Dave Lewis throws Martz, Hill and Himself Under the Bus

In recent times we’ve seen Republicans fall into a circular firing squad.

When Schweitzer was meeting with the Republican leaders last session, they told him that Rick Hill had made a mess of the Work Comp system when he was in charge of it during the 1990s.  Threw him under the bus.  Neil Livingstone made the same point about Hill a few weeks ago, and Ken Miller has taken on Hill for having spent most of the last twenty years in Palm Desert, California, rather than Montana.  And of course Corey Stapleton’s campaign has already chimed in with the insinuation that Hill has “too many Skeletons in the closet” to become Governor.

Yesterday it continued. State Senator Dave Lewis, a regular Cowgirl blog commenter, admitted that Montana’s current Pension woes, which Schweitzer is now trying to fix, are due largely to his own bill, HB 294, which he carried in 2001 on behalf of Judy Martz and her chief economic policy guru, Rick Hill.  This bill, ordered by the Martz administration as a supposed long-term solution to avoiding an insolvent state pension fund, gave automatic increases (3% a year), to state workers. It assumed that the stock market would go up forever.

Lewis gave an interview in which he said that “in forty years of government, HB 294 was the worst mistake I ever made.”  Some kudos to Dave Lewis for his honesty; this type of confession is rarely heard in politics.

The more important point is that Lewis’s statement closes the book on a very substantial inquiry as to the ineptitude of the Judy Martz administration.  We now have a confession entered into the record, conclusive proof that the Republican administrations of the last 20 years fucked things up, and Schweitzer has had to spend seven years trying to repair the damage.



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  1. This was not a Martz or Rick Hill bill. It was a bill I carried for Eric Feaver and Tom Schneider. The union guys. as I said, a big mistake. Has to be repealed.

    • So, you realized you threw your own team under the bus and now you are trying to throw some other people under instead. A little late.

  2. I recall it was well known that it was the Administration’s preferred fix, Dave.

  3. What fix. As the Governor pointed out, it ended up costing an arm and a leg. I got sold down the river by my friends Eric and Tom.

  4. Martz signed the bill. And Hill was her economic advisor.

  5. So if I understand it, a couple union thugs conned a junior legislator into carrying a bill that eventually did not work out.

    What a shock!

    Dave, perhaps you need to choose your “friends” more carefully.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 10:10 PM at 10:10 PM |

      Union thug? Too funny. What a dipshit you are, pauline.

      • WTF, Larry – mention a union thug and you lose track of the whole thread. Seems perhaps you are the dipshit that is easily distracted. Try to stay focused.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 12, 2012 10:34 PM at 10:34 PM |

          You called Feaver and the Schneider “thugs”. Now, back it up with some evidence or forever be the dipshit! What reason do you have to call these two men thugs? You see, you’re making a claim. We debate here. So, present your evidence for you claim. I’m simply calling you on your bullshit. Calling someone a thug indicates that that person is guilty of some type of verifiable thuggish behavior. That’s all. What evidence do you have that these two men committed thuggish behavior? You HAVE no evidence. Hence, you lose….again.

          Now, based upon my evidence presented above, I would have to say that you are a dipshit.

        • Paul must be one of these guys from over at the GOP blog Treasure State Politics. They like a monologue, not a dialogue, so they don’t allow comments.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 7:55 AM at 7:55 AM |

            Well, I just didn’t like the way paul insulted Mr. Lewass by implying that he was such an unsophisticated, malleable, ignernt, dumbass rube that a couple of tricky union thugs could intimidate him and take advantage of the poor guy by forcing him to introduce a bill that he was totally against! That just ain’t right!

            So, I rushed to Mr. Lewass’ defense. HEY, he’s not THAT dumb!

    • Dream on Paul. Lewis was no junior legislator. He was former budget director under Racicot. Please.

  6. Tom Schneider is a very sharp man. Hardly a thug.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 8:00 AM at 8:00 AM |

      Don’t expect pauline to back up his claim. He’s from the Flush Blimpo school of debate. One appearance on Letterman and THAT was the end of fat boy’s unscripted public appearances! You see, when you hand their fat asses to a rightie, they’ve had enough debate for one day!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 8:08 AM at 8:08 AM |

        Here’s what happens when the finest looking human specimen of shit appears in public! He must slither back under his rock to never be seen again in a real forum again! Here is the titular head of the Pubbie party getting his fat ASS handed to him!

  7. I find the use of the F-word here unnecessary. It weakens what is otherwise a fine article.

  8. Hill’s wife was involved in the Martz administration too. In one of its biggest scandals: http://missoulanews.bigskypress.com/missoula/ochenski-lyin-eyes/Content?oid=1133959

  9. No news here- Davie Lewis endorsed Ken Miller months ago. And we all know Miller likes to sling mud…

  10. As I recall, HB294 was a response to the “dot com” bust of 2000. It was needed to bring the retirement systems up to an actuarily sound position. The systems were in poor shape due to overly optomistic projections on returns “crafted” by the Legislatures of the 1990’s. Those Legislatures did not want to fund the retirement systems so instead chose to “guestimate” that the stock market returns would continue to go up indefinately and no additional funding was needed. Those decisions were made by the Racicot Administration (Dave Lewis was budget director) and the 1990’s Republican Legislatures. To say someone else “made me do it” is an exercise in revisionist history.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 10:49 AM at 10:49 AM |

      YOU LIE! You made no mention of the union thugs! The ones that made Mr. Lewass an offer he couldn’t refuse! And you conveniently FAILED to mention the horse head in his bed! Or the package containing some dude’s dick and balls! And the visit by Luca Brazzi! What mortal man COULD refuse to introduce the bill by the head of the state’s teachers association? Have you ever been confronted by a tiny little librarian with a BUN hairdo?? Very, very scary stuff, mister!

  11. Atleast Dave Lewis admited that he made a mistake, we all have that is human, and I have to admire him cause it takes a big man to admit to his mistakes. With that said, the Martz administration was the biggest disaster in the history of Montana. And Im afraid that if we elect any of the Republican clowns running for governor that we will be back to a disater as a state. Even though Ive had a few disagreements with the Schwietzer administration as of late, still I must say, it is and was the best dam administration this state has ever seen bar none and period. I wish we could get another term for Brian Schwietzer. But given my choices in the fall I will support Steve Bullock for governor.

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