Jenny Eck Files for Helena Legislative Seat

Jenny Eck is running for Helena's House District 82Helena mom and consumer advocate Jenny Eck has filed as a Democratic candidate for  House District 82, which includes much of Helena’s west side. The seat is currently held by Rep. Mike Menahan (D), who is not running this cycle.

UPDATE: Readers of the Montana Cowgirl Blog remember this seat well.  TEA Party “Lady Knight of the Gun” Kristia Allen-Gailushas, who made national news for campaigning against healthy food, ran in this district.  Allen Gailushas left the Helena TEA Party after it ousted Tim Ravndal for making comments that implied support for violence against gays.

In a press release, Eck says she has already knocked on hundreds of doors in the district and has raised grassroots financial contributions from her neighbors and friends:

“I love that in Montana we still have the opportunity to meet every voter. It’s not all about money or corporate influence here; it’s about getting out and talking to folks, listening to their opinions, perspectives and life stories.

“Every day I am amazed and humbled by the courage and unrelenting hope with which ordinary people face extraordinarily difficult problems: debilitating illnesses, job losses and financial crisis. I will carry these stories with me to the Montana Legislature and make sure that these concerns are addressed.”

Eck, 32, does public outreach and education for the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office. She served as secretary of the House Judiciary Committee during the 2009 Legislature. She and her husband, Brian Miller, an attorney with the Morrison, Motl, and Sherwood law firm, have two elementary-aged children who attend Helena Public Schools.

Eck, a first-time candidate for office, lists the endorsements of some well-known community leaders, including: former Helena School Board chair, Dana Toole; Big Dipper Ice Cream owner, Anna Doran (who is also Eck’s campaign treasurer); Col. Mike Tooley, chief of the Montana Highway Patrol; and City Commissioner Katherine Haque-Hausrath.

For more information on Eck’s campaign, visit her website at


6 Comments on "Jenny Eck Files for Helena Legislative Seat"

  1. I like the idea of a consumer advocate in the legislature. Seems like we have more than enough advocates for corporations and backwoods social agendas. Who is she running against?

  2. This was the seat that Lady Knight of the Gun, Christie Allen Gailushas ran in last time. Probably she will run again.

  3. I guess Rehberg is not RIGHT enough for the Tea Party! Here’s the new Guy running against him!

  4. Jenny is my neighbor. She is smart and open-minded. I mean, really smart. And open-minded in the non-dogmatic sense.

    After the train wreck of the past legislature, in which various legislators broadcast their aggravated nescience across the nation, I hope that we can have a batch of legislators this time around who are (1) willing to look at tough issues and (2) capable of understanding them. And (3) able to stand up to vested interests and vote for legislation that helps Montanans, not just large corporations and the jet-set.

    I think Jenny meets this standard. She will have my support.

  5. Seems like a good candidate. This one was already held by Menahan so it seems the race will be shoo in for the democrats. Hopefully a good candidate is out there to erase Liz B from her spot.

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