Case Dismissed

The Republican Party was rebuffed last week, when the state’s top constitutional lawyer dismissed the GOP’s longstanding ethics complaint against Schweitzer.

The complaint alleged that the Governor had broken the law because he ran a public service announcement during an election year, using state funds which the law forbids.  Schweitzer has always claimed that he was simply doing his job by promoting Montana agriculture, and also that no funds were expended because the radio ad was free.

The GOP expressed outraged at the determination by Jim Goetz, the Bozeman lawyer who was deputized to decide the case by the recently appointed Commissioner Jim Murray, that Schweitzer had done no wrong. “Laughable” is how the decision was described by Bowen Greenwood, head of the Montana Republican Party.  Greenwood also said that the GOP will appeal the decision.

I’d say if a radio station gives free air time to a Governor to do an ad promoting the state’s agriculture sector, then it’s hard to see why Montana citizens would benefit by having such promotional activity be illegal.  And recall that the GOP chose to go after Schweitzer on this issue during 2008, when they needed to hit him hard on something, anything, to try to put a dent his numbers during an election year.

But there is also an undercurrent to this whole affair: agriculture no longer appears to be embraced by the GOP in Montana.  It has been a long time since a GOP gubernatorial candidate (or governor) has hailed from an Ag background, and Rick Hill/Jon Sonju are continuing the trend.  Neither Sonju nor Hill has ever picked up a shovel, planted a seed or poked a cow.  Nor had Roy Brown or Steve Daines (two corporate bozos); nor had Bob Brown or Dave Lewis (two career politicians/bureaucrats); nor had Marc Racicot or Judy Martz (a lawyer and an imbecile), nor has Denny Rehberg (he inherited ranch land from his parents and developed condos on it).

On the other hand, Schweitzer and Tester, both farmers, have dominated the Democratic scene in recent years and have eaten into the Agriculture sector that perhaps the GOP once had a much stronger hold on.  So it sort of makes sense that the GOP would become so irritated about the Governor doing a radio PSA supporting Montana growers.  But rather than just be irritated, they became childish, but have now been slapped down, hard, and probably for good.


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  1. Those PSA are done by all politicians of all political stripes, hell if you read half of Denny Rehbergs emails, all they are is campaigning on government time, and money. So if Schweitzer had been guilty then they would have had to have found Rehberg guilty as well. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  2. Ha Ha – his best friend picks the judge, who then lets Schweitzer off the hook. Big Surprise.

    Which one of the four cowgirls thought this was newsworthy?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 6, 2012 6:47 PM at 6:47 PM |

      HEY, eric, here’s your chance to SHINE, dude! I appoint you prosecutor! Make your case!

      You’re simply passin’ gas here, dude. As Farmboy mentioned, they have ALL done it!, from marky Ratco to Judy Mars. ALL of them! Brad Johnson etc. and so on and so forth.

      SOOOO, eric, shine ON, dude! Impress us with your fantastical prosecutorial skills! I await your debate! For you see, I know that you Teatards think otherwise, but flatulence is a POOR substitute for brilliance! MAKE YOUR CASE, COUNSELOR!

      And please use examples from the past. But alas, you’re passin’ gas and I know you’ll pass! Too bad.

  3. While the US is distracted by a professional broadcaster falling on his sharpened turkey drumstick as the earth haters try to hide a federal judge, the Israeli prime minister is stabbing the US in the back.

    Ron Paul is the only earth hater not expected to address AIPAC: gotta love the little guy for that.

    The National Bar Association says Cebull should go away:
    “Furthermore, his sensitivity to issues and matters as it relates to race and his obligation to govern on the federal bench has been jeopardized.”

    The MTGOP is toast.

  4. I wonder how much taxpayer money was wasted in this political stunt- the GOP proves over and over that they aren’t actually interested in fiscal responsibility beyond crowing about it

  5. If the GOP cared about ag, they wouldn’t be in bed with coal and gas and oil and every rinky-dink pipeline that comes down the road.

  6. What, it’s only farmers and cowgirls that find this funny?! It made me laugh out loud a couple of times, anyway…

  7. The circle has finally closed. Eric Stern was deeply involved in this issue from the outset, by making behind the scenes threats to the old Commish Dennis Unsworth that he needed to do the bidding of BS and send this thing away. Then BS appoints a labor union hack to find a trial lawyer hack to reverse Unsworth after he told Stern to pound sand. Now Stern is using this blog to trumpet how much money the GOP has wasted on this effort. It’s all a neat little circle. You guys must have read Huey Long’s playbook.

  8. If you expect us to believe you, you would need proof for your claims. I’m guessing if you did, you would have posted it.

  9. The Republicans are getting more and more desperate every year. They hate Schweitzer because he embarrasses them at every turn! It’s been so fun to watch. I wish we could have another term. Please tell me he’s running for Senate.

  10. Havre Voter: Stern’s conduct is all a matter of public record. Here is an excerpt that has been copied from the Commissioner of Political Practice’s file (go check it out yourself):

    August 14, 2008 letter from GOP attorney Lance Lovell to Commissioner Dennis Unsworth, copied to Schweitzer’s attorney Mike Meloy

    Dear Commissioner Unsworth:

    Professor William Corbett disclosed to the parties’ counsel yesterday that a senior official in the Schweitzer Administration engaged in a number of illegal ex part communications with you. It is our understanding that Eric Stern, identified as “Senior Counsel” for the Schweitzer Administration, began such ex part communications prior to the public hearing conducted last month in the underlying ethics complaint against Governor Schweitzer, and that Mr. Stern continued to attempt to engage in these clandestine discussions thereafter…and so it goes.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 7, 2012 8:55 PM at 8:55 PM |

      GOP attorney??? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

      Hey, jojo, you got it BAAAAAD, dude. SCHWEITZER envy! It’s kinda like penis envy only worse! You dudes are FLACCID next to the guv, and you HATE that! Why you’re regular Flush Limpballs! Face it, whatever you dudes try, Scwheitzer’s two steps ahead of you dudes.

      But hey, I give you an “A” for effort! You neve quit!

  11. Larry, you raise some interesting points. Here is my response:

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 7, 2012 9:18 PM at 9:18 PM |

      HEY, I appreciate that, Joe. For you see, I prefer to SHIT on a nogoodnik’s grave! You’re a man of class.

  12. What’s the point of having these meaningless political arguments if you can’t trade insults and laughs once in a while? Seriously, you people take this stuff way too seriously. The good guys (Republicans) are going to win big this year, and then they will start digging out all the dead bodies BS and Co. have stashed in the Capitol for 8 years. Then you guys will whine for a few years and then take another whack at us. In the end, it’s a healthy process because we keep dictators out of office. Everyone likes it, except for maybe Neil because he can’t make money protecting his autocratic pals. So don’t get your feelers hurt, Larry. I probably wouldn’t actually piss on your grave. That is pretty disrespectful. On the other hand, you gotta love the way Clint delivers that line.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 7, 2012 10:16 PM at 10:16 PM |

      Agreed, Joe. If ya can’t have a little fun with politics, what’s the point, right? For you see, once you get the insults out of the way, you can get down to specifics and policies. A few insults just spice things up. No offense taken by me at all.

      In Spanish there’s a word called “regatear”. It means to haggle over the price of something, but it also means much more than that. It’s just fun! It’s part of the culture. It’s entertainment. Much of the world does it. Regatear gives the buyer a chance to get a bargain, and it give the seller a chance to explain how good the item is. And it provides free good time for both. If a buyer doesn’t regatear, the seller is quite offended, for the buyer has violated the unwritten cultural agreement.

      Politics in much of the world is the same way. They have animated discussions all the time in bars, etc. Nothing wrong with that. America is the only place where politics are not supposed to be discussed. But we do so here on this blog, and it’s fun!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 8, 2012 7:49 AM at 7:49 AM |

      Joe, remember the old joke about why is Rush Limpballs like the Hindenberg?
      Because they’re both nazi gasbags!

      Well, what I do best is try to PRICK all the nazi gasbags that show up here. With my style, I force their hands. And usually when the attempt a defense, they reveal what they truly are.

      I mean, look at jonny arnold. Now, I’m sure that he’s probably not a nazi gasbag, but he DID reveal a lot about himself with his attempts at defense. Bad move. For you see, there are real experts in their respective fields that post here. And jonny is a lightweight. He got his ass handed to him quite handily.

      But that is exactly what should happen. A dude like jonny THINKS he knows something. But when he tests his bullshit ideas in the actually market place of ideas (debate), he goes as limp as Flush Limpballs!

      That is what America is all about. Put your ideas out there to the test. The good ones will survive, and the ones like jonny’s will simply be laffed off the stage. And that’s a good thing for everybody!

      Now, my friend, I even enjoy your posts! For you see, I LIKE crazy people!

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