What’s Really Going on with Susan G. Komen

Many of you have no doubt been following with dismay the news that the Susan. G. Komen foundation would be cutting off funds to Planned Parenthood because of an investigation by Congressional Republicans.

The Komen foundation faced major backlash. In a move to control the damage, it put out an “apology” for its decision to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood breast cancer prevention programs. The decision is being misreported as a reversal of Komen’s earlier announcement, but this is, in fact, not the case.  Komen is still refusing to commit to future grants to Planned Parenthood, so nothing has really changed–except their realization that this is a big PR disaster.

Meanwhile, the right-wingers are celebrating this as an ideological victory.  The announcement is just the latest offensive in the right-wing crusade to shut down Planned Parenthood completely.  The founder of the the Komen Foundation is a GOP major donor and was a political appointee of the Bush administration, and its board members include some big names in the anti-choice, anti-women movement.

So not only are future grants from the Komen Foundation not guaranteed, around the country, state governments controlled by TEA Party Republican nutjobs are cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood as part of their war on women.  In Congress too, Denny Rehberg been a key lieutenant in House Speaker John Boehner’s war on women.  (Even though the funds Rehberg and Boehner are slashing go toward preventative cancer screenings and reducing the need for abortions in the first place.)

The best thing you can do to make a difference?  Spend your hard earned money on organizations and candidates who truly support women’s health.

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 3, 2012 2:40 PM at 2:40 PM |

    Yes but, WE GOT JAYSUS! Dopey Reeburp SAVED Jaysus!

    You see, this is EXACTLY why I believe so strongly in the church/state seperation dealy. These assHolier than thou rightwing nutjob Fundiwackmentalists have a TERRIBLE, FRIGHTENING, UNDUE influence in public policy. Time to tax the sh*t outta these religeeous wacko groups.

  2. There you go again Larry strutting about in your asshat of incredible foolishness. Think through the consequences of removing the tax exemption for religious organizations of all stripes.

    As to the conflict, I have a question. PP says that it was a pass through of the breast screening funds for poor women who needed mammograms. Now if poor women are signed up for Medicaid, just what are the Komen funds used for? If PP discovers that the poor women who come through their doors are not signed up for Medicaid, why doesn’t PP help them to complete the paperwork since the Medicaid funds could be used for other medical care as well?

    • I asked my wife this- apparently you need a doctors referral if the mammogram is to be covered. A doctor does the screening to see who needs mammograms when and under what circumstances. E.g. Determining whether you are at high risk meaning you may need the test earlier or with more frequency. This is similar to how other diagnostic testing works.

  3. I think all doctors should be required to help people access assistance for which they are eligible. The Republicans would probably try to block that as a requirement as they don’t believe in the safety net. Didn’t Mitt Romney call it a hammock? Or was that Ron Paul–I get these guys confused.

  4. I got an email announcing this from Planned Parenthood today. You can tell they are trying to be really gracious and optimistic about this, though they did describe it is “eligibility to apply for future grants” and not as a reversal. What else can they do- it’s poor women who are hurt by this, not the organization. I won’t be running the Race for the Cure this year. I’ll wait and see how grants are actually awarded first.

    • Jennifer, how are poor women hurt who qualify for Medicaid; and how are Komen funds used by PP when they do?

      • Craig, it is at best disingenuous to change words from “poor women who are hurt by this” to “poor women … who qualify for Medicaid”.

        Maybe you are unfamiliar with the grant process, but what the funds are used for are what they have been specifically granted for. Planned Parenthood offers mammograms and breast cancer counseling, screening and educational awareness. If you want to take a look at their books, I suggest that asking a commenter at a website is a poor way to go about it. PP is a 501(c)3 which means they will happily (by law) show you there take and expenditures upon request. As a Grantor Foundation, you can bet Komen reviews them every year. That should also probably answer the cheap insinuation rampant among the right that Komen granted funds pay for abortions. (I shouldn’t have to point out that the money isn’t transferred in marked bills.)

        Besides, the 3 percent of PP’s budget that goes to abortions all comes from ACORN, atheist lesbians, Move-on.org, me and George Soros. That’s why I can’t afford an iPad. I thought everyone knew that … ;-)

        • Disagree. Please help me to understand who poor women are who do not qualify for Medicaid or other funded medical assistance.

          • Those who haven’t applied for public assistance, for one. Students for another. It’s not that hard to understand, especially considering the constraints put on reproductive health of women by Insurance companies and the government itself.

            I’ve read it suggested, including by you, I think, that if Planned Parenthood deals with poor people not on public assistance then they should be responsible for signing them up. Craig, Planned Parenthood is community health outreach. They are not bureaucrats; paper pushing for the Federal government is not their mission. If you think it should be then I suggest you get yourself elected to the Board of Directors.

            The really funny thing to me is that there was an organization that had the mission of signing people up for public assistance. They also helped people start businesses and community improvement projects. They helped register people to vote, helped them with their tax paperwork and helped them get driver’s licenses. They were, how would one put that … oh yeah, Community Activists. That would be ACORN. Their public funding got pulled by a right-wing that sees people helping people as some kind of threat to the American way of life.

            So, requesting, hoping or even suggesting that Planned Parenthood should have to pick up ACORN’s slack from the right should be met with an appropriate amount of derision. Why should Planned Parenthood trust doing what the wingnuts shit-canned ACORN for?

            • Rob, healthcare today involves paperwork. In PP’s counseling services for women’s health, it would seem helping poor women qualify for funding sources would be a top priority. Just my opinion.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 3, 2012 10:46 PM at 10:46 PM |

            For an uninsured patient, typical full-price cost of a mammogram ranges from $80 to $120 or more, with an average of about $102, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some providers charge more, and some offer an uninsured discount. For example, at the Kapiolani Medical Center in Aiea, Hawaii, where the full price is about $212, an uninsured patient would pay about $127 to $148.

            Now for someone who makes an average of about 600 a month in unemployment insurance or welfare….For the poor schumk that’s makes minimum wage.. whats that for a 40 hour a week? About $1100 dollars? the average rent in Montana is 800.00 for the working stiff………. and he has a wife and kid! That’s a lot of money to fork out for someone who wants to know his wife is healthy, who cannot afford insurance!

            PP and clinics charge based on what you make, not like hospitals, The clinics here in MT are about a month wait to see a doctor if your lucky, but mostly a nurse! This is why Planned Parent hood is so important! The price for PP or a clinic is ) to 50 dollars!

            Do you even have a clue, how hard it is for a women to take this exam, it is a painful experience!

      • I would also recommend asking Planned Parenthood. I don’t think that Medicaid covers adults unless you are pregnant, or mentally ill/disabled, but you should ask them.

        • Jennifer, there is this: http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/nbccedp/about.htm

          n 2000, Congress passed the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act, which gives states the option to offer women in the NBCCEDP access to treatment through Medicaid. To date, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have approved this Medicaid option. In 2001, with passage of the Native American Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Technical Amendment Act, Congress explained that this option also applies to American Indians/Alaska Natives who are eligible for health services provided by the Indian Health Service or by a tribal organization.
          Program Eligibility

          An estimated 8%–11% of U.S. women of screening age are eligible to receive NBCCEDP services. Federal guidelines establish an eligibility baseline to direct services to uninsured and underinsured women at or below 250% of federal poverty level; ages 18–64 for cervical screening; ages 40–64 for breast screening.

          Since 1991, NBCCEDP-funded programs have served more than 3.9 million women, provided more than 9.8 million breast and cervical cancer screening examinations, and diagnosed more than 52,694 breast cancers, 2,856 invasive cervical cancers, and 136,837 premalignant cervical lesions, of which 41% are high-grade. Approximately 14.3% of NBCCEDP-eligible women aged 40–64 years are screened for breast cancer and 8.7% of eligible women aged 18–64 years are screened for cervical cancer through the program.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 3, 2012 10:58 PM at 10:58 PM |

            Only if you qualify for medicaid! Craig, do you have a clue how much time, and paperwork it takes to get on Medicaid?? I do! it took my father almost three years to get both, and he had diabetes and muscular dystrophy got denied twice! My brother it took a year same problems!

            I have done the paperwork as a community organizer( ya that big ugly GOP word) Numerous times for other people, it is a maze of paperwork designed to keep cheats out of the system… but it also hurts folks who need medical care now!

            Cancer can kill a women waiting for the paperwork to clear, Why wait when you have Planned parenthood, who by the way helps people, BOTH men a women get the paperwork through should cancer pop up it’s ugly head! They save lives and keep american taxpayers from paying the full price cuz of countless donations!

  5. There is some upside to this. Planned Parenthood has raised $3 million in donations over the last 3 days. That’s probably a drop in the bucket of what is needed, but it says at least a little something good about our society.

    I don’t wish ill on the Komen foundation. And I’m certain that through their high profile partnerships with organizations like the NFL, their donations will not suffer greatly. (It would be perversely ironic, but not unexpected if the Komen Foundation were to claim some months from now that they could no longer afford to grant to PP because of the awful PR they were subjected to here.) Still, I hope they do find a cure for breast cancer. I hope just as much that when they do Planned Parenthood is around to make certain that everyone who needs that cure, gets it.

  6. Komen is right wing to the core and has been since it started, using the typical mob tactics to shake down corporate sponsors while using thousands of well-meaning volunteers to support six-figure salaries for management.
    Think Progress just reported W spokesman Ari Fleisher worked with Komen on tactics to be used to dump Planned Parenthood — that worked well, Ari…
    The only ones showing up for the next Race for the Cure will be the Westboro Baptist Church idiots.

    • Gabby, be careful what you wish for: http://www.komenmontana.org/about-us/news/grants-awarded-2011-12-2.html

      011-12 Montana Affiliate Grants Slate

      Barrett Hospital Foundation, Dillon, MT

      Contact: Lesli Cottom, 406-683-6737

      Project: Southwestern Montana Mammography Program

      Grant Award: $18,059.04

      Livingston HealthCare Foundation, Livingston, MT

      Contact: Sandi Marlow, 406-823-6262

      Project: Paint Park County Pink

      Grant Award: $7,500.00

      St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, Billings, MT

      Contact: Doris Bartz, 406-237-3602

      Project: Mobile Digital Mammogrpahy in Eastern Montana

      Grant Award: $30,000.00

      Billings Clinic Foundation, Billing, MT

      Contact: Celeste Dimon, 406-657-4670

      Project: Women’s Wellness Screenings in Central and Eastern Montana

      Grant Award: $25,206.24

      Benefis Healthcare Foundation, Great Falls, MT

      Contact: Marilyn Parker, 406-455-5836

      Project: Komen North Central Montana Screening Project

      Grant Award: $29,654.00

      Northwest Healthcare Foundation

      Contact: Melissa Hulvat, MD, 406-751-6690

      Project: Walk-in Breast Screening Clinic

      Grant Award: $28,028.30

      Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center, Billings, MT

      Contactr: Akintan Folorunso, MD, 406-252-2550

      Project: Montana Wyoming Tribal Center Outreach (services in Montana only)

      Grant Award: $30,000.00

      Casting for Recovery, Kalispell, MT

      Contact: Landis Vance, Ph.D., 406-254-9686

      Project: Casting for Recovery Montana Glacier Country

      Grant Award: $14,000.00

    • Then there are the Komen research grants: http://ww5.komen.org/2011researchgrants.html

      Care to point out the funded research that’s “right wing?”

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 3, 2012 11:05 PM at 11:05 PM |

        Wont fund the mayo clinic because it does stem cell research! Will found Penn STATE even though they are under investigation for men raping children(Guess thats not the same as raping women)

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 3, 2012 11:06 PM at 11:06 PM |

          Won’t fund the Mayo clinic because it does stem cell research! Will fund Penn STATE even though they are under investigation for men raping male children(Guess thats not the same as raping women)

  7. Ever heard of the working poor? People who are not eligible for Medicaid but still can’t afford health insurance for their families? That’s my guess for the recipients of these cancer screenings.

  8. My guess the Komen awards in Montana were coordinated with Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood in the last legislature. The breast cancer screening has to be done by someone — just not Planned Parenthood.
    Also, Komen cut stem-cell research grants because of its political stance, and it’s hard to cure cancer without science, which the right wingers don’t believe in.

  9. This is why we need a zero dollar, single payer, everyone and everything covered, no private insurance allowed, no fee for service allowed, health care system.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 3, 2012 9:00 PM at 9:00 PM |

      Yes, James, but if’n you got JAYsus, you gots everthin’ you NEED! No need to go all GUBmint on us! Do you not believe in the power of prayer? What ARE you?! Some kinda COMMIE-luvin’ atheist?! I feel sorry for your immoral soul, James Conner. But I will ask Father Craigorio Mooron to PRAY for you! You see, Fr. Mooron belongs to the Holy Odor of the CEEment JAYsus! And we’re STILL a’waitin’ for a mireecal from the CEEMent JAYsus! You just might be it! If the CEEMent JAYsus can turn your hardened heart from ceement to compASSion for the rich and make you real stoopid, you just might be able to be saved. PuhhhhhhhRAISE Vitory! Oh yes. PuhhhhhRAISE Vitory!……..just don’t be jumpin’ any feeny bushes any time soon. you ain’t saved yet! I’m thinki’ too that you need a good confessin’ to Fr. Mooron. Might help.

    • Amen James! You are exactly right. A single payer system would help prevent working people from falling through the cracks and could also help prevent Congressional assholes like Rehberg from trying to punish women for not being Catholics.

  10. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 3, 2012 11:18 PM at 11:18 PM |

    I gotta tell you just looking at this conversation of comments………… that the GOP minded are really out of touch with the rest of society!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 4, 2012 6:05 AM at 6:05 AM |

      Oh ye of little faith!


      This is the sign that showed Fr. Craigorio Mooron that we must defund PP. Pretty hard to dispute it with facts. Health is ONLY for the righteeous wealthy!

      • As someone who has not had health care in 10 years, and as a childless adult who does not qualify for anything its a trip…..I just eat as well as I can on 8.35 an hr and pray

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 4, 2012 8:49 AM at 8:49 AM |

          That’s RIGHT, Lynn! It’s called SINGLE PRAYER! And it’s available to anyone! No need to qualify! Full coverage! Complete coverage! One hundred PERCENT coverage! It’s the coverage preferred by Fr. Craigorio Mooron and his Kristyeeean brethren!

          And here’s the beauty part. It AIN’T scientific! So, you can STILL be covered and NOT violate the churchly teachings!

          And here’s another beauty part. There are actually real DOCTORS who will accept gubmint payment for PRAYING with you! ie. Dr. Fannie Pukeacheck up there in the Montana’s own Bible belt region! Yippers. Fannie will pray over you, and THEN, bill Unca Sugar Teat!

          You see, Lynn, you are actually covered but you just don’t realize it yet!

  11. Sometimes I wonder if people grasp the concept of “winning the battle but losing the war.” That war is to beat breast cancer. If y’all progressives here believe that by defunding Komen and wrecking their mission is the way to win that war, I suggest you consider counseling. I think there will be a very significant number of Komen contributors that didn’t know Komen was funding PP. I see those contributions substantially reduced. Now add up the funding losses from those contributors to the funding loss from your withdrawn support and look again at the research projects across the country and the clinics in Montana who receive Komen grants. Now grasp how those grants will either be ended or sharply curtailed. Were the research projects and clinics not worthy efforts towards winning the war against cancer? As I see it cancer just won the war while you celebrate your political/ideological vendetta battle against Komen.

    • Craig, as one who has specifically stated my feelings toward the Komen Foundation, I find your comment to be over-the-top fear mongering. I’ll buy into the idea that Komen is in trouble when there is a month where NFL football players no longer wear pink.

      This right-wing victimization bullshit is just that. Not one person here has attempted to “wreck Komen’s mission”. Rather it was the Komen Foundation that attempted to damage the mission of Planned Parenthood, that mission being to provide people with health care they can afford, specifically women in need of what Komen claims it’s mission is. If there is PR blowback for their own actions, tough shit. Their hypocrisy isn’t the fault of a bunch of liberals. It’s their own.

      If anyone is fighting a war against cancer, then they’re an idiot. It’s a disease, a malady, an illness. If one wants to see it as a war, then allow me to point out that cancer is ‘winning’ as it always has because the rules of engagement are subject to outdated and foolish morals. Cancer is ‘winning’ because the Komen Foundation has decided to wage a “political/ideological vendetta” against the people who get the fricking disease.

      • HuffPo reported the drop in donations to Komen. Not exactly an over the top right wing source for news is it.

        Cancer wins when the donations drop. It’s that simple. There are so many areas for research and many, many Montana clinics in need, to engage in this rhetorical BS is destructive. Everyone has a choice where to put their money, so does Komen, a private entity. The hate dialogue expressed here that feasts on division and demonization is what’s “over the top” and sad beyond description.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 4, 2012 9:39 PM at 9:39 PM |

          “hate dialogue”? Jeebus, dude. Look around while you got your head up there and you won’t need to do your next colonoscopy! Do your bit in the war against cancer! You’re a pathetic little pustule, Mooron!

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 6:38 AM at 6:38 AM |

            Wow! Speaking of PATHETIC! I think that this guy even outpathetics Fr. Craigorio Mooron! I mean, how in the hell DO they come up with this shit?! Do they make a daily pilgrimage up to CEEment JAYsus and pray to the Tenth for guidance? I don’t get it.

            “totalitarian femenism”? Come on. Even for nazis this is nutz! They’re livin’ in an alternate reality. And if Mooron truly wants hate speak, check this one out! They are some sick mofos. But if you point that out, you’re guilty of hate speech, right Mooron?


    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 4, 2012 11:21 PM at 11:21 PM |

      What is it with you GOP! everytime you Lose in your talking point, you cut right into the victimization Byline about how your beat on by the liberals like we are a dirty word!

      The only victims in this whole conversation is women without monetary means … Komen, Spit on with their right to health, with a ludicris stunt! I will never go pink again, unless CEO Nancy of that Organization steps down and they purge the political out of Susans legacy, and the generation after her!

      They do not do this to white American males! Take away their right to medical care, because of religious doctrine…. just women!

      Women, and some prominent minorities are not a white man religious chattel! We own ourselves as the AMerican Constitution dictates! This is Our freedom, the womens right to choose!

  12. Komen ruled out grants for stem-cell research because of its political/religious ideology, despite the fact that it’s one of the most promising areas of scientific research toward a cancer cure.
    People who hate cancer are going to put their money into groups with the best shot at a cure.
    People who direct their hatred toward science and their political opponents will not.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 4, 2012 12:38 PM at 12:38 PM |

      Gabby, how DARE you contradict the Church of the Old White Dudes?! You see, old white dudes STILL know what’s best for women! It’s liberating when you finally realize that you don’t have to think any longer! Once you stop thinking and just submit to the teachings OWD’s, then you will come into grace with the Church of the Old White Dudes! You must STOP thinking to be free! Submission is the key. It’s Biblical! Just do what the Book says. It’s all in there!

      Now, apologize and ask for forgiveness from the good padre. For you see, a full SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of all the contributions went to administrative costs anyway. And just THINK about all the people that will now be outta work if everyone stops contributing to Komen. Uppityness is NOT next to religeeiousiness!

  13. Gabby, you are in error. IN 2011 Komen funded two stem cell studies. Look at the link. What Komen opposes is the creation and destruction of embryos for the purposes of research. There is quite a bit of research on stem cells that do not involve embryos.

    See: http://www.lifenews.com/2012/02/01/komen-also-stops-funding-embryonic-stem-cell-research-centers/

    Komen supports research on the isolation, derivation, production, and testing of stem cells that are capable of producing all or almost all of the cell types of the developing body and may result in improved understanding of or treatments for breast cancer, but are derived without creating a human embryo or destroying a human embryo,” Komen says. “A priority in our research funding is to quickly find and deliver effective treatments, especially for the most lethal forms of breast cancer, while seeking effective preventive strategies, enhanced screening methodologies, and solutions to disparities in breast cancer outcomes for diverse women.”

  14. BTW, regarding adult stem cell studies in breast cancer treatment, see what Staford U found: http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2011/july/breast-cancer.html

    Last year, Mueller and the research team began to compare the progression-free and overall survival of their experimental group to those of a group of 74 women who received identical chemotherapy treatments between February 1995 and June 1999 but who received unmanipulated, mobilized peripheral blood.

    Although the overall numbers are small, the difference in survival 12 to 14 years after therapy is stark: Five of the 22 women (23 percent) who received the purified stem cells are still alive, four of whom have no sign of disease. Their median overall survival was 60 months. In contrast, just seven of the 74 women (9 percent) who received the untreated cells are living, five of whom have no sign of disease. Their median overall survival was 28 months.

    “Even with this small sample size, this paper demonstrates much-better overall and progression-free survival in those patients who received cancer-free stem cells,” said Weissman, the Virginia & D.K. Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research at the medical school and co-author of the paper.

  15. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 4, 2012 11:40 PM at 11:40 PM |

    Give it up Craig, You Cant win, and wont beat us!

    You can spend every minute of every day trying to force the rest of us to live by your ideology. You can go after federal funds for health care!

    The GOP, and their rich sibling tea party members can continue to pressure private organizations like Komen to stop funding breast cancer screenings for poor women, or looking for ways to cure cancer. You can try to make it impossible to get birth control… But Women will find a Democratic way to make it happen anyway!

    We will do it legally and safely, by dispelling every argument you find in religious books( We know that already doesn’t exist). You can try to spread lies, and we will counter it with scientific proof and necessity! Leave every woman to the right to her own destiny, and focus on what the collective people need in this country which is Jobs, Health, and Dignity to worship as they see fit!

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 5, 2012 10:07 PM at 10:07 PM |

    I’ve always loved reading and listening to this Butte gal. She’s one of the best.


  17. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 5:56 PM at 5:56 PM |

    Insanity, the new normal! THESE are your people, Fr. Craigorio Mooron! Embrace them! For they represent YOUR values!


  18. Larry, I forgive you for your religious bigotry. I hope someday you will forgive yourself.

    • cm…

      and we forgive you all the dead brown people the world over…
      dead in HIS name.
      just like in the teachings, no?
      let us not forget the diddled kids.

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 8:42 PM at 8:42 PM |

    One must be able to distinguis religeeous bigotry from religeeous BULLSHIT! Strip away the religeeou bullshit from each religion and what are you left with?

  20. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 8:43 PM at 8:43 PM |

    One must be able to distinguish religeeous bigotry from religeeous BULLSHIT! Strip away the religeeous bullshit from each religion and what are you left with?

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 9:22 PM at 9:22 PM |

    And really, padre, JUST what we need! To be lectured to about birth control by a guy who belongs to a polygamous religion FOUNDED by a guy named Smith! I mean, what could be more American? Smith, a good wholesome Murcan name. That’s about as American as it gets, right?

    “Hey, buddy, we run a respectable hotel here. What you doin’ with all them women?”

    “Well, these women are my wives”.

    “Wives huh? Well OK then. I’ll need a name.”

    “Name? Well, er, uh, Smith. Yeah, that’s it. Smith. Name’s Smith, Joseph Smith.”

    “Well, Mr. ‘Smith’, I’ll need you to sign here. Check out’s at eleven, and no hanky panky.”

    “Fine. No hanky panky. Not us. We’re religeeious people. We follow the Golden Plates.”

    “Golden plates, huh. Well, here’s your keys.”

    BWHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAA! See, what I’d tell you. Ain’t that America! A religeeon based on nooky! Hooked on nooky! Who ain’t right? Great recruiting tool too!

    And from this powerful Smith religeeon, we get the Mitt! And his Mitticisms! Mystical pronoucnements of Mittical proportions from G-O-D on all matters sexual and otherwise.

    HEY, Fr. Mooron, what’s NOT to like about a religeeon from the Smith? It’s got as much bullshit as any other, only they ain’t tryin’ to HIDE it!

  22. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2012 10:17 PM at 10:17 PM |

    THIS is why it’s happening! It’s the stupid, stupid!


    In other words, Fr. Mooron’s people.

    • Larry, why are you calling your fellow Dems stupid? http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/dem-rep-kathy-dahlkemper-i-wouldnt-have-voted-obamacare-if-id-known-about-hhs-regulation_626302.html

      Former Democratic congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper, a Catholic from Erie, Pennsylvania, cast a crucial vote in favor of Obamacare in 2010. She lost her seat that November in part because of her controversial support of Obamacare. But Dahlkemper said recently that she would have never voted for the health care bill had she known that the Department of Health and Human Services would require all private insurers, including Catholic charities and hospitals, to provide free coverage of contraception, sterilization procedures, and the “week-after” pill “ella” that can induce early abortions.

      “I would have never voted for the final version of the bill if I expected the Obama Administration to force Catholic hospitals and Catholic Colleges and Universities to pay for contraception,” Dahlkemper said in a press release sent out by Democrats for Life in November.

  23. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 8, 2012 7:52 AM at 7:52 AM |

    R&B! If you got rythm, you gonna sing the blues! And God said, produce as many little consumers as you can!


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