Media Quick Hits

A Blow to Good Journalism

On the same day it was announced Mary Junck, Lee CEO, received a $500,000 bonus for taking her company into bankruptcy, Lee Newspapers laid off people in Helena and Butte, KXLH is reporting.

Montana Nutjobs Back in the National Spotlight

Mother Jones today reports on the latest wacky details about GOP gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone.  There’s even a great quote from Pogie at Intelligent Discontent.   UPDATE: I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a taste of what can be found in the article:

In 2005, Roll Call dubbed Livingstone “Deep Mouth,” after it was alleged that he had dined at Dupont Circle’s Palm steakhouse 88 times in a 57-day period. (Livingstone denied the charge, telling the paper that he eats there only about 15 times a month.)

Go read the hilarious piece. Suffice it to say, Livingstone’s candidacy is not doing Montana’s image any favors.

Women are Like Dogs

Livingstone isn’t the only GOP-er hard at work making Montana a national laughingstock this week.  TEA Party Republican Rep. Krayton Kerns is in the news for “comparing Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke to a studding English bulldog named “John-Boy.” Yes, really.”  Here’s the story.   Readers may recall that this isn’t the first TEA Party Republican to compare women to animals.  Keith Regier said we’re more like cattle.  Democrat Cole Olsen is campaigning to replace Kerns in the Montana Legislature.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 27, 2012 9:07 PM at 9:07 PM |

    “In reality, death squads are an extremely effective tool, however odious, in combating terrorism and revolutionary challenges,” he wrote.

    Oh my god! Is THIS what Livingscam means when he says that he’s gonna bring a “revolution” to Montana? And that he’s gonna delcare “war” not on the environmental movement, but on environmentalists? And why he poses with guns every chance he gets?? And why he selected a trained seal as his running mate???

    Oh my god! The dude is serious. Serious WACK! He actually THINKS that Montana is Latin America! And that he can stroll in with that nice, shiny, baldheaded, penis looking pate and become a banana republic DICKtater!

    This is too funny! The dude is delusional.

    But HEY, when the shootin’ starts, Neil best COVER that penis lookin’ bald pate with all the shoe polish he can get his hands on! For the first rule of guerrilla warfare is do NOT stick out like a sore thumb! Or a giant dildo!….BWHAHAHAHA!

    Methinks that maybe Neil contracted syphillis during one of his hooker romps, for he seems to be exhibiting all the symptons of syphillis induced insanity!

    Why, Zinke? Why? THAT is the big question! You had a future in Montana politics! Hell, now the blue guy has more of a chance at holding office than YOU do!

  2. Holy shit Livingston is still doing business with Dictators. And the Guy’s address isn’t Montana anymore. Do we need a Governor wannabe for the state?

    This has all the makings of a badly developed movie. Where the girlfriend(Montana) gets jilted for the whore (Corporations). No Thanks Man, I’ll stick with Someone sane like Bullock!

  3. Wow, what sort of fresh hell is this guy?

  4. When did corporations start giving bonouses for bankruptcy? And how the hell does this make sense? I guess I was rasied to believe bankruptcy is failure, but if you are in a big corp its bonous time.

  5. Backwoods Monty | March 28, 2012 3:27 PM at 3:27 PM |

    Lets face it Fannie and Freddie, aren’t just middlemen to homes loans, they are a very big reason Kids are a trillon in debt to colleges. We need to try harder to get these middle men out of business, and the same needs to be said of insurance as well!

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