Republican School Superintendent Accuses Obama of Treason

Max LeningtonA Montana Republican School Superintendent and County Treasurer is accusing President Obama of treason and calling for his impeachment.

Max Lenington (R), the elected County treasurer and school superintendent of Montana’s most populous county, wrote in today’s Billings Gazette  that President Obama:

is assuredly the worst president in the 236 years of our existence, a term predicated not only on treasonous action, but impeachable activity as well.

He has made a mockery of our Americanism by his association with known derelicts, the breaching and ignoring of our Constitution, and belittling whomever differs with his impeachable political ideals.

Apparently Lenington has a lot of free time on his hands to write such letters.  Word on the street in Billings is that Lenington has barely even been in to the school superintendent’s office in more than a year, leaving a woman in that office to do all of his work.

For a Yellowstone County elected official to refer to the President’s actions as “treasonous” without even specifically outlining any complaints, seems irresponsible.  Especially in light of another Yellowstone County “Pillar of the Community,” Judge Richard Cebull, who forwarded a racist email from his work computer to some of his good ol’ buddies.  The email contained a “joke” about Obama’s mother having sex with dogs.


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  1. To quote Jeff Spicoli “What a Dick”

  2. Right on the official GOP message. Good job Max. It’s always good when your elected officials are honest.

  3. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 20, 2012 6:59 PM at 6:59 PM |

    I keep asking this question to the far right, and they dont have an answer? If Obama is not really isn’t a American why do all the generals follow him? Why Does even the Republican Leaders still call him the president? They have had 4 years to produce evidence and yet nothing has come out! It isn’t a conspracy, there just isn’t any proof out there cuz it is all a lie by the right!

    Max Lenington shouldn’t be allowed in the same room as children, I think he has just proved he is too unstable for the JOB!

    • To answer your question why the government has not removed Obama from office, consider an analogous situation that arose in 1963: the JFK assassination.

      The CIA and several other high-level government security agencies knew that Kennedy was killed by a KGB agent in retaliation for several attempts on Castro’s life. But there was no way the blame could be assigned to the Soviet Union because that would have triggered a nuclear war. The tradeoff was a few men’s lives (Kennedy, Oswald, Ruby, etc.) for millions of lives.*

      Removing Obama from office would trigger widespread rioting and looting by blacks and possibly even a race war. That is why the military and the political leadership continue to pretend Obama is a legally elected official. The tradeoff is keeping an impostor in office versus billions in property damage and possibly thousands of deaths.

      * But note that all the KGB operatives and their superiors involved in the Kennedy assassination were quietly killed by CIA and MI5 agents between 1964 and 1967. Most authorities place the total number killed at 15 to 20.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 20, 2012 11:04 PM at 11:04 PM |

        Source please, and I DON’T mean the facts your pull outta your ass! Damn! You’re even dumber than the usual reetarts that show up here. Good job!

        • I had access to the records when I worked for a government agency during the late 1960s.

          But you sound a little crazy to me. So I’ll stop responding.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 21, 2012 1:14 AM at 1:14 AM |

            It doesn’t answer the Question Jane, and I was talking Obama not some conspiratorial theory 60 years ago, I am talking today!

            Sheesh, He wasn’t even born yet!

          • JD – I am of the current persuasion (always subject to new evidence, of which there are buried troves) that the JFK assassination was unintended fallout of the anti-Castro campaign, but that there was no government plan, either here or in Moscow, to kill JFK – that is was a mafia hit intended to remove RFK from power. As far as I can see, there was no effect on American politics, foreign or domestic, other than to put a stop to plans to invade Cuba. But the Russians would have to have been insane to murder JFK, and I do not believe they were insane.

            Insanity at high levels of power seems to be an American affliction.

  4. I have dealt with this asshole on another issue. His remarks are the norm. He is part of the Yellowstone County good old boys club. His bravado is backed up by the comments of Mr. Nugent and an impotent Secret Service.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 20, 2012 7:51 PM at 7:51 PM |

      Is this dipshit from Billings? I don’t remember his name.

      • He’s a Billings Republican county official. Not that anyone’s ever heard of him before this. He probably did it to build name recognition among the knuckle draggers.

      • He has handled county finances for years….I’d call him a prick but that is part of a man and this snake belongs under the tire of a four wheeler.

  5. We have this guy around our children to spread his hate and contempt? Where’s his specific examples of treason? How
    about ‘Dubya’s deception the We the People and a lies to get us to a War in Iraq and take our attention away
    from a just effort in Afghanistan? What a jerk.

  6. Maxie has been on the government teat for 40 years.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 8:13 AM at 8:13 AM |

    For Maxine: It’s you, dipshit! That fat bearded dude in the song. You’ll see what I mean.

  8. Extremist attacks on Obama are to be expected in a country so whipped up by agitprop that the wingnuts occupy the mainstream. They are easy to come by and get lots of attention.

    But part of the fallout of such public discourse is the blowback effect – rational people see extremist attacks on Obama from the far right and automatically assume that Obama is some sort of lefty, a socialist, even a liberal.

    This allows Obama, a mainstream politician backed by non-ideological concentrated wealth, to push forward with what we call the “Bush agenda”, word mush as Bush was too stupid to have an agenda. But note that the very same actions – aggressive war, attacks on civil liberties and killing of all progressive ideals and legislation, when carried out by Bush, infuriated Democrats, but when carried out by Obama earns their support.

    Attacks from the far right have a lot to do with this kind of perception management. These attacks give him political cover.

    • I am a confirmed believer in Non-Ideological Concentrated Wealth. It is a great product, available everywhere, and comes in convenient sizes. Also, it is totally organic and gluten free.

    • Speaking of which, the greatest fraud committed on American intellectual culture is the “science” of economics. It encourages public policy that favors and fosters wealth concentration even as the science bears no fruit. It cannot explain the past or the present or predict the future.

      Oh, hi Max. how long are you out for today? Still have that ankle bracelet?

      • Yes, the ankle bracelet is still on my right prosthetic leg. But I am going to turn off the Blu-Ray player and head outside pretty soon. It is fine day here in Montana.

        Later on, Larry the Lascivious Jack-In-The-Box and I are going shopping for seer stones, sputum, and vermin at the mall. We also hope to meet some fourteen-year-old girls.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 3:35 PM at 3:35 PM |

          Sorry, Maxine, but I ain’t Moron, dude! But I DO like my seer stones! It’s kinda my economic plan. I too want to be a con man like ol’ joe smith! HEY, if you can get folks to believe THAT crazy shit, I’ll bet I can get’em to tithe for me too!

      • What the heck is “American intellectual culture”? Do you mean the New York Times Sunday Book Review, or were you referring to Ted Nugent?

        Trotsky, this IS American intellectual culture. It is called Montana Cowgirl. Ha ha ha. Yeah, take a look around: wall-to-wall State U. graduates with a sprinkling of dropouts. Average IQ: 95. Political orientation: adolescent left.

        More on topic, so now you have a problem with economics. You claim economics is a “fraud” that “bears no fruit.” When did you make those momentous discoveries?

        Well, first, instead, let me ask you this: Have you ever noticed that most university economics departments are in the same building with the anthropology, psychology, and sociology departments? Economics has always been mushy “science.” Granted, it stands way above women’s studies and black history, but it is hardly chemistry, mathematics, or physics. So, you have merely restated the obvious.

        Second, how can governments use the “science” of economics to develop public policy that “fosters wealth concentration” when you have already declared economics to be a “fraud” that “bears no fruit”? That appears to be a gross contradiction, Trotsky. Economics “cannot explain the past or the present or predict the future,” but it sure can produce more and more wealth for those who are already wealthy. Do I have that right?

        Anyway, unlike you or Budge, I am not too concerned with government economic policy, since, almost by definition, everything the government does is uneconomical. I would rather just do what works. I would rather just sit around all day writing cash secured equity puts that yield six- seven- or eight percent and enjoy the fraud that bears no fruit.

        • I should say neoclassical Economics is useles, Austrian a little less so. But there are new schools struggling to make sense of it all using chaos theory. Better things on the horizon.

          As things stand now, we Know that wealth will settle in a few hands unless we actively and continually shake it up which is the role of government – high marginal tax rates, redistribution programs, public works, centralized services like health care and education, estate taxes.

          I know you and I are one on all of that Max. I’m preaching to the choir!

          • “…high marginal tax rates, redistribution programs, public works, centralized services like health care and education, estate taxes.”

            Is that the Cuban model for success or the North Korean model? Greece? Spain? Are you long the euro or what?

            Anyway, I read Gleick’s book when it was first published back in 1987. At that time, I was refining a geometric-mathematical system for stock market price and time predictions that I had been developing since the late 1970s. I had already discovered an intersection in market time and space where prices tended to move violently for no apparent reason. I called that point the barycenter, a term I borrowed from physics, meaning, basically, the center of gravity or mass.

            Then I read Gleick’s discussion of the “strange attractor,” and I knew that I was onto something very big. After that, and another six months of work, the money just came rolling in.

            As for any application of chaos theory to economics generally, I would have to think about that. Offhand, the idea seems doubtful. But an application of the theory to financial markets specifically could very likely yield positive results.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 7:04 PM at 7:04 PM |

              “Is that the Cuban model for success or the North Korean model? Greece? Spain? Are you long the euro or what?”

              I dunno. You tell US, great pretender!


            • consider self-immolation.

            • Max, you’re saying that you have successfully deciphered market signals and can predict the future. No one has ever done this with any more than luck and short-lived success. Of all of the people out there pretending to understand the markets, someone has to be on top each year. But it could be anyone, and rarely repeats.

              Talib has the best strategy I’ve seen – sit on your hands and wait for tragedy and cash in. He doesn’t know when or if, but he knows that all of the small cumulated gains will quickly evaporate, and if positioned right, he can cash in. He made billions in 2007-08. Now he sits and waits, betting on failure Neil it happens.

              Keen is an economist who advocates chaos theory, and only because we now have the computational power to get something of a small handle on the immense and unfathomable market place.

              But no, Max, you’ve not barycentered the market. No one has to date, and if the one who had was writing on the Montana Cowgirl blog, I’d eat my hat.

              • You misunderstood me. I never said that I could predict what the market would do. I said that I could predict what it should do, i.e., the most likely path that it should take in its accent or decent and the most likely points at which it should change direction. I do not think such projections qualify as “predicting the future.”

                I have given away a fortune in research work, beginning in the 1970s when I worked for a commodity futures broker. Since then, my work has been adopted by technical analysts at major trading firms around the county, and for all I know, around the world. Of course, being Max Bucks, I did not give away everything. Heh heh.

                Anyway, eat your hat. The fact that I am a millionaire does not disqualify me from posting comments in this blog, although it is generally understood that only losers and underachievers post here. (Hey, maybe I am a Black Swan!)

                Which brings me to my next subject: Black Swan events. I think that idea is just another way of describing panics and crashes. For most people, such events seem to come out of the blue—but not for me. I have been through the worst panics and crashes in stock market history and have never lost a cent.

                Since you are a smart fellow who likes to play with numbers, I will give you a little tip: Work out the Fibonacci Number Sequence to 10,946. In the Sequence, find the Fibonacci Number that, when added to the March 9, 2009, low in the DJIA yields 13,205. That is how you got here today. Next, find the Fibonacci Number that, when added to 13,205, yields the 2007 record high in the DJIA. That is where you are going tomorrow. (Let me know how you made out: maxbucks at live dot com)

                “Would you rather be right or make money?” —Old Wall Street saying

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 3:52 PM at 3:52 PM |

                  Butts, you’re a one dimensional comic character, dude. PLEASE tell us about what you have accomplished in life, OTHER than perfecting the art of bullshit! I simply don’t see it. Where have you been and what have you done? For you see, Butts, I think that MOST folks here find your lack of real accomplishment to be quite sad! Ever been to the top of Everest, cupcacke? To a war zone? First run of a river? To ANYWHERE? Could you be any more one dimensional?? I think not. Sorry to be so blunt, dude, but that makes you a LOSER!

                  • People come here, just like at Old Faithful, to see the eruptions. You do realize that you’re a spectacle, now, virtually owning this website. You are blowing steam, and there is not that long waiting period. You will be the reason that Montana democrats decide to shut her down.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 7:31 PM at 7:31 PM |

                      Thanks for the warning!


                      When the TRVTH is censored, what you end up with is today’s democratic party!

                      They are just now beginning to understand what I told them nearly twenty years ago here in GF. There ain’t no dealin’ with nazis and crazies. Best to just do your own thing and go on the offense.

                • Your númerology appears to be a form of chartism. I’m not superstitious.

                  My theory is buy and hold hope to get lucky, and if you do get lucky, pretend you’re smart and saw it coming.

                  • Buy and hold is dead. It died about the same time Nixon stopped redeeming Federal Reserve Notes for gold (1972?).

                    Anyway, I can dig where you are coming from. After the last 12 years in the market, you are probably back to breakeven by now and feeling pretty happy.

                    Good look in the future, though. And remember: You are still going to have to cash out someday, unless you are going to leave it all to your kids.

                    [And I know you are pushing a pencil right now on that little math problem I gave to you.]

                  • I went nowhere near your math problem. And “buy and hold” is not a strategy. It’s just an acknowledgement that we are all governed by luck

                    • Buy and hold is the religious belief that when you need your money the market will be up, because “the market always goes up.”

                      You know, for a guy who is always claiming Wall Street is nothing more than an unproductive paper chase, espousing a buy and hold “philosophy” seems pretty weird.

                    • I have to get back to the mall, where they are having a sale on seer stones, sputum, and vermin. And there is a fourteenth-year-old girl that I have been tweeting.

                      Later, Lucky Trotsky Dude.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 7:39 PM at 7:39 PM |

                      Sad way to go through life, Butts. HEY, when you hop the twig, I’ll put a golden pocket protector on your grave!


                      And maybe immortalize you in literature with a short story a la Hemmingway, maybe something like The Short Happy Life of Maxine Butts!


                      Who’s your favorite author, Maxine, Anus Rant?

                      You see, Maxine, you’re really are a laffable character stil.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 7:56 PM at 7:56 PM |
    • You know, Trotsky, I shudder to think what “perception management” you have succumbed to. It has to be pharmacologically based, because you could have never functioned as an accountant all these years if you had an organic brain disorder of the magnitude you evince. I mean, obviously, no one would ever turn over their finances to someone who claimed nothing is the way it seems and everything is something else.

      So what are you taking? What kind of food are you eating? Maybe you are suffering from some unforeseen adverse reaction between a psychoactive drug, such as Prozac or Ritalin, and a healthy-choice diet too low in Vitamin B-12.

      Oh well, back to watching Dark City.

      • Brain disorders do not rule out accounting as a profession.They might even enhance it. Drugs are good, but hallucinogemics tend to knock the accountancy out of people. But there is nothing like a long day of accounting, and then knocking a few back with other accountants. The laughs never stop. And you ain’t lived till you hook up with a female accountant. Most of them pole dance on their spare tme.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 3:32 PM at 3:32 PM |

          Ah, isn’t that cute. Buttinski found a butt buddy named Maxine. You two should be very happy together! bwhhahaahahahhahahaa! And hey, I think maxine’s a Moron! She can be your goddess! bhwhahahahahahahaha!

          • You’ll never get this, Kralj, but Max is 90% putting you on, 10% serious. It’s a spectacle, and I don’t pretend to understand it. It is enjoyable.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 5:17 PM at 5:17 PM |

              You’re easily impressed. Maxine has YET to write anything of merit on anything. She’s rightwing ruffage! Takin’ up space. The exaggerated use of words she considers impressive is a dead give away! A monkey with a thesarus!

              • Michael Searalika | April 21, 2012 8:28 PM at 8:28 PM |

                Larry, I am guessing it is the Husband and wife team of BUttarski & Buttarski! The problem is, you can never tell who wears the family balls?

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 8:35 PM at 8:35 PM |

                  Hmmm. Interesting thought. Let’s see if Maxine takes the challenge! I’m thinkin’ that Maxine Butts, like Elvis, has LEFT THE BUILDING!…again.

          • they are cute: max trots. waddaya think, LK?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 6:49 PM at 6:49 PM |

        HERE’S MY CHALLENGE TO MAXINE BUTTS! Ok, Maxine, I know it’s hard bein’ a pretender and all, so I’m gonna give you some material to sink your teeth into, little fella! I want you to SHINE! I want you to IMPRESS! I want you to DAZZLE us with your brilliance!…if you can!

        I suspect that you’re a Moron. So, here’s the challenge. Take your time.

        1)WHERE are the great Moron theologians?? The great Moron thinkers? Who changed history? You know, the Moron Thomas Aquinases, etc.? And if there ARE none, why not??

        2)Say what you will about the veracity of the Bible, but it IS a fantastic book filled with history, literature, culture, and wisdom! Written over thousands of years by many different authors. Now, the Book of Moron is WHAT??? Is there ANY literature, culture, history, or especially wisdom for the ages in the Book of Moron?? And WHEN was the last time you actually HEARD someone quote the Book of Moron is public discourse??? (except of course in the bars at closin’ time! “Honey, you wanna go to heavean don’t count!)

        3)It stands to reason and is quite logical that IF the Creator was going to communicate with man one more time, the NEW communication would be a VAST improvement over the old, right? I mean, He’s HAD some two thousand years to get it right, right? SO, Maxine, why is the Book of Moron a laffable imitation of some perv’s wet dream??? With a bunch of thees and thous thrown in for good measure??

        These are things I wanna know. And it’s PLENTY of grist for the Maxine Butts mill! But alas, I’m afraid that with ALL Maxine’s larnin’ at the finest universities in Europe, and his plethora (yes, I had to throw one of the reetart crowds’ favorites in) degrees in physics, etc., I’m afraid that Maxine will just run and hide on this one!

        And lastly, please explain just WHY God called ol’ prophet home early?!! You see, MY theory is that the Big Guy don’t LIKE little horny perverted dipshits pervertin’ His word! Joey was a failed seer stone con man who changed his scam to religion ’cause he could get more underage nookie with threats of damnation than empty pockets! And it worked! For awhile. And then, God called ol’ Joey home!

        So, Maxine, your FINAL challenge is to discuss in your best phyiscs, calculus logic, just HOW the life of this scam artist should be taken seriously? WHAT was it about his life that inspires ANY degree of confidence that God did INDEED choose him as a prophet? Me, peronsally, I don’t see it.

        So, Maxine, it’s all there, dude. Have fun. Don’t run and hide. Use your incredible brain to make sense of pure, unadulterated HORSE shit!

        I’ll wait.

        • I Got Boney Maroney | April 21, 2012 7:29 PM at 7:29 PM |

          This is very interesting, Larry, and I feel confident that I can answer all your questions in a satisfactory manner. However, before I do, I would like to consult with my wives.

          Meanwhile, enjoy—and eat your heart out:

          I got girls named Boney Maroney
          They’re as skinny as a stick of macaroni
          Oughta see ‘em rock’n’roll with their blue jeans on
          They’re not very fat, just skin and bone

          But I love them, they love me
          Oh how happy now we can be
          Makin’ love underneath the apple tree

          Well I told their mamas and their papas too
          Just exactly what I wanna do
          I wanna get married on a night in June
          And rock and roll
          By the light of the silvery moon

          ‘Cause I love them, they love me
          Oh how happy now we can be
          Makin’ love underneath the apple tree

          Woh-oh right
          Oh yeah
          Wooh – hah

          They’re my one and only, they’re my heart’s desires
          They’re real upsetters, they’re real live wires
          Everybody turns when my babies go by
          They’re something to see
          They really catch the eye

          That’s why I love them, they love me
          Oh how happy now we can be
          Makin’ love underneath the apple tree

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 7:38 PM at 7:38 PM |

            Dear I got a boney, I SEE that you got lots of wives. Are you a Moron by chance? If so, what happens to all the little BOYS in a Moron’s world? Do ya give’em to the catholic priests??? Just wonderin’.

            (For the record, the boys are kicked outta the fundamentalists’ colonies to fend for themselves. HEY, it’s god’s plan! I didn’t invent it!!!!)

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 7:48 PM at 7:48 PM |

          Oh, and Maxine, I left our my FAVORITE question.

          4)LIST all the morons throughout recorded history who THOUGHT that they were gods who were successful in their lives?? You see, I can think of none! But with your brain, YOUR brain, I’m sure that you know LOTS of cultures that thought they were gods who did quite well and advanced civilization here on earth! The Morons actually think that they become gods! Just like God!

          SO, list’em cupcake!

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 8:09 PM at 8:09 PM |

            In an effort to educate the masses of confused folks out there regarding Moronism, I introduce to you one of the best and brightest Mormon scholars, a guy who was so good that he got himself excommunicated by the church. Why? He told the TRVTH!

            And you see, the Moron religion allows NO dissent of any kind. And for that reasont too it’s a cult!


            • Michael Searalika | April 21, 2012 8:52 PM at 8:52 PM |

              Really Larry? Do you think that little Maxine is man enough to be allowed any wives at all???? Especially since, he seems to be dating Mark the troll Buttarski?

              If the guy needs a string to find it…. What proof can he share with us( without grossing out the fine ladies on this site, or causing them to laugh as hard as your nurse story), if it is long enough to get past his dimpled wrinkly gut?

              Does he do it with or without the magic underwear on?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 10:30 PM at 10:30 PM |

            The sign that you’ll NEVER see on a Mormon church: Everyone Welcome! Hell, even on the cheesiest baptist church, they have such a sign, for they are open and direct in their faith. But NOT in Morondon! See below.

            No doubt in the upcoming campaign Romney will attack Obama for his associations with radicals, the lunatic idea — most recently promoted by the late Andrew Breitbart — being that ex-Weatherfolk Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn imparted to the eager Obama the left’s secret plan to take over the United States and put everyone in slave labor camps, have abortions and engage in unmentionable sexual practices.

            Alas, the left never did have a plan – secret or overt — to take over the United States. Abortions and unmentionable sexual practices were a different matter. Ayers’ and Dohrn’s actual role was obviously to help hook up the eager Obama with big Democratic Jewish money in Chicago, directing the attention of the latter to this well-mannered Harvard-educated black politician as someone to watch and assist.

            The left never had a secret plan or much discipline. But the Mormons really do have secrets and a lot of discipline. Does Romney espouse Mormon doctrines about gays or not? About obedience to the Prophet or not? If not, then isn’t he a fake Mormon, without a shred of principle. Why should be believe him about anything? If yes, then where does that put his loyalties and priorities as someone hoping to be President of the United States and supposed upholder of the Constitution? (Of course Obama has shredded substantial portions of the Constitution without even the excuse of being a Mormon.)

            What about Romney’s associations? He is no ordinary Mormon. By lineage, upbringing and personal decision he’s about as dedicated a Mormon as you can be – which is very dedicated indeed. I urge you to check out the piece by a former Mormon in our current newsletter, which delves into Mormon practices and points out that Romney attends a Mormon temple. Temples are only open to those members who adhere completely to the strict standards of Mormonism, including unwavering loyalty to the president of the church.

            “The level of secretiveness surrounding the temples is extraordinary, so much so that members of the Mormon Church who have not been to the temple have virtually no idea as to what they entail…Before Mormon are allowed to enter a temple, they must be interviewed by two separate tiers of ecclesiastical leadership to determine their worthiness to enter these edifices. These so-called temple recommend interviews are the first issue of concern regarding Mitt Romney. Among the various questions asked of a member, one particular question goes as follows: ‘Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?’ The very nature of this question, coupled with several others regarding complete obedience to the president of the church (or ‘prophet’), put into question the overall allegiance of Mitt Romney (and, indeed, all Mormons). If members are found to be in violation of this question (or any other from the list of questions), they will not be allowed to enter the temple. Being blocked from entering the temple is tantamount to being blocked from Heaven, albeit temporarily (they can always repent).

            “Among the various ‘ordinances’ performed in the temples, none are more divisive than the Law of Consecration. This rite requires members to pledge all their time, money, and abilities to the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth (the Mormon kingdom). Couple this with the demand to sustain the president of the church as the only prophet seer and revelator on earth, a particularly troubling form of absolute obedience emerges.”

  9. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 21, 2012 10:47 AM at 10:47 AM |

    Both showing up at the same time, both leaving at the same time……They have done it every time so far……. snow job in April with Buttarski, playing Max.

    Sorry, but my mind is made up!

  10. Ingemar Johannson | April 21, 2012 10:59 AM at 10:59 AM |

    You guys live in a different world.

    Here in Billings I sport an anti-Obama bumper sticker on the pickup, “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing it’s idiot”.

    All I’ve gotten is thumbs up and smiles.

    • In Kenya, it takes a whole village to raise an idiot.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 7:02 PM at 7:02 PM |

        Harvard Law, cupcake? No, I mean YOU!!

        bwhahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha! Thas right. I remember now. You headed the Harvard Law Review!

        It takes an idiot to bring out the idiot in Maxine! Thanks, Ingy!

    • And by the way, Swede, lose the apostrophe.

    • Michael Searalika | April 21, 2012 10:14 PM at 10:14 PM |

      What Igmars Republican Hero Rush says about women:

      “I’m a huge supporter of women. What I’m not is a supporter of liberalism. Feminism is what I oppose. Feminism has led women astray. I love the women’s movement — especially when walking behind it.”

      —Rush Limbaugh, responding to criticism that he is sexist

      “What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic] who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex — what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”

      —Rush Limbaugh, referring to Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown Law School who was denied the right to speak at a congressional hearing as the only woman on Issa’s contraception hearing, in which she planned to discuss a friend of hers who needed contraception to prevent the growth of cysts, February 29, 2012

      “A Georgetown coed told Nancy Pelosi’s hearing that the women in her law school program are having so much sex they’re going broke, so you and I should have to pay for their birth control. So what would you call that? I called it what it is. So, I’m offering a compromise today: I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want. … So Miss Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

      —Rush Limbaugh, March 1, 2012

      His favorite GOP Heros On Gays:

      “We need to have profound compassion for the people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders. This is a very real issue. It’s not funny, it’s sad. Any of you who have members of your family that are in the lifestyle — we have a member of our family that is. This is not funny. It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay. Because if you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. Personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement. And that’s why this is so dangerous.”

      —Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) at a 2004 National Education Leadership Conference

      “I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts. … If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. …. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.”

      —Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), speaking to a reporter in 2003

      Ingys Favorite political Misfit for the candidacy of the Republican President:

      “My sons are all adults and they’ve made decisions about their careers and they’ve chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard. One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

      —Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

      “[My wife] drives a couple of Cadillacs.”

      —Mitt Romney, campaigning for president in Michigan (February 2012)

      “I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.”

      —Mitt Romney, who earned $374,000 in speaking fees in one year according to according to his personal financial disclosure (January 2012)

      “PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.”

      —Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2007, responding to criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
      following revelations that he had once strapped the family dog to the roof of his car during a 12-hour road trip

      “I love this state. The trees are the right height.”

      —Mitt Romney, campaigning in Michigan (February 2012)

      “I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.”

      —Mitt Romney, after being asked whether he follows NASCAR racing (February 2012)

      “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”

      —Mitt Romney (January 2012)

      And this Idiot Ingy just doesn’t understand why I don’t like his Kind Right wing BS of Republicanism?? Really???

  11. People in Billings think the world evolves around Billings. If they only knew how much Billings is hated in Missoula, Butte and Great Falls….

    • If we were talking about sled dogs and with Billings being the lead dog, it would be reasonable that the other dogs would grow weary of their point of view.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 3:46 PM at 3:46 PM |

        Billings being the lead dog?? bwhahahahahahahaha!

        That’s funny. Come on, see if you can do it. Bullshit me, a bullshitter! For you see, I LIVED in Billings! It’s the state’s armpit, dude! Used to be kinda nice forty years ago, but now it’s the armpit of Montana. The ONLY thing that makes Billings nice is that it’s close to the Beartooths. Sing its praises.

  12. The best comment I have heard about Billings is, It should be the Capitol of Wyoming.

  13. Seeing 70 year old Maxie ride around Billings on a his crotch rocket like a 21 year old is almost absurd.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 21, 2012 5:36 PM at 5:36 PM |

      Maybe he’s high on viagra and oxy!! Look for chicks! bwhahhahahahahaa! He’s a wild and crazy guy!

  14. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 21, 2012 9:14 PM at 9:14 PM |

    I think Billings and coal-strip will be having a little more trouble finding jobs for miners soon

    New Coalition Prods Puget Sound Energy to Ditch Coal Power

  15. This letter and the Cebull situation, and Governor Schwietzer’s comments bring home a point. Here is the point President Obama is not liked up here in Montana. And Im sorry to say this but Im being honest, when I sit down for drinks in country bars, when I eat in rural cafes and coffee shops, heck when I sit and talk with my own family about politics, I hear the same things over and over again, they dont like Obama. And Obama gets blamed for everything. And I can tell you this if I was a gambling man, I would bet large sums of money that Obama loses Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho. Basically I dont want Obama even coming close to my states border right now cause I think it would hurt my parties candidate in a US Senate race, and would hurt candidates on the state and local level. And I dont want him in North Dakota cause there is a chance in North Dakota right now for the Democratic NPL to get the governors office and to hold the United States Senate seat from that state and maybe even pick up a seat in the House of Reps. In short my advice to Democratic candidates in this region is to distance yourself from Obama as far as you can. And my advice to the state central committee is that let the Obama campaign be on its own, dont spend a nickle on a losing fight, fight the fights you can win. I belive we can win re-election for Jon Tester, that is the most important race in this state right now, If Denny Rehberg beats Tester this state is up a creek without a paddle. I also believe there is a chance in this state for Democrats to take back the legislature in 2013 to keep a 2011 mockery from happening. I also believe we have a chance at holding the governors office with Steve Bullock at the helm. But we cant do these things with Obama hanging over our heads.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 2:29 PM at 2:29 PM |

      And you know what I think? I think that Montana was NOT always the racist, inbred backwater that you THINK it is! We have labor history in our blood, dude! Maybe not over there in the east so much, but you dudes at one time had a strong farmers unions too! Hell, they were some good commies! And proud of it! Sorry that this new generation are such wussies. You see, labor is color blind! We see no races, only workers! And THAT’S my Montana, the Montana of old! Suck it up, farmboy, and learn your history, dude! We are a labor state!

      • “We are a labor state!”

        That’s what Frank Little said just before they found him hanging from a railroad trestle in Butte.

        Read your history dipshit.

        • With his sacrifice labor unions in montana became huge. Read your history dipshit!!!!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 6:08 AM at 6:08 AM |

          Wow! A snippet from history! I’m impressed! That means, this dude knows history! bahahhhahaha! Hey Snippet Man, how bout a couple’a paragraphs next time with facts? Can you DO it, Snippet Man? Or are you simply the Teatard you appear to be? Don’t be afraid. I won’t laff TOO hard at you. bwhwhhahahaaha!

          But hey, here ya go, cupcake. Explain why the death of Frank Little indicates that there was NO labor movement, and thus no labor history in Montana! So, you farted on the forum. Now man UP Buttercup! Let’s see what you got! I’ll wait!

          Start with the time the boys from Butte STOLE an entire railroad train and headed to D.C. to join up with Bonus Army! And how they were greeted with sympathy from eveyone along the way through the entire state, EVEN in the Billings area! What? Never heard of that, cupcake? Why not? BHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          Snippet Man has LEFT the forum!

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 7:01 AM at 7:01 AM |

            For our new history expert cupcake, Snipett Man!

            bill hogan: “General” Bill Hogan, an unemployed teamster and member of the Western Federation of Miners from the Moulton Mine in Butte, Montana. led an offshoot of Coxey’s Army, commandeering several Northern Pacific freight engines to transport his fellow protestors across Montana. U/S/ infantry troops barricaded the line just west of present day Forsyth, stopped the train, arrested the men, and transported them to the jail at Helena. Of the six hundred or more volunteers who had filled the ranks of Hogan’s Army, only the General and forty-two of his troopers were actually tried for seizing property without a proper warrant. In the end, William Hogan was sentenced to six months in jail, while the remainder of the defendants received thirty-day sentences.

            You see, cupcake, I think my Gen. Bill Hogan TRUMPS your Frank Little!

            Your turn, Snipett Man!

            You see, hell, you can’t even FIND this in the history books any more! Only folks from Butte remember Gen. Bill Hogan it seems.

            I don’t know how to post pics or I would!

          • The Bonus Army. What a bust. A bunch of beggars trying to force the government to pay them their WW I bonus ahead of time. They accomplished nothing except getting tear gassed, shot, burned out, and driven from the capital by US Army tanks. Some labor heroes. Read your history dipshit.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 1:16 PM at 1:16 PM |

              Ah, the little fella can google! bwhahahahaha! But Snipett Man, YOU claimed that Montana wasn’t a labor state! So, you lose. But HEY, you’re used to that!


              Another great pretender!

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 2:37 PM at 2:37 PM |

                WOW! Such a nasty way to talk about our boys in uniform, dude! WWI vets in case you MISSED it! But you’re right. They DESERVED to be shot, gassed, burned out! Saddam would be so proud!


              • Only 5% of the population belongs to a union. Drop off the state union leeches and you have about 2% of the population. You couldn’t find a union member if it was up your ass. bwhhahahahahahahahaha!

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 3:32 PM at 3:32 PM |

                  Sore loser! HEY, don’t be mad a me, dude! I didn’t make you stupid!


                  • Drooling idiots above and drooling idiots below. Sock puppets everywhere. They can’t even do simple math. That’s what happens when you want to believe a fantasy like Montana is a labor union state. bwhahahahahahaha!

                    1 in 4 households have a union member. bwhahahahahahaha! 3 in 4 don’t! Some union state! bwhahahahahahaha! A million Montanans and only 55,000 union scumbags, and more than half are state bloodsuckers! bwhahahahahahaha! Some union state! Duh Larry duh Norma duh Farmboy. Duh duh duh. bwhahahahahahaha!

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 4:19 PM at 4:19 PM |

                      Snippet man, I REALLY must ask you. Do you have a 40 hr. week? A benefits package? A decent salary? A retirement package? Time off? Sick leave? Social security? Medicaire?

                      Well, if you DO, moron, YOU’RE WELCOME!


                      Yes, we union guys GOT all those for an ungrateful little reetard like you!

                      Again, YOU’RE WELCOM!

                    • Your union boss Trumka made $294,000 last year while the American worker averaged $34,000.


                      Enjoy your benefits SUCKER!


                    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 23, 2012 11:51 PM at 11:51 PM |

                      Romney made 350,000 on speaking tours only last year + his 22 million in not working at all, and Gingrich had a 500,000 dollar revolving account at Tiffinys.

                      Both GOP men Made more money opening their mouths and Lying on a podium, them most Americans did working two full time jobs to feed their family and pay the bills

                      Your lame argument doesn’t mean Jack Bumpkus here… and I still ask you why, you do not have the Guts to write with your real name, but as a nameless GOP troll??????

                      Though Ragman, is befitting to your personality at this point!

                • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 23, 2012 3:34 PM at 3:34 PM |

                  Poor little raggy tool…. doesn’t even know the history of this state. Cant get his facts right! Doesn’t know that almost 1/4 of the states employment is professional unionized work, and they make 3/4 of the salary’s in the state.

                  Just a little teeny tiny troll, wit a big attitude and a 2 cent brain!

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 3:37 PM at 3:37 PM |

                    I’m thinkin’ that he’s outta his league here, the BUSH league!


                    He must’a stumbled on this site lookin’ for the moron sites! Either that or one of the moron sites sent him over. He’s great sport though. He’s kind’a like the dumb mouse my cat brought in the other day. The cat just swatted and played with the poor little creature until I saved him and threw him outside!

                    Welcome ABOARD, mousey!


                    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 23, 2012 4:53 PM at 4:53 PM |

                      The ones they keep sending us are dumber and dumber! At least the raggedy Man has cajones, now if he would shut up and learn the real truth, we could make a mighty man out of him yet! And one who had the bravado to use his real name as well….

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 4:39 PM at 4:39 PM |

                    For Raggedy Cupcake: I know that you’re an uneducated idiot, but I’ll try to help that with some help from my pal Jonny D. Enjoy, cupcake!

                    “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

                    • Too lame. A working class dirtbag pretending he has a liberal arts education.


                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 24, 2012 6:53 AM at 6:53 AM |

                      I hear ya, dude. Reading is FROWNED upon in the Teatard crowd!


                      But ya know, cupcake, part of reading, especially history, is understanding just where we’ve come from. In other words, how we progressed to this point. Hear that word? PROGRESSED! As in progressive! As in liberal!

                      Not really much you regressives have to offer, little fella. You see, buttercup, YOU cannot back up any of your nonsense with historical facts. That simply means that you lose again, rag doll. But hey, don’t run and hide. Offer up YOUR regressive view of America!

                      So far, all you done is to respond to me. And that’s real sad, for that indicates a terribly weak mind! But HEY, a terribly weak mind is a terrible thing to waste!

                      A litte rag doll trying to play on the big dog site! Now that’s precious!


                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 24, 2012 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

                      Here, cupcake, start your brilliance with this!

                      If one percent does NOT do ninety-nine percent of the actual WORK in this country, why should they get ninety-nine percent of the wealth?

                      Can you handle one question at a time, rag doll? Or should I break it up into pieces for you?


                • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 24, 2012 12:00 AM at 12:00 AM |

                  Your sources are??????? Talk is cheap for buttheads like you!

      • Larry, I agree 100% Montana is was and has been a labor state, in fact to this very day in time 1 out of every 4 households in Montana I believe has a labor union member living in it. But here is the thing with the labor unions, alot of them are dependent on the natural resources industries. Now I’ll give you two examples and two seperate stories. First one Ive got a friend that lives down in Colstrip, he works in one of the four power plants down there. Obama has lost popularity down in Colstrip cause he has proposed some regulations on coal minning, and the burning of coal for electricity. Infact right now there is talk of units 1 and 2 in Colstrip shuting down, cause the upgrades would cost more then $80 million buck, so either a they do the upgrades, people keep their jobs, but you and everybody else will see it on your power bill. Or b, they shut them down, that power is lost from the market and hence the laws of supply and demand come into play and you see it in your power bill. Also Colstrip mine and power plant union workers, some of them my friend included, are mad about subsidies to the wind generation industry, where wind power producers are able to sell their power under the cost of production cause they have a government subsidy, whereas coal does not get the subsidy. So there goes several of your Colstrip union labors. Now here is the next stroy. Last fall the State Department held public hearings on the Keystone XL pipeline. One of thsoe hearings was in Glendive Montana at the Dawson Community College. I was in attendence at that hearing, I can name you atleast four labor unions that sent people some sent bus loads of people and wore shirts that basically stated they were in favor of Keystone XL. These were but not limited to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Operating Engineers, Teamsters, Laborers, and the Pipefitters unions. I remember thinking at this hearing that Obama was in a tough spot, cause there was also several environmental groups that were at that meeting speaking against Keystone XL. Ok environmental groups traditionally vote Democratic, yet so do Labor unions. So if Obama approved the pipeline he ticks off the environmental vote. Yet if he does not approve the pipeline he may lose union support and union cash. And he has made no decision so far on Keystone XL, and there will not be any work on that pipeline this construction season. And it is election year. So what Im saying is that Obama did not deliever for the unions so dont expect them to show up with enthusiasm.

        • That’s well laid out, Farmboy. But please keep in mind that the Presidential race is third tier here in Montana. Focusing on that does no favors to either Jon Tester or Steve Bullock, which is exactly why the Republicans are trying ever so hard to do so. How about we don’t join them in doing that.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2012 1:44 PM at 1:44 PM |

          Farmboy, I agree. We had our own fight here in GF over the proposed, nonsensical SME coal fired plant. The union boys wanted it baaad, but it wasn’t even guaranteed if they’d get any jobs out of it. Turns out that we were right to oppose it. But as near as I can tell, there are no hard feelings over the entire affair. It was a scam from the gitgo. And when I go by the union hall, they STILL have their big O’Bama signs up. Hell, they never took them down.

          Unions MUST understand that they must work together with enviros, etc., for the betterment of ALL Americans. The one percenters want it all! When the do NINETY-NINE percent of all the work, THEN they can have it all!

        • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 23, 2012 3:38 PM at 3:38 PM |

          Farmboy what they aren’t telling Union workers is that the mines knew the regs were their all along and din’t want to put aside for them! The company’s dont want to follow guideline that have been in place for 20 years, not just something That Obama did!

          They have been pocketing the money for safety plans all along, and now they are crying broke!

          The EPA has been built on a tier schedule since it was adopted by Nixon, they were given so many years to fall into compliance, and didn’t do it.

          • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 23, 2012 4:56 PM at 4:56 PM |

            And I never knew a Union man who would oppose planting a tree, after he buried a Gas line. They should be paid to be conservationists for the companies good as well!

  16. wrong, I goofed-absessed tooth-sorry

    2004 was not close

  17. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2012 9:29 PM at 9:29 PM |

    Really, really good site. If you’ve got some time, explore this thing. It’s quite interesting. And if Moronism ain’t a religion, just what the hell IS it? THAT is the question! And why is Mittens a hero at the John Birch Society? Seek and ye shall find!

  18. Don,t worry Larry, you’re not alone. Seems the internet died today for century link customers. I’m still one of them. Thankfully, I have Verizon, and a ASUS Transformer I can link in with There will be more folk on the net, as soon as they fix the problems!

  19. Anyone else notice the uptick in GOP trolls lately? I guess this site is really getting under some wing it skin. I love it!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 24, 2012 9:42 AM at 9:42 AM |

      They were ordered from on high to start posting on the net ’cause the lefties ruled the net. But what their orders FORGOT to mention is that there AIN’T no screened calls here! Show up at your own risk, and get your asses kicked! Funny how that works. I actually enjoy them.

      You see, I know them better than they know themselves. For I too listen to all the goofy shit that they do, and I know exactly what talking points they have. Sure, it’s damn painful to listen to the american family values horseshit radio channels, but somebody has to do it! You wouldn’t believe the moronic shit they spout. It’s pure hate in the name of Jesus, and that offends even a pagan like ME!

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