New World Order Conspiracy Theorist Files for Bozeman Senate Seat

Republican Mike Comstock Official Facebook Photo

It was revealed today to the Cowgirl blog tip line that Republicans have filed a “one-world government” conspiracy theorist for state senate in the Bozeman/Belgrade area.

But there is a twist:  Mike Comstock  (pictured) is actually running in the Democratic senate primary.

This is the GOP’s response to the news that firefighter Kurt Bushnell–a pro-union Republican moderate–recently jumped into the Republican primary in this same race, to challenge Scott Sales for the GOP nomination.  Sales, the former Montana Speaker of the House who left the legislature and now wants back in, is under fire because his wife could be going to the slammer for embezzlement.

Thus Bushnell stands a chance to win the GOP nomination in a district where the GOP nominee always wins the general election.  The GOP, however, believes that Bushnell is an impostor, a Democrat, simply because he is pro-labor.

And so the GOP has come up with an answer: get a right-wing lunatic to run in the Democratic primary, and hope that Democratic voters never figure out that he is a Trojan horse.

Comstock actually won a Republican primary in 2010, in another legislative district, but lost to Democrat Larry Jent in the general election. He is a big name in Gallatin County Republican Party (his Republican campaign was featured on the Gallatin County GOP website (here’s a screenshot for when they take it down).  His candidate website contains a list of Republican issues with broken links.

Comstock’s main focus is his concern about a possible takeover by “a one-world UN controlled government,” the Bozeman Chronicle has reported.  In his campaign literature and on Facebook, he says he is worried about the impending collapse of civilization.  He proudly calls himself “a TEA Party extremist” and believes  the muppets have “sold out to socialism and bad behavior.”   He is also in a band he named “Comstock Load” (gross).

On his website he makes comments like “Obamacare exemption for Muslims,” anyone?) and “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”   He puts forward an enthusiastic opinion of the pack of Republicans running for Governer (“I think out of the eight, there are…at least six that I’m really excited about.)

What’s hilarious about the whole business is that Comstock’s stealth candidacy will produce no result at all for the Republican Party.  The district in which Comstock, Bushnell and Sales are running is a heavily Republican district. Anyone, even a right-wing nut, with a D next to his name is doomed.



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  1. Oh good. It’s going to be as crazy on the MT front as on the national front! Happy days for all of the press. No worries on the grist for the mill!

  2. On his website…is that..a picture of him with Karl Rove?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 15, 2012 5:11 AM at 5:11 AM |

      NUTHIN’ says dipsh*t like his Christmas card photo! What IS it with the wierdos that makes them wanna be photographed a gun in their xmas cards?

      And nuthin’ says uneducated moron more than including tons of quotes outta context from smart people! That immediately indicates shallow thinker. I’m thinkin’ that mr. comstock load of crap recieved his degree from the back of a crapper full of Readers Digest magazines! He got his degree the hard way, one crap at a time! Builds character!

      And nuthin’ says gubmint suckin’ suckee more than one who doth protest too much! For the record, I wish mr. comstock load-o-crap would state for the record just HOW much of that hated gubmint money he sucked up! My guess would be lots.

      And finally, NUTHIN’ says outta stater like a dude who pretends to be mr. montana! Where’s ol’ comstock load-o-crap from? Anyone know? I suspect he moved here and NOW wants us to secede!

      And lastly, he reeks of outta state, uneducated loser! So, he’s a PERFECT teatard! What does this guy do for a living?

  3. On July 4th, the reading of the Declaration of Independence by members of the reporting staff at NPR gets me every time. Past on-air personalities, some now correspondents at the pearly gates, also read for this decades-old feature.

    The tears stream down my face right up to the line that begins, ” He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare…”

    That’s when it hits me right between the eyes.

    While the Palestinian homeland looks like holes in the slice of Swiss cheese analogous to the illegal Israeli state, progress toward resolutions of Native trust disputes would have far more political traction after tribes secede from the States in which they reside and then be ratified to form one State, the 51st, sans contiguous borders with two Senators and two House members as there are an estimated 2.5 million indigenous.

    ip is not a New World Order guy, does not support the North American Union (god bless you. please, mr. roddenberry) and believes that the US Constitution is a big enough canvas in order to paint a more perfect masterpiece, a big enough score for all to sing. No violence. No more drug wars.

    Read Alaska’s constitution some time.

    The last states ratified are the most egalitarian. Let’s debate it and draft a dream referendum to be delivered by and for the people of Mexico to dissolve their constitution and petition for Statehood as our 52nd State. Quebec could be the 53rd and Cuba, the 54th.

    Comstock for Emperor!

  4. I’ve met union members that were Republicans, not a lot, but a few. However, I have never met democrat who was a new world order conspiracy theorist.

    The thing is, all these big organizations hire both Republicans and Democrats (regardless of their own sympathies) so that they have people who can work with both stripes of lawmaker and voter. That’s just how it works. The Republicans have overreached here.

  5. Oh you have got to be kidding me. God bless the Montana Cowgirl Blog! I’m waiting for the AP story which will surely follow here as they did on the GOP’s critique of Bushnell. That will surely be coming right, for their own credibility at least…Sheesh.

  6. It will be hilarious if he is asked to explain why the name of his band is Cumstock Load. I think the Big Sky Dems should book Cumstock to play at the Mansfield-Metcalf after party. It would be awesome entertainment and he is running as a Dem after all.

  7. What the bloody hell on his website he has a picture of himself and Karl Rove, and a whole bunch of Ronald Regean sayings, and only one mention of him being a Democrat, if I would have found this web site on my own I would have said this guy is a right wing Republican. This is just like back in 2010 when they had that one joker from up in northwestern Montana that carried his pistol to campaign events, he tried to run as a Democrat after being on a county Republican committee. Or that Johnny Walker guy from Great Falls who lost in 2010 as a candidate for Cascade county commissioner, speaker of the house Mike Milburn nominated him to be commissioner of political practices, but forgot to take out an email by Sen Ed Buttrey R-Great Falls who called him “A Republican in Democrats Clothing.”

  8. This Comstock guy reads like he attended one of General Robert E. Skees’ lectures and took notes.

  9. The more significant part is — Comstock isn’t opposed by a “real” Democrat — because the real Democrat is running in the GOP primary, “in a district where the GOP nominee always wins the general election.”
    So your mighty plan might not work…better find a candidate for the lost cause — try Bushnell.

    • So you support Sales dont you Skinner? I guess stealing money from an old woman is OK with baggers as long as its done by a fellow bagger. Have you no shame?

      • Sweetness, Sales wasn’t the embezzler, his wife was/is. I’ll say that embezzling your mother is outrageously bad form. Doesn’t help Sales at all.
        As for your crudity and clumsy attempt to pigeonhole my political views, you’re wrong.

        • So you do support him regardless of the situation with the embezzling . Just want to be clear.

          • Support his politics in contrast with Bushnell? Of course. In contrast with the current official Democratic candidate? Mmmm, probably. Either would vote better in the Legislature than your guy.

            • I dont have a “guy”. I just want to make clear that you are fine with electing Sales regardless of the circumstances. Im sure he had no idea there was an extra 45 grand flowing into their household finances.

              • Easy to miss.

                • He probably just thought it was an extra Kock deposit from Freedomworks. Right Dave?

                  • Can’t stay away from the gratituous gutter glop, can you Sweets? It’s Koch, pronounced like Coke.
                    By the way, I was looking around tonight at the Foundation to Promote Open Society, and found something interesting from the n-th iteration of George Soros’ leftie political empire: Queers for Economic Justice? Really. I thought it was a typo, Queens for Economic Justice, perhaps based in New York. No, not a typo.
                    Reason I bring it up is because the Kochs get all the coverage in the “mainstream” press while George outspends them at least 10 to one and not a word.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 15, 2012 9:53 PM at 9:53 PM |

                      COKESUCKER ALERT! Wow, skinnerflute. You REALLY think the Big Kockhs need a dink like you defendin’em? Now that’s sad. They got FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS between’em! They’re the FIFTH richest dudes in the world! What do YOU have in common with them? A failed attempt at commisioner of PP?…..BWHAHAHA! Too funny.

                      But really, skinnerflute, show me ANY article on the Kockhs prior to them being recently outed! There ARE none! The ONLY reason the Big Kockhs are in the “news” as you say is because they were discovered and outed! They have operated under the radar through their “think tanks” with the innocous sounding names for the last thirty years!

                      But no more. We put a face on evil! And you little nazi boys are jealous. But HEY, nice deflection with the queer jab. Yo like to jab queers, doncha? That is pure nazi, dude, right outta Hitler’s Germany!

                      And really, there is only ONE industrialized country left on earth that discriminates against queers. The USA! And only because of morons like you!

                      You morons have been bashing Soros forever, yet when the Kockhs get outed, you whine. Nazis should be made of sterner stuff! And maybe smarter too! Next time, tell Snot Walker to NOT take a call from a guy named Kockh! BHWHAHAHAHAAA!

                      Too funny.

  10. First off Bushnell is not the first Republican to belong to the labor union movment, look at Micheal Lange the former representative from Billings who told Governor Schweitzer to kiss his a– in front of a bunch of high school students, after him and the other Republicans came to a deal on the state budget in the 07 session, I believe he was in the pipefitters union, and he went on to lose the 08 Republican primary to Bob Kelleher for US Senate to run against Max Baucus. Nobody ever called him a RINO for being a labor union member, so why is Bushnell a RINO? Also you should note that after the 07 legislative session, the Republican party moved so far to the right that they kicked out traditional main street business Republicans. Why? What is the litmus test now days for being a Republican? I know there is not much of a litmus test to be a Democrat but I can tell you this, anybody caught in a photo smiling with Karl Rove, aka the prince of darkness, is not a Democrat.

    • Farmboy,
      The crux of Bushnell’s candidacy is his political donation history. Donors are by definition far more committed to political outcomes than the general population. So by that indicator alone, end of story.
      I guess it’s up to the voters of the district to vote for the government they deserve, and they will get it in November.

  11. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 15, 2012 2:54 PM at 2:54 PM |

    We all saw this coming! The GOP did it in Wisconsin in the recall with mixed results that didn’t favor them, and it has been a steady downhill fall from there… but hey maybe the second time in Montana is a charm? Uhhhh NO!

    The tricks that the TPrepublicans are playing are getting bigger all the time! I can only thank people like cowgirl that see this coming and report it!

  12. Its getting real confusing around here to tell who is a Republican and who is a Democrat, but I digress. Ok I dont have a dog in the fight on this election, but if I did I would have to vote Kurt Bushnell and here is why, first the quote un quote Democratic candidate in the race is a nutball, the superman costume, the Karl Rove pic, the Ronald Regean quotes, the new world order conspiracy theories all of it turns me off. Scott Sales his wife is going on trial for embezellment from her own mother, that shows me a real character flaw there. Not only that but in the 07 legislative session he was so right wing that he dam near caused the state government to shut down, then after the session a few level headed Republicans and Democrats met at a cabin outside Helena, and put together a state budget for the governor to sign got the deal done, and in the next election Scott Sales and crew made sure those Republicans that voted for the budget lost their seats, that is not governing in a way that Montana citizens would want. Now you look at Bushnell (I went on his website) he looks like a level headed cowboy from Montana. He works as a firefighter a public servate, his family is from Montana, and he is not into wacky issues like the Presidents birth certificate, or the New World Order. I must confess Ive never voted a straight party ticket in my life, yes I lean heavily to the Democratic side, yes I am active in Democratic politics, but still if I see a Democrat I dont like, or a Republican that shines like a dimond, I jump ship. Kurt Bushnell represents what is Montana, aka a moderate to right of center state.

  13. Mike Comstock is one of the rather large reasons that the Bozeman Chronicle has a ‘one letter to the Ed per person per month’ policy. The guy is a certifiable loon, and he wants the whole of the valley to know it. That written …

    As already reported here, Scott Sales ran for the Gallatin County Commission in 2010 against Republican Joe Skinner. I’m not going too far out on a limb to suggest that Skinner won the primary based in no small part because of Democrats crossing ballot for the primary. I was one of them. The only other primary race worth chasing was Gernant v. McDonald and that wasn’t enough of a draw to keep many from requesting a Republicant ballot. I, and many others, would have preferred Gernant to McDonald. It would have taken a near miracle for Gallatin County to have swayed that race to Gernant, and another one for him to have beaten Rehberg. But frankly, it was vastly more important to our day-to-day lives that Scott Sales get nowhere near one of the precious 3 seats governing Gallatin County.

    This year is not that year. Sales is again pitting his brand of GOoPer crazy against a moderate Republican. But this time, it isn’t county wide. It is in a very Republican district. Greenwood and his strategerists are attempting to make certain that Democrats stay home on their ballots, if you take my meaning. The best way to do that is to run a head case as a Democrat. Worst case scenario: Sales and Comstock both win. Better case scenario: Bushnell wins the Republican primary and Comstock wins the Democratic primary. In an honest vote, Comstock couldn’t get elected as state toilet cleaner. Bushnell wins the general hands down. There really isn’t a best case scenario. SD 34 goes to Bushnell or Sales. If I were a Democrat living in north-western Gallatin County or south-eastern Broadwater county, I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant before picking up a Republicant primary ballot. Regardless, whoever wins SD 34 will not have the impact that Sales would have had as a troll on the Gallatin County Commission.

    • I couldn’t figure out why republicans had done this until I read this. Great comment and thanks.

    • This is the beauty and the curse of open primaries. If I lived in SD 34 I would do just exactly what you are suggesting Rob, and if I would have lived in Gallatin County in 2010 and not Eastern Montana I would have voted in the Republican primary as well for Joe Skinner just to keep Sales away from the seat. I dont know what my advice would be to Gallatin County Democrats except to hold your nose and go vote Republican in the primary, but here is the thing, there are more races in the primary then just the state senate seat, we are going to have a heck of a race for the open seat in congress, cause Rehberg is leaving that seat to try a run at Tester. We have somewhat of a governors race, although if I was a betting man I would gamble that Steve Bullock has it locked, then there are state house of representative seats and I dont know what on the county level. Oh and I forgot there will be an attorney generals race, right now I could not pick a winner in that even if I tried, and to be honest the choices are so good there that I cant make up my mind, I think both Laslovich and Bucy would do an excellent job. Thats my take.

  14. If your job is to influence lawmakers to get them to support working people/unions, then you are going to have to go to these political fundraisers where lawmakers congregate. To do that, you have to pay the event fee to get in the door, hence the donations to Democrats from Bushnell. Like it or not, that’s politics. That’s what the man was paid to do, and so he did it.

  15. The IR is reporting that a woman has entered the GOP primary to run against Sales, Bushnell and the Comstock Lode.

  16. I am here to tell you that Kurt Bushnell is in this race to represent his district. Kurt is passionate about hunting and fishing. He would protect our gun rights and public access to these sacred lands better than anyone. Like many people, I am tired of the status quo. Kurt is both honest and passionate, you don’t see these characteristics in politics!!

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