Female Elephants Need Not Apply

No female elephants in today's GOPIn the Republican primary for governor, six male candidates have now chosen six male running mates. It is a male-only field.

And it gets worse: Of the twenty or so Republicans who have announced a run for statewide office, only one is a woman.

At a minimum, you’d think at least one of the idiots running for governor would sense some political value in choosing a woman.  Yet none did.  Perhaps this is why the GOP has been relegated to a fringe sect in Montana. Perhaps this is why an ignoramus like Dennis Rehberg is now the Republicans’ lone statewide office holder, literally the last man standing.

Fortunately, Democrats give no quarter to such sexism.

For starters, Pam Bucy, an accomplished lawyer and deputy attorney general, is poised to become our next Attorney General.  She would become Montana’s first female Attorney General and one of only six in America, and only the second woman in Montana’s 122 year history to occupy a top elected office in Montana (the others are Jeanette Rankin and Judy Martz).

And don’t forget Monica Lindeen, Denise Juneau and Linda McCulloch, who are sitting in the three other executive positions right now, as well as Carol Williams who was Senate President in 2009 and now Senate Majority leader. She is the only woman ever to hold the top legislative post in either house.

And the Democratic nominee for Congress will also be a female, either Kim Gillan, Franke Wilmer or Diane Smith.  In the past, our nominees for Congress have included Tracy Velasquez, Lindeen, and Nancy Keenan for Congress, and Dorothy Bradley ran for Governor.  On the Public Service Commission, we have Gail Gutsche and may also soon have Lynda Moss.

The only females of the species playing a role in the GOP gubernatorial primary are the numerous ex-wives and mistresses of a few of the candidates.  I guess that’s better than nothing.


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  1. Cowgirl sorry to tell you this but I think you may have forgotten some history I think there was a female attorney general in this state back in the early part of the centry

  2. Ingemar Johansson | February 17, 2012 9:37 AM at 9:37 AM |

    Maybe your treatment of Gov. Judy scared them off.

    • You expect women to defend a governor who said it was okay to let your husband beat you? Come now, Martz was the worst Governor in state history.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 11:23 AM at 11:23 AM |

      No, again! Ingemar! We expect a woman, Like a grizzly bear to be better in the compassion department, for her state then Judy was!

      Women expect a woman to work harder to find answers for towns like Libby, then Judy Martz did!

      Women expect a Woman to have guts and courage, and in her waning year of being a gov, not washing the clothes of an aide which were evidence in a neglegent homicide!

      The woman wasn’t a true Montana women! She was part of the new GOP machine in its Karl Rove Infancy, and a blight on womaens right everywhere!

  3. Funny that you try to pump Pam as “poised to be the next AG” Cowgirl you know the more electable statewide candidate is Jesse. Only the Helena insiders think Pam has a chance. Missoula, Bozeman and Butte will be deciding this primary and Jesse has those areas pretty well locked up.

    Cowgirl I hope you will not be vindictive when your candidate loses and be willing to rally behind Jesse so we can win the AG race. But the level of bitterness and spite coming from Bucy supporters make me fear the worst.

    • Hector, do you have any proof or evidence to back up your assertions other than your own hopes? If so, let’s see it.

      • Since I often venture outside of the Helena political epicenter I am basing my opinion on discussions from around the state. I understand that is not crediable nor do I expect it to change your mind. But it would be hard to disagree that Jesse is the more electable statewide candidate. If I am wrong, which I admit I very well could be, I will have no problem supporting any dem that comes out of the primary. But the level of spite and misinformation coming from the Pam’s Helena insiders club makes me think that cowgirl and others won’t be such gracious losers.

        Personally I think Pam publicly supporting repeal of the Medical Cannabis initiative is going to hurt her in communities she will need to win. Like Missoula and Butte.

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:44 PM at 12:44 PM |

          I have never seen as much sillyness about MM as in this state! All you had to do was follow California or Oregon’s models for distribution, but they didn’t! There will always be federal arrests folks until the USA’s government changes its view on grass for medical purposes, but it hasn’t stop California of Oregon from getting its medicine to the people without restrictions, stop whining and find out which business model for MM is the best to follow! The People of this state voted for MM by referendum…you have to stop whining and move forward to get it working for all who need it! I know, Im on board for the people wishes on this, lets get past all the rhetoric and get it done!

          I still like Pam, over Jesse. But I wish well, any Democrat, in elections, cuz we need all of our candidates to stem the tide of Hate against children Women, and the unemployed! We Need all Democrats on board to protect Medicare Social Security, and a right to a good education! We need all Democrats on Board to help the state move ahead economically and find Jobs for all who seek it,…. as quickly, and as green technology as possible! Lastly, we need all Democrats working to preserve the Heritage and Pristine Beauty of this state for all Who hunt, fish, and photograph in this state!

          The GOP will stop at nothing to destroy Montana, and give it to out of state corporations! We Must be better then them!!!!

    • I have nothing against Jesse Laslovich. He seems an intelligent and hard working young man. Unfortunately, his anti-choice votes are a no go for me. Perhaps he’ll publicly recant.

      • No need to recant. He has a good record and only butt hurt NARAL operatives are making this a big issue. If Jesse is so anti-choice were is NARAL now, I have not seen any endorsements or mailings favoring Pam. I think NARAL realizes that Tim Fox’s anti choice record is far worse than Jesse’s 2 votes. Mary Caffero is the ultimate advocate and she would not back an anti choice candidate. Unless you think she is a fool and not as smart as you How about there other prominent women who have endorsed Jesse;
        Carlie Boland, State Representative
        Joan Borneman, Anaconda County Attorney
        Vicke Callendar, Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney
        Jen Clark, Deputy Missoula County Attorney
        Cynthia Ford, Professor of Law
        Cindy Hiner, State Representative
        Judy Jacobson, Former State Senator
        Kristen LaCroix Pabst, Chief Deputy Missoula County Attorney
        Angela McLean, Chairwoman of the Montana Board of Regents
        Carolyn Squires, State Representative
        Cynthia Wolken, Missoula Councilperson

        Cowgirl do you feel these women are not as smart as you and do not understand what an anti choice candidate Jesse is?

        What’s Pam’s record again? Oh right she has none, just a lot of talk. The only thing we know for sure about Pam is that she would use the AG office to repeal Medical Cannabis any chance she got.

        • Also the ACLU, the Montana Women’s Lobby, the Montana coalition Against Domestic and Sexual violence, Planned Parenthood, and the Montana Human Rights network al cores the votes as anti- choice.

          • Should have typed “scored the votes as anti choice.” Apologies.

          • Wow 2 whole votes out of a decade in the legislature. Obviously these women must be stupid to back such a women hater. I’m sure Tim Fox would not have the audacity to get the incredibly low score of 90% from NARAL (comment dripping with sarcasm.)

            What Pam’s record with NARAL again…..oh sorry I forgot she has none.

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:46 PM at 12:46 PM |

          A little to early in the campaign, Hector, for special interest groups to make a choice yet! Wait till the end of March for any of them to start endorsing ahead of the June Primaries!

          • Why would NARAL wait if Jesse is such a scummy anti women candidate?

            • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 1:00 PM at 1:00 PM |

              Hector trust me, on this! I know they have to wait until election paperwork deadlines for the state are closed. It wont happen until sometime after March 12! So hold on to your seat, and dont get excited yet!

  4. Gov Judy was an example of the soul-less women attached to the GOP, like Newt’s Wife ….

  5. Its hard to believe that in 2012 Montana has never had a woman in the Attorney Generals office. Also, Judy Martz doesn’t really count as a “Governor” — she even described herself as a puppet. “lapdog of industry” ring a bell?

  6. “worst Gov. in history”



    “lapdog of industry”

    Says it all.

    • Judy called herself an industry lapdog.

      • Since favorability and job performance polling has started as statistical analysis, Judy Martz *is* the worst Governor in Montana history. I was frankly offended when, during the recall which put the Spermanator in Sacramento, the media kept reporting that Gray Davis had the lowest favorability on any US governor at 22%. I was offended because Judy Martz was hovering at 18%.

  7. Rankin and Martz were Republicans, weren’t they?? You’d think Cowgirl might have noted that fact.

    • Is there anyone on earth who, after googling Martz, could think she was anything but a Republican? I suppose she could have been Constitution Party.

  8. There’s also Jeanette Rankin, Republican, but she’d be considered fringe in either party today given her commitment to principles beyond just getting elected. Can you imagine an advertising agency trying to work with her, and her saying “But that’s trivial,” or “I don’t really beleive that and I’m not going to say things I don’t beleive,” or “I refuse to pander to the lowest element just to get votes.”

  9. Linda McCulloc was the first woman to become Secretary of State in Montana history in 2008 and Carol Williams was senate president for the first time in 2009. I think the dates are important to list as they are so recent. Also Denise Juneau was the first American Indian woman elected to statewide office in MT AND in the entire U. S. it will be exciting to break the AG glass ceiling too ! Yay Democrats. I can’t believe any woman would be a republican in this day and age with the war on women going on. Republicans are creating a real problem for themselves with women voters.

  10. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:12 PM at 12:12 PM |

    Jenette Rankin wasn’t some Fringe person! The first woman ever elected to congress and she was elected statewide in Montana in 1916(By the way Montana was the first state to allow women the vote) and again in 1940, on a anti war Platform! Today she would be considered a liberal Democrat, not a republican!

    She got to vote in Congress, before the women’s suffrage movement was successful in getting women in America the vote!

    Her domestic and foreign politics layed within the strict lines of Pacifism, and despite overwhelming unpopularity at the time, have resulted in a legacy that helped propel the second wave of feminism and pacifism during the 1960s and 1970s. as even in her old age she was one of the first Feminists of the 70’s! The woman was a hero!

    She supported woman’s suffrage, child-protection laws, and prohibition. She wrote a weekly newspaper column that was widely read by woman suffragists.

    She introduced legislation to provide state and federal funds for health clinics, midwife education, and visiting nurse programs

    She was one of the first secretaries for the National Consumer’s League, while also spending years pushing for reform legislation to promote maternal and child health care.

    As a lobbyist, Rankin argued for passage of the Sheppard-Towner Act, an infant and maternal health bill which was the first federal social welfare program created explicitly for women and children.

    She held “Sunshine” clubs to teach children about the importance of peaceful politics.

    Rankin argued that the enemy was not abroad when WW2 came about, but rather residing in the US itself in the form of hunger, poverty, unemployment, and disease.

    Many in her Party tried to out her as a commie, tried to destroy her career, but she died a hero to women in this country! That isn’t fringe Mark, that woman saved countless children and mothers lives! SHE IS A HERO TO THIS STATE, AND TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE!

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:17 PM at 12:17 PM |

      Judy Martz, could only tug on the cape of such a woman hero as Rankin! Infact their isn’t a republican male in this states history, who had done as much for this state or had as much for guts as Rankin did!

    • I said she’d be fringe in your party today. She was anti-war. Your party is all about war all over the globe.

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:49 PM at 12:49 PM |

        Yea, change the conversation when you wrong… what is that rule #6 for you????

        • I did no such thing. I said that she would be considered fringe today as she was anti-war, and your party is all about war. Then you poured Wikipedia on the subject and accused me of changing it. BTW, in the future, just link to Wiki rather than pasting.

    • Did you guys hear that the ballot initiative campaign has been deactivated and the staff have resigned? It has something to do with the measure being funded with dollars from the MM industry.

  11. I think Jeanette Rankin would be a Democrat today.

    • Her anti-war stance? Gotcha. That may be the most -off-the-mark comment of the day. And yes, I know the blog I am on.

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 12:53 PM at 12:53 PM |

        You always find the wrong in people more pressing, then the rights they did! She was a diplomatic human being! She believed in Diplomatic answers instead of senseless killing, that is a strength not a weakness Mark! Ill take that over Bush lying to start a war in Iraq every time!

        • My God do you get things backward! I admire Rankin very much. I just don’t think your party is worthy of her, as she was anti-war, and your party is making war all over the globe. Pay attention!

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 11:25 PM at 11:25 PM |

            Mark I am not jumping off on your War of words on War! We have another national battle here on economics, and JOBS which is far more constructive to Montana! Neither you and I have anything but opinions regarding wars, and I would prefer to leave that to people who actually get briefed with more then a few newspaper clippings, or online opinions on it! Obamas doing a fine job, He got Bin Laden, I need not interject!

            Better then George Bush seeking revenge for the assassination attempt on his father by Lying there was WMD in Iraq! Dontcha think?

  12. It is worth noting the low level of respect Laslovich’s campaign has for women’s issues, groups, and concerns. That alone is enough for me. Terrible.

  13. The lack of respect is evidenced by the comments made here on this post.

    • I don’t disagree with you, but kindly remember those comments came from an anonymous blog-commenter, not the “Laslovich campaign”.

    • Linda,
      You are right all those prominent women must be down right stupid to endorse Jesse since his campaign has such a lack of respect for women. Here they are again in case you missed it;
      Carlie Boland, State Representative
      Joan Borneman, Anaconda County Attorney
      Vicke Callendar, Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney
      Jen Clark, Deputy Missoula County Attorney
      Cynthia Ford, Professor of Law
      Cindy Hiner, State Representative
      Judy Jacobson, Former State Senator
      Kristen LaCroix Pabst, Chief Deputy Missoula County Attorney
      Angela McLean, Chairwoman of the Montana Board of Regents
      Carolyn Squires, State Representative
      Cynthia Wolken, Missoula Councilperson

      It always makes me smile when the cowgirl mults post how disrespectful the Laslovich campaign is as evidenced by comments on this thread. Standard troll tactic when you have no rebuttal.

    • I dont think theae ia evidence they came from his campaign. It can only be said they are from a supporter. I would like to know from Cowgirl if these comments all came from the same IP address.

  14. What’s your evidence that random blog comments here are from the laslovich campaign? Does that mean the comments in support of bucy are from her campaign?

    • Don’t you know the rules, only the Laslovich campaign can be viewed negatively on this site. If you notice the Bucy bot’s only come out on this site because they are all cowgirl.

      I don’t understand why cowgirl’s feelings are so hurt that the NARAL lobbyist when Jesse got his 90% did such a terrible job of putting forth NARAL’s message.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 1:36 PM at 1:36 PM |

      Good question! Considering that people have a right to choose!

      • Candidate Duffy I don’t understand your response. It seems to me that the NARAL lobbyist at the time could not even hold the dems together. Especially if Jesse went south on such evil despicable attacks on women’s rights when he was previously a 100%. I guess the Pro-Choice community should be happy that NARAL had a better lobbyist during this last session or we might not have the right to choose.

        Or maybe this is a smoke screen due to hurt feelings and nothing to do with women’s choice.

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 2:18 PM at 2:18 PM |

          What are you saying? Everyone picks people according to their personal preference…. and you believe most Dems of good standing…. shouldn’t pick Bucy… even after looking at all the facts and making a decision according to me… or you?

          I know both candidates are for women, Their work also shows that, but what if I told you I Pick Bucy because she is a women, and therefore knows about women, and what women go through to even the most private of affairs and fears!

          You wouldn’t understand that, cause your a man, no matter how hard you try! I Believe: Who better to talk about a women needs then a woman! Sorry it seems so illogical for you men!

          Secondly, What if I pick the person for my views outside the bubble of health for woman as well! I still have a right to pick Bucy, after looking at the facts, as well!

          Im not gonna bash Jesse, but he doesn’t seem to fit for me, he might for my potential constituents, but that is a choice they must make…. not me! I am gonna work to help either one of them get elected in November as Democrats…. but I gotta tell you my vote is still my own to make! That’s why there is a choice come primary!

          I know that sounds like a political candidate, so be it! Democracy is all about choice!

  15. Although Hector can be crass he does bring up a good point that nobody seems to be willing to address. The women on Hector’s list have all endorsed Jesse and I know many of them to be strong women advocates. It seems a stretch to think that all these successful women would be fooled. If Jesse is as anti-choice as cowgirl would have us believe why are these women willing to endorse him?

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 1:57 PM at 1:57 PM |

      No, Hector is Putting words in Peoples mouths, he is inferring democratic women must be stupid to vote for Jesse and he is Signing the name of Democratic Bucy followers… and this is only February! I warned him it was to early for a majority of endorsements… and he took a side in his fake argument to stir controversy! Secondly, he seems more interested in MM then in a womans right to good health care. Most of us see him for that. Good for him! Hes for Jesse! So what! No one else has a say thats equally important as a Democrat?

      Jesse, argue where it is needed! Against the republicans… or continue to Make stupid comments that even the woman on your list would not like said!

    • For.Pity’s.Fucking.Sake!

      If Jesse is as anti-choice as cowgirl would have us believe

      The Montana Cowgirl(s) have written nothing in this thread about what she/they would have you believe. What was written was this, just this:

      “Unfortunately, his anti-choice votes are a no go for me.”

      Have Democrats really stooped so low that one is either with us or against us? Is that honestly what we’ve been reduced to? Every damned one of us draws a line in the sand. Who the hell are you to judge someone elses? The Democrats are supposed to be about making up your own mind and voting your conscience. When the hell did we become the party of voting against the conscious of others who we think icky? Is that what Republicans did to us, because that’s what they do? Or is it, as I believe, what we are choosing to do to ourselves?

      • You must be new around here if you don’t think the cowgirls are trying to portray Laslovich as anti or at least suspect on the issue of a woman’s right to choose. Its been an ongoing thing for months. Anytime the names Bucy or Laslovich are brought up these two or three votes get mentioned. Provided a lot of entertainment.

        • Rob is not new around here. He’s been around as long as I can remember. I agree with his point that we can all vote how we want. Pointing out a vote is not a prohibition on voting for someone. To say otherwise is simply absurd. To each her or his own right?

          • I know Rob is not new around here. Neither is the Bucy-Laslovich thing. Of course we can all vote for who we want. Noone said pointing out a vote is ‘prohibition’ on voting for someone else.

            The ultimate point of Cowgirls’ posts are to convince people to vote one way or the other. Thats why you do what you do.

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 11:36 PM at 11:36 PM |

        Right Rob, this is a blog of Opinions!This is why DEMS have to carry around a biog tent folks! But we are only talking about the primary, and our opinions! Let us not forget to root for the winner in our race! and push Her/him to victory!

        • Because, in the end, it is only about winning elections, and then falling asleep again. I think of you as the van-Winkle Democrats.

          • Thank you for your continued optimism, Toke!

          • At age 61 I’ve come to realize that it is small groups of dedicated citizens that bring about change. Nothing more, nothing less. With the rise of OWS, with the Obama reaction (indefinite detention of American citizens), I think that a movement is forming, and I am optimistic.

            Now, back to sleep, van Winkles.

            • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 18, 2012 2:09 PM at 2:09 PM |

              So its true then….. you do have Political Alzheimer’s, Because only an old man like yourself could continually make bad mistakes, and decisions, and lies about others and stories on this Blog! So, are you trying to pass yourself off as someone wise at age 61?

              Your writings and arguments here have been: debilitated, decrepit, enfeebled, exhausted, fossilized, geriatric, gray, impaired (especially impaired), over the hill, senile, and lastly very tired!

              As you keep Twisting Real News with your envisioned lies and Propaganda, there will always be a smarter person who puts you back in the dog house you come from!

              Today it is My turn to tell the Mark troll to STFU, and call him on his BULLSH*T

              You know nothing of OWS, Your Lying about Obama again, and I not gonna let you spew your UnhCONtrollable Bullspit anymore!

  16. One of the AG candidates will have to litigate some very high-profile cases including the ill-conceived amendment that codified the Bush-era assault on the US Constitution being tested in Guggenheim v. Montana.

    The equally awkward initiated cannabis law is doomed and mining isn’t going away in Montana anytime soon: the costs of reclamation for a century of ecocide should be borne by the industry, not by the people.

    Either of the Democratic lawyers running for the seat is imminently qualified.

    How Mr. Laslovich verbalizes his personal views during the campaign is of no consequence to how he would defend the State’s interests in the future.

    Our party is charged with beating the candidate of the earth hater party in the general election.

    Send either or both of these candidates the resources (s)he needs to defeat the other party.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 17, 2012 1:59 PM at 1:59 PM |

      Couldn’t have been better said!

    • “One of the AG candidates will have to litigate some very high-profile cases…” should take us right back to the reason why Pam is the better candidate. The AG does not enact laws; the AG enforces and defends existing laws. Pam has experience in the courtroom i.e. boots on the ground experience which is what we’re going to need in the next few years.

  17. This would explain why the GOP recently had a conference on “Womens Health” and did not have a single Woman on the panel, to talk about “Womens Health”. That makes sooooooooooo much sense to me. Its kinda like these right wingers that love the fetus, I mean just love the fetus, yet when that fetus grows up to be a child, they cut education funds, and they cut school lunches, or if the fetus grows up to be gay, gasp God forbid, they want that gay to have no rights. But who am I to say, I think Ill get back to building abortion clinics now, I try to build atleast five a day, they are nothing more then a porta potty outhouse and a coat hanger, but then again Im a Democrat and I love abortion so much, that I just cant help myself.

  18. As one of those who was unable to conceive and raise a child, but as a proud grand-aunt and godmother of several beautiful young ladies, I think the contraception issue is quite valid.

    What kind of world will my girls inherit?

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