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The Mitt Romney campaign isn’t saying how it feels about being endorsed by the least popular Governor in Montana history. Republican Judy Martz basically said it was okay to let your husband beat you and had an approval rating under 20 percent.

I can’t name one person who would say, “I’m a Judy Martz Republican.”     Here’s what Martz had to say about Romney in the Flathead Beacon:

“Governor Romney, as a former chief executive, has the experience, vision and values to lead our country,” Martz said. “His proven record of turning around companies and the state of Massachusetts, not to mention his success with the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, demonstrates that he has the strong leadership abilities to turn around our country. He is the one Republican candidate that can bring the conservative principles of lower taxes, restrained spending and smaller government to Washington.”


Political Podcast

Kevin Hamm is putting out a new political podcast, which could be Montana’s first.  If you’re not listening to PoliticktickBOOM, do it now.  Hamm says “it’s not about him,” and he’s had some great guests. But the best part of the podcasts is–hands down–Hamm’s own commentary and hilarious descriptions of political personalities and events.  He’s also got great tips on how to use (and how not to use) technology in campaigns.   I’m a fan, and I’m very excited to see how these evolve.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 12, 2012 7:37 PM at 7:37 PM |

    Who is a better leader than Jesus? Better yet, SUPPLYside Jesus?


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