Mansfield Metcalf Preview

It’s the big night of the year for Democrats tonight, as the Party will be holding its annual soiree, the Mansfield Metcalf dinner. It will be held at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds. This is the night where the rank and file may buy a ticket for $50 bucks for the privilege of drinking and dining and mingling with Democratic politicians, and can listen to them give speeches.

In past years the dinner has been well attended and raised good money for the Democratic Party.  So pull out your checkbook and come down to the fairgrounds.  This year’s featured guest is CNN analyst Paul Begala, also known as the Montana Cowgirl of Washington DC.

M&M, as Democrats like to call the affair, has become quite a party in recent years, especially when Hillary and Barack showed up in 2008 and debated each other in dueling speeches.  Recent speakers have also included Tammy Duckworth, the VA chief; Jim Messina of the White House; and regional politicians like Ken Salazar and Mark Udall.  Sometimes the speeches are interesting, and some have been real snoozers.

On one occasion there was even a wonderfully awkward situation, when the guest speaker was Jim Webb, a U.S. Senator from Virginia.  Webb’s speech contained numerous references to Andrew Jackson, with Webb referring several times to Jackson as his hero.  When Schweitzer then took the stage, he explained to Webb that Jackson might be a hero in Virginia, but not in Montana, because he slaughtered innocent native Americans.  There was an audible gasp from the crowd, and Webb was visibly humiliated.

The usual mix of funny, inspiring, exciting, boring, predictable and weird political speeches will no doubt be served up, some appetizers from Denise Juneau, Linda McCulloch and Monica Lindeen, Carol Williams and Jon Sesso, followed by the main course from Schweitzer, Baucus and Tester and Bullock.  Aspiring members of Congress Franke Wilmer, Kim Gillan, Dianne Smith, Bob Stutz and Dave Strohmeier will also probably get a few minutes of stage time.

Also creating some buzz tomorrow night will be the newest addition to the Democratic Party’s roster, General John Walsh, who was picked as a running mate yesterday by Steve Bullock, a pick that so angered and stupefied the Republican Party that they never  bothered putting out a statement about Bullock’s choice.  That says it all.

So what’s the theme going to be this year?  Last year the crowd was fired up because Schweitzer had just vetoed, with his branding iron, a pile of lunatic legislation put forward by Tea Partiers.  And the Democrats at the time were successfully standing in the way of the GOP’s efforts to revert the state to the Judy Martz era of deficits and incompetence.  So the dinner was up beat and  a much-needed catharsis after a depressing election in which the GOP took over the legislature by historic margins.

Speaking of which, there will be local candidates at the dinner as well, such as those running for the state legislature.  Some of these folks are lucky to be running against Tea Party lunatics, and so will likely be in the legislature next year.  Most of the GOP wingnuts who won legislative seats in 2010 did so only by the slimmest of margins–a dozen votes in some cases–and so we should expect not to see them back in Helena because 2010 was an anomalously large GOP turnout year.

And as always, a justifiable pride will be circulating in the ballroom on Saturday, from the fact that Montana Democrats control all six state-wide political offices. That’s a whole Happy Meal, whereas the Republicans are down to their last greasy french fry, Dennis Rehberg.


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  1. Great! You put the “zz” in buzz! What a lineup of right wingers, interspersed with a liberal or two. Thanks for giving us choices.

  2. you & lizard: sit outside the hole and howl….

    • Better that than to be in the hole and blindfolded.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 10, 2012 9:47 AM at 9:47 AM |

        Shut up, Buttinski. Your fifteen minutes of dumbassery were up looong ago, dude! No one cares what you think, so why inflict yourself where you’re totally irrelevant? Good question, right?

        • Larry Larry Larry … Democrats need to look in the mirror and see what a mirror image they have become of the other party, complete with right wing leadership, dumb and deluded followship, and dumb-asses like you defending them. You should not be allowed to sit here in your little cocoon and avoid real and pointed criticism of what an awful party you have become. That’s my job. I don’t know what the hell your job is here, but if it is writing, you’re very bad at it.

    • Larry, completely to the side, I just wanted to commend you for some of your comments over at 4&20. Darmuk was probably the best episode of STTNG in it’s entire run.

      • Thank you, Rob: never metaphor i didn’t have sex with.

          • A point or two or three of clarification, just in case you were unaware. I posted my laud here because it likely would have been deleted as ‘off-topic’ there. Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra has been tried many times in the Montana progressive community. It remains a sad truth that there are those who would rather succumb to the the Beast at Tenagra then weaken their own sense of ‘integrity’. They lessen the import with claims of ‘lesser of two evils’ rather than accept the offer of Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel. What is funny about that thread, to me, is that one of the commenters so eager to denigrate Democrats or any who support Democrats is also the only commenter to have served as a Democratic party apparatchik. The Feral Cat of Freedom! and I had a falling out because she radically supported John Edwards and his message of two Americas. I, on the other hand liked the message, but didn’t trust the guy personally. It turns out that people don’t like it when another may have known how wrong that one was beforehand. This is really ironic to me today, because the last time that I was invited to be on ‘her’ radio show was the weekend of the M&M dinner in 2008. She was going, you see, and needed a fill-in. She actually sounded upset when I told her that I was going to the dinner as well. That was the Barack and Hillary show, after all.

            • Funny that. Liz tweeted yesterday that I was trying to “bait” him. Then something about how he’s not a cow (WTF?). I truly, sincerely and deeply wish that these assholes would get over the idea that It’s all about them. ‘Cause it really isn’t.

  3. Mark-what exactly have you desired from Democrats in Montana recently, something that could feasibly be delivered given the limitations of their small number in the legislature, that they have not delivered?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 10, 2012 10:15 AM at 10:15 AM |

      You see, Gumbo, it’s BUTTINSKI who is a spitting mirror image of the rightwing! And the poor dude has his head so firmly embedded up his ass that he can’t see it!

      You see, the Pubbies have THEIR purity pledge, and Buttinski has HIS purity pledge! Mirror image!

      The Pubbies want NO sex, and Buttinski wants only head up ASS sex! Mirror image!

    • Gumbo – leaders. Who among your party heads has had the gumption to take leadership on an issue and convince people it is the right way to go? What I hear are whiners – oh jeez, we can’t fight for this or that because the Montana people won’t lke it. Ah jeez, we’re a minority so we can’t fight for this or that, as you just said. You give me no reason to either like you or care about you. You have all the tenacity of Jello.

      So you get yourselves elected, squeeze real fighters out of your party (“fringe”‘ and “extremists” your Tester calls them, and then spend you’re tme backpeddlng, playing defense. And then you whine like little kids when we don’t vote for you!

      “Clever negotiatng ” one of your number calls it. Who the hell needs that? Given a “choice” between you and the over party, I don’t vote.

      • I’ll ask again, Mark: what specifically are you looking for? what policy or law or executive action?

        • Gumbo, you can keep asking, but you will not get a direct (or often coherent) answer from Mark. The whole point of his circular reasoning is to deny and deflect any contrary evidence to the mythology he has built.

          Besides, Mark is too busy “basquing in a fire” somewhere in Arizona.

        • Gumbo, what words does it take to get you to understand that I would have some respect for you if you fought for anything!? You don’t get it, you don’t see the ease with which your leaders speak to us as liberals, progressives and fighters when they run for office, and then turn on us once elected. Tester did this. He’s a quisling, like the guy who commented just below you. But I’ll give you an example:

          Your “leaders” are “pro-labor.” In 2008, your wonderful party had control of the senate and the house and the presidency. It was a good time to do something for labor, and you had all the power and tools you needed. A bill had been prepared, the Employee Free Choice Act. Your f****** “leaders” did not even introduce the bill! I have seen shameless betrayal in my time, I’ve seen cowards slink behind curtains and have their dinners and honor themselves and clink their glasses. That’s your Mansfield Metcalf show. It’s obscenity.

          That’s just one issue, Gumbo. F***** fight for labor! I could go on and on, but I am deeply insulted now that you sit here and ask what specifically I want from you when I have told you exactly what I want from you, and which you are incapable of delivering: A spine. Grow one.

          By the way, Metcalf was a fighter. Mansfield … not so much.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 11, 2012 8:48 AM at 8:48 AM |

            Wow! Go easy on the Metamucil next time, Old Timer! I think you just OD’ed!

          • Mark, your pompous rants might carry more weight if A) you could answer a simple question, and/or B) get your facts straight. Gumbo asked clearly about Montana, it’s issues and policies. Showing once again the you don’t care about or even really understand this state, you ignored that query to rant based on your delusions.

            You might want to cut back on ‘basquing in that fire’. The heat is beginning to affect your brain. As has been pointed out, Jon Tester did not campaign as a liberal or a progressive. He campaigned as a Montana Democrat, and has shown quite a bit of fight from that stand point. I’m getting used to so-called progressives deluding themselves about elected officials. Markos actually thought that Tester would renege on his no amnesty claim, just because the Kos community wanted him to. Bob Brigham and David Sirota still hail Brian Schweitzer as a progressive hero, but seem strangely quiet when it comes to Schweitzer’s support of coal development and the Keystone pipeline.

            It remains terribly unclear what world you live in, quite possibly Headupassland, just as Larry suggests. You see, Mark, Democratic f****** leaders DID introduce the Employee Free Choice act, Rep George Miller in the House, and Harkin and Kennedy in the Senate. The bill passed the House, but couldn’t overcome McConell’s filibuster pledge in the Senate. The Senate ‘Democrats’ who wouldn’t support it are all gone now, save Nelson and he’s leaving. But since they’ve been replaced with republicans, I’m certain that EFCA will pass any day now …

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 11, 2012 8:48 AM at 8:48 AM |

          Marks not a liberal either though he keeps squeaking as such! So don’t believe a frigging word this nutcase says! He doesn’t give a flapjack about Montana, or the people within her borders…. would sell his mother for a gossip tidbit on Lefties here!

          • Content, Norma. Content.

            • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 11, 2012 9:08 AM at 9:08 AM |

              Mark Content is alot like respect! You gotta give good content to get good Content!

              • Read my blog sometime. If you ever go out in the real world, that is. It’s full of … content.

                • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 11, 2012 9:21 AM at 9:21 AM |

                  Mark, thats why I am here, instead of there……….I like sane people!

                  • Wow. Won’t leave here. Did not see that coming.

                  • Norma, its has been my fondest wish for years that Mark’s blog would get enough traffic so he’s be too busy to go else where but ……
                    he’s since here … so I gather traffic on his blog is slim to none still

                    • Oh, I know this blog gets a lot of traffic and mine does not. I’m long settled with that. I’ve been getting 200-300 hits a day ad infinatum, and maybe 20 actual reads (tops) out of those hits. That’s reality.

                      The Cowgirl people, whoever they are, are doing their job, but I’ll be damned if I can figure if they are wotrth what they are paid by the State Democratic Party. You gotta realize, blog traffic doesn’t mean squat in elections.

                      The numbers just don’t add up. All I can figure is that this is a roosting bed for party activists. Rank and file don’t come here, and the number of people they need to vote for them is astronomical compared to blog traffic.

                      It’s beyond me. Blogs do not matter!

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 11, 2012 9:04 PM at 9:04 PM |

                      Didja ever think that no one reads your blog ’cause you’re a boring imbecilic asshole, Buttinski? You see, Buttinski, you’re quick to judge others to be poor writers, but it’s YOU, dude, who is a shitty writer and can’t admit it! Sad, so sad. So you have to hang out here. Sad, so sad. It must kinda suck to be you.

                    • Where did I say that no one reads my blog? I know that you don’t, and I don’t want you to. I don’t allow CAPS.

                      All I said was that blogs don’t matter and that I’m OK with that, as “mattering” is not what I care about. I do agree that the country is run by smart people who rely on stupid people to support them.

                      That is reality. Knowing how things work is of no consequence if one is not willing to be one of the smart ones feasting on the stupid ones. I am not willing to do that, conscience and all of that shit. So I don’t matter.

                      I’m cool with that.

  4. Franke Wilmer Speech Cancelled! More info here:

    Normally Cowgirl is impeccably sourced, but this time she has it wrong. Party bosses have squashed all these extraneous speeches that help Democrats resolve primaries democratically.

    • Dude! Two posts in a year? That’s the best you can offer?

      Uhmm, if you bother to read the above, you will see that the MT Cowgirl only posited that the Dem Representative candidates “would probably” get a couple of minutes on stage. With 5 of them, that would be a scheduling nightmare. There need be no conspiracy theory here. The Montana Democratic Overlords are not likely squashing information, but rather scheduling a to-do.

      Still, you have me curious: precisely what credibility do you have in claiming this totalitarian scheduling fascist move by the MDO?

    • I don’t see an agenda for this on the internets anywhere, so I don’t know who is speaking. While it would be interesting to hear from the Congressional candidates, I can certainly understand that the speeches at these things can get overwhelmingly long. If someone can find an agenda and post it then we’ll know. Cheers.

    • clearly 406 has issues with franke…it says NONE of the congressional candidates will be allowed to speak, not just franke.

  5. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 10, 2012 2:04 PM at 2:04 PM |

    Not all of will us go, I cant make it because of some scheduling conflicts myself… but their will be other Gigs. We are having one down here in Dillon on April 18, and I will be there for my own function, and I also will be there in Butte as well.

    • What gig is that, Norma? I haven’t heard of one in the Dillon area. I didn’t attend the Republican dinner as my wife and I had other plans but I would like to get a look at the Democrat one if you can provide more info. I already know something about the two Republican candidates from this area (Barrett and Welborn). It would be nice to see something of the other candidates. Our local paper (and the daily gossip sheet) tend to focus more on the Republicans.

  6. Norma, the date is April 13, Jefferson’s 269th birthday. By the way, I just filed to run against Barrett. Early next week I’ll complete the paper work.

    I’m working on my platform now.

  7. Dennison: Senator Tester dragging Obama, Montana Dems to the center.

  8. Wish I could have been there

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 11, 2012 6:44 PM at 6:44 PM |

      It takes a big man to call a woman like Fluke a slut on his radio program. More specifically, a big fat draft-dodgin’ human piece of SHIT to hide behind his mic and call her names. Yes, he’s a big man. A big fat shit man!

      I would have a lot more respect for the human colliodial cyst of a man if that fat bag-o-shit bastard walked up the Fluke’s boyfriend and called her a slut and a prostitute. THEN, the fat bastard might learn a lesson ’bout callin’ a woman a slut.

      THIS is your new GOP! Where’s Fr. Craigorio Mooron to come to this pig’s defense?

      It’s all about intimidation. This fat bag-o-shit now knows that it will be much harder for an average woman to testify before congress. For you see, the fat bag-o-shit will spend the next three days calling her a slut and a prostitute, and demanding to see her sex tape!

      Welcome to the new GOP.

  9. Romney leading earth haters in Mississippi: Rasmussen.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 11, 2012 7:39 PM at 7:39 PM |

    The first review of the Book of Moron from the Daily Advertiser in Rochesterm, NY on April 2, 1830, shortly after being published.

    “The Book of Moron has been placed in our hands. A viler impostition has never been practiced. It is an evidence of fraud, blasphemy, and credulity, shocking to both Christians and moralists”.

    Yep. Pretty much sums it up. And Mittens to. THIS is the new GOP. Nucking futz, hoping all the while the entire country is too! Guess we’ll see.

  11. All in all this was kind of a boring night. Didn’t seem to have the usual pep. I mean I’m a fan of Jon Tester of course, but the rest of the evening was pretty blah. Perhaps I should have been drinking…

    • I thought it was an excellent M/M event, Paul S. I hadn’t been to M/M in awhile but I think I picked a good one. Yeah, the lines for food and drink, and the speeches, were a little long, but what do you expect at the Dems annual event, especially this year, which is huge electorally. The Dems have a lot at stake but also a lot of candidates with good chances of winning.

      Great turnout — over a thousand people. I haven’t felt this sort of enthusiasm since B. Obama and H. Clinton spoke in 2008.

      And Max has enrolled in Toastmasters — I actually stayed in my chair for his entire speech. Glad the congressional candidates didn’t speak: how many do we have now, six, seven, eight?

      It took me a bit to warm to Begala (he being a Texan and all) but I once I did, I found him to be funny, sharp, enthusiastic, and he had a good grasp of Montana politics. Overall, an excellent speaker for this M/M dinner.

  12. Gingrich leading earth/woman haters in Alabama: PPP.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 12, 2012 9:23 AM at 9:23 AM |

      Inbreeding+homeskuuling+fundiwackmentalism= ALABAMA…..and Mississippi! How do you run a candidate that appeals to morons AND good government? THAT is the question!

      “Finally there’s considerable skepticism about evolution among GOP voters in both Alabama and Mississippi. In Alabama only 26% of voters believe in it, while 60% do not. In Mississippi just 22% believe in it, while 66% do not. Romney wins the ‘voters who believe in evolution’ vote (33-27 over Gingrich in Alabama, 38-32 over Gingrich in Mississippi.) Santorum wins the ‘voters who don’t believe in evolution’ vote (34-33 over Gingrich in both Alabama and Mississippi with Romney at 26%)”

      We don’t NEED no stinkin’ edyooKAYshun! We done got CEEment JAYsus! And that’s all’s we need!

  13. Yet another disconnect for the Santorum wing: “…one in three Native women will be raped in her lifetime, according to the Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center. But in many Native communities, women have little to no access to emergency contraception…”

    The Catholic Church monopolizes so much access to health care as to be suspected under RICO statutes.

    Religious freedom or Christofascism?

  14. I think you kinda answered your own question, and it ain’t the former …

  15. Breaking: Romney has people wiping cheesy grits off rear-view mirror.

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