An Inside Look at Republican Thoughts about Schools

“Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.” ― Shakespeare, Richard III

Perennial GOP letter writer and school board candidate Barbara Rush recently treated  Montanans to an inside look into the thinking of Republicans who want to run Montana schools.

Rush rails against the high school DECA (a club for emerging leaders) for doing community service instead of teaching kids to be more capitalist. Then she tells us that the word “community” makes her sick and that she really doesn’t think that she is part of the Helena community at all:

Here’s where it gets really CREEPY,did you know we live in a COMMUNITY? Yes, it’s a STRONG COMMUNITY, AS A COMMUNITY WE…, WE HAVE COMMUNITY AWARENESS, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, WE HAVE A STRONG COMMUNITY, THE COMMUNITY IS AWARE, OUR COMMUNITY…., we all must be involved in COMMUNITY SERVICE, THE COMMUNITY… If the trustees said COMMUNITY one more time I was ready to throw up. I don’t know about you, but I live in a city…I am not part of any COMMUNITY and I have no intention of having anyone manipulate me or coerce me to belong to any COMMUNITY…Do the socialist pretenders think they can manipulate American’s into giving up their strong individual identity to become a part of some NAMBY PAMBY COMMUNITY ? DO  THEY THINK THEY CAN FORCE OR MANIPULATE THE “MASSES” INTO ASSOCIATIONS?

Next, we are treated to Rush’s conspiracy theories on a hodge podge of issues.  The fall of Europe, is one.  Rush falsely claims that the Governor’s health clinics would kill her husband by not allowing him to go to his doctor (the clinics are optional).  She rants about not wanting to support kids who are gay, and concludes with conspiracy theories about allergies, the Americans with Disabilities Act, dress codes, nudists, and school funding losses.

She finally ends it by asking, “ANYBODY READY TO TAKE AMERICA BACK YET??” in all caps. Isn’t that the slogan of the Baldwinites up yonder by the Idaho boarder on the hate watch groups’ lists?


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  1. I don’t want anyone that crazy in my community! I want them far away from me and mine.

  2. How much Money has the American Legislative Exchange Council given her and other Candidates in Montana this year?


  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 9:06 AM at 9:06 AM |

    IT TAKES AN AYNUS to raise a child! And Babs Rush Limpaugh is an AYNUS allright! A BIG one! She’s Montana’s own Aynus Rant! Yesiree Bob! She don’t want no communisticMUNITY in HER schools! No siree! Sure, she’s wacko as the day is long! But she’s what the new Pubbie Party is all about! You see, it’s simple. If we’d all just find JAYsus, and read our Bibles and Aynus Rant’s Asses Plugged, we’d FIX what’s wrong with Murca! And we’d save on textbooks too! Just the Bible and Asses Plugged! That’s it! Thas all the book larnin’ little ones need! Works Babs Rush Limpaugh!

    You see, it’s just so simple. If we just stop F*CKING, we’d stop F*CKING UP Murca! Liberals are F*CKING TOO much! When they get the urge, they should do what Babs does. She reads her Bible and Asses Plugged until the urge passes! She don’t NEED no aspirin!

  4. That whacko lives in my neighborhood, unfortunately.

    Her husband Jon is even more crazy. He once wrote a letter to the editor and said to the effect, that in the upperwest side of Helena, there is an unwritten rule that vehicles going up and downhill have the right-of-way at an intersection with no stop signs. No, Jon, the vehicle ON THE RIGHT has the right-of-way. That’s why they call it “right-of-way”.

  5. Holy F-nuts! Obviously a joke upon a joke…and hilarious that people actually listen/read this with an honest face and take it seriously. Don’t you think someone who claimed to be getting us back to a real educational base should be able to communicate and write better?

  6. Caps? Who ever writes in caps?

  7. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 14, 2012 2:24 PM at 2:24 PM |

    I have met a few women like that almost all my life! My opinion is they are dangerous to your lifestyle no matter who you are if you disagree with them at some conversational, and Opinionated juncture! I’ll have to tell you a couple of stories about women like that, over a cup of Joe sometime.

    All women of conscience could tell you stories of nut cases, like this…

    One description would be That’s they are a female Mark Tokarski…but they mean it.

  8. She could really run and be elected,,just look at the last crop we got, and now Skees is running for Auditor..

    • She made a run at our local school board last election. Didn’t make it. I suspect she’d have better luck in Ronan.

      • Jennifer Davies | March 15, 2012 6:32 AM at 6:32 AM |

        I was going to suggest Darby or Noxon, but then I felt bad for the people of those towns, and decided not to wish it on them : )

  9. Any relation to the rest of the crazy Bush Republican Clan?

  10. I’m curious. When did Europe become one legal entity? When did the Socialist leadership supplant the Queen? Does the German Prime Minister answer to the people of Luxemburg?

  11. For the record, the great “horse special interest” conspiracy was my favorite part.

  12. I am shocked that miniature ponies have been threatening our democracy for so long but no one had the courage to speak up until Barbara. We must nominate her for some kind of prize.

  13. Uhmm, Babs? You might want to pay attention to your betters. They had something to say about education and community as well.

    Man is by nature a social animal.

  14. Granted Babs is off the charts but
    from George Lakoff,

    Babs could make a Derek Skeesor Wendy Warburton type candidate look sane enough to get elected

  15. I hate to say this friends but Barbara Rush is the new normal for the Montana GOP. This is today’s Republican party folks. The days of the moderate are no more. If moderates exist, they are a minority that is pushed into the background.

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 10:52 PM at 10:52 PM |

    And on a personal note to Babs Rush Blimpaugh, I offer my sympathy. I see that your hubby’s got a bad ticker and needs surgery.

    “My husband goes to Missouri for heart surgery, if he had to stay here he’d be dead.”

    I would like to offer my deepest condolences and ask just one question if I may. Being the good Anyus Rantian ignernt asshole that you are, why didn’t you just tell the fat bastard to sahove AN ASPIRIN UP HIS FAT ASS?!

    Yes, it seems cruel, Babsie, but THAS the way we USED to do it in the ol’ days! Thas right? Have the fatassed lardassed bastard bend over and shove an aspirin where the SUN don’t shine!

    For you see, Ms. Rush Blimpaugh, I really don’t think that WE in the community should be payin’ for the moron’s SURGERY! Do you? If so, WHY??? If aspirin is good enough for BIRTH control, why not for a puke that should be DEAD?

    I don’t get it. A good Anyus Rantian like YOU should unnerstand that we in the community don’t WANT to pay for his surgery!

    BTW, ms. rush limpaugh, aren’t YOU one of the same inbreds who thinks we shouldn’t teach children about good nutrition in the schools??? And the benefits of regular exercise??? And how to stay healthy??? My my I must say that you are a piece of WORK, woman! I suggest you go back and re-read Asses Plugged! An aspirin up the ol’ POOP shoot is ALL that’s called for in a situation like this, NOT that WE pay when it’s YOUR lardbutted hubby’s ass on the line!

    You, mam, are a phony baloney IDIOT!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 10:55 PM at 10:55 PM |

      p.s. Babsy, maybe you could enlighten us as to just WHO is gonna pay for clogged artery boy’s surgery! Are YOU gonna pony up all that dough outta’ pocket? I’m sure you are, right! WRONG! Why should OTHERS pay FOR him, ms. aynus rant bible thumpin’ moron? It’s called SOCIALISM you dimwit when others have to pay for some reetard who doesn’t take care of his health!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 15, 2012 7:52 PM at 7:52 PM |

        Was I too harsh? I think not. I think that I simply Galted one outta the park with Babs’ OWN logic! I think that she really should re-read her Aynus Rant before lecturing others on medical care. For you see, I don’t remember ANYwhere in Asses Plugged that the weak-hearted deserve anything but scorn! Dopey Reeburp knows. Remember what he said about aids? “You get sick and you die. So, why spend money on it”?

        You see, Babs, your tub-o-shit hubby got sick. Now it’s time to go bye bye. HEY, I didn’t write the book. Aynus Rant did! I’m just agreeing with it. ‘Sides, we all gotta go sometime ANYway! Right? It’s best when the weak (or weak-hearted) simply leave without too much fuss. It’s the Galtian way!

  17. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 11:16 PM at 11:16 PM |

    How bout teachin’ the younguns some HISTORY, ms. aynus rant, instead of your bullshit??

  18. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 11:19 PM at 11:19 PM |

    Yes, they are all assholes, my friends.

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 14, 2012 11:33 PM at 11:33 PM |

    Might I suggest Jakarta, ms. aynus rant? They have no community at’all! You’d love it there.

  20. I know it doesn’t fit your Democratic talking points, but let’s be honest. These people aren’t Republicans, they’re just nuts attempting to hijack the party. They’re still a minority and after the 2012 election, they’re likely to go back to hiding from the black helicopters in their tinfoil hats.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 15, 2012 6:12 AM at 6:12 AM |

      Bullshit much? Where HAVE you been? THIS is the new Pubbie Party. Name five Republican legislators in the las session.

      • I agree, Larry, TEA Partiers hold the majority of GOP held elected positions in Montana.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 15, 2012 7:11 AM at 7:11 AM |

          The wackos have controlled the Pubbie party in Montana for a long time. This is nothing new. Hell, most Republicans my age left the party looong ago. Now, we have all the outta state transplants like birter bob and gen. rober e. skees running the freak show.

  21. Here is what I really don’t get. Do the Republicans (State or National) think that this war on Education, War on Women and General Social Conservatism are winning issues to campaign on? The numbers prove that an education leads to a higher standard of living and quality of life. More than half of the registered voters are women and more than 70% of the voters when polled have expressed a level of discomfort with the Social Conservative platform. Are there people too stupid to know that?

    In my 50 years in this country, I have never really felt uncomfortable with living here. Sadly this hard move to the right over the last ten years really has me concerned. The freedoms I supposedly protected when I was a serviceman seem to be under attack by the very people we elected to represent us. Something has to give. If we do NOT want our freedoms attacked, we – as voters – need to step up and put a stop to it. I am a conservative but I will probably be voting a Democratic ticket because the so-called “Conservative” party scares me at this point.

    • Curious, as a service man, did you ever protect us from any actual enemies? I look around and don’t see any, but see American soldiers ‘protecting’ us in 100 countries. Perhaps our integral rightward shift, which Democrats are driving with great force right now, is connected to our extreme right foreign policy, with which you apparently participated. Appears you are part of the problem in that you lack awareness of your own level of complicity.

      • This statement A)confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did not ever serve in uniform and B)again confirms you are an idiot. Leave your conspiracy theories at home, Mark. They show your moronic nature.

      • I have been quietly been reading this tediously dull, GOP BS Artist, for some time. My Conclusion is: Mark Buttarski is no American. He no longer hails from Montana he chose to be somewhere else.

        He chose to leave and live with the lizard bellied stupidity of Jan Brewster in Arizona. That state seceded from the Intelligent reasoning,the rest of this country has, long time ago. Mark must be their new village Idiot!

        At least he sounds like his job description is that of a village Idiot. Or maybe a rapid hound of pervasive quackery, paid from the right to be a troll?

        • You’re out of line: Mark is many things, stupid isn’t one of them. He speaks for too many to be be ignored.

          • No, Larry, Monty is correct. Mark is stupid – no matter how many he speaks for (an assertion he has yet to back up, BTW). Ignorant is not knowing any better. Stupid is knowing better and continuing anyway. Mark is the king of stupid.

            • The West is broken, Ken. Sometimes we need to have our cages rattled before we self-immolate as a species.

              Mr. Tokarski’s explosive vest is only virtual: summer is coming early.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 15, 2012 5:28 PM at 5:28 PM |

                LK, Buttinski THINKS that HE alone possesses special secret knowledge that no one else is aware of. Strip away his special knowledge shtick, and the poor pathetic asshole don’t have SHIT shtick! And that scares the freakin’ HELL outta the moron! Then he loses his false air of superiority and becomes simply another dumbass loser. And he can’t STAND the thought of that! But he outs himself ever time he writes! He attempts to cover his trail with bluster.

                I think that Moorcat touches on this when he describes some of his military experiences. You see, Buttinski has had NO similar life experiences! The dude’s a freakin’ CPA ferchrissakes! And last time I checked, they DON’T give out purple hearts for PAPER cuts!

                LK, you are right. Buttinski is not an idiot, just a socialy, life experienced retarded LOSER! And it shows.

              • Larry Kurtz, I mean no offense, but if you are going to use my brother’s given name, then please … It is Kenneth, not Ken. Yes, I still slip up sometimes too.

      • Mark, have you ever heard a ship die? After the initial explosion, you can plainly hear water rushing into the hull of the ship. You also distinctly hear all the secondary explosions from inside the hull. As water overcomes the ship’s ability to stay afloat, you can hear the keel of the ship groaning as it is subjected to unimaginable forces. Most of the time, the keel fractures if the damage to the ship is at one end.

        As the ship sinks, you can still hear water floading the compartments as air escapes to the surface. As the depth increases, you start to hear smaller explosions – not caused by explosive, but by air as it is compressed to the point of deisal ignition. Bulkheads and watertight doors fail as the depth exceeds their structural integrity and more deisal explosions occur.

        And during the entire time this is going on, you sit at your watchstation quietly praying to whatever diety you hold holy – giving thanks that it was the bad guys, not you that are headed to the bottom.

        Next time you want to flap your silly lips about things you don’t understand, just don’t. Or better yet – next time get off that fat, useless behind of yours and do something constructive.

        • And the saddest part about the whole thing was that those men had to die because a little pissant leader of a little pissant country thought that he could dictate to the United States of America how we would do things.

          In your delusion, never forget that there are people in the world that would like nothing better than to see the United States of America in smoking ruins. It is no different today than it was when I served in the Military. While I may not agree with the idea that United States has become the world’s policemen, I still STRONGLY support the need for a strong, well maintained, disiplined military, because despite your ramblings to the contrary, there are still real enemies out there that would love to remove you and everyone else from this planet just because you are American.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 15, 2012 2:05 PM at 2:05 PM |

            There is nothing wrong with being a world community leader also. The idea here, is if you have all the military marbles at you disposal… use them correctly. Don’t invade countries with a lie like Bush did, and go it alone. Shared sacrifice is always a better way! We don’t have to be the policeman everyday, we are also very good at being a teacher, and a shoulder to lean on during environmental or weather related disaster in the world!

            • Nor did I say otherwise. I simply will not tolerate an idiot like Mark spouting his anti-military crap without challenge. He sits comfortably in his padded chair behind his desk spewing his hate and discontent at the world and when he targets those of us that have actually laid it on the line so that he can do so in freedom and comfort, he makes himself an enemy of everything we stand for.

              Up to this point, I have just felt sorry for that sad sack of crap. Now I am actively angry. He is the symptom of the problem today with American Society. He does nothing but bitch, complain, destroy and laugh at the people that work their butts off trying make things better. He is worse than a troll, worse than a modern “Republican”. He is a virus that desperately needs to be cured. It is no wonder he is constantly banned from most sites he comments at.

              • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | March 15, 2012 5:40 PM at 5:40 PM |

                I Totally Agree with you Moorcat! I think he needs to follow that old adage “Shut up, sit down, and hold on.” Mark cannot contribute to a common cause, cuz he has none, but that doesn’t mean he can stand in our way!

        • I didn’t ask, nor do I give a shit what you did. I said as I look around, I don’t see any enemies. We make enemies all right, we search for enemies, but do not have natural enemies. We were never threatened by any Vietnamese, Panamanian Serb, Irawi, Somalian, Iranian … We attacked them. 9/11, if it happened as they say it did, was blowback.

          So I can do without your ‘protection’ scheme. You want to go risk your life chasing hobgoblins, fine. But don’t say you are protecting me. It insults my intelligence. I don’t need your protection. Other countries need to be protected from you

          • As usual, when cornered, you fall back on the same old (lying) tripe. Fact is, asshole, you did ask –

            “Curious, as a service man, did you ever protect us from any actual enemies?”

            I answered. You couldn’t deal with the answer so you continue down your perverted, self serving BS. You can’t do “without protection” and you damn well know it. Think you can? Then move your delusional misguided ass out of this country. Find somewhere else to live so you can get away for me “protection scheme”.

            And while we are at it… You like to brag about the company here in Montana that you hold “primary interest” in. I wonder how many of your clients are veterans? How many of them know how little you hold thier service in regard? I wonder what they would think of thier service in your “protection scheme”?

            • No, you did not mention an actual enemy. You probably attacked someone.

              Oh god,I just realized, here we go again, it’s Helen Keller time. You’re tripping over the meaning of words. You K

              “Enemy” would be some entity that threatens our shores, safety or freedom. You are saying that if we attack someone, our cause is just. Right?

              • For your information, Mark, it was someone that was “threating” many American’s safety. A military vessel does not just fire on someone on a whim. The fact that you think that just shows your complete disconnect from reality.

                I do find it interesting that you are trying to drum up hits on your website by continually posting links to it, though. You are truly the sad sack peice of crap that we all have come to know and pity.

            • I meant to type “You Kailey’s are so dense,” but stumbled and posted the sentence ending in K.

    • I agree, this trashing of Women and the Poor….

      As an Independent woman, I can’t bring myself to vote Republican any more

  22. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 15, 2012 7:19 AM at 7:19 AM |

    I’m still waiting to hear if Babs has shoved that ASPIRIN up her hubby’s fat ass yet! THAT’S the only health care a moron is entitled to! Right up the ol’ pooper, Babs! Maybe it’ll work, right? ‘Bout as well as for BIRTH control! And hell, even if it DON’T work, it’ll give the ol’ boy a thrill! OOPS! I forgot. Sex is ONLY for procreation! bwhahahahahahaa! Guess the ol’ boy’s outta luck!

    The women of America need to send these nazis PACKING! Hell, we ain’t ALL Mormons yet! Are we????

  23. Backwoods Monty | March 15, 2012 1:45 PM at 1:45 PM |

    Well lets go, through some of Marks reasoning shall we: First of all his trashing of veterans on this blog, is akin to the ramblings of a facist. Probably Most of his reasoning is that of a facist!

    Nobody of any Import here seems to likes him. So how does he speak for many?

    What Mark does, is argues with many! He never says anything memorable and enlighting, flinging only flawed subcutaneous insults (meaning: he tries to get under the skin of people and make them mad using no facts whatsoever). Mark isn’t even as intelligent as a troll, more like some mindless Orc or their allied Wargs.

    Tools like Mark do not quote fact, they only carry whatever message they are ordered too!

    I had to stop reading Cowgirls blog, as my daily curiosity. I had to finally jump in and say something to counter Mark’s Obvious twisting of the facts.

    Larry, you usually have more intelligence in your little finger then Buttarski could gleen from others, by keeping his trap shut for a year, and listening! Don’t stand up for this ORC who is trying to screw the general Montana public from hearing Individuals who make sense for Montana.

    Slap him down, like the delusional fictional condition he has become!

    Don’t side with a dick!

  24. Since many here remain convinced that Tokarski believes himself to be a separate critter from the rest of us, I repeat the words of Aristotle:

    “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god. ”

    I’m certain that no one here thinks Tokarski a God, so the syllogism leaves only …

    I agree with Lynn. And just for the ongoing record, I’m waiting for the other “Backwoods Monty” shoe to drop. It could be many things. I’ll be all attentive when it happens.

    • BM sure sounds like you. Your Aristotle reference is as shallow as you, since none of us exists outside society. That does not mean, however, that we must dumb ourselves down to your level, which is what you are advocating by respecting the group you belong to.

      I post here because Democrats are the problem. Your party is carrying forward with the Bush agenda, and you can’t see it because you are blinded by party labels. All you seem to care about is group membership as validation, and winning elections.

      If we had many parties, you could be ignored. Since we are only allowed two, and you are supposedly the more progressive of the two (that’s questionable), you owe us a duty of vetting your candidates and holding them accountable. You do neither. All you care about is winning elections. Issues are only rarely discussed here.

      Got it? I say things you need to here. If it makes you mad, it is your conscience speaking to you. Or, cognitive dissonance. People in CD are often angry.

      • The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge. – Stephen Hawking

        This is what you polish on about, and preach daily too Mr Buttarski, Illusion. Your’s isn’t a process of thorough examination, with a end product, discovered by you, that helps along the discourse — or even the plans of a device that saves lives and money among Montanans?

        Why should anyone listen to you so — when it is an illusion of knowledge only. Your stealing of another’s Copious written reports, or your psychotic remembrances of your favorite authors passages — This doesn’t prove your intelligence, this only proves you were smart enough to read. New studies prove chimps can read also, Mr Buttarki… when taught correctly.

        So what have you offered? What is it that you wish to say a new, that we should allow you to stand on a soap box, so you can be heads above the crowd, to continue to speak the same dribble of arrogance about other people, who disagree with you?

        “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. – “Deep Thoughts”, by Jack Handy

        P.S. I Don’t know either of the Kaileys, but they make far more sense then you.

        • That sounds like a compilation of random thoughts tossed together like a salad. The writing is choppy and odd. You know the Kailey’s. Why else a gratuitous denial? Perhaps you are a Kailey.

          Am I a product of reading? Yes. We are all a product of external inputs though most Americans do not read. Do I repeat things first said by others? Yes. Original thought are rare, first-hand knowledge is usually impossible. I am not an intellectual, do not claim to be. I am what you see and read.

          So we are left to gather our impressions from others, and it is a game of who do you trust. Over the years I’ve found there are people with good track records and good moral character. I read them, admire their insight, cite them and credit them. They are many, and none here would recognize their names, not because they are obscure, but because they are not in the American mainstream.

          It’s also a game of who do you NOT trust. I have learned that the American news media is dishonest and co-opted by ownership by wealth. So I go elsewhere for news. Spokesmen for the government usually lie. Obama lies every day. It’s hard to spot a good person, but they are out there. Your Schweitzer is a good man, smart and clever as I view him. Most of your candidates are slouches, many (most) have right wing agendas and run as Democrats because you and your flock are so credulous.

          I have formed, over time, a world view. When wrong, as in trusting the moral character of Obama in 2008, I alter that view. But it”s hard, generally, for us to admit error. Few ever do, which is why minds rarely change. But that does not justify going with the flow. You must be a man, and part of that is living with the rocks thrown at you by fools and errand boys, which is what you appear to be.

  25. I have received one public comment here and one private email asking why I argue with the idiot Mark. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station today answered the question today far better than I ever could. I stand behind his post 100% and I will never stop pointing out the idiot that is Tokaski because when you do, you forfeit.

    • But you’ve got a problem. I am neither an idiot nor a loon. These epitaphs that you and Wulfgar throw at me have no impact because they are not true. Only truth can harm me. Try it some time. But you, on the other hand, get angry and yell names because the things I say you know on some level are true. That’s eating away at you. I almost think, sometimes, ha you are close to an intellectual breakthrough. But that is rare.

      That’s why you’re seething inside. It’s you, not me that has a problem. You know you are only interested in group validation, that The Party has no core philosophy, that it’s members are very shallow and only care about winning elections

      But what choice do you have? It’s either this, or futility. It takes a real man to face futility and still find meaning in life and politics. Are you a man?

      • Backwoods Monty | March 16, 2012 8:35 AM at 8:35 AM |

        Your a loon! You didn’t answer my question at all! Damn, Im Bored already! You remind me of that little martian that always try’s to outsmart a rabbit name “Bugs.” Of course it never happens, but that little spartan keeps trying. I guess he’s to dumb to stop, just like you! That cartoon might be more entertainment then you–that’s a pretty tragic thought, but it’s true.

        • OK, I gotcha now – “answer the question!” is Kaileyspeak. Nice try, Rod.

        • Hy dontcha try the Socratic method again, Rod? Works so well you don’t even look like a two-year old in a ten gallon hat.

          • And there would be that shoe I mentioned. Sorry, kitten. I don’t comment at 11:00pm on ‘school’ nights. I work for a living. Still, I knew you would accuse us of being the same. The whole world is Rod Kaily to you, and we’re all out to silence your brilliance. But I’ve never had a problem using my own name to do exactly what you claim no one can: show clearly your lies, your delusions and your circular reasoning in support of personal and false mythology. Adopting new personae because you think others too stupid to notice is more your schtick anyway …

      • Mark, you only have a passing acknowledgement of “the truth”. You lie as easily as you breath (must come from cooking books as a CPA). Hell, you lied in this thread blatently, were called on it by me, and then attempted to act as if nothing happened. You are an idiot and a moron and you will never live up to the people you continually quote. You are a pale reflection of a human being and the world will be better off after you are gone. You are neither a “real man” or someone I have to justify my life to. You are a sad sack of shit that darkens this site with your presence.

  26. Inside the Conservative Mind…..

  27. Backwoods Monty | March 16, 2012 4:11 PM at 4:11 PM |

    Dear Mr. Kaileys,

    I Apologize, for not being distinct enough as a critic, of Mark Buttarski to crave out a difference between us three. But people who use Stereotypes like facts, generally do not have a mindset of their own(I am talking about you, Buttarski).

    Mark seems as if he’s confused? His infinitesimal, microminiature wee bit of brain cells– might have finally noticed, someone harass him on his Moronic obtuseness? Then again Maybe not!

    Anyway, Dear Brothers Kailey, I am sorry, and promise to be a more flamboyant critic towards Marks word farts, and insanity, in the future.

    Your Humble Reader,

    Backwoods Monty

    P.S. Happy St Patrick’s Day Kaileys

    To Mark: Fear sam bith a loisgeas a mhàs, ‘s e fhèin a dh’fheumas suidhe air.
    (Gaelic for: Whoever burns his own ass must himself sit upon it)

    • Just for the record, there was never any apology necessary. And I hope that you too had your fill of lent-approved meat and cabbage leaves. May you be content. Slainte.

    • As Rob said, no apology necessary. I got a little spun up for a while at Mark, (not at you) and now I have calmed down. Mark isn’t worth the effort unless it is slow day and I want to push his buttons.

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