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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 8:15 AM at 8:15 AM |

    “Kenny boy, it’s God on the line. He wants to rent you to run Montana for the next eight years”!


    Kenny boy’s waitin’ for that big call!

  2. Caption: “Citizens United leads to fundraising innovations.”

  3. The Republican idea of the free market system.

  4. I am not sure which is more idiotic: the people mentioned in the article, the 750 words wasted writing the article, or me spending a minute reading it.

    — Max Bucks

    • go away now.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 6:59 PM at 6:59 PM |

      No stay, bucky! You’re fresh rightwing meat, dude! Let’s see what you got! This should be fun!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 7:03 PM at 7:03 PM |

        p.s. Bucky, there ain’t no saftey net here, dude. You understand that, right? Got narlies??


        • Bucky’s Toke, LK.

        • It seems you and your relatives might acquire some reading and, eventually, some writing skills after all.


          WASHINGTON (AP) – Larry the baboon sits in front of a computer screen. The letters BRRU pop up. With a quick and almost dismissive tap, the monkey signals it’s not a word. Correct. Next comes, ITCS. Again, not a word. Finally KITE comes up.

          He pauses and hits a green oval to show it’s a word. In the space of just a few seconds, Larry has demonstrated a mastery of what some experts say is a form of pre-reading and walks away rewarded with a treat of dried wheat.

          BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Not a word.

          Larry is part of new research that shows baboons are able to pick up the first step in reading – identifying recurring patterns and determining which four-letter combinations are words and which are just gobbledygook.

          From: “See Larry read: Baboons can learn to spot real words”



          I know some of you anti-Darwinians out there are going to say that these are the same “scientists” who lost their jobs researching global warming when that work was proved to be a fraud, or maybe they came from the faster-than-light neutrino team recently. But with hundreds of Larry’s posts, we have proof right here in this blog that baboons are capable of recognizing and reproducing four letter words.

    • What scary guys. So many PhD’s in Jabberwocky!

      [Actually, I happened to notice that the pseudo-intellectual Mark Trotsky posts here once in a while, and I though perhaps I could do a little smackdown on him without getting my comments deleted, which he is wont to do over at his blog. But, hey, I am happy beating up on any other retarded midgets that might come along.]

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

        Wow! THAT was smart! Retarded midgets. Is that original?? bwhahahahahahaa! Say some MORE smart stuff, bucky! You’re a funny little dude, dude! Smack us down, little fella!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 10:24 PM at 10:24 PM |

          I LIKE this Wax Putz guy! He’s funny!

          • You write pretty fast for a guy with a pencil in his mouth poking at a keyboard. But just offhand, it sounds like your colostomy bag is ready to explode.

            Anyway, tomorrow, totally funny clever lefty dude. Maybe by then something worth commenting on will pop up in this blog.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 10:52 PM at 10:52 PM |

              Exploding colostomy bag!! And a pencil!!! Wow! Now THAT’S clever! For you see, I too find disabled people heelarious! See, I tol you, Putz. You can do it, little guy! Now THAT was a smack down! Max Putz, do come back! bwhahahahahaaa! You DO know what a putz is, don’t you Max??

      • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 13, 2012 11:58 PM at 11:58 PM |

        Mark is that you! Go fundle your circular reasoning somewhere else!

      • Hi Max. I had to ban you at my blog because you were carpet bombing me with 10-20 wordy comments on anything there. It had effectively become your outlet. I never care about content, and prefer people who disagree with me, but somehow I manage to drive them away. Is it my breath?

        What I have found here at this AstroTurf Montana Democratic Party outlet is rote mechanical posting of matters of little consequence to paint the “other” party as and keep the faithful in line. It’s fear-based manipulation. The “we’re rational, they’re not” mindset pretty well sums up human history, no?

        • …”to paint the “other” party as” lunatics, I meant to say.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 14, 2012 8:27 AM at 8:27 AM |

          You and Max Putz have a LOT in common, Buttinski! For you see, Max Putz can “hear” a colostomy bag about to explode! Wow! That’s some good hearing, no?! And I’ll lay you money that based upon the unique position of his head, he can hear his own hemorhoids too! And that makes him a lot like you!


          Where’s little Max Putz today? I hope he brings a big lunch, ’cause THIS forum will EAT it for him! He’s used to those wussy sites where no one laffs at him. The dude’s a rightwing humor machine even when tryin’ to be serious! And I appreciate that!

          • You really don’t see that describing you as an exploding colostomy bag is a marvelous image, right? Max and I agree on very little, but do on this: You are without self-awareness.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 14, 2012 9:00 AM at 9:00 AM |

              It is??? It’s not even funny, dude! Nor creative. Now, compare that to what do Flush Blimpo and the Hindenburg have in common?

              They’re both flaming nazi gas bags!

              Now THAT’s funny and creative. Rightwingers just aren’t funny. Nuthin’ funny bout fascism. Sorry, Buttinski.

          • “Sounds” is an ancient Anglo-Saxon word related to “sounding,” as in measuring the depth of water from a ship. In the current context, the word has nothing to do with “hearing.”

            Golly, Larry, you are already out of your depth, no pun intended.

        • No time for you right now, Trotsky. I have to go paint some dining room chairs that I found in a dumpster. The old lady was tried eating meals Indian style.

        • Trotsky, you are such a dissembling little weasel. You make John Kohen Kerry seem honest.

          You have deleted every one of my comments, regardless of their length. Your criterion is obvious: Whenever I point out the historical inaccuracy or illogic of anything you post, you delete my comment.

          You just keep the Big Swede’s comments because you know that you can usually handle him, and you need a token conservative to give your blog the appearance of balance. But when Max Bucks shows up, your trembling hand reaches for the Delete Key.

          For example, when you wrote with great indignation about US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses, I merely pointed out how uncustomary that is in the Middle East; that the custom is usually to set enemy corpses on fire, drag them through the streets, and hang them from a bridge.

          Comment deleted. Coward.

          • It’s not personal, and I don’t delete the comments. I don’t even know when you post ther, as it all goes straight to spam. You just overwhelmed me.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 14, 2012 6:46 PM at 6:46 PM |

            You mean dragging Blackwater MERCS and hanging them from a bridge, don’t ya, butter cup?


            Too funny! Where and when did YOU serve, buttercup?

  5. which article are you talking about ? i don’t see any article here. did you mean this photograph? it’s called a “picture” also known as “pitcher” in tea-bagger lingo.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 13, 2012 10:53 PM at 10:53 PM |

    For Rob Kailey. Remember that Santorum song with the cute chicks? Well, here’s the parody. I know Saintscrotum has left the race, but it’s still funny.

  7. Miller is toast as are all the Republican Candidates for the Governor’s office. I got the chance to meet General John Walsh tonight at the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic Dinner tonight and I can say catagorically that Bullock choosing him for a running mate put the final nail in the coffin for all the Republican candidates. Bullock is intellegent, reasonable, qualified and respected but he has the appeal of watching paint dry. General Walsh is charismatic, personable, and has an instant appeal in person. I see this race as over.


    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 14, 2012 1:45 AM at 1:45 AM |

      I Gotta agree General Walsh, wowed me as well, I had a good candid talk with him, and he knew Michael’s unit well, and liked them! That meant a lot to me as a mom, knowing there are people like him that care for other soldiers so well. My families always been navy and Marines, this guy felt like family. The General was personable easy to smile, smart and correct on his answers, a good man, and I believe right for the job also! Bullock picked a winner in Walsh. The two of them will be a great team for Montana.

      Though everybody was nice, I have to disagree with you about Max, Moorcat. Yeah his speech was kinda dry but his personal talk with me was as good as it gets. I felt like I was talking to my next door neighbor when I got done…. Like Tim the toolman’s neighbor and confidant, Wilson.

      Max spoke as someone who had a huge vested interest in talking plainly, with me about the people of Montana. He has done a lot of good work for this state as well and helped our brand, more then he could ever hinder it.

      Max didn’t mince words on any of my questions, he answered them Honestly. And he didn’t try to sell me.

      Tester says the same things as Max when you talk to Tester… I think there is a good respectable friendship to be seen between those two guys, that will always help a state, and the country…. and I don’t know if I am willing to part with Max quite yet!

      I know my son Micheal will disagree with me, he thinks Max is getting a little slow, But I think the man has lots still to offer us Montanans as a whole. Hes a keeper!

      U.S. Representative Candidates, was a holy shit its Christmas day, for me:

      I got along famously with Rob Stutz, and genuinely like him, the guy is smart, hungry and I think he would do us proud as a democratic Representative. Franke has more experience in the trenches and has some great Ideas on moving forward,the lady is a rock, and women love a lady with resolute strength. Dave Strohmaier, reminds me of Indiana Jones, Though he looks like a professor, I really like him for his guttiness and family values.

      Honestly, I liked both of these guys, and I am not knocking them. No democratic voter will go wrong voting for either of them. But I am a woman, and Franke has always been pro-choice, and for a womans health rights from the start, no Wavering I like her for that… with the republicans war on women, I say we turn someone like her loose on them.

      Kim Gillan is good for this state too…smart as well, if I didn’t have a partiality I’d be quite perplexed on just who to vote for out of all of them. Like I said it was Christmas….like looking at an all stars list of New York Yankees players for Rehberg’s old seat. and I think that might just be in the bag after tonight!

      We have some great people going to bat for us in state and federal races, smart people with great ideas…. all of them. I was privileged to part of such a good group of people.

      Lastly, I have been a big fan of John Vincent the minute I meet him last year. Now there’s a guy, everyone should spend some time with. Knows his facts, and never comes unprepared. We really need a guy like this, higher up the political ladder. I am just glad we have a fella like him at all. I wish all of our candidates good luck, they did a great job tonight, and I even think I did alright as well for a very nervous newbie.

      Its time the state went blue for a couple of years, I am betting, we keep finding people like this from the left side of town…. Montanan’s won’t go back to red when we get done!

      • Sheesh. Other than “pro-choice”, the classic wedge issue, you said not one word on policy matters, and fluffed all over every damned one of them. This is indeed a content-free zone.

        • Mark, I do get that you are emotionally and intellectually handicapped, but meeting candidates face to face is about getting to know them. You can spend hours reading their issue statements and going over their background, but this doesn’t really tell you who they are. If you had more than one brain cell to rub together, you would get that.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 14, 2012 1:05 PM at 1:05 PM |

            Thank you Moorecat, well said!

            Mark’s not a realist, nor is he human. He doesn’t know, that there is depth and texture past the issues, I want to know about!

            In Fact Mark doesn’t give a damn about anyone past his own me me me me issues!

            I have already read everyone’s take on the issues, now I want to know the people personally, see if they are really comfortable in their skin….Gage their energy, and honesty! I didn’t get to all people last night, a few were missing. One guy running in the Primary against Vincent, Mr Sweeny I could catch up too! One candidate didn’t make it, Denise!

            So that is why I didn’t say much about them!

          • All I have to do with max is exercise my memory. Good grief, Lucy is holding the football again. Have at it Charlie’s!

          • Kenny, if your only obligation as a vigilant citizen were to vote, you’d be right. As it is, our elections are shams, with candidates saying whatever they please and not being held to account, not even in the next election. Tester is a perfect example, pretending to have progressive leanings to get the nomination and the election in 2006. He then abandoned and insulted us when he took office.

            Now you are all doing the weighing scale, gee whiz, he did some good things, some bad things, but that’s all for show. The truth is that you are so scared of the other party that you’ll vote for him again and again and again and never hold him accountable.

            So meeting him, talking to him, blah blah blah, is for show. You’re going to vote for him. You’ll vote for Baucus again, and Obama. No matter who the Democratic nominee for house is, you’ll vote for that person. You and I both know this about you.

            The Democratic leadership knows this too. They know, for example, that no matter what Obama does in office (Bush III), that you’re so scared of the Tea Party that you’ll vote for him.

            Ergo, it is not unreasonable to speculate that the Tea Party is an asset for Obama as well as the Republicans, so that the widespread exposure and support they got when they were first invented was a perception management tool.

            Politics 101.

            • Tester is a perfect example, pretending to have progressive leanings to get the nomination and the election in 2006. He then abandoned and insulted us when he took office.

              Tokarski, I point out, yet again, that by your own admission you payed little attention to the campaign of Jon Tester. Yet here you are again caterwauling about his betrayal, a betrayal you aren’t even informed enough to identify. As someone who did pay attention to his campaign in 2006, I can tell you that he has done or attempted to do pretty much everything he campaigned on. If your select cadre of ‘progressives’ were too full of themselves to actually pay attention to the man, that’s hardly the fault of the rest of us.

              • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 15, 2012 11:54 AM at 11:54 AM |

                Here’s a guy who on numerous blogs beside this one, says he doesn’t vote. And has said continually right up to this year, and now that he finds this Particular kind of comment Offensive to most Montanans on this site……….as we consider it a civic duty, and he is just a free loader off of our votes………. now says he votes? Really?????

                He doesn’t understand that he is commenting to people, who remember his previous written Hogwash!

                You cant be trusted with telling the truth Mark…… go away!

              • Your name is Kenny?

                OK, Kenny II: I was at Left in the West throughout the campaign, and saw the spirals in Matt Singer’s eyes, along with Jay Stevens. I participate in all of the debates. At no point did I admit not paying attention. If you had any journalistic creds, I’d say nice trick, but as Kenny II, you’re just pulling a Kaily here.

                I voted for Jon Tester in the primary based on his progressive presentations. I voted for him in the general, and stayed up late that night hoping he had pulled it off. I went to bed not knowing.

                Since taking office, Jon has been a right winger attempting to put up a liberal voting record by the-usual means – words, and votes on issues that are foregone conclusions. You folks are, after all, silly putty.

                Where you judge an office holder is not by public utterances or voting record, as those things are stage managed. We look at what he is attempting to accomplish behind the scenes. In his case he worked with the people that Conrad Burns worked with, and brought in some compromised enviros in an attempt to push through the Burns agenda regarding our roadless lands. He worked to keep the filibuster in place so that he could blame it for the failure to pass meaningful progressive legislation. He’s an easily spotted fraud.

                Nothing in his public utterances or voting record tells that story. Now you tell me that he was laying it out for us in 2006. What you are doing is so painfully obvious – confirmation bias, working backward through history to find evidence that justifies your position in the present. The man is sponsored by corporate money (and LCV, but I repeat myself), and so must reflect their agenda while earning your vote. Some of us are a little more incredulous than you.

                Now, Kenny II, go play with your friends. Politics is for adults.

                • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 16, 2012 8:24 AM at 8:24 AM |

                  Look Liar, you cant scrub you comments here… so grow some for a change and admit, when you are wrong or get the hell out of the way…. your not a Montanan, your living in Colorado dimwit!!!!! You have been there since 2008, by your own admission! So how the hell if your not a citizen of this state, Are gonna talk about Tester when you cant vote for him, and probably didn’t vote for anyone cause you were not a legal resident too???

                  Like you moved in mid 2008, and you might not have even been in Colorado long enough to be considered a resident there either????

                  You have admitted here countless times, over the last couple of years…. you do not vote for anyone! So since you have no fire in your belly, to do your civic duty, that makes you a free-loader, nothing more! Who listens to a freeloader? No one!

                  Being a commentator of Opinion on a blog like Left in the West, in internet space, doesn’t mean you live in Montana either! Unless your delusional! Oh I forgot you are delusional!

                  So what have I missed???? Nothing!

                  Stop lying Mark, Your not welcome to complain about Tester here! The mans been a rock for the state and tried to do the right thing for Americans always, Unlike you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Secondly, We have been asking here for years about Rehberg’s Record for Montana? No One can come forward to say anything, nice about the man……. except the S.O.B. can drink, fall off horses, Follow republican money around like a lemming, and wreak boats in drunken excursions!!!!!

                  Like Larry the ranger says: Its Your Party Mark, Embrace them! When you finally grow some balls vote for them, freeloader!

                  • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 16, 2012 8:31 AM at 8:31 AM |

                    Vote for them Right wing nuts in your Own state, Colorado! Talk to people down there were you come from! Your comments are not relevant here because you are not a citizen of Montana!

                • Rob Kailey:

                  Yet here you (Tokarski) are again caterwauling about his betrayal, a betrayal you aren’t even informed enough to identify.

                  And I see you still have nothing except what doesn’t appear anywhere. You write:

                  Where you judge an office holder is not by public utterances or voting record, as those things are stage managed. We look at what he is attempting to accomplish behind the scenes.

                  That is so very cute, kitten. We can’t know what he’s attempting to accomplish by what he does (voting) or what he says. We can only know by seeing what can’t be seen, filtered through your fantasy of what that REALLY means. As I wrote before, you never paid attention to his campaign. Your time and effort at LitW was spent insulting the proprietors for being Democrats (which eventually got you banned the first of many times). Your ‘engaging in debates concerning Tester’ is pretty much a lie, considering that there weren’t many debates about Tester. We all pretty much agreed that he was the best candidate. Where there were disagreements were with some stances he was very clear on that the community thought were not progressive before he ever got elected, including but not limited to his support for logging to prevent catastrophic wildfires such as the Bitterroot saw in 2000.

                  Now, kitten. You keep wailing and gnashing teeth about Tester’s betrayal, and you keep accusing others of not discussing policy. So grow a pair and show what you know. How has Tester betrayed us all? Be specific, because obviously you’re full of it concerning the general.

      • Norma,

        I am not saying that Baucus hasn’t done some good things. Far from it. I am just saying that the man I saw last night was not the man I voted for and supported for decades. I was disappointed that he spent more time personally campaigning for an office that he already has than for the actual candidates. I did not get a chance to really talk with him one on one as he was continuously surrounded by others. I exchanged a few words with him as I was getting into the food line but it was casual.

        I have serious concerns about his actual activities in the Senate this last term. I won’t go into them now but, at some point, I would like the oppurtunity to talk with him about them.

        I do not see Baucus and Tester being the same kind of men or the same kind of politicians. They speak VERY differently and they certainly have different focuses. I am not as convinced are you are that he is still the man I want representing me. That will have to wait, though, until his seat is actually up for election. At this point, I am going to focus on Senator Tester as his seat IS up for election.

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 14, 2012 1:07 PM at 1:07 PM |

          And that sir is all good! I respect your opinion!

        • It is shameful that Max is taking credit for Tester’s work, he is not up for re-election.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 14, 2012 2:29 PM at 2:29 PM |

            I had talked to Tester staff Months ago in DC, and they were saying the same things Max was saying, that he did in fact help in a lot of Testers bills, and Visa-versa.

            We Know so little of what goes on between those two men, and I do indeed believe they work on projects together. Just because someone comes up with an Idea doesn’t mean they carried it through all by their self. Lets not get petty here. I know my 5 day visit to DC was eye opening to me on how Government works, at the federal Level. Our state house, is no where near a copy of that kinda work.

            I suggest everyone, either fly down there like I did at least once or twice in their lifetime for that edification.

          • I have “flown down there” more than once (though not in a long time, I grant you). I do see how things are done and they are rarely done by a single person.

            That said, I think it is disentigous how Baucus spent a lot of his time speaking about the work Tester has done for veterans like it was his (Baucus’s) work. Much of what Tester has accomplished, he has done in committee, where Baucus was not in a position to help him.

            I think it would have gone over much better (at least for me) had he spent more time talking about his own accomplishments (or better – about the candidates that do need support for THIS election – rather than campaigning for himself by touting Tester’s accomplishments.

            That was just my impression but it was a strong one that will probably not change. I won’t go so far as Warren and say that it was shameful, but it does clearly mark the difference between Tester and Baucus. Baucus will have to do a LOT of work to convince me I need to vote for him when he comes up for re-election.

        • You’ll vote for him. He knows this.

          • For the record, that’s exactly what Tokarski told me in 2008. I didn’t vote for Max. I voted for the parliamentarian with crazy eyebrows, Bob Kelleher. Sadly, very few other “progressives” did. I wonder, could Mark be just plain wrong? Is that possible?

            • Only you would know that. Right? And your record for honesty, as you and I both know about you, is tarnished, to say the least.

              Anyway, Kelleher was throwaway. You know that. You knew Max was going back, though as credulous as you are, you never wondered why a credible opponent never took wing on the other side.

              • Okay, kitten. How many posts did you write before the election of 2008 concerning why you wouldn’t vote for Max Baucus? None? How many posts did you write in that time that dealt specifically with his policy support and the morals behind it? None? How many posts or comments have you ever written supporting Bob Kelleher as a person or a political candidate? None?

                That’s funny, I’ve written several of each. One of us does have a tarnished record of honesty, Tokarski, and it sure as hell ain’t me.

                • Er, uh, I was one of four writers at eyebrows over highbrows.

                  • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:30 AM at 1:30 AM |

                    Betcha they booted you and your nonsense from there also……… if what you said was true?

                    Of Course it isn’t!

                    There was no such Blog named that, and running it under all media types produces no such website……. even on the internet Archives!

                    Try again Liar, cuz if it was ever cached by any search engine……… Under such a Girly Name, it would be there!


                  • You are becoming more like Kralj every day, I must say. The blog was called “Eyebrows over Highbrows” and four of us wrote there under pseudonyms. After the election, we took it down.

                    Have you ever looked up and down the comment list here? It’s 90% you and Kralj and Norma, and it’s utter crap and nonsense, caps, insults, stupid nicknames … At least Ken Kailey tries to discuss issues. Within those parameters you three have pretty much made this place a laughing stock, to the point where I get knocked for even coming here. The idea is that to participate in discussions here is degrading in itself.

                    I don’t agree, but I do wish you would grow up, or at least, if you want to do the insult game, develop a little skill at it. You’ve yet to land a blow.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 17, 2012 7:15 AM at 7:15 AM |

                      Um, Buttinski, your ONLY purpose for posting here is twofold. One, to sabotage this site, for you are SO repulsive and repetitive that you think you will drive folks away. And two, it’s the ONLY way people might read your nonsense! Truth be told, Buttinski, everyone here is all about discussing issues. But when morons like you and Putz show up, we must respond. That’s all. Feel free to leave any time, Buttinski. Not much traffic over at your place again????

                    • Eeesh. Larry, you make me sick. You are more lacking in self-awareness than any human I have ever met.

                      And again, as it has been for years, I get maybe 200 “hits” on my blog daily. Of those, most are random people looking at older posts, and many who just come by to see what’s up but who don’t stop to read. I’d be surprised if I get 10-15 actual “reads” on my pieces, as most people making the rounds are skimmers.

                      Unlike you, I don’t suffer illusions. I only write on there because I like to write, and a few people like my writing enough t read it regularly. I go to other blogs to read the writing, and I post in the comments because I like to argue. I’m pretty fire about mindsets, as I have noticed over the years that people don’t come by opinions by means of thinking or research. Most of what you think of as your “opinions” on issues were implanted in you by means of advertising and cult-of-the-leader manipulation – that is, you think what you think because someone you admire thought it first.

                      I have people I like and read, and so go through a similar process, but at least have enough self-awareness to understand how information spreads and how opinions form. You don’t.

                    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 17, 2012 10:30 AM at 10:30 AM |

                      You Know I think it is about time Cowgirl scrub Mark from the site.

                      The guy keeps saying he hates Cowgirls Blog, Her articles and all the commentors here….. but doesn’t have the decency to leave and stay gone. for the good of all members here. I think he needs to be tossed.

                      He has been tossed from so many other blogs in Montana as a troll. I know he will never post at mine either!

                      See the Problem Is Mark, All you do…. Like Larry says, is Disparage people comments and Ideas here. You have no traffic, on your site…you are Jealous of Cowgirl, and some of the Intelligent Commentary here.

                      Big Deal, You Get two hundred hits a day at your site, so do I. The difference is I like to share information, and fun. Not push craziness like you do. My site is for Montanans! I read almost all the other lefties Montana blogs daily, But I only have time to comment at one… this is it, I like this site, and I like all the people who come here except you!

                      Larry’s completely right about you, and so are others who have had it, with your trashing this site. you need to go!

                    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 17, 2012 10:39 AM at 10:39 AM |

                      Mark, not only did Michael check for this supposed site, but I did also this morning….. Even if you took it down….It would still be Cached under the Internet Archives if it was worth anything to the Internet at all……….. it isn’t there.

                      Michael’s right your a liar!

              • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:33 AM at 1:33 AM |

                Shorter Buttarski: Damn Rob got me……. Deflect, Deflect, Lie my pants off and Deflect some more!

  8. Naw its Mark, arguing with himself. he made a comment to Moorcat, that was something Mark said before! Even Moorcat noticed it!

    Christ I leave comments open on my blog! I have to approve them, but I usually let them fly. I just havent said anything lefty there for a while. Mostly animation I like. Mark had so little commentors that he started a war with himself. And that got him Banned too!

    Bwah ha ha ha ha

    • Norma, I have to disagree with you for two reasons, the second better than the first.

      1) Though “Max” and Tokarski both rely on the Appeal to Authority of the writings of others and their style of argument can be similar, their modes of thinking are worlds apart. Tokarski shows an almost pathological avoidance of any discussion of morality or moral foundations. “Max” assumes a very particular morality and can discuss little else. Tokarski avoids specifics in favor of ‘nuance’, having per-decided what is important based on his circular reasoning. In an unfortunate similarity to my brother, “Max” will nitpick details to the nth degree. Moorcat does so because being thorough gives him comfort. “Max” does so because details can be used to misdirect and sew discord. Tokarski’s trolling is to make every topic or discussion focus on himself. In order to do so, Tokarski has to expose himself. “Max” avoids any self-exposure at all. His purpose is clearly and simply to foment destruction. He is the consummate troll.

      2) Both “Max” and Mark have been active in the Montana online for a long time, all the way back into the days when Tokarski was ignorant of how to even change his IP address (leading to his Monty charade). Those of us who are not technologically ignorant, beyond just myself, have well been able to verify that “Max” and Tokarski are not the same person. This current iteration of “Max” could be Tokarski, but frankly, I don’t think him rational or grounded enough to pull off an illusion of that magnitude. This “Max” is the same one who was commenting 6 years ago. And that ain’t Mark.

        • Possible, but it’s unlikely that he would be any we expect as your link would suggest.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 15, 2012 2:01 PM at 2:01 PM |

          “the universities, especially the public universities, have been so thoroughly subverted by Marxist ideologues”

          Well, there’s always BYU, RIGHT, buttercup??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!

          Oh maxine, DO tell how the universities have been corrupted by marxists! Seems to ME that you’ve been corrupted by the Bullshitvics, Cleon Skousen and old Joe Smith! And you butt buddy, Glenda Beck!

          But hey, give ONE example of at marxist prof from the U YOU went to, cupcake! You are so full of it, maxine! What a pretender!!! Oh, and you’re a GREAT one for giving others advice on education, SO, twinkie, some details on your own maybe????


          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 15, 2012 2:02 PM at 2:02 PM |

            This dude is so full of it it’s funny! Man, I would have to say he’s the classic troll! Never answers even one question the HE himself gives rise to!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 15, 2012 2:05 PM at 2:05 PM |

              He kinda reminds me of that dink that wrote that bizarre piece who is now running for office somewhere by Butte I think it was. We prodded him a bit, and he outed himself for being the dufus he was! Maxine is very carefully not outing herself! You see, once these dudes are outed, it’s over for them! What a freakin’ coward!

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 15, 2012 2:24 PM at 2:24 PM |

                And really, I probably shouldn’t make fun of Maxine, for it’s true, he’s had a “revelation”!!


                No, don’t laff! It’s true! You see, like old Joseph Smith himself, Maxine had two seer stones, vermin and spumen, but LOST them! And he lost his HAT too! What to do? What to do!

                So, he did what BUTTINSKI did! He stuck his head up his ass and recieved not one, but TWO relevations from god!

                The first revelations was that “God sayeth it’s mighty DARK in here! And smelleth too”!

                And the second revelation said, “Maxine, you wilst be’st a great intelectual on the blogs and smiteth thoust enemies! Verilyist!”

                Well, turns out that the first revelation is the only one that’s true!


                Maxine is a ver funny little dude!

                More on maxine and his seer stones!


      • Kinda long? Do you know the word succinct?

        • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:35 AM at 1:35 AM |

          The question is: Do you? Could you be so succinct as to leave us alone?????? Go away Mark!

          • See, this is what you do, Michael: You surround yourself with people you agree with and try to chase anyone else away because you are afraid to confront your internal contradictions. That’s the whole reason for the Cowgirl site. It’s a place to hide. That’s why you all get so upset with me. I make you uncomfortable, and I do it merely by pointing out that your party is just like the other party. It’s that simple. They are your mirror.

            • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 17, 2012 10:45 AM at 10:45 AM |

              Michael just doesn’t like you, because you disparaged me, and you disparage women at this site. He pretty much gets along with everyone else! Haven’t you noticed your not liked here Mark?
              …………… Leave!

            • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:08 PM at 1:08 PM |

              I see Buttski is making less and less sense as he goes along! So In his reasoning I should only hang out were I am not welcome…. that is Marks Idea of a true experience???? Really?

              Do you see yourself slipping from reality’s grasp often Mark? Because Only Illiterate idiots and fools, would follow your Logic!

              A person always goes where he is welcome, I believe I am welcome here………….. you are not!

              Better yet, Prove your unscientific theory Mark! I bet if you test it in real life, out in the streets and not in your head… you’ll be surprised of the outcome! I Know you don’t have the guts to do it Mark. So prove me wrong!

              Go out to the worst part of town and hang out somewhere, where your not welcome!

      • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:45 AM at 1:45 AM |

        Hey Rob that’s the point isn’t it? Mark doesn’t fit in with “Sane” perimeters. I also see Max is gone…whoever the a-hole is, and I am not convinced yet myself myself cause the writing is a little too close,we are back to one troll!

        Though…. Max seems to make a point far quicker then Butts can!

      • Your writing, as always, is tedious, and your inability to self-reflect is evidence of your true nature. The way you are waxing professorial here is all you really want, it appears: to be admired for scholarship and insight. You have, as far as I can tell, neither. Matter of fact, in politics, you are just dumb (or you play along with it to garner respect from people who don’t understand politics. You could be serrate than I give you credit for.)

        In 2006, you grabbed my IP, put up a fake comment on your own blog using the name “Monty,” and then told everyone who read your blog that you checked the IP, and discovered that I was Monty, and that I had trolled you using a fake name. Then you wrote the following:

        I realize that Eric [a man who had another blog at that time] is incapable and unwilling to control the trolls at his website, but that is a malaise I do not share. What saddens me is that a man I have infrequently found insightful would be attempting to troll me. Mark T. (for Tokarski) is posting under the nom de plume of “Monty” from IP address I can only assume that he is doing so to get me to expose why I wrote a previous post without explanation for those who have no need to know. He’d have been better off just emailing me to ask, but no. He sought to stir shit up, by being contrary and rather rude. I would expect that from Eric, or one of his pets, but not from a “friendly”, as it were.

        It just goes to show you that it takes all kinds, and we must suffer all fools. And yes, Mike, you were rather more correct than most about Mr. Tokarski. My apologies if you thought I doubted you overmuch in this matter.

        Update: I’m tired of this; all of it. I’ve thought long and hard about everything that happened here this past weekend, and I’ve decided not to ban Mark T’s IP. I’ve no idea why other than it would be morally pointless to do so. I know full well how hard it is to directly spoof a given IP. Craig and Jeff do too. It doesn’t happen that easily, and as I pointed out to Mark in email, if his IP has been spoofed then he’s got one whole helluva bigger problem facing him than that a lowly blogger would think him a troll. For offering that insight, I am apparently a “shit”. Oh well.

        I didn’t start this website for Mark. I didn’t start it to be popular, or partisan, or even because I give a raging poop about the world today. I started it to keep in contact with Jon and Mike and Mark (my Mark), my family, and my friends (which includes David and Craig, to be very honest.) The truth is, right now I’m kinda sick of the bullshit. The bedwetting uber-wimps at Eric’s site think I’m some kind of outrageous Bishop of liberalism, the “liberal” press can’t seem to get the idea that I don’t care to be FCC approved, and I’ve got “politically connected” individual crapping their too-soon-needed Depends over the thought of mounting my head on their mantlepiece. And now I get to deal with this low-grade soap-opera crap? Yeah, what a fun fucking time we’re having now.

        So, I’m just gonna go with it. You want to give me your opinion? FINE! All I ask is that you attempt to be as honest as possible.I’ve always expected that from Craig, David, Dave, Jen, Geeguy, Steve, Rocky and every single other person I disagree with in this Montana online community. And not a one of them has disappointed me. They’ve been themselves, and that’s good enough. So have I. You want to try and screw with me, I’ll screw with you back. But wouldn’t it be a helluva lot better to actually engage each other as free people, and honest Montana folk?
        Yeah, I think so too.

        The parts that are in bold are the con man parts, where he is professing (with some hand-wringing) his own high moral standards even as he is in the middle of pulling a con on everyone. He is utterly dishonest. I did indeed email him at the time, as I was stumped about the incident. I told him I was not Monty, that I had not posted under that name, and for the life of me did now know how this had happened. My own son thought it must be me who did that. I was deeply hurt. He never responded. (Keep in mind I did not know him at the time – he was just some blogger, so far as I knew. My son had told me that that he really liked his writing, so I read his blog.)

        I suffered from his Monty stuff and over the years, whenever he and I would get into it, he would pull it out, link people to it, and run me down some more. He’d make a point to keep referring to the Monty incident as his trump card over me. As slow as I am, it took me until 2009 to have the flash of insight – two people knew that IP address, he and me. I did not post as Monty, so that “he was Monty! There was no other explanation. So I outed him.

        Later, in learning the nature of sociopaths, I learned that springing traps like that on unsuspecting people is part of their modus operandi, their low nature – it’s a game, and they get satisfaction from the trap. He never meant for anyone to know that he was Monty. It was meant to be his permanent and damning song about me.

        That’s why I call him “Monty.” He invented the name, used it, and so owns it.

        Anyway, his writing above, his talk about “morality”, is all for show. This is a low and vile person suffering from moral turpitude, a man I have the ultimate in low regard for, a truly amoral and immoral person lacking integrity and dignity. He knows that what I am writing is true, and does not care that I know this about him. He is only concerned that others not find him out.

        So again, Monty, I know you. You disgust me.

        • And yet my life goes on …

        • Y’know Mark, it isn’t your delusions that grate on me half as much as your idiotic rejection of basic reason. Look at you. You claim that your epiphany was that only you and I knew your IP address. Just us … and of course every single other person whose website you ever commented at. That list, at the time, included but was not limited to Shane Mason, Craig Sprout, Matt Singer, Dave Budge, Jeff Balboni, Jay Stevens and myself. Notice, dumbshit, there are 4 IT professionals on that list and every single one of us told you the same thing. NO one could have stolen your IP address and then given it back to you. That is, of course, what you claim happened, after you accused the first two people on that list of having ‘stolen’ it in the first place.

          Yet somehow, to you, they now couldn’t have done what we all said couldn’t be done, so it must have been me. Let’s try a little real logic, shall we? If, and that’s a huge if, anyone could have done it, than anyone could have done it. Since that really isn’t a possibility then all that remains must be true. The comment came from your computer. I’ve hinted at this before while still trying to be nice to you, but I’m sick of your stupid crap, and it’s time you eat it. The remaining possibility is that it was someone who had access to your computer. If you didn’t troll my website, as you claim, then it was your wife who butt-fucked your reputation online and it is she who you should be directing your stupid “disgust” at. That is the logical conclusion, dipshit.

          Personally, I think it was you, but your Narcissistic Personality Disorder leaves you convinced that others are just too stupid to see the obvious. They’re not, kitten. For the record, I do believe that I disgust you because I have the evidence to see you for what you are. Your self-loathing demands nothing less than “disgust”.

          • you know exactly what it means: You knew my IP address because I had posted comments. You then “discovered” that a troll named Monty was me, and announced to the world that it was my IP address. Others chimed in saying yes, that’s his IP address. t was self-fulfilling. Then your wrote the godawful life-sucking words above about honesty and friends. God you disgust me, you lying sack of shit.

            • Now now, Tokarski. Calm down and breath a little bit. We’ll get through this together. Remember, I’ve already shown that Typepad records IPs and time of comment and I can’t change those. Ever. Everyone else “chimed in” because they also saw your IP as the one you always posted from, both before and after the ‘Monty’ comment. It is impossible that anyone ‘used’ your IP address and then gave it back to you. Are you now trying to claim that they were all lying and that there is a conspiracy against you? There was nothing self-fulfilling, Mark. I don’t control the Internet and I didn’t write the Typepad software. There, do you feel a little calmer?

              The logic is exactly as I expressed it. The comment came from your computer. It was you, or it was your wife. When all other possibilities have been eliminated, what remains must be the truth. You quoted that, Mark. It’s time to fess up.

              • Again, no conspiracy, you LSOS. It was merely you. The others have no interest, and merely bought into your clever little trap, as would I had I been in their shoes.

                I hedged my bet in the beginning when I judged you a sociopath. I feared that when I went public with my evidence and suspicions, that I was playing amateur psychologist and possibly was defaming a jerk, but not a sociopath. As much as you are a dislikeable person, you might just be a jerk.

                I’m Ok with it all now

                • The logic is exactly as I expressed it. The comment came from your computer. It was you, or it was your wife. When all other possibilities have been eliminated, what remains must be the truth. You quoted that, Mark. It’s time to fess up.

              • Again, no conspiracy, you LSOS. It was merely you. The others have no interest, and merely bought into your clever little trap, as would I had I been in their shoes.

                I hedged my bet in the beginning when I judged you a sociopath. I feared that when I went public with my evidence and suspicions, that I was playing amateur psychologist and possibly was defaming a jerk, but not a sociopath. As much as you are a dislikeable person, you might just be a jerk.

                I’m Ok with it all now, however.

              • Please show us the Typepad records of that time, by the way. You almost snuck that one by, as you’ve never shown any “Typepad records” before. You just made that up!

                It is very diffidult to argue with sociopaths, as your type can be very clever liars. After all, it was a clever lie that started this.

                Now, you LSOS, now! Show us your Typepad records. You disgusting LSOS. You and I both know this, right?

                • Hehehhehhe

                  In the very link posted here there is a screenshot of the Typepad record. You are so stupid …

                  • Here’s what is interesting – I didn’t make that comment. It’s a dumb comment, not that I am not capable. But the whole thing is that the screen shot, four years later, is totally within your control and offered after I outed you. How are we to know that you didn’t paste it up? And why did that silly little comment, which was not me, set you off?

                    Had you asked me at the time, instead of announcing to the whole world that you were some kind of victim, I would have told you that I had no idea what that was about. I have some cleverness and writing ability and certainly could have done better than “Your wit is as sharp as a butter knife.” Good grief!

                    Then there is the whole of the 2010 post, whichnis a bit psychotic. You talk about how your job was threatened, how people are taking you down. But that was not happening. (Something was goong on, but not that. We’ll never know.) No one cares about a book store clerk in an outback town. It’s all very weird. You made up not oly my supposed troll attack, but also a whole scene in which you were under attack from nasty people.

                    There’s kind of a meme out there that sociopaths are sick or twisted. Cheney is one, no doubt, and functions at a very high level. He never sweats, has immense success in life. I don’t regard sociopathy as illness, but rather natural selection, but do regard you folks as dangerous.

                    Cheney functions at a very high level, and you are a book store clerk. I get it that you are frustrated. Do not take that out on me. I am just a guy with some depth and wit, and was never a threat to you. You did not need to attack me. You grabbed a wolf by the ears, you SSOS.

                    • Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 8:17 PM at 8:17 PM |

                      Your Lost this argument with us Mark, and you should just tuck your Miserable life between your legs and run away.

                      I have read all the pertinent info regarding this Monty 1 BS, it is all about you,You did it, your at fault, and you got caught. I have read from other blog masters, how they have banned you and your stupid talking points off their sites……..Your just a loser, and a real untruthful jerk about just about everything.

                    • I wish I had a nickle for every time someone who wants me to lose an argument says that I lost the argument. I lose arguments all of the time, as it is part of putting your (real) name on the blogs. But not this one. Rod is exposed here, but you’ll not see or admit it, as he belongs to your support group, and needs you now more than ever.

                      Michael, you’ve not shown me anything, by the way. I don’t see where you’ve any chops to be sitting there deciding who won or lost an argument. I mean that. You’ve shown me nothing.

                • Once again: The logic is exactly as I expressed it. The comment came from your computer. It was you, or it was your wife. When all other possibilities have been eliminated, what remains must be the truth. You quoted that, Mark. It’s time to fess up.

                  • It was you. Everything else fits as well. It’s something that was happening at the time, some crisis you were facing, perhaps losing your job for some reason, having night sweats. It’s clearing up a little. I had no idea why you chose me as your bitch that night, but am willing to accept that you needed someone, and I worked for you as I don’t have much respect for self-professed intellectuals. the people you listed in your 2010 post are people who, along worth you, took themselves far more seriously than I took any of them. So I was a likely target. I am of the uppity sort, especially with the self-important.

                    That part part makes some sense – big egos, little accomplishment, not enough genuflecting on my part. I bring that on myself. I don’t make nicey with the self-important. So you chose me.

                    The question is, what was going on in your life? you were having an episode for sure, and outside looking in, it appears psychotic.

                  • By the way, if you look at my blog now, under the post about buying a used care in Denver you’ll see a comment from Rod Kailey, linking to his web site, saying “Your wit is as sharp as a butter knife. I can go in and change anyone’s comment or name to suit my fancy, and it will appear to be what I say it is. That’s all he did.

                    Of course, he did not comment on that post, but if he had, I would have it in my power to change his words, his email, his name, and it would still appeaser under his IP. And that’s all he did that night back in 2006.

                    We didn’t even know each other at the time, and I was flummoxed, but it was an intro into his psyche, which was very troubled back then. As I see it now, he was indeed afraid that he was going to lose his job, and was having night sweats. That’s all I can make of it.

                    • Also, after I had changed the name, email, web site and comment, with his IP still showing, I could do a screen shot and publish it.

                      The man is a fraud.

                    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 17, 2012 10:25 PM at 10:25 PM |

                      Paaleassse tell me the slimball, isn’t still arguing a moot Point??????

                      Coulda, woulda, shoulda????

                    • I adore your desperation, Tokarski.

                      Not once, in six years, have you claimed that you left a comment that night and I altered it … until now. Six years, Tokarski. I even pointed out 2 years ago that you *could* have claimed that, but never did. And now you are so desperate to prove me a “fraud” that you fall back on a possibility that isn’t really possible at all. You have just admitted that you are out of options and grasping for anything that will save you from the truth. We’re done with this discussion, all public and up-front like. Game. Set. Match.

                      When I call you “delusional”, I don’t use the term lightly. I accept that you have convinced yourself that you had no part in that comment that so impugned your reputation. Of course that’s ironic considering how much time you waste telling others how we are manipulated into believing the unbelievable and fail to “self-examine”. But this is the truth of it all. No one attacked your reputation save you (or your wife, which strangely you have yet to examine). There is no cabal of envious and angry lesser humans seeking your downfall through nefarious means. No one “stole your IP address” and no one altered a comment to psychotically accuse you of anything. You just fucked up, got caught, and that’s pretty much the end of it. Like the feelings a grade-school nerd has for the pretty girl who caught him eating his own boogers, you’re welcome to hate me; because I really don’t care.

                      I will continue to allude to the Monty episode when pointing out how truly screwed up in the head you are. But I won’t argue it with you any further. It’s all been said.

  9. Michael Searalika | April 17, 2012 1:18 PM at 1:18 PM |

    Mark you were Monty 1, You Posted an admission before, and as I have gleened from previous posts Rob has directed me too, you were quite proud of it. Now you are trying to take it back? Incredibly stupid on your part don’t you think?????

  10. “diffidult”

    The new name of my punk band.

  11. “Buying a Used Care”

    The new new name of my punk band.

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