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What’s going on in this photo at today’s Ken Miller campaign event in Choteau?  This is your job, dear readers! Please caption this picture in the comments section below.


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  1. It sure is nice to meet you Dr. Rollan Roberts II, but Peggy and I aren’t interested in buying into the algae selling business at this time.

  2. Candidate meets with voters one-on-one after cafe cleared for security reasons. The reasons were not disclosed to protect security.

  3. This isn’t a caption, but just a note: that place has the very best Rocky Mountain oysters I’ve ever had. Their fried chicken is also top-notch. If you ever find yourself driving through Choteau, I highly recommend a stop.

  4. I just got new carpet in my van. Wanna see?

  5. Since everyone is here who RSVPed, I’ll go ahead and get started with my speech.

  6. Rick you gotta’ put that thing away. The waitress doesn’t want to see that. Nobody does!

  7. Yo, earth hater: which one were you at 4&20 beating up on your cell-mates?

  8. It was announced Rush Limbaugh would be attending

  9. Sorry Mr. Hill, I asked and they don’t have the mermaids here. Do you want to go somewhere else?

  10. Would you like fries with that?

  11. “This is our best turn out yet!”

  12. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 3, 2012 12:20 PM at 12:20 PM |

    Hey dude, wheres the wine list? … What? Your not the Waiter?…. Where the hell is the waiter at? Were starving here!

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 3, 2012 1:19 PM at 1:19 PM |

    Would you like to buy a green shirt? I’ve got hundreds left over!

    Where two are gathered in my campaign, it’s a holy place!

    Seriously, you’ve never heard of me before?

    Bet my flag is bigger than yours!

    Have you found Jesus?

  14. Those people look soooooo excited

  15. “Really? Rick Hill has no plans to come to Choteau? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he didn’t bother to show up in Hamilton last week, for a forum with nearly 200 Ravalli county voters in attendance, either.”

  16. “….and the Democrats, why, they want to tax the iron that’s in that plate of liver and onions yer eatin’. That’s what’s wrong with America.”

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 5, 2012 10:15 AM at 10:15 AM |

      you watch to much FOX TV! Warren Buffet has said time and time again that USA Companies pay some of the least in Taxes in the Modernized world! Time for them to pay their fair share!

    • “I’m working at the cafe for $4.95 an hour to raise money for the campaign. We’re having our best fund-raising month yet!”

  17. “Ok, we all agree. Regardless of which Republican candidatte wins, when the GOP takes control of the Governor’s office in 2013 the Cowgirls get transferred to their new office in Alzada.”

    • It is very unlikely that “the gop takes control of the Governor’s Office in 2013”. That is very wishful thinking on your part. There isn’t a GOP candidate for Governor that is “appealing” in the least and Bullock is sure to win that race.

      Not sure what the hell you are talking about when you say that “the Cowgirls get transfered to their new office in Arizona”. That was a serious flyby. Even if Cowgirl does work in the Governor’s administration (something that has been suggested many times but not proven), unless she is an appointee, she will still be there when the current governor leaves. State employees do not get fired just because the Governor changes.

  18. I wouldn’t put too much money on “. . . Bullock is sure to win that race” Moorcat. Almost every poll in the past 6 months tells another story. Even Larry Sabato is calling it for Hill

    As for the Cowgirls being transfered to Alzada comment, it was tongue-in-cheek.

    FYI……you may want to get your map out. Alzada (population 74) is in the very south east corner of Montana (not Arizona), about 2 miles from Wyoming and 20 miles from South Dakota. Back in the day, it used to be the last stage coach stop leaving Montana for Deadwood, SD. It is about as far from Helena as one can get and still be in Montana.

    They will love it there. As I recall it only has dial up internet so the Cowgirls will not have to sit in the parking lot to make their daily updates while they are on the State’s clock.

    • We shall see. I am tempted to offer a bet against you at this point.

      As far as Alzada/Arizona, I misread your original message. It happens.

      • I have fat fingers, old eyes and a bi-focal prescription that needs to be updated so I have a tendency to have a lot of typos. I can see why anyone might have thought I was trying to type Arizona.

        Anyone know how I can take up Governor Schweitzer on his “if you’ve got a $100 in your pocket” bet on Bullock? I wouldn’t want to take your money Moorcat but I would love to take some from Schweitzer before he leaves office.

    • I wouldn’t be placing any heavy bets on Hill quite yet, Pogo. The poll you refer to was taken last November and had Hill up by only one percentage point. Compared to earlier polls, Bullock continues to gain on Hill. This race is trending Bullock.

  19. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 5, 2012 5:06 PM at 5:06 PM |

    Pogo we don’t read polls…. we read people here! Lastly, no one is packing cuz you say so. Bullock’s the winner by a long shot by the way, according to people I read down here. No Hill voters even for the GOP people I know in SW Montana, they are picking Bullock for Gov, Daines for Rehbergs ole seat. and spilt on Tester and Rehberg for senator, still to close to call for GOP on the GOP side… till you add the Democrats and Independents, then Tester walks away the winner also!

  20. If you are going to use Alzada country in predicting the outcome of the 2012 General Election then you may want read those people in Carter County again, Norma. Bullock didn’t do so well there in the 2008 General Election. In fact, he got thumped: Steve Bullock (D) 142 votes, Tim Fox (R) 455 votes. Roy Brown even beat Schweitzer 443 to 254 in Carter County.

    I always respect Moorcat’s comments and analysis but respectfully disagree with his prediction in the Governor’s race. My prediction is a tight competitive race to the end with Hill coming out a winner.

    • In truth, I actually liked Hills last 10 minute ad. He hit the right buttons aimed at the right people. The problem for Hill is that he is, for lack of a better word, slimy. His past indescresions, his lack of a solid stance on anything and his connection to the establishment Republicans will probably hurt him far more than the polls are showing at this point.

      As I have stated before, there is a HUGE amount of people that have been disenfranchised by both parties at this point. In those states that actually register party, “independants” and “undesignated” registrations are at record levels. This is bound to skew the polls and I think that even the pollsters will be surprised this year. I would not put too much stock in any poll – especially at this point.

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