Top Ten Larry Kralj Nicknames for Republicans

Readers to this blog have no doubt come across the colorful language of commenter Larry Kralj.  Kralj always seems to come up with funny nicknames for the GOP-ers. Like people’s names in American Sign Language (ASL), the names usually include some inherent characteristic of the person’s being, hobbies, or job.

Here are ten favorites.  Enjoy.

Congressman Dopey Reeburp

Sen. Corndog Buns (Sen. Cornhole, etc.)

Gen. Robert E. Skees, a guy who fancies himself a great rebel and secessionist

Pastor Chucky Cheesey Bulbdim

Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious

Pope  Really Windy Wendy Wharpedburpin‘, our very own Palin/Bachmann moral arbiter and God talker

The Chamber Pot of Commerce

The Nits of Columbus, perennial protesters of women’s rights. Women not allowed.

Crank Mealy, birther columnist of the Daily Inter Lake

Neil Livingscam, Qaddafi’s lobbyist



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 15, 2012 10:44 PM at 10:44 PM |

    HEY, all true! But you left out one of my favorites, the Havre Daily Eructor! Such a wonderful source for nonsensical rightwing nonsense! The Daily Eructor, after digesting all the facts and dining on all the news of the day, loudly BELCHES out the foulness for review! It’s their way of clearing the air, so to speak.

    • Thanx, Cowgirl: yer the bestest, LK!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 16, 2012 6:27 AM at 6:27 AM |

        Thanks, LK, but I must explain. Years ago, after watching and listening to the fat slobs on the right like Blimpaugh and his knockoffs, I asked myself why they should have all the fun? And I concluded that they shouldn’t. So, I adopted their own tactics! And guess what. It IS fun! And guess what else. The righties HATE it! They can dure dish it out but they sure can’t take it!

        They did a poll one time on a rightie blog as to who the most hated lefty blogger was. The final vote was damn close. It came down to two, me and Rob Kailey, but I somehow edged out Rob in the finals! What a badge of honor!

        I’ve been villified, pilloried, and oboquied! Many times! Yet all that does is encourage me! How dare me?! How could I dare to use their own tactics AGAINST them?! So childish! But ya gotta write what you know, and it’s me! It’s arrested maturation! I’m stuck in jr. high humor mode! Come’s from too many years teaching jr. high I guess. But I still LOVE goofy humor!

        And ‘sides, it really, really, really feels good to NAIL a dude like Dopey Reeburp with a name that fits! ie. Dopey, for a dude who is NOT blessed with a fully functioning brain. And Reeburp, for his ONLY speaking ability which consists of belching out talking points! It’s HIM!

    • I have to agree and advise anyone against reading the “Havre Daily Corrector” Blog. Brain cells will be lost.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 16, 2012 6:29 AM at 6:29 AM |

    OOps. Should be “obloquied”! Too early to write.

  3. LOL Im smiling and my favorite is Corndog Buns

  4. I think commenter Jack Ruby actually coined the General Robert E. Skees, but I could be wrong.

  5. I wonder how the names Jessica Rhoades and Eric Stern would appear as Larryisms.

  6. Whomever came up with it, the Skees nickname is a classic- I also like the Chamber Pot.

  7. I cant take credit for Robert E. Skees that was all Larry, although I use it every chance I get.

  8. Dave Skinnerflute (while perhaps one of the most juvenile and obvious nicknames) still makes me chuckle too.

  9. You forgot Mini Barfus, he is a republican for all intents and purposes

  10. Being an admirer of Montana from afar (Western WA) and a consumer of progressive politics up close, Montana Cowgirl is a daily stop for me.

    I always look forward to reading Larry’s latest turn at infuriating the Teahadists with their own rhetoric.

    Keep up the great work, Cowgirl (and Larry)!

  11. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 16, 2012 1:54 PM at 1:54 PM |

    Thank goodness for Larry! Thank goodness for Larry! Thank goodness for Larry! Thank goodness for Larry!

    Love that Man!

  12. You guys know he is crazy though right?

  13. You guys know he is crazy though right?

    If you mean ‘a far cry from normal’, then I would never argue. People have been trying to figure out ‘normal’ on the Intertubes for well over a decade. Not a one of us who comments here is normal. Larry is just a bit further from that. If you mean “clinically off his gourd” then I must politely retort: Larry isn’t loony-tunes. He knows what he’s doing.

    I took me a helluva long time to warm to Larry’s style. At one point, even I banned him for about a day. But truthfully Larry is one of those people who make the Internet fun. He is consistent, critical, intelligent and relevant. I’ve found him to be all those things, even when we’ve disagreed. Yeah, I was laughing then as well. Most of all, Larry really is funny. That ain’t crazy.

  14. No, he’s crazy.

    • Hector, Larry isn’t crazy. I certainly don’t agree with much of what he says, but occasionally we find common ground. His style is a bit unorthodox, but I warmed up to him and he’s actually been pretty nice to me at times. He keeps the blogosphere interesting. I couldn’t imagine reading only comments from Drill Baby Drill and Eric Coobs. :)

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 25, 2012 12:55 PM at 12:55 PM |

        CannaP, I’m nice to you because you are a nice person and a very good writer, and I have a soft spot for very good writing. There is so little of that on the supposed conservative side of the aisle. Also, you aren’t afraid to take on the real wackos who call themselves conservative but aren’t. Moorcat falls into the same group as you.

        I posted a post above on the idea of the value of the “crazy”. It’s important to have crazy people in society to say the things that others won’t. Good to see you posting again.

        • Ah, thank you, Larry! I will check out your crazy link. I like Moorcat too so I will consider myself in good company… even though he usually picks apart my FB posts ;) Occasionally, I deserve that though.

          • It isn’t so much that I pick them apart, it is that I simply can’t deal with the hyperbole in politics anymore. Wouldn’t it be much more constructive to deal with the issues as they really are, rather than the partisan charged rhetoric we are constantly bombarded with? I actually respect your opinion a great deal, which is why I “friended” you in the first place. Sanity on the right is rapidly becoming a rare commodity.

            As far as Larry the Ranger is concerned, I, too had a real hard time warming up to him. Once I realised that behind the “over the top” style he writes in is an intellegent and thoughtful person, I have had less issues with him. Like Ingy (though Larry is far smarter than Ingy), he likes to tweak the noses of those he disagrees with and he is pretty good at doing it. I think he has gone a little overboard with Craig, but Craig is a big boy and quite capable of holding his own.

            To resolve the various issues facing us today (that actually aren’t as complicated as people make out to be), it will take bright ideas from both sides of the aisle. We may have different ways of looking at things, and we probably have different priorities, but that is what has made the “Great Experiment” work for as long as it has.

            • To resolve the various issues facing us today …, it will take bright ideas from both sides of the aisle.

              Now see, that might be a bit of a problem. Resolving issues will take bright ideas, but there is no requirement for ‘side of aisles’ at all. That is especially true when one side has become so insane and so obstructionist that even their own self-labeled brethren can’t support them any more. It strikes me that that’s kinda what Larry’s been on about.

              • While I can’t argue that the vocal nutcases to the right of center are probably not going to be part of the solution, there are plenty of us not so vocal people to the right of center that can be. Please do not discount us simply because the media prefers to focus on the wackjobs.

                • I know you watched the last legislative session and the national results of the election in 2010. It isn’t the media focusing on wackjobs. Apparently it’s the voters as well …

                  And as you know, I’m not discounting anybody rational. I’m simply pointing out that expecting those who want power over solutions to be part of the discussion since solutions have to come from ‘both sides of the aisle’, means that you’re drawing the line dividing sides in the wrong place. As indicated, so have voters.

                  • I’m hopeful that more reasonable people make it to the polls this election or I’m afraid for our future. I think that the line should be drawn not between the left and right (I think we all know there are some crazies in the far left as well) but between rational and irrational.

                    You are right though, Rob; the voters chose these people. However, they campaigned on platforms of fiscal responsibility and job creation, not eliminating medical marijuana and ensuring hateful unconstitutional laws criminalizing homosexuality remain on the books. Hopefully voters hold them accountable but that does remain to be seen.

                    • Simply and directly put: Those who want moderately conservative policies should vote Democrats into office. Those who want moderately liberal policies should vote Democrats into office. Those who want more progressively liberal policies should vote Democrats into office. The more delusional will cry and ballyhoo that I am merely supporting ‘Demoncrats’. Not hardly.

                      The ‘aisle’, the political divide, currently stands between lunacy and reason. People like Skees, Knox, Warburton, Sales, Ryan and Santorum are allowed to take advantage of the fact that a handy label can make people fear their opposition more than people should fear them. So, remove the insane by taking their useful label away. If all in power are Democrats, then those who have co-opted the Republican party in the name of insanity will just go away. Then we can actually argue about policy instead of party label. My suggestion is not partisan, it is pragmatic. My suggestion places the divide between points of reason, and removes the element of lunacy.

            • And Moorcat, I know you don’t pick them apart necessarily. I was sort of teasing, but there are times when I definitely deserve it. As you know, I have many many unreasonable people who frequent my wall. A recent argument stemmed from a friend’s post criticizing Michelle Obama for banning king-sized candy bars. Seriously. I am no fan of federal intrusion nor am I an Obama supporter, but come on. Michelle Obama has no power to ban anything… but, with headlines like “Thanks Michelle Obama, for BANNING king-sized candy bars” the fear-driven zombies are fed.

  15. Larry is damn funny, and this is a damn fine blog. I stop here daily often to chuckle about how livid the Rs get over this stuff. Keep it up, all.

  16. Rick Sanctimonious. Larry probably will improve that to something resembling Reek Sanktoomoronious.

  17. His scrotum is sanctified, so that’s why the catholics don’t need to protest insurance coverage of Viagra!

  18. This is ridiculous. What are you 10 years old? Very disappointed.

  19. As a high school auto shop teacher [newly retired[ in Las Vegas I know exactly where Larry’s sense of humor comes from. Out high school kids don’t mature until two weeks before they are supposed to graduate and, hell, it’s auto shop…I don’t get the pick of the litter anyway.

    As to Larry being crazy, naw, just deliciously eccentric.

  20. “Chamber Pot” for the win.

  21. “Livingstone: “we need to go to war with the radical environmentalists and job-killing” Dems to create more jobs. i.e.. cut regulation/taxes.” John S. Adams ‏ @TribLowdown

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