Explanation of Tea Party Plot in Ravalli County

As I recently mentioned, there is a nasty plot afoot in Ravalli county, hatched by the local Tea Party.  It’s dirty, below-the-belt, highly dishonest stuff.  Embarrassed at the fact that they have become a national joke, the Montana Tea Party has resorted to an attempt to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style, and take it over.  Let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s happening.

When you vote in a primary in Montana, there is a place on your ballot to  vote for “precinct committee captain.” This is an unusual item to be found on a ballot for a state election because a precinct captain is a Party post, not a government office. Yet Democratic and Republican ballots both provide this opportunity to vote for a candidate for this political position.  Sometimes there will be a name, or several names, from which to choose.  Other years, the slot will be blank and the voter must either write in a name, or else not cast a vote.  It is often left blank, because most people don’t even know what the heck it is.

And what is a precinct committee captain? There is one elected (on primary day) from each voting precinct in every county, and these persons collectively form what is called the “central committee” for the county.  A central committee is simply the governing board of the county party.

But this year, a bunch of Tea Partiers (in several precincts in Ravalli county) filed paperwork to run for Democratic precinct Committeeperson.  And unless the Ravalli democrats undertake a campaign to inform voters not to vote for these candidates, these idiots will be elected to the county committee and will then exert control of the local Democratic party. The TEA Party candidates are:   Lyle E. Goracke, Jan Wisniewski, Donna Gibney, Pamela Nearpass, Catherine Lieberth, Wayne K. Dunkin and David J. Erickson.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 5, 2012 7:19 AM at 7:19 AM |

    JUMPIN’ JEEBUS! The GF Spitoon just got worse! WTF moment for sure! As much as I make fun of the Spitoon, some good folks just got the axe! WTF? Buh BYE press in Montana! It’s now FUX News 24/7!


  2. Sounds like an opportunity for Rivalli county Democrats to step up and create a higher profile for themselves. But this move is also a signal that even Tea Partiers find the Republican party too dysfunctional to use as a political platform.

  3. You mean a group of idiots can take over a county party just by running for precint captain? My God that is insane. But still my plan to get rid of Denny Rehberg before the general election in the primary by simply pretending to be a Republican is even more insane. I can’t believe how nuts politics is getting in Montana, soon we will all be out in the streets lighting our hair on fire.

  4. Bring it on teabaggers bring it on, you want to consider corporations as real persons and destroy American elections bring it on. You want to starve to death old grannys by taking away their social security bring it on, you want to make sure all the working class and poor people have no health care bring it on, you want to privatize all roads and make education a thing of the past bring it on, bring it on you teabagging scum bags destroy the Democratic central committees in Montana, play dirty politcs, get in bed and sell out your ideals if you have any to Pat Robertson and Dr. Dobson, take away a kids access to condoms and birth control and abortion and cause babies to starve to death on the streets, if thats what you want, bring it on. But as long as I have a voice and a vote, I will still fight. Im going to do my best to sabotage your primary a–holes, Im voting Republican this time, and Im going to pick the biggest losers I can find, and then my candidates will beat them in the fall. Hahahahaha.

  5. Nothing to worry about, really.
    A few precinct captains isn’t a big deal. They’re the party drones, their reward being a huge vote for platform or county electioneering leadership. Big whoop. Precinct Captain in Charge of Sign Planting.
    Remember when the Montana GOP decided to move up the “election” from June to Feb in order to be presidentially relevant? The Paulistas came out of the woodwork, ran for the positions, picked up a bunch of vacancies, voted and then disappeared.
    Some tried to “take over” which didn’t go well. But there are some Paulistas, pretty much either libertarian or conservativish, who have stuck around as a welcome source of energy and ideas.

  6. Hilarious! Hoisted by your own petard. Democrats have never said anything about precinct captains so that they can surreptitiously put their own frogs on that rock. Now the TP, who are about as organized as Mrs. Olsen’s third grade class and who learned this tactic via some very sophisticated AstroTurf oranizing, are turning it on you!

    The best humor, in my mind, is of the Woody Allen variety where the characters are utterly un-self-aware. Thanks, “Cowgirl.”

    • This is maybe the most misquoted line from Shakespeare. It’s “hoist with his own petard.”

      • I took trouble to look this up once to find out exactly what is a “petard”. It is a military device used to blow open doors in Shakespeare’s time. So it’s easy to see that it means being harmed by something intended to be used to harm others. Democrats use precinct captains as hall monitors to keep discipline in the party. They idon’t advertise the position as they want only party hacks in those spots, so that likely suspects are anointed and insiders told to vote.

        The actual line, as I Google it is “For tis the sport to have the enginer Hoist with his owne petar”.

        Now imagine the Tea Party – these are not bright people and don’t know anything about ground-level organizing. Yet in every state they managed to become preceint captains, organize a ground swell, have a major TV network follow them and have cameras present whenever two of them held up a sign. Magic buses appeaed when they needed rides to rallies. They took control of the House in that manner.

        If stupid people can do that and be effective, why can’t Democrats?

  7. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 6, 2012 12:13 AM at 12:13 AM |

    Our party has been running without precinct captains in that County for years, wont make a difference since the Dems still pick their platform people, through party get togethers.

    Have fun Republicans now we know who to avoid, and there isn’t a damn thing yo can do about it. In fact, I say we put them to work, and legally make them liable when the work isn’t done. I wonder if the GOP will come to their defense and bail the poor idiots out…. that they talked into running in the first place!

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