A Subsidy Binge Backfires

Bruce Tutvedt, Montana GOP legislatorChuck Baldwin dropped out of the Governor’s race. But the end-times conspiracy theorist pastor isn’t done meddling in Montana politics. Baldwin is a TEA Partier who recently moved from Florida to Montana because he thinks it is “The Alamo of the twenty-first century.”

Now, Baldwin and his fellow TEA Partiers are after legislative seats–including the one currently occupied by Republican Party leader Bruce Tutvedt.  Tutvedt went around shrieking about government handouts while raking in $640,000 in farm subsidies,  so it’s not surprising that the TEA Party is going after him.

Baldwin calls Tutvedt a “neanderthal” among other things.  As the Flathead Memo reports, Baldwin’s been pumping up Tutvedt’s opponent. Pyramid scheme marketer Rollan Roberts II, a member Baldwin’s congregation, is now primarying Tutvedt.

Perhaps one reason Baldwin is getting so excited about Rollan Roberts II’s race is that, well, he has to be.  After all, Rollan Roberts II stepped aside and filed in a different district so that Baldwin’s own son, Tim Baldwin, could run in the open Whitefish house seat vacated by Derek Skees.

The Baldwinites had previously made a big charge at the Flathead Valley Community College board with a slate of TEA Party candidates–including Baldwin Junior–and got their asses handed to them.


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  1. Government does nothing well but take more of your money. It’s even bad at that. Opposing fresh meat is that last thing this state needs.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 13, 2012 7:14 AM at 7:14 AM |

      HEY, you got THAT right, Drildo! BTW, did Roilin’ Rawburps give you the meat? Must have. Or was it Pastord Bulbdim?

  2. thanks. will update.

  3. Is it just me, or is Chuck Baldwin over-emphasizing how “straight” Rollan Roberts II is:


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 9:15 AM at 9:15 AM |

      He’s STRAIGHT I tell ya! STRAIGHT! STRAIGHT! STRAIGHT! Straight as his rifle! And what is his favorite rifle?
      Easy answer!

      He LUVS him his 7.65(inch) Mannlicker rifle! Yes sir! Never was their a finer piece! His Mannlicker is his fave! He LUVS the way it feels in his hands! It’s long, and straight, and smoothe, and firm, and straight and HARD! Nuthin’ like a hard Mannlicker in his hands! Yippers!

      Sometimes, when he’s feelin’ a bit lonesome, he pulls OUT his Mannlicker and simply fondles it! And sometimes, if he fondles it enough, it even shoots! WOW! What a thrill THAT is! When he’s got a buddy’s Mannlicker in his hands and it suddenly shoots!

      Or better yet, when he’s fondlin’ a close FRIEND’S Mannlicker and the darn thing goes off accidentally! You see, Roilin’ Rawburps even has gun parties and peoples’ houses! Oh what fun! The dudes all get in a circle and play with each others guns until they shoot! Wow! That Pastor Rawburps sure knows how to care for his flock of flockers! And he’s an EXPERT on Mannlickers too!

      HEY, if that ain’t straight, I don’t know what is!

      p.s. I’ll lay you money that Bulbdim’s favorite gun is a Mannlicker too!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 9:21 AM at 9:21 AM |

        Morons. They’re just so much fun! Thank you Pastors Rawburps and Bulbdim for coming to Montana. You dudes are SERIOUS humor fodder, dudes! I’m thinkin’ that God sent you morons here for a reason. We NEEDED some good laffs here in Montana, and you’re it! Thanks again, dudes!


        Alamo much?

      • Wow, Larry, you seem to have a lot of inside information about those Mannlicker guns.

  4. Is this a picture of Chuck? I didnt realize he was such a goofy looking bagger. Or is that Timmy?

  5. What makes extremists like Chucky even scarier is that they always attack anybody, even their own, when someone does not genuflect to their will. Old Blady is now firing his cannon at the more sane wing of the Flathead delegation…and, now big bucks Ray Thompson (Semitool), and, I hear, even bigger bucks Bozeman’s Greg Gianforte (Right Now technology), are funding this attack on Tutvedt plus anyone else that resists their plan to subvert all schools..…, free will and free thought is something that the wealthy Republican elite just can’t take… Checkout comments at:
    It seems Tutvedt is being flogged cause he was not fully obedient to Big Dog Ray…: Shame on you Tut, you should have just let Ray build a school in his own image, takeover complete control of what is taught to our kids, get a tax credit to cover everything he owes on his millions….
    The he would have given you a little love..…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 25, 2012 5:20 PM at 5:20 PM |

      Wow! ALL outta staters! The serious christofascists and run of the mill nazis are coming after Montana in a big way! They seem to think that they can bully, buy, and bluster their way into power here. Will it work? I dunno. It might. But it sure will be a show! Hell, ten years from now we might all be carrying spears, livin’ in our own country of Baldwinawanaland, and bannin’ any darkskinned immigrants! Lord’a mercy but we’re in for some fun! Hope the Pubbie establishment knows what it’s doin’!

  6. Yep, its “Lord of the Flies” all over again, true savagery…except..Big Ray T isn’t hunting wild pig, he is hunting old Tutvedt.. only he isn’t man enough to carry his own spear…preferring to enlist Chuckie B and his man servant to do the dirty deed… sadly it is Montana students that may end up getting speared if he pulls it off… Can’t believe the Repubs can’t see who is the king maker here…

  7. Our small population and lack of great wealth provide ideal conditions for these out of state hucksters. When ‘white racialist’ Chuckie Baldwin shops for candidates, the price is low. Unfortunately for Chuck, he’s getting what he payed for with ol’ Rollan.

  8. Wow..was reading on Chuckie website… The man is more cultist than preacher.. Likes to spew out big words..Patriot..Constitution. Lots a noise, and it seems Rolland is a screamer himself… Tut seems quite normal when compared to this true believe. Ray Thompson must be desperate for help.

  9. Yes, it looks like ol’ Ray might have purchased more than he bargained for at the discount warehouse for washed up racialist fundamentalists. The almighty wasn’t looking after him when he selected Rollan. I almost pity those poor folks in the Flathead. What has their idyllic world become? Hell, you go to bed one night in paradise and you wake up the next morning five decades removed and in Birmingham, Alabama!

  10. Let’s see, we have a ‘constitutionalist’ who professes to believe it is alright to deny human beings the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; based soley on skin color? And then, Dr. Baldwin sees fit to extend the very same constitution with a very stale, antebellum thesis defending slavery while masking the argument in the veil of state’s rights. And finally, he pretends to be the defender of all things holy and moral. A veritable trifecta of tripe! How do these idiots live with themselves?

  11. Now-now, Chuckie came to Montana seeking salvation for all of us… I quote,” So, living or dying, we intend to circle the wagons around the State of Montana and fight to our dying breath for the right of that State to live free!” It seems that Chuckie’s plan to save this “last best place” is simple..just eradicate any of the “last best people” who disagree with their self anointed savior. Sorry Tutvedt, you wack job score was not high enough, so you gotta go—Just got to kill ya to save ya!

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