Ravalli TEA-Baggers Join in Favorite GOP Pastime

Ravalli County TEA baggers have joined in a favorite Republican pastime: lying and deception.  The TEA Partiers know they can’t win on ideas or ideology.  Instead, they’re resorted to fraud to thwart the Dems’ electoral chances by filing TEA baggers for local Democratic leadership positions.

TEA Party Republicans have proven they have no qualms about lying to voters or the press.   It’s all part of a greater Republican strategy to suppress the vote. Here’s how it works.

By causing confusion about which candidates are fake Dems which are not, the TEA party is hoping some Democrats won’t vote in the precinct level races at all–or vote for the wrong candidate.  The confusion will force local Dems to spend more resources—resources they could have used to help elect Bullock, Tester and legislative candidates in the fall.

Plus, the TEA Party’s fake precinct people will be able to vote for local central committee leadership and propose changes to the Democratic Party Platform.  If Democratic central committees are tied up by spear hunting resolutions and ineffective leadership, the Republicans reason, they won’t be able to turnout as many voters in November.

Expect to see the Republicans repeat this trick in other counties. That’s because Montana has two top nationally targeted races this year–for Governor and U.S. Senate. With so much money being spent in Montana, there will be very few undecided voters.  This means the election will be decided by who is best able to turn out voters for their candidates. Voter turnout is of course where local central committtees are invaluable.

The upshot is that the Ravalli Dems say the fraud has energized its membership to get the truth out to voters.  Which brings us to the quote of the day from Corrine Gantt, the Dems’ central committee vice-chair who has some ideas for putting the new central committee “leaders” to work:

“I look forward to providing all of them with T-shirts that proclaim in big letters that they support President Obama that can be read from 50 feet away,” Gantt said. “They will be expected to wear these shirts in all of the summer parades while they are carrying signs that say how much they support our issues. Since they signed up willingly to take on these responsibilities, I have no question that they have every intention of honestly taking their place in our organization.”



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  1. PUBLIC HEALTH BULLITEN | April 3, 2012 8:22 PM at 8:22 PM |

    it is recommended that you make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you visit Ravalli County, because, you know, a lot of Bitterrooters believe vaccination is a Government Conspiracy and therefore don’t get them. Safety first.

  2. Sounda like you’re butt hurt about being out politicked by a bunch of “TEA-Baggers!”

  3. Out politicked? So the TEA Party considers this some kind of coup? A Bitterrooter TEAbag victory is impossible. It’s a paradox where you enter the land of the witless where the half wit is supposed to be king, but except there are no half wits available.

    Congratulations Teabaggistan. You proved yourselves liars and frauds in the area’s largest newspaper!

  4. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 3, 2012 10:12 PM at 10:12 PM |

    I laughed awfully hard at this Bulletin , took me a few minutes to get off the floor.

    Just back from Missoula, and missed all the good weather here in Dillon. But I see the weather is getting pretty nasty in Ravalli County. Looks like its about to rain…Trojan Horses.

    You pray for rain, Conservatives you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.

    • Damn you, Norma… I am still stuck here in Missoula (not a really fair statement because I LOVE the Missoula area). We won’t be back until the weekend.

      As a side note, it looks like Britt and I will be attending the Dinner in Dillon. We discussed it last night. Where can we get tickets?

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 4, 2012 11:13 AM at 11:13 AM |

        Senator Max Baucus will give the keynote address at this year’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner to be held at the Elks Lodge on Friday, April 13.

        Also appearing at the dinner will be General John Walsh, candidate for lieutenant governor; Monica Lindeen, State Auditor; Franke Wilmer, Rob Stutz, and Dave Strohmaier, candidates for congress; Jesse Laslovich and Pam Bucy, candidates for attorney general; John Vincent, Public Service Commissioner; and Jim Elliot, State Party Chairman.

        Norma Duffy, candidate for legislative district 72, and Richard Turner, candidate for senate district 36, will kick off their campaigns at the dinner.

        Following a social “hour” beginning at 5:30, dinner will be served at around 6:15. There’ll be a drawing for prizes, a 50-50 drawing, and other diversions.

        Tickets ($22 for adults and $15 for students) are available at the door or at Bert’s CDs. We also have a number of free tickets for those in financial distress. If you need to be sponsored, call Richard Turner at 683-6247.

        • Color me disappointed. I thought Jon Tester was going to be there. That said, I am excited to see Monica Lindeen again as well as meeting the candidates I have not met. I really don’t care for Max anymore (I used to be a BIG supporter in my youth and I used to love his idealism).

          It should be interesting, and I am currently planning on attending. The price of admission is kind of steep for us but we can swing it.

          Is there any plan at this point for Tester to come to our neck of the woods?

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 4, 2012 11:44 AM at 11:44 AM |

            He is campaigning in the state for the next two weeks. I got a call in, to find out the places he will be at, in the state. I will set down the info as soon as I know something Moorcat!

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 4, 2012 11:35 AM at 11:35 AM |

        I’ll be up there tomorrow as Mom is coming home and getting sprung from the Hospital (Yippee!), Michael will be Flying home from Missoula as well for a month… to of course hug his girls, and wife and do some case work consultation. Which he is very good at.

        Don’t expect him to stop posting anytime soon… I do think he has plans to move the family back to the state. Which I really welcome, but it will probably be Missoula. He was in Helena, this morning and should be home at any time.

  5. What we might expect form another Republican Legisture http://www.salon.com/2012/04/04/states_shush_corporate_critics/

  6. It is actually sad to me to see the nutjobbery coming out of the Bitterroot valley. I grew up in the heart of the Valley (Stevensville) and while there was the same potential for nutjobbery there, it was no more than anywhere else. There were good people and bad people, conservative ideas and liberal ideas, sheep and leaders – “Just plain Folk” to quote Mal.

    The amount of delusional wingnuttery to come out of the valley now is on par with the crap coming out of the Kalispell area. I have no idea where it is coming from.

  7. Apparently animal cruelty is another teabagger pastime: Missoulian.

  8. Sorry, Cowgirl: hijack alert! Call Governor Schweitzer and stop Yellowstone bison from going to the Bison Range.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 4, 2012 7:29 PM at 7:29 PM |

      Why? I don’t get it, LK. Is there a problem with that? I don’t see it. Do explain.

      • Yea I don’t get it- the stories say the tribes have wanted this for years.

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 4, 2012 7:58 PM at 7:58 PM |


          • A few head, maybe. The pure strains should go to the reservations away from the horde living at the Bison Range to be introduced one day into part of a freed Missouri River Basin wildlife corridor connected to the Y2Y.

            The Bison Range is many generations away from that. Those animals should be kept away from pristine Plains Bison. Pharmaceutically-produced antibiotics have no place in the wild.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 4, 2012 8:33 PM at 8:33 PM |

              OK. I get in now. I too would LOVE to see lots of bison roamin’ around up on the Rez. Nuthin’ wrong with that. I’d like to eat a few too! I used to get my bison from a rancher up in Conrad. Good stuff! And good for you according to my Native American pals.

              • Have been following the bison story for some time, LK. It was a tweet from one of the Lee reporters that tipped me off. Now i can’t find it.

                • Found it. RT @IR_EveByron: I’m confused. Does the Gov want genetically pure bison to hang with the “mongrel” bison? Yellowstone transplants bit.ly/HmOQc7

  9. scared of jan wisniewski | August 1, 2012 11:10 PM at 11:10 PM |

    Have any of you ever seen Jan Wisniewski’s property south of Hamilton? Acres of toxic waste dump. Jan is a heavy equipment mechanic who does not believe in proper disposal of all the hundreds of gallons of oils and fluids he removes from equipment. What does he do with it? He fills empty 5 gallon oil jugs that he collects from local businesses and sets them out on his property to rot and leak into the ground. There are hundreds of them. All of this can be seen from Hwy 93 where his property boarders the railroad track that parallel the Hwy. Directly North of the Storage Unit Place. Baby blue garage with a white door. Use google earth and type in his address. 1454 US HWY 93 south. While the image is a little unclear…. it is the kind of image that makes you glad you don’t live any where near him. I wonder if the people who live in his district are aware of his values.His neighbors surly are. Every square foot of his land is a DUMP. The EPA could have a field day. One day he will be able to retire on the sale of his scrap metal. In the mean time he is earning a living repairing the farm equipment for Suzy Fox and others. The thought of that man in the political arena scares the crap out of me.

  10. This sounds like an episode of Hoarders, no joke, where I guy was going to live off his scap metal, or send a grandson to college, but the whole amount was “worth” less than the cost to haul it off…

  11. We have a guy like that in Dillon except his property is seen by countless thousands as they drive of the interstate into town. his property of trash sit right next to the creek that runs through town as well. everyone knows they guy nobody does anything about it because his family’s been here for years.

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