Nutjobs Only Need Apply

The Montana Republican Party Executive Director, Bowen Greenwood, this week is calling out a fellow Republican legislative candidate for not being a nutjob and accusing him of being a dastardly RINO.

Greenwood made the unusual move of taking sides in a legislative primary the Koch brothers’ former State Director Scott Sales, attacking Sales’ primary opponent in the Bozeman area race. Remember that the Koch brothers gave Greenwood’s predecessor, Jake Eaton, a job after he was forced to leave the Montana GOP in disgrace over his involvement in a Republican voter suppression scheme.  Maybe Greenwood is just trying to keep is future options open.

What makes Sales a real Republican, besides his love of Koch, is first his unabashed ability to attribute fake quotes to Abraham Lincoln. This is important, because Lincoln is the one of the only decent Republicans out there.  He didn’t say a lot of nutjob nonsense. So, it must be fabricated so that people think the GOP has always been this way.

Anyway, on the first day of the session before last, Scott Sales (R-Bozeman), as the House  Minority Leader was looking to set a right winger tone to the session.  Sales read a series of quotes that he attributed to former President Abraham Lincoln. A newspaper reporter looked into those quotes and found that Lincoln never said them.  Sales was forced to apologize on the House Floor, saying he’d been “duped” because he got his information from the internets.

Sales also proved his real Republican-ness when he declared the session was going to be a “war”.  He appointed a nutjob, a Constitution Party member, head of the education committee.  And he’s been palling around with the Tea Party, ranting about how the Government should “live within its means, like the vast majority of families do” ever since.  Well, not his own family, apparently.

So at least the Montana Republican Party has finally put it out in the open: Nutjobs only need apply.

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  1. Hi, MT Cowgirl, I think you meant to say that Bowen Greenwood is Montana Republican, not Democratic Executive Director?

  2. I did not think that political party officials were suppose to voice an opinion during a primary. This could back fire on Bowen Greenwood, because what if Scott Sales, who lost a Republican Primary for county commissioner in 2010, a banner year for tea baggers and Republicans, what if Scott cant pull off a win in 2012? What if Sales is too nutty for the Bozeman electorate? Hell there were Republican state senators from Eastern Montana writing letters to the Bozeman Daily Comical about his incompetence back in 2010. That ought to tell somebody something I would think.

  3. You really are reaching for a “story” these days. The guy is a Democrat. I don’t know why I even read this junk anymore. You used to have some good info that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Now you’re just a partisan propaganda rag.

    • If you are still reading please provide proof of this guy’s “Democrat-ness”. And also could you point out which guy it is you are discussing? That’s not clear to me.

      • Busnell. Read the article. Clearly, he is a Democrat. That’s not an endorsement of Sales. I believe Sales should drop out of the race. However, Bushnell should be honest and run as a Democrat instead of playing games.

  4. Are you kidding me?
    Kurt Bushnell is on the AFL CIO labor council. Most of the “mainstream” media have scored him as a labor leader AND a Democrat, even a Democrat donor.
    I mean, I have experience with this sort of thing, having run as a lunchbucket Democrat for county commish in Flathead a few years back. And the Dem party says its a race between Republicans? Psht.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 14, 2012 11:47 AM at 11:47 AM |

      Whats a lunchbucket Dem Dave! Is it someone who hangs with real People and lies about his party affiliation as a GOP? Yea Real People would have Kicked you out of the Lunch room long time ago!

      • Norma, lunchbucket Dems are the ones who had great union jobs in a real industry paying a fair wage for a fair day’s work. Used to have one, or a couple, it’s how I paid for college, working in the evil industrial sector. Even had a lunch bucket.
        We even lost the union one year, and then got it back the next. So there’s a role for unions in the fight against the suits.
        Will be an absolute shame if this Bushnell guy gets Balyeat’s seat, but Sales isn’t helping unless he comes up with a real good explanation for his wife stiffing her momster. Wow, that’s not nice.
        Here’s hoping for another, REAL Republican candidate to step up and file before the deadline, a good replacement for Joe Balyeat, a heckuva good guy.

        • Joe Balyeat, a heckuva good guy.

          Sure he is, if you don’t mind poachers.

          • Sorry, Rob, but Balyeat only got stuck with $135 and got to keep the animal after humping it out. No fence.
            If he’d actually nailed one of Ted’s $5000 plus bulls, then you’d have an issue. If Turner’s crew had wanted to nail him for blatant trespass, they could have done so if they had a case.
            Instead, a token fine for an honest mistake and a lesson learned seems like the real story.

            • Umm, Dave, I used to hunt around the Flying D boundaries myself a fair bit, and even saw a wolf in there years ago (pre-reintroduction). Where Balyeat blew boundaries, though, the signs not only say “No Trespassing”, but that “Violators Will Be Prosecuted”. Not much question as to boundaries in that spot…

            • As I sarcastically wrote those years ago, if $135 buys me an easy elk from Ted Turner, then sign me up. That doesn’t mean it isn’t poaching.

  5. Whats the deal with Sales and/or his wife stealing a bunch of money from an old lady? I think that needs to be explained by old Scotty a little more that seems pretty sleezy even by teabagger standards. He must have taught James Knox everything he knows about ethics.

  6. Sales’ mother-in-law and her attorney say even more money was stolen by Sales’ wife over the years than just the $20 grand they could prove was criminal. They originally asked Sales to pay back $45 grand, and settle out of court . Sales preferred to see his wife face criminal charges then pay back his mother-in-law. In other words- he would like us to believe hat he never noticed when an additional $25-$45 thousand hit is checking account. He says he ran the state budget like this when he was a legislator—and now he wants is to send him back. Most shocking of all- THIS is the guy the party gets behind rather than back a blue collar union republican.

  7. The democrat party doesn’t have the balls to “call out” spoiler candidates. You all just close your eyes and say hey if they have a D after their name that’s all I need to know.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 14, 2012 3:20 PM at 3:20 PM |

      Thats not true! If our people mess up they are the first to get booted out the door! Take Anthony Wiener for example! he was out in a month! the same cant be true for GOP John Ensign who took a year and a half and the threat of an ethics investigation!

      You people keep all your A holes when they are wrong and we boot ours to the curb, like it should be! You Make yours presidential candidates like Gingrich, We allow people like Edwards to face the music!

      Hypocritical much?????????

    • drilly…

      it ain’t about balls…
      has something to do with INTELLIGENCE…

      but then…
      somebody who names themselves after a para sailing idiot cliche’ might not realize the subtlety.

  8. Scott Sales, Jimmy Knox, and Roger Koopman and Joe Balyeat for that matter are the problem with the Republican Party in Montana today. They are all right wing nut jobs who care only for themselves and they dont give a rats a– about anything else. That is why I tend to vote Democrat anymore cause the Democrats care about this state and the lunch bucket working man and woman. Here is an example Mitt Romney paid a 13.9% tax rate on his federal income taxes in 2010, meantime working people are paying 25-35% thank you Republican Party for putting the dam nation into debt and giving working people the shaft. As far as this race goes, if Walt McNutt the most Republican of Republicans in Richland County if he cant support Scott Sales, that ought to tell you something, that maybe Scott Sales is too far too the right and too dam incompetent, to be an elected official. Between him and Roger Koopman during their last outing they dam near caused state government in Montana to shut down, and we would have been like Minnesota this past summer, because Sales and Koopman dont care.

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