Bob Keenan’s Crystal Ball

In 2006, Republican Bob Keenan mounted an insurgent primary campaign against Sen. Conrad Burns for the U.S. Senate with a single prediction.    Keenan predicted Burns’ shady past would cost Republicans the Senate seat.

After announcing his campaign from a beach in Costa Rica, he travelled around the state in an RV talking about Burns’ “electability problem.” Keenan was talking about Burns’ ties to Jack Abramoff, the once-powerful Republican lobbyist, who was sentenced to four years in prison for his leading role in a wide-ranging corruption scandal that rocked Congress and the Bush administration.

It’s 2012, and Keenan has joined the gubernatorial ticket with Corey Stapleton.  Now, he’s making predictions again.  In the Bigfork Eagle, Keenan is quoted saying:

“It’s going to be a difficult race for Republicans to win if anyone but Stapleton wins the primary.”

Is Keenan right?  And more importantly, will Republicans listen to him this time?

Only time will tell.  But with the well-documented stories of the other gubernatorial-wannabes sexual affairs with mermaids, abusive marriages and close friendships with Muammar Qaddafi, the GOP’s political fortune teller may be predicting a bloody primary battle.


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  1. They are the only ticket that could give Bullock a run, but the repubs are not smart enough to stop supporting the mermaid porker. How long will it take before drildo posts an obnoxious livingscam comment?

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 18, 2012 5:38 PM at 5:38 PM |

    DAMN! I guess the moron WAS a uniter! Mission Accomplished! That’ll make one’s Isreehole pucker!

    • It seems Stapleton and Keenan intended their words as more of a threat than a promise. And that they have a juvenile obsession with porn.

  3. Jennifer- er, I mean “Drill Baby Drill”, you make little sense, as usual. A juvenile obsession with porn? Please elaborate.

  4. Read the link….perhaps all this website creation is what’s preventing Stapleton from signing on to the Amicus Brief to fight the Obamacare Mandate.

  5. You are suggesting Corey created those websites? Good grief, Jennifer. That’s absurd. Do you honestly think he has time to create ridiculous websites? What is wrong with you? You should stick to drilling.

  6. I was going to comment, but I pretty much ignore what Drill baby (Jennifer) posts. It was obvious this was a “fan” created site and not created by an actual candidate. I do worry about the person that did create the site. There are a lot of issues displayed there.

  7. When you call DrillbabyDrill Jennifer are we talking about the @oilpatchkid or somebody else?

    • Yes, Hector. Same one. Jennifer Olsen, chair of the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee is leveling accusations that Stapleton created a pornographic website featuring Neil Livingstone (who, considering his connections in the security world, could easily determine the source of this website)because… umm…. he is afraid of him? I think not.

  8. It took only about five minutes to determine the creator of It belongs to David Lambon, a vegan animal rights activist from PA. He created the site in 2008 and hasn’t updated it at all since 2010. His registrant info is public and he even appears to feature himself in the pornographic photos.

    Such a poor decision by Ms. Olsen, as leader of the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee. Shameful behavior.

    • I overheard Austin Markus James talking to a friend on campus and he said that he purchased the website to help his friend Cory. Maybe he bought it from this Lambon guy and plans on updating it.

      • That’s a great idea. Buy an already existing, yet unknown poorly designed website rather than buy your own domain. That makes a lot of sense…. especially considering Neil is not considered a front runner at this point.

      • Just received confirmation from Mr Lambon that he does indeed own the site He considers himself a centrist and does not like war because he hears it kills people. So Benny, you still sticking by your story?

        • I have nothing to “stick by” except what I overheard. Maybe I misunderstood or missed some important context to the conversation. No problem, it just made me curious when I read the above posts.

          • Dude you can’t just make unproven assertions. Well you can of course, and I’ve seen others do it here, but nobody is going to take them seriously. Prove your assertions or go away.

          • It’s like if I came on and said that I heard two dudes in the locker room talking about how much you love gay porn, or that you were the blogger known as lizard, or that you were planning to manage Chuck Baldwin’s congressional primary against Steve Daines.

  9. Austin James? I dont really know whats going on with this website deal but anything associated with Austin smells bad. Whats the connection?

  10. Sorry, I don’t even know Austin, other than the very few times I’ve dropped by Treasure State Politics, but there is no evidence whatsoever that he has anything to do with this. The owner of the website in question is a PA animal rights activist with a history of disorderly conduct charges. The site has little to do with Livingstone and nothing to do with Montana or the 2012 Governors Race. It was created years ago and hasn’t been updated for two years.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 27, 2012 8:17 PM at 8:17 PM |

      Kinda like this one about Rick Saintscrotum.

      Oh sure, we’ll probably all go to hell for making fun of God’s self-annointed one here on earth, Saintscrotum, but what the hell, right?

    • Stapleton seems OK, at least by the low standards set by his competition in the GOP primary I suppose. He does not do himself any favors by associating with James though. He should find himself a new shoe shine boy/toadie. Just my two cents. Love your blog montanafesto, although I am somewhat letdown that with Knox gone there will not be the same quality photoshop opportunities. :)

      • Having Austin connected to the campaign does give it a real smarmy taint.

      • While Austin is his campaign manager, I have a feeling that Corey does nearly everything himself, considering he only spent 5600 in the last filing quarter.

        Thanks Jack, glad you like the blog. Knox is gone, but certainly not forgotten. He is circulating an email right now calling me a “ruthless bitch that the GOP needs to out”. No worries, I will follow him as he travels around the nation, spreading his special brand of conservative “wisdom”.

        As for you, Benny…. before you go repeating things you “overheard”, you may want to make sure they are true. It took me all of an hour to determine that it wasn’t true at all. If you know Austin so well, perhaps you could have simply asked him. Instead, you spread malicious gossip on a political blog. There is nothing about your story that I believe.

        • I don’t know Austin well enough to ask him. And if I did he would just pat me on the head and talk down to me like I’m some sort of simpleton. What I overheard was true, but maybe Austin was just making a joke or something. Like I said I missed the context and this is just a passer by account. But if you are going to be so rude please provide a shred of proof that Drill Baby Drill is Jennifer Olsen, beyond your own speculation. Did she tell you directly?

          • I assume you have concrete evidence Drill Baby Drill is Jennifer Olsen otherwise you are posting unproven assertions that “you may want to make sure they are true.” Until then please refrain from spreading “malicious gossip on a political blog.”

            • Knowing Montanafesto (at the very least, knowing her connections in the Montana Conservative Party), I would tend to accept her statement without proof.

            • I’m not sure what just happened here, some how I ended up defending Jennifer Olsen, WTF. I don’t actually want any proof, I was just pushing back when I felt a little bullied. Plus my gay porn obsession was outed.

  11. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | February 28, 2012 2:00 PM at 2:00 PM |

    Knowing Montanafesto, as a one of the last best hopes, for a moderate, well informed GOP, as well as Moorcat… and seeing that Jennifer did speak to him in the timeline here, answering him after he called her out….. your the only one invalid comments at this time Benny!

  12. To me, not knowing anyone here, the arguments have to stand on their own merits and or proof. I’m sure all these folks are honest and all, but I like to go on facts not personality. When I dont see the proof, I move on. that goes for both sides I guess.

  13. Montanafeso is primarily women although we do have two male bloggers. Usually though, especially recently, montanafesto has been me.

    Jennifer Olsen did tell me directly when we were on more friendly terms. She has commented on the gazette forums as drill baby drill for quite some time, in addition to her other online personalities. She has a history of lying, ask any republican in billings. Sadly, she is a gift to liberals because she makes us all look bad and mainstream people as a result, regard us all as wackjobs. Both Jennifer and her buddy, the brilliant representative from HD 47, James knox, have responded to my blog post. Her “denial”, if you can call it that, is vague and uncomfortable at best. I will work on posting their responses this evening. In it, Jennifer implies that I am a liberal and James calls me a “ruthless bitch that the GOP needs to out”. This isn’t the first time they have teamed up either. They had AJ Otjen banned from the Republican central committee for committing the false but understandable offense of recommending a visitor to the fair booth vote for Knox’s opponent. Although AJ flatly denies this, and I believe her, either way, it was a good move.

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