The Man Behind Judy Martz’s Economic Plan? Guess Who

Today the Helena IR reminded us of an almost forgotten fact: that the architect of Judy Martz’s economic policy was none other than Rick Hill, who is now the odds-on-favorite to be the next Republican nominee for Governor.

Hill was picked by Martz to lead her economic transition team, and also to prepare an economic blueprint for her administration.  The Martz economic plan consisted of several interesting features.  For one thing, she proposed a sales tax, which is indeed something that Rick Hill has long advocated.  She also ran out of money halfway through her term, and had to call a special session because the state was broke.  (And in addition to being broke, she herself broke into tears when she called the press to announce the special session, one of many bizarre Martz spectacles for those who were lucky enough to witness it.

Why was she crying?  The state was not only broke (Montanans were reading in the news that the Capitol could no longer afford to pay its water bill), but Montana was rated by USA Today as the one of the most reckless state governments in terms of spending (48th out of 50, on the 2003 list of fiscally responsible state governments, ranked from best to worst).  Also at that time, the Work Comp system was quickly spiraling  out of control in terms of the cost of premiums that businesses were being forced to cough up. This, too, grew from under the auspices of Hill who was not only Martz’s chief economic architect but also built that Work Comp system in the Racicot/Martz administration.

Today, having been under Democratic control for some time, Montana is rated among the best fiscally managed states in America, with a record surplus.  So we may postulate that Montanans, if given a choice between the Martz-Hill way of doing things and Schweitzer-Bullock, will likely opt for the latter.

And will Rick Hill try to run on his accomplishments as Martz’s economic guru?  Or will he run for the hills?

Posted: April 11, 2012 at 6:48 am

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24 thoughts on “The Man Behind Judy Martz’s Economic Plan? Guess Who

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    SOMEone had to clean up after the elephant parade! Unfortunately, it was Schweitzer! And now, the circus crazy train is back in town and boy is it a good one! NEVER has there been seen such a colorful, fantastical collection of oddities from around the world running for guv! And the choice couldn’t be clearer! Do we REALLY want the another elephant dump on the state? IS elephant poop really economic development? Is icompetence really the most desirable course to prosperity?

    To see the future under Pubbie rule, one need not read the tea leaves, just the elephant droppings! I think that the smell from the last parade is still too fresh for most Montanans to choose a return to judy mars world!|topnews|text|Frontpage

    1. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS

      Larry, are you saying that Rick Hill is as thick as elephant manure but only half as useful?

  2. Jennifer Davies

    Gee, I wonder why Rick Hill isn’t touting it anywhere that he was Martz’s economic guy…

  3. Mark Tokarski

    Again, do you know the word “Bakken”? I have no problem with paying my own taxes and don’t believe the nonsense about taxes being a drag on the economy. Quite the opposite. I am not a republican, but Bakken has been a windfall for Montana, and Democrats had absoluetely zero to do with it, and here you are touting fiscal responsibility. Can you folks have one honest day and say “we got lucky”? That’s all that happened.

      1. Mark Tokarski

        [sigh] again, I was a 59 year resident, we’ll be back someday, we own land, a business and rental property there, and even without all of that, public lands belong to all of us, so Montana politics is my business.

      2. Michael Searalika

        Shorter Buttarski: I am not a Montanan, but you should listen to me cause I live in Colorado!

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Um, Buttinski, YOUR turn, dude! Now is your chance to sing the praises of rick hilldo and judy mars! You’re fartin’ again, moron. Do your indepth comparison of mars and hilldo as compared to Scwheitzer! Don’t run and hide at the challenge. You farted, Buttinski, now own UP to it! You got nuthin’ except flatulence, little fella. BTW, how’s Nader doin’? bwhahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          That’s ’cause you’re a moron, dude! BTW, for the record, just HOW many languages DO you speak, Buttinski? You see, I only speak three, and I must admit that I feel somewhat deficient! (to all except you!)

          1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

            p.s. Buttinski, I used to think that I was good at humor, but I can’t hold a candle to the guv! The dude is great! See below:

            Quinn said he supports the Air Force’s plan to move eight C-130 airplanes from Texas to Montana. He said it was a good mission for the state.

            “That helps us keep those jobs and airmen in Great Falls, Montana,” Quinn said.

            Recently Texas Gov. Rick Perry called the proposal to shift the plans from Texas to Montana “one of the worst decisions” the federal government has made.

            Schweitzer responded to Perry on Wednesday.

            “About a year ago the governor of Texas was threatening to secede from the union,” Schweitzer said.

            Damn, guv! Nuthin’ like a shot straight to the hickory nuts!

              1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                And his smarts! The dude can think on his feet when the Pubbies can’t even think! And they hate that.

            1. Michael Searalika

              I say we find a way to take more from Texas, in armed services and bases. Apparently they hate the US Government down there. I say we ask to take on more Military support roles, and bases in Montana, it would be great for communities here to have their children serve near home.

        2. Mark Tokarski

          You speak three languages? Is one of them English? If so, please use in in future communications.

          I was in Billngs and Schweitzer hosted the morning show for three hours on a Denver station, so I hooked up an ear piece to it and walked around Riverfront Park and did other stuff while listening, and yes, the man has a quick wit and says some things that are genuinely funny. I wrote about it at my blog, but since folks here are polarized and only deal with each other in chosen and safe environs, you would not know that, nor would you know how I have said repeatedly that I like the man, think he is smart, and like Racicot, with whom I agreed on little, a very cagey politician.

          But that aside, as Montana environmentalists quickly reminded me, the man, good at winning elections, has not been good for the Montana environment, whether it be pipelines, forests or coal plants.

          I am constantly told that in politics, you never get all of what you want. This is is usually said by Democrats who support candidates who give us exactly zero in a pretty package with a bow. But with Schweitzer, given that he has good impulses generally, is clever and smart and knows how to fight and will fight when called upon to do so, I would vote for him without a second thought.oo I would not like everything and would bitch and call him to task and walk if he got out of hand, but at least with him we get something. Unlike your usual suspects.

          1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

            Um, Buttinski, that is TOTALLY out of character for you, dude! Not very Naderistic now, is it?! Hell, I didn’t even think that you voted any more! And now, you’d vote for Schweitzer??? What gives? Reality finally bite you in the ass? Only took two wars and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocents!

          2. Michael Searalika

            Shorter Buttarski: Republican have magic wands like Harry Potter, That’s how they will fix things! Democrats dont, they have to suffer working across the aisle.

          3. Mark Tokarski

            I have to remember with you two brains to keep everything in the first paragraph, as you don’t read beyond that. Bye then.

            It would be nice, Michael, if Democrats did indeed “work across the aisle.” Unfortunately, your numbers are so infiltrated with quislings of the Obama/Baucus/Tester/Gillan variety, that the idea of an aisle of separation between you and the other party is fiction.

            I would vote for and support a Schweitzer because he is strong and clever and would actually fight for some good impulses (along with some I don’t care for). You get that? He fights. He doesn’t “compromise” (yournword for selling us out) on first impulse. If only you were politically astute, you two could be quislings too! As it is you are bookends.

  4. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS

    How true! Mark is living in fantasy Novels!

    “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2000, spoken by the character Sirius Black ~J.K. Rowling

    1. Mark Tokarski

      Oh, hi Norma. I see you do read after all. Harry Potter then? I hear there’s some really good vampire literature out there. I mentioned you by name at my blog yesterday, but urge you to stay here in safe quarters, as the real world out there is one hell of a scary place.

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