Sonju Takes #2

So Jon Sonju is Rick Hill’s running mate. Not much is known about Sonju other than that he is tall, not a bad looking fellow, and is the scion of the Sonju industries family in Kalispell. And that he is a state senator. And, that his company is the largest earmark recipient in Montana.

More interesting than Sonju himself is the choice by Hill. It is designed to get votes from a Republican area of the state, the Flathead Valley, which logically means that Rick Hill is worried about the primary, and especially worried about Flathead Valley resident Ryan Zinke, running mate to candidate extraordinaire Neil Livingstone, and the damage that Zinke could do to the Hill ticket on his home turf.

In fact, at the expense of doubling down on his effort to win the primary, Hill has produced a ticket that has no Agriculture representation, and no Yellowstone County representation. That’s not a balanced ticket, given that Hill is himself a politician, insurance executive, and tit sucker (government tit, that is, which Hill did suck until he’d drank half a million bucks or so of taxpayer money, from sweetheart state contracts from his friend Judy Martz).

Perhaps Hill believes that Sonju takes more votes in the Flathead than Zinke. Certainly the Flathead is a big prize in any GOP primary.

An additional question is whether Max Baucus will weigh in on Sonju’s behalf as he did in Sonju’s last race, when Baucus appeared before cameras at an event at Sonju Industries shortly before the election to deliver a giant federal earmark to senator Sonju for his company.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 21, 2012 8:29 AM at 8:29 AM |

    Sonju: Read my lips……….I SUCK!……
    up that hated gubmint money! Therefore, I’m the perfec anti-big gubmint dude!

  2. Funny how your Billings G link says this:

    Some Montana companies with longtime Republican ties, however, still support earmarks. Kalispell-based Sonju Industries has teamed with the missile systems division of defense giant Raytheon Co. on a project that has previously received federal funding, and it asked for $8 million again this year. Jon Sonju, an officer of the company and a Republican representative in the Montana Legislature, met with Rehberg staff on the matter before Rehberg announced his earmark moratorium. Both Baucus and Tester have endorsed the request.

    It’s really a hoot how both Dems Baucus and Tester do not share your disdain, but rather ENDORSE supporting Montana business participating in this federal defense contract.

  3. …and it is a Western Montana ticket. Maybe Hill is arrogant enough to think he already has Eastern Montana in the bag.

  4. Instead of “Sonju #2” a better title would be “Baucus and Tester Endorse Sonju”.

    Hill showed political savvy in picking a successful Montana business person from an award winning technology and manufacturing company that any city in this state would love to have in its own back yard.

    Hill is showingvoters he is serious about economic development in Montana with his pick of a running mate who understands how to bring high paying technology and manufacturing jobs to Montana. The fact that Montana’s two Democratic Senators have supported and praised Sonju and his family is an added bonus for the Hill/Sonju ticket that independent voters will notice.

    Regardless of what part of the state they live, voters care more about jobs and economic growth and who they believe will actually deliver them than what part of the state the candidate lives.

  5. After Yellowstone County, Flathead County is the big prize for Republicans. The man at the top of the ticket matters most. Choosing a running mate from Yellowstone where several GOP gubernatorial live made little sense for Hill. Choosing the Flathead’s Sonju is a smart move.

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