Political Quick Hits: Jesus Cebull Edition

Republicans Compare Judge Who Sent Racist Email to Jesus

Have you noticed the letters to the editor from Republicans popping up to defend Judge Cebull by comparing him to Jesus?  Cebull is the judge who sent the racist emails about Obama’s mother and bestiality.  Perhaps these Republicans should read this Billings Outpost report on how minorities in Montana themselves actually view his remarks.


Montana on Maddow

Last night, Rachel Maddow viewers got to relive one of the Montana Legislature’s most satisfying moments   Here’s the video.

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 Today’s Must Read Political Blogpost

The latest must-read post is up at the Flathead Memo. It looks like incumbent state Sen. Bruce Tutvedt (R-Flathead) has some reasons to be worried about his primary opposition.


6 Comments on "Political Quick Hits: Jesus Cebull Edition"

  1. Um…did anyone read this letter to the editor comparing Judge Cebull to Jesus? Happy Easter from the Montana GOP. Un. Believable.

  2. Beatitudes anybody? What would Jesus
    think of the moneylenders now and Citizens United I wonder, and how many on Wall Street could enter the Kingdom?

    • Michael Searalika | April 11, 2012 12:43 AM at 12:43 AM |

      The Republicans don’t follow that Jesus anymore, they follow the Money lenders!

      Nice of Brian to give Rachael a real Piece of Montana Justice! Just saying!

  3. Richard Cebull, quizzically still on the bench after revelations of his affinity for bestiality and racism, hasn’t disqualified himself in cases involving wildlife and minorities.


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