Miller Campaign Takes the Gloves Off

The Miller campaign is taking the gloves off – calls themselves “country,” and their GOP rivals, “country club.” The attack is a reference to rival Rick Hill’s career as an Insurance Industry Executive and Neil Livingstone’s bid to get Libyan dictator Meammar Qaddafi to hire him for for $10 million.  

Here’s the video. You can also find it on Youtube.

The list of people who have endorsed Ken Miller includes:


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  1. Livingstone runs a multinational security consulting firm and has decades of foreign policy and private sector experience. To say that makes him “country club” is a critique of his success and of the capitalist system. Neil is the only candidate that hasn’t gone negative on a fellow Republican in this race. He doesn’t have too.

  2. because his campaign is just about over.

    • You appear to have the intellectual skills of a profound genius. Are you by chance a government employee? If not, I urge you to seek government employment at the highest levels- your skill set would seem a perfect match.

  3. That’s not the only jab made by Miller. From the Helena IR article on the announcement:

    Miller emphasized the significance of picking a political running mate.
    “It’s not quite as important as picking a wife for life, as I like to call her, but it’s a real close second…”

    This is a not so subtle reference to the fact that Miller and his wife are still married, while Hill and his wife divorced after Hill cheated.

  4. Did Gallagher just eat the tea party?

  5. Nothing goes better with tea than cookies. It seems Gallagher would agree.

  6. I was never part of Martz administration. I had retired before Judy was elected. Maybe you got me mixed up with Dave Hunter. He was Budget Director once.

    • You seen one Dave, you seen ’em all :-) Surely you can’t expect Cowgirl to get everything right. Dave Lewis, Dave Hunter, David Ewer… What’s in a name?

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2012 3:36 PM at 3:36 PM |

    BREAKING! Very good news indeed! For those not familiar with the Dawes Act, you should be. It’s kind like what the corporate fascists are trying to do to the entire country! Nothing held in common for the common good! Every man woman and child for himself! Screw that and screw them!|breaking|text|Frontpage

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 2, 2012 4:24 PM at 4:24 PM |

      Woot this is great an a huge gesture of good for our 13 tribes in Montana! But lets not forget dear U.s. Gov to keep investigating the were the Medical money is going to Montana Tribes… cause it isn’t being fairly distributed Yet!

  8. I linked to the Bozeman Chronicle lte. It also has Gary “shoot first and ask questions later” Marbut’s MSSA endorsing Miller. The kooks are coming out of the woodwork for Miller.

    It was troubling to see Melinda Gopher endorsing Miller. Now this was just a letter to the editor from some dude in Belgrade, so one might question its veracity but if true, every decent Democrat should ignore Gopher’s run for Congress.

  9. Thanks for the correction. I have updated the post.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2012 5:06 PM at 5:06 PM |

    Holy Dr. Sues! It’s that Ass in the Hat! And he’s back!

    • Larry, doesn’t see there is much difference between Rehberg and Tester on teenage farm labor:

      “Not only would this regulation, as currently drafted, have far reaching effects on youth agricultural education programs, farms, ranches, and other agricultural business, it could greatly impact the structure of family farms and rural communities,” Tester wrote. The recent DoL changes did not nothing to address real life on family farms

      • correction: The last sentence was mine not Tester’s.

      • Darn those pesky facts.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2012 7:52 PM at 7:52 PM |

          Pogie, do my light work. And by the way, WHAT kind of asshole makes statements like this? Does he REALLY not understand the dangers in farming? Was an Ass in the Hat! He’s right outta Dr. Snus!

          • Larry, you have demonstrated many times that you wear an asshat of foolishness without anyone doing your light work for you. In addition to Tester’s comment at his site there is this from the Associated Press:–Farm-Children-Rehberg/

            HELENA, Mont. — U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg says he will try to block any funding that would go to enforce a proposed child-labor rule affecting family farms.

            U.S. Sen. Jon Tester is also opposing the rule, and says the U.S. Department of Labor has agreed to reevaluate parts of it.

            Rehberg testified Thursday in a House hearing on the Youth Ag Rule. Rehberg says the proposed rule pits the government against struggling farmers.

            The rules would ban children younger than 16 from using most power-driven equipment and prevent those younger than 18 from working in feed lots, grain bins and stockyards.

            Rehberg says that means children would be barred from working with animals being branded or castrated. He argues parents know best when it comes to deciding the work children do.

            I happen to agree that farm parents have a better grasp on the capabilities and maturity of their own teenagers than a government agency. When I was young I seem to remember farm kids missing the first two weeks of school in the fall helping the family finish the harvest and survive. Perhaps you grew up as one of them city folk.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2012 8:29 PM at 8:29 PM |

              What an ASS you are, Craigy. You remember “kids missing school”. Do you remember kids missing ARMS, LEGS, FINGERS, HANDS? What a dink. Where in the hell did you go to school? Wasn’t in Montana farm country!

              As Pogie mentions, farming is one of the most dangerous occupations there is. And yet YOU know of no kids who lost arms, legs, fingers, hands?

              Sorry, dude, but I call bullshit on that. Once again, you don’t know what you’re farting about! Grain augers are one of the worst for losing body parts. Yet I saw a high school girl play some great basetball missing fingers! Another friend is missing a leg. A good buddy got his leg run over with a tractor, but the draft took him anyway. And on and on and on. Yet YOU think farming is safe! Well, ask the dude who lost BOTH hands to an auger!

              You’re a moron. You never spent much time in farm country, didja? Well don’t feel bad. Neither has the Ass in the Hat!

              • Larry, yes i grew up in the heart of farm country. No farm kids I knew lost any appendages. Several townies found summer work on farms. Again, let the parents make the decision for their children. Most parents DO NOT let their children anywhere near an operating auger. The kids are driving the grain trucks. But if you think that Jon Tester is wrong to oppose these new regulations perhaps you should write one of your missives to him.

            • cm…

              you are kidding, right…?

              raybung does for montana in the u s CONgress…
              what the mini-bungs did for us in ye last legislative session…
              the national press even called our fearless wonders a laughing stock.

  11. I am with Craig on this one. I think this is just stupid and I think Montana kids are more than capable of doing farm work well before 16. I know I was. I had my own livestock at 13, I drove a farm vehicle WELL before 16 (in fact, I had my actual driver’s license before 16 but that is another matter altogether).

    This whole “Oh noes…. it’s for the kids” crap – portraying our children as helpless is making our kids helpless. Get over it. Stop wasting time on the little crap and actually tackle the real issues – like JOBS.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 2, 2012 11:36 PM at 11:36 PM |

      I started farm work early about 9 but, it was helping move pipe, cleaning the milks barns, and lots of raking anything that needed to be raked! Not driving or fooling around with Farm machinery, by 16 I was an exercise rider riding racehorses and later into breaking and training, but that is not a kid! If it is taught right it is an Occupation, and I was taught by the very best! Still Rehberg was talking about 5 year olds and, that I do not agree with, and he was talking horses, which I do believe can be dangerous to kids that age! at least the ones I was around and I stopped counting after 5000

      I was lucky, 30 years working with horses and I just cant ride them anymore cuz of broken ribs that will never heal back to the breast plate! 6 of my friends died working horses they were very good at their trade, countless others are disabled some in braces and wheelchairs at a young age! Any Ag work is inherently Dangerous,as I look back on some of the crap I did, and I think you got plenty of time from 16 on to learn the family business!

      Cows, horses and farm equipment kill countless kids a year! If a Family wishes to put their children in a dangerous position, I think it is on them! Personally, I do not like it! I was lucky my folks never pushed me, but let me find my way, and my family found the very best to teach me!

      Lastly, this AG shit regarding child Labor regarding family farms, Denny was talking about… was not in the original proposed laws and none of our guys in Montana put it back in! This is a bull spit story for Denny to try and look good, Cuz as I have said before he hasn’t done squat for this state in the last 8 years! And not a republican has come forward to tell me otherwise!

      I still don’t like it

  12. Any way we can ensure Knox pays Montana state income tax on that Texas money he is making? If he’s a citizen of Montana, he has a duty to pay income tax even if that moeny is earned out of state.

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 3, 2012 4:31 AM at 4:31 AM |

    Fewer than 1.5% of the working population are employed in agricultur­e yet the sector is responsibl­e for between 15% and 20% of fatalities to workers each year

    A fact is a terrible thing to waste…….trying to convince a winger

  14. Just an observation here, but I do believe that some people routinely over use the word “attack” and the phrase “take the gloves off” when discussing politics…so much so, that the word and phrase have become nearly meaningless.

  15. Exactly, Mathew. Gopher “attacked” Tester by saying things about him that are true. Democrats generally, and this blog in particular, have no philosophical grounding, and only care about winning elections.

    Tester has been wailing the corporate walk for five years now, and for the next few months will be talking populist talk. He’ll cuddle up to the progressive wing, and then on November 7 will call us extremists again.

    Again, the state is better off with Rehberg in office, as with Tester Democrats are snoozing at the wheel as he carries forward with the Burns agenda.

    Democrats are the problem.

    • you are right, mark…
      themocraps are the problem…
      as are republi-conz…
      as for ray-bung…
      post the bills he has sponsored during his stellar career and divide by the years he has been scamming…
      expect a little tiny number.

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