Cowgirl Sneak Preview: The GOP Agenda for 2013

A Madison County Commissioner  is working now to bring Montanans up to speed on the 2013 policy agenda of the Montana GOP.  Commissioner Dan Happel (pictured) is spreading the word about what are likely to be some of the major policy initiatives of a GOP administration/legislature next year.  These are:  legalizing dog and cockfighting, and stopping a government plot that would force all Montanans to relocate to Seattle (or somewhere like it.)  

Happel is known for getting the word out in advance about the GOP agenda.  He was the man who first brought us the news that Republicans had passed birther and gold standard resolutions at their party platform convention in  June of 2010.    These went on to become cornerstones of the GOP legislative agenda, so Happel is a reliable source.

Happel has been bringing in policy experts to speak to local government boards and organizations about these important policies.  Let’s take a look at the proposals.

First on the agenda, a most important item. Montana must stop a plot that Happel has discovered–before it destroys the constitution and the middle class.  The plot, known as Agenda 21, is being carried out by “oligarchic elite” (AKA government employees), who use a tactic called “public process” which, Happel explains, was “invented in Stalin’s Russia to control the people.”

Sen. Dave Lewis (R-Helena) had a resolution along these lines that was unsuccessful in 2011. However, that legislature didn’t have the information that Happel now provides.

Basically, if the legislature doesn’t act, Montanans are going to be force-relocated to somewhere like Seattle where we will be compelled to live “like sardines” and our cars will be taken away.  Happel told the Ravalli County Planning board that they needed to choose between the United Nations Charter (AKA the Evil Seattle Plot) and the Declaration of Independence.

No vote was taken at the time.  Although, as the Bitterroot Star reports, the Planing Board members did “pass the hat” to collect money to pay to Happel for this valuable information.  Also at the meeting, President Obama was called a “critter,” although we don’t know what legislative action may be proposed along these lines.  One board member resigned on the spot.

The next potential policy priority will be presented to local farmers and ranchers at a forum tomorrow (Friday April 13)   hosted by “The Madison and Jefferson County Commissioners,” according to a mailer that went out about the event.   The postage and mailing of the meeting were noted to be “compliments” of your tax dollars.  

This time, the speaker is a proponent of  legalization of dog and cock fighting.  Forget about Michael Vick.  Dog fighting, says featured expert Jim Beers, should be legal and regulated.  Beers also explains that cock fighting has been vilified,  but in reality, those who enjoy it are among “the finest individuals and parents and citizens” Jim has ever known. Beers says:

…the evening at a cockfight (on every continent in the world for centuries and in places like Asia and tropical jungles for eons) are links to an ancestral past that if claimed by today’s Native American in the US would be tolerated in a New York second and even given land set-asides…

Beers says objections to cock-fighting are “un-American,” and he believes that the laws against cock-fighting must be overturned.  Since the event invite touts wolves as among the topics, perhaps the legislative package will also include a bill set up a wolf-fighting league.  (Jobs!)  The speaker will hit the Madison County TEA Party the next day so word is really getting about about this. The meeting also appeared on the Montana Association of Counties calendar, unless this is a third, Helena stop for the speaking tour. The MaCo announcement says contact Happel for more info.

Not everyone will agree with such an agenda.  An email about the happenings  has been circulated locally that says as much.   According to the the message, when a local tax-payer inquired about the use of his tax dollars for such a purpose, Madison County Commissioner Dave Schulz reportedly said he “had no knowledge of why or how this was done.”

What is known is that when these items sail through a GOP legislature, Happel expects Rick Hill to be “friendly to the cause.” Happel explains that without Hill’s “tacit support” the gold standard and birther resolutions at the last GOP convention never would have passed.   Republicans aim to take over the Governor’s seat and retain both houses of the legislature.



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  1. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 11, 2012 11:52 PM at 11:52 PM |

    Really? Did any of these fools read agenda 21, which was written 20 years ago. I have! It doesn’t take property away from anyone. it promotes green energy. Discussing finding green alternatives to pesticides and herbicides, so we grow healthier crops for our families. It talks about alternatives to gas, and oil like wind and solar. it is a jobs document. a new manufacturing document,a healthier world document. and it harms no one, but helps them!

    It is world economic professionals, scientists, environmentalists, and countries getting together to help each other get through the 21 century without harming the people or the planet. So what idiots in the USA wouldn’t want that?

    Right wingers are nut cases, who stand with the companies who pollute the air we breath, the water we drink, the soil that grows and nurtures our crops, and meat animals…. What farmer or rancher would want pollution to destroy their revenue? Are you willing to throw out all that your family worked for on to make your farm or ranch work, just so it can be polluted and stolen by eminent domain for corporations???? Really??? Those conspiracy Idiots are pulling your leg folks! Do Not listen to them… they are lying for big corporations!

  2. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 12, 2012 12:08 AM at 12:08 AM |

    Cock fighting and dog fighting are white European, and Asian cavemen sports, not american Indians!

    They have a great respect to those animals that feed them. I am not an Indian, but I know it would be against a lot of their beliefs. Only a white Idiot would ask them to defile themselves with these blood sports.

    We can still learn a lot from these original great American people, just open your ears republicans, and stop treating are true natural Americans of a different color in this country like 2nd class citizens.

    Secondly it is a white supremacy sport in the south, and a reckless way to put money in the pockets of criminals like them, who have moved here! Allowing dog and cock fighting will bring more drugs and white gangs into this state. we do not need that here, Montanans are better then that!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 8:04 AM at 8:04 AM |

    PuuuuuhRAISE VITORY! PuuuuuhRAISE JAYSUS! We the party of family values! And NUTHIN’ says family values like dog fighting and COCK fighting! What a fun family event! Round up the younguns for the christian sunday dogfights! PuuuuhRAISE JAYSUS! And remember, Critter Free equals FREEEDUMB!

  4. How fitting that the Party Formerly Known as the Party of Fiscal Responsibility is using government boards and meetings for this garbage.

  5. This organizations website is bent on not telling you the truth. Duping the sheeple. Jan Wisniewski, the Chairman of the Board that hosted this forum to get out the truth, is running for the Democrat party. These are not partisan issues, Agenda 21 concerns us all.

  6. The resolution I introduced in the last session, and will introduce again, called on congress to get us out of the United Nations. We pay something like 25 per cent of the UN budget. We need a debate in congress about whether it is worth it. The resolution is an attempt to get that debate.

    • Senator Lewis,

      With all due respect, the argument about US participation in the UN has been going on for 60 years and probably will continue long after you and I depart this vale. What interests me is your position on Agenda 21?

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 12, 2012 10:43 AM at 10:43 AM |

      You Republicans put the UN together, Years ago when the party had a sense of fairness and Justice, when Americans really wore a shining example to American democracy and freedom in the world. So What happened, when did you become jaded about the welfare of our friends and Allies?

      Now since you became corporate tools, you don’t want all the regulations, to save the planet, and people because it is not profit motivation.

      We spend 800 Billion a year On weapons and war, and we want to cut the 4 billion we spend on peace? Really? The UN is not the trouble here. People who are afraid of the world, like you, are!

      Maybe you need a chart, because you way out there Mr. Dave On the fringes of conspiracy space:

      Republicans, what sad little, frightened, misguided people you have become!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 6:28 PM at 6:28 PM |

      NUTJOB ALERT! You’ve lost it, Lewass! You’re an idiot, dude! Bircher much???

  7. I think that a lot depends on what the makeup of the Legislature is. If it is again GOP controlled, we are likely to see more of the nuttery that occured last year. Dave Lewis is a perfect example. If it is split or Democratic, I think the wingnuts will keep most of the real nuttery at home and play an obstruction game. The message has apparently not been understood by the real wingnuts that Montanans are tired of the insanity that came out of the last session. We will see.

    A lot depends on who wins the Governor’s Office, too. If Bullock wins (as I think is likely), they also may pause in trying to pass the really nutty stuff. Some won’t stop (Koopman is a perfect example) but the borderline nutcases will have to decide if it is worth the public ridicule.

    • I agree with this assessment. People aren’t going to want another session like this. In my neck of the woods, the local but job is Sen. John Brenden, who voted for this UN conspiracy crap. He also voted for education cuts saying we needed I cut all government spending. Apparently that didn’t apply to his $409,000 in frm subsidies last year.

    • I think this is, at least nationally, the strategy. You are so afraid of the other party, even having night sweats, that your own party can break into the bank vault at night.This is apparent in every word of this comment. You are fear-motivated, the American affliction.

  8. Should read – farm subsidies.

  9. The paranoid civics class dropouts need to know that to deal with the dastardly U.N., they need to run for federal office. Rep. Rehberg’s seat is a good place to start.
    Quit wasting the valuable time of the Montana Legislature.

  10. I thought this was a joke, but the link to the Madison County site tells me this is serious. How bizzare I cant tell when people are joking anymore.

  11. From the official public comment at this week’s Madison County Commissioner Meeting:

    April 10, 2012, Public Comments at the Madison County Commissioners’ meeting. (5 minutes)

    Because public comment time is brief and because I want my message to be clear, I submit written remarks along with some attachments and ask that they be included in today’s record.

    As a county constituent, I am interested about representation, unilateral and official, by the Madison County Commissioners. I attempted to make prior personal contact with each commissioner at their office on April 5, April 6 and April 9, but was able only to contact Commissioner Schulz on April 5.

    First: The Bitterroot Star News (attached) reported on March 27, 2012 that Ravalli County Planning Board, at their March meeting, introduced a speaker identified as Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel. It did not say if Happel was representing the opinion of the Madison County Commissioners, or himself. This left readers with the impression that his address was on behalf of Madison County. Happel’s address was a familiar “Agenda 21” attack on Smart Growth, zoning regulations, wilderness bills, and issues dealing with land use planning, all traditional issues that are currently being addressed by our own Madison County Planning Board. The article reported that one Ravalli Planning Board member complained that “the meeting was allowed to disintegrate into a blatant political discussion of the Agenda 21 movement“. It also reports that money was collected by “passing the hat” to pay Dan Happel for his appearance. The aforementioned Board member then resigned from the Planning Board, saying in part, that the meetings had become oo politicized, and did not “proceed according to the rules.”

    Secondly: An invitation went out on April 2, 2012 to agricultural producers stating that “The Madison and Jefferson County Commissioners” would like to invite you to attend an important meeting regarding wolves. The postage and mailing of the notice were noted to be “compliments of the Madison-Jefferson Extension Office“.

    In my phone call to Commissioner Schulz on April 5th, I asked if he or Commissioner Hart authorized the meeting, the invitation and the speaker at a public Commission meeting. He said they did not. I asked if the authorization to issue the invitation was ever on any Commission agenda or discussed at a Commission meeting. Schulz said he was “not sure”. So, this action was apparently taken by Commissioner Happel without

    the consensus of all three Commissioners, but publicized as if all the commissioner were had knowledgeable. This seems to violate public meeting law action.

    I asked who is paying for the meeting. Schulz replied “it was not Madison County.”

    I asked why the Extension Service was asked to pay for this invitation when it involved a highly charged political issue. Schulz said he “had no knowledge of why or how this was done.” I have asked an Extension Service employee for an explanation.

    The April 13 meeting in Helena will feature only one speaker, Jim Beers, USFWS retired, purported wolf expert who is also a featured speaker at the gathering of the Madison County Tea Party in VC on the next day, April 14. Public information about both of these meetings openly indicates that Jim Beers’ subject matter will contain anti-government rhetoric of the right wing of the Republican Party. That this group can be considered the right wing is obviated by Happel’s noted remarks at the Ravalli County Planning Board meeting when he stated that “RINOs (Republicans in name only) and turncoats have taken over the Republican Party.” Happel said that “at the national level we don’t have a prayer…at the local level we can do it . I did it” And it appears he is doing it, i.e. taking over.


    Our Madison County Commissioners are elected on a non-partisan basis. Their actions must be announced, open and held at publicly noticed meetings. There is an appearance that this is not happening in these two instances mentioned herein.

    Commissioners are also private citizens and can speak in that personal capacity that all of us have the right to do. Commissioner Happel is now and has been an advocate of extreme political views and is candid about his political opinions. However, he now represents the citizens of Madison County and in that role, he should remember he is acting on behalf of Madison County. Commissioners Hart and Schulz appear to be silent on Happel’s actions, even to the point of admitting they do not know what he is doing. They should know–and they should speak as to whether they concur or disagree.

    I ask that the citizens of Madison County be fully informed of all commissioners’ proposed and final actions, and if they are unilateral ones which may or may not follow statutes.

    As a post-script, having served on the Madison County Planning Board for over 14 years, I take great exception to Commissioner Happel’s dubious declarations about the so-called “blueprint”, Agenda 21, which on its face is contrary to the authorized work of Planning boards. The boards operate under the auspices of the Commissioners, wherein they study and recommend healthy environmental and land use planning that benefits the traditional values of county residents. The Commissioners are the “bosses” of the planning board volunteers. Radical rhetoric creates cognitive dissonance in the deliberations of the work of the Planning Board. Agenda 21 propaganda and Land use planning are not compatible, and the Commissioners as a whole should be clear about their opinions on this.

    Pat Bradley, Box 272, Twin Bridges

  12. Hmmmmm…I have long maintained that the party of Lincoln and Reagan has become the party of Beck and Stalin. Just think about the last session of the Montana Politboro. I can picture the party members standing and clapping woodenly, some looking like the victims of botched embalmings. Why is it that those fine folks are always thinking about their cocks? Anybody up for a Shrimp Peel?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 8:35 PM at 8:35 PM |

      I’m sure mr. lewass would agree.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

      I spent part of the day listening to my favorite radio channel, the wacko fundamentalist family values horseshit channel (91.5 here in GF). And what a treat it was today! It was ALL about Mr. Mittens Romney knowin’ what it was like to be a poor woman who has to raise her kiddies at home! What they FAILED to mention is that Mittens earned some TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS last year! Can you even IMAGINE how hard it must’a been on Mrs. Mittens to supervise all them nannies, etc., and STILL find time to ride her horses?!!

      I was wondering how the fundi preachers were gonna reconcile this little fact with their true believers out there in wacko radio land. And then, no shit, they DID it! They used the feakin’ TENTH COMMANDMENT! Talk about some holy shit!

      Here was their argument in a nutshell. You see, the tenth commandment (for you pagan liberal bastards who’ve forgotten) says that God commanded that you NOT covet your neighbor’s shit! Nope! Not his wife! His manservant! His property! His car! Or his shit! NONE of his shit!

      I nearly laffed my ass off! You see, SURE Mittens and Mrs. Mittens have more friggin’ money than they know what to DO with! And health care! And horses! And the good life! And LOTS of shit! But you musn’t COVET that! For God commands that you don’t do that! BUT, if you work really, really hard, and give all you money to the wacko fundi churches, you’ll STILL be one happy little dumbass! One happy little SAVED dumbass!

      I kid you not! THIS was their argument! Do NOT covet rich dudes’ shit, and you’ll be one happy moron!

      And ya know, regarding Beck, HEY, the dude’s a mormom! If there is a more bizarre religion OUT there, I’ll kiss your ass! There’s a REASON that the folks in Illinios murdered ol’ joseph smith and run his mormons out. Ol’ joe was a freakin’ PERVERT! He just KNEW that boinkin’ fourteen year old girls felt so good that is MUST be from god! And thus, he had a revelATION saying as much!

      Beck is simply following the mormon tradition of regularly getting bizarre revelations from god!

      I would highly suggest that if you don’t know much about mormon history, read Jon Krakauer’s book Under the Banner of Heaven! It’s excellent. The mormons are even weirdo and more dangerous than the fundis! Neither of them should be anywhere NEAR our government! The mormons would love nothing more than style our government to their bizarre holy shit!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 9:41 PM at 9:41 PM |

        And the other important book to really understand all this religeeious horseshit nonsense is The Family, by Jeff Sharlett.

        There is a lot going on with all this holy shit. I beleive that it’s important to understand its origins.

  13. PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT | April 12, 2012 8:13 PM at 8:13 PM |

    Remember when I joked about getting your vaccines before visiting Ravalli County because people there think vaccines are a conspiracy of the government?
    Well, there has been an outbreak of whooping cough (entirely preventable if you get the normal vaccinations). Of course, the outbreak is in a private religious school there.

    Right-wingers are a public health problem.

  14. You guys are just in the process of concentrating the wingnuttiest, Pastor Chuck et al and all that American Redoubt shit, in your local environs.

    I don’t envy you.

    Zappa was prophetic:

    “Movin’ to Montana soon, gonna’ be a mennil toss flycoon…”

  15. THis all gives new meaning to the word ‘Hapless’……time for more tinfoil hats!

  16. Perhaps Tea Party will ‘engage’ themselves in pitfights, put ’em up
    against the mentally ill, but then it might not be a fair fight….

  17. Final thought….is Tea Part capable of handling the left and right knobs on their ‘Etch-o-Sketch’ so Montanans will all of a sudden forget the chaos of last year, as it fades into typical consumer (I hope not, this Nation depends on Citizens, not consumers)distractions, and our duty to remind all of the Top Ten Tea Party fantasies that Cowgirl has identified so well, starting with Gold Plated birthers!

  18. As if the ‘War on Women’ hasn’t been enough, now MT GOP/Tea (Koch) Party promoting War on man’s best friend and birds?? Will ‘they’ produce Birther Certificates for all the dogs and pay their wagers in Gold coin of the realm I wonder? Then we’ll really need the Havre militia to guard all the Gold caravans criss-crossing the state for all the cock and dog fights…..

  19. Glad to see that our favorite soap opera, The Montana Legislature, will be as convoluted, nonsensical and distanced from reality as the 2011 season. Yea, Hollywood production values in local politics!

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