Dennis Rehberg Turns to Toe-Sucking Montana-phobe for Help

I’m not the kind of girl who usually gets those long, typewriter-looking letters that beg for campaign contributions.  But I’m always happy when tipsters forward them to me.

The latest comes “from the desk of… Dick Morris” in support of Congressman Dennis Rehberg. Yes, that Dick Morris.  The same Bill Clinton confidante turned conservative commentator who resigned in scandal after he got caught in a “toe-sucking relationship” with a prostitute.  Yes, this prostitute.

“Denny has more than earned my support,” Morris tells us in his letter (here), adding that “with your help, he will make us all proud.”

That’s a pretty low bar you got there, Dick.

Morris also calls Montana’s U.S. Senate race “the #1 pick up opportunity for conservatives.”

This, from a guy who doesn’t think too highly Montana conservatives.  In fact, he made fun of them a while back on Fox News, telling Neil Cavuto (at 2:39):

“Those crazies in Montana who say, ‘We’re going to kill ATF agents because the U.N.’s going to take over’ — well, they’re beginning to have a case.”

First, it was fundraiser with failed defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  Now Dennis Rehberg is turning to a toe-sucking Montana-phobe from Washington for help?  This seems like another slam dunk opportunity for Jon Tester’s campaign.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 13, 2012 9:28 AM at 9:28 AM |

    Well, we can deduce that Dopey’s got the TOE SUCKER vote wrapped up! bwahhahahaa!

    Luv it. Toe suckers of Montana for Reeburp!

    I want one of them bumper stickers for MY truck too!

  2. Senator Tester is hosting discussion on pending farm bill: GFT.

    Rehberg hosting earth haters: GFP.

  3. Perhaps Tester would like to explain why the Farm Bill helps Monsanto and cuts food stamps for low income kids and seniors!! What a joke.

  4. Paying for farm subsidies for Tutvedt and Monsanto on te backs of the poor is idiotic. Where are all the Tester and Baucus cheerleaders to defen this crap? Jon should e ashamed of himself.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 13, 2012 12:52 PM at 12:52 PM |

      Jon is a Organic farmer who doesn’t believe in Monsanto, Carl. Even though his vote is with you and he is the only farmer in all of the two houses, he is only one man, and even if all the Democrats have his back and vote against the farm subsidies… all the GOP senate has to do is threaten to fillabuster the bill which they have already, and then you need 3/4 of the senate or 61 votes. So it isn’t Jon’s fault. He can’t just wave a magic wand and make everything all right! Government doesn’t work that way!

  5. Toes before hoes

  6. Alleged war criminal Dick Cheney deems Canada visit “too dangerous.”

  7. The focus here on sexual peccadillos here is weird. But I suppose issueless politics requires appeals to base instincts, and in the US, repressed sexuality is a big one. We never got over the Victorian age.

    So yes, we should vote for Tester now because a man who endorses Rehberg has a toe fetish. But you do know, any of you have at least been round the block a time or two, that most people have odd little twists about them, even Democrats.

    It used to be said that Democrats should at least draw their shades at night, while Republicans had no need to. Has the Party of Clinton now become the party of prudes?

  8. Despite the claims of the delusional, this isn’t about teh sexy time. It is about an endorsement from a man who has the audacity to claim:

    I can tell you firsthand that when it comes to standing up for the core conservative values that you and I believe in, Denny is second to none.

    This, after he converted to conservatism because he got caught cavorting with a high-priced prostitute who tells that he betrayed Presidential confidence. Those are some “core conservative values”, alright. If, as Morris claims, Dennis shares these good conservative values, it would be best if Rheberg not get anywhere near the Senate.

    Notice, please, that the conservatives in these comments wouldn’t touch the Morris endorsement with a ten foot pole. They charged right into specious attacks on Tester. No, it took a self-professed liberal to defend Morris’ hypocrisy by blaming the rest of us for noticing it.

    • Or am I perhaps being too “nuanced” here?

      • No. You’re just being a good Democrat, thinking good Democratic thoughts about Democratic candidates, and bad thoughts about Republicans, as good Democrats do. You’re not programmed for anything else.

        Explaining nuance to a person who does not get nuance is like explaining music to a deaf person.

        • Despite what you think you learned from your poor understanding of Chomsky, “nuance” is not creating your own fantastical explanations for things that are extremely obvious, Tokarski. You are a Republicant tool, and I thank you for your response which shows that clearly. I’d be happy to refer to whatever goes on in your deluded head as Rube Goldberg Reasoning, except that Goldberg’s enjoyable and extravagant wastes of time and energy actually end in a desired result. Yours never seem to. Too bad.

        • And for the record, Helen Keller learned to play the piano, Mark. It’s a damned fine thing that she didn’t rely on you to “explain” it to her.

        • Helen Keller played the piano? Good grief, you moron! It was simile, a bit of a metaphor, and not meant to be taken literally, but because you cannot grasp nuance, subtext, and are obtuse you thought it was meant to be taken literally!!!

          I rest my case, and will be laughing for the rest of the evening about this.

          • You’d best do your research, pal. Helen Keller did learn to play what was music to her. She even ‘wrote’ (dictated) of what music meant to her. I repeat. It’s a damned fine thing that she didn’t rely on you to explain it to her.

            • You”re getting even funnier. Of course she did. You don’t see how you are dealing with words only on the surface. I’m peeing my pants laughing!!

            • Good night “Wulfgar.” I thank you for this evening. Never have I felt so validated. You are no longer “Rod,” 70’s porn star. You are now “Wulfgar”, 20th Century empty hat.

  9. I have a plan to get Rehberg off the ballot for the November election, I call it Operation Sabotage. It involves this voting in the Republican primary in June for Rehbergs opponent Dennis Teske from Terry. Im going to do this in hopes that Rehberg will lose the June primary and be done in Montana politics. I ask you to join me.

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