce.  Montana papers reported that Hill’s wife at the time:

recalled packing their three sons, aged 18 months to 8 years, in a car once and driving to the Sip-N-Dip lounge where she saw Hill with the other woman. She said she begged him without success to come home.

Nor does Hill mention that his ex-wife, in a public statement, accused him of being an emotionally abusive husband.

This is not the first time Hill has been caught trying to hide the truth from voters. This summer, the Billings Gazette revealed that Hill was caught trying to scrub his affair from his Wikipedia page.

Do I particularly enjoy delving into Hill’s personal and family affairs? Not at all. It makes me feel a little uneasy, in fact. I’d rather not have to do it.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, Hill’s adultery is decades old.  But I have no tolerance for politicians who try to take a negative aspect of themselves, and sleazily try to turn it into a positive thing, without someone holding them accountable for it.

This is a classic political trick, and you should know it for what it is.  You will see plenty of it this election.  Dollars to donuts, Rick Hill’s campaign ads this cycle will show lots of family.


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  1. The hypocrisy is beyond the pale. From Hill’s Wikipedia page:

    “In May 1999, Hill criticized the “life style” choices of Nancy Keenan, a Democrat serving her third term as State School Superintendent, who had just announced she would run against him in 2000. He noted that she had never married and had no children, whereas he was a “family man”. Keenan called Hill’s remarks “ridiculous” and said she had always wanted children but had had a hysterectomy for health reasons.[4]”


  2. The Human Rights Campaign is a national LGTB rights group that tracks Congressional voting record. When Hill was in Congress, HRC was working on ENDA, a bill to prohibit employment discrimination against LGBT Americans, who can be fired from their jobs for no reason other than their sexual orientation. Hill voted against the bill which was defeated by only one vote in the U.S. House that year.


  3. Come now folks. How can you ignore that Rick Hill is a man of the people–at least according to the Citizens United definition of people!

  4. Will anyone be surprised if he musters the chutzpah to claim the virtue of having only one wife at a time?

  5. You guys get a little offensive when you go all high moral ground on us. After all, your president recently murdered an American citizen without any legal process.

    I’ll take a philanderer over a murdrerer any time.

    And before you say “yeah, but he was a terrorist,” remember the definition of terrorism, the use of violence to advance a political cause, making America the greatest terrorist threat on the planet.

    You have no high ground. Stick to mundane politics.

    • 75,524 American citizens were killed by American soldiers during the civil war. To my knowledge, only Henry Wirz received a trial. The rest were killed without trial because they were actively taking part in violent action against the United States from the security of an area beyond the reach of standard American law enforcement. Sound familiar?

      • That was a real war. The current one is fake, no real enemy, hobgoblins paraded before us merely to keep us scared. Obama (I should put that in quotes, as the executive is out of his control as far as I can see) executed a man who presented no threat to us. He was not a terrorist in an meaningful sense since our purported enemies are mere freedom fighters in their own countries, US being the true terrorists. Usually these kinds of murders are done quietly and with plausible deniability, but this was done in the open, with the executive taking full credit.

        There can only be one reason for that: precedent. Just as Obama has not rejected anything that Bush before him did, so too do future US presidents now have the power to imprison us and murder us without due process.

        Somwhile your Democrats twaddle away hand wringing about philandering, real issues go unexplored. Their biggest worry is that a Repulican will get elected. Their biggest problem is their own president is a chameleon.

        • Hillary is exhausted; she should step down replaced by John Kerry. Clinton would re-emerge tanned and ready for the convention as veep nominee.

          After Obama/Clinton crush the GOP in 2012, Israel should be moved. Clinton would be elected President in a landslide in 2016.

          Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick would appoint Elizabeth Warren to replace Kerry. She is leading in the polls to defeat Brown in upcoming election.

          Flush the GOP.

        • Yeah, right. Hillary is different. That’ll fix it.

          • Be the change you want to be in your own state of Colorado, Toke.

            We all know that initiated law is a club when you need a scalpel.
            Last week, petitions were turned into the Secretary of State’s office to put a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot. This week, a second group announced that it is close to finalizing language for a second ballot initiative. The second group, Legalize2012, is soliciting public comment on its language until Monday. Sometime next week, they intend to submit their language to the Secretary and State and also to Legislative Legal Services. According to Ballotpedia, in 2010 the average cost per signature nationwide was $3.29. In Maine, the average cost of a signature that year was only 14 cents, while in Montana it was more than $6.”

          • At this point I’ve got 59 years in Montana to three in Colorado. I like both places, will probably return there some day. Colorado Democrats are as useless as Montana’s.

            Always good to kow subtext in these political fights. It is well understood everywhere that marijuana is basically a harmless substance. But it is useful from a law enforcement standpoint, as it can be selectively used to target various groups, imprisoning those that are seen as as dangerous.

            The Rockefeller drug laws came about in the wake of civil rights uprisings of the 50’s and 60’s. They have been used mostly to imprison blacks. Even though the percentage of drug use is roughly equal among blacks and whites, blacks are imprisoned at a far higher rate. These men who bear this burden are potential community leaders, but never develop. John Taylor Gatto talks about how NYC police routinely sweep into black neighborhoods and arrest the men.

            Marijuana is harmless, but marihuana laws in the hands of cops costs people their freedom.

            That’s why the government will not ease up on marijuana. Drug policy has far less to do with drugs than social control.

            • First lucid thing you’ve said here, Mark.

              Dominus vobiscum.

              • Catholic, eh? Et cum spiritu tuo. I was taught to chant like that.

                Lucidity is not my problem. Communication i. Mindsets are. People are basically unreachable, so you just try to have fun around them. If you, Mr. Kurtz, can understand the subtext of drug laws, perhaps you might want to take a shot at electoral politics? Surface phenomena are meaningless. Nothing is as it appears, and I’m sane as hell as I say this. It’s all a show for your enjoyment, to keep you from interfering.

                Life is interesting. Perhaps you might want to look into it in more depth?

            • markster…

              or money…
              take your pick…
              one of those explains why marijuana is illegal.
              the ama has conceded some 20 medical uses and are researching another 50 or so.
              legalization could hammer, how many? 100-200 high priced and ineffective pharm program products.
              as soon as the federales decide which of the pharm program get the rights, weed will be available everywhere.

            • This is when I disagree with our government, when shown it helps with several severe medical disabilitie, one I am fimiliar with is PTSD. The government still pays no attention to the “harmful drug.” I have seen PTSD at its worse and the medication used doesn’t help just starts a new problem, addiction to pills. So why not research this helpful “drug?” I don’t know, but any input I would love to hear.

              I beleive it is also to blame for the uprise in the drug spice, and the use of amphetamines. No not as a “gateway drug”, but because its easier to pass drug test using these supstances. These are drugs which have consequence and are actually dangerous.


              • I just want to know the real reason, none of the fake science they put out. I want to know if someone is making money off it? Getting votes?

                If they taxed the hell out of it, wouldn’t they be saving money on the anti-drug campaigns they spend millions of dollars on and actually start making money?

                • I think you are right Jared. It seems like the DEA employees are fighting this because they fear this would cause some of them to lose their jobs.

                  • Exactly. Back in the states I live in El Paso, which borders the biggest cartel city in Mexico… Juarez. So I am familiar with the drug trade, because it’s a everyday news story. Marijuana in El Paso/Juarez is like to candy to a kid. The DEA are after the big shots, cocaine, opiates, and the money makers. If they write the laws right, they could make it so importing large amounts of marijuana is illegal. Pretty much how the law is written as of now for a medical patient with a card. I think it’s 1 ounce on your person and up to 6 plants growing. I know it would be a lot tougher to catch smugglers seeing how marijuana would be legal and the amount of users would be off the charts, but if they were to stumble apon large amounts in customs they could still make the bust. I just have seen too many people with PTSD, cancer, and other medical diseases who could use marijuana to calm them, relax them and ease the pain. I just don’t see the benefit of getting someone addicted to pain pills, anti depressents, or muscle relaxers when there is a much easier NON ADDICTIVE route.

  6. mark…

    you have noticed that NOBODY has “high ground”…
    the texass monkey boy murdered upwards of a million arabs and afghanis…
    kennedy, johnson, nixon et al killed closer to three million asians, most of them, if not all, entirely innocent of any violation of amelika.
    a willingness to lie, cheat, steal and murder is a requirement for the job…
    from hometown to washing-down…
    only the blind cannot see…
    even they tend to see better than the “party” folk.

  7. Wow!! Rick Hill actually has a voting record?

  8. Rick Hill is a fraud and a hypocrite who lacks the moral character to do the right thing. If this is how he treats people he supposedly at least at one time loved and cared for, how is he going to treat people he hasn’t even met.

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