Concerns Mount Against Rehberg’s Land Grab Bill

Congressman Rehberg is trying to hide his wealth from Montana voters.Rehberg tries to "write down" his wealth so he won't have to run as one of the world's richest congressmen.One of the Richest Members of CongressTen local sporting organizations this week asked Congressman Dennis Rehberg to host listening sessions on H.R. 1505, Rehberg’s an unpopular bill to restrict access to public lands within 100 miles of all United States borders.

It’s surprising that Rehberg would try to push such a controversial idea before the Montana public had a chance to weigh in.

There are a couple of theories out there on why Rehberg may be avoiding public input. One theory goes that Rehberg’s ultimate goal is the privatization of Montana hunting. Privatizing hunting land has already been done in other states–Texas is one. Rehberg has already come out in favor of other steps to privatizing hunting grounds like eliminating wilderness areas. If this is the plan, Rehberg’s avoidance of public input makes more sense.  The other theory is that Rehberg just doesn’t like interacting with Montanans.

The groups calling on Rehberg to hold the listing sessions include: Libby Rod and Gun Club, Flathead Wildlife Incorporated, Park County Rod and Gun Club, Hellgate Hunters and Anglers, Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association, Helena Hunters and Anglers, Gallatin Wildlife Association, Headwaters Sportsmen’s Association, Russell Country Sportsmen and the Public Land and Water Access Association. The letter calling for the listening sessions can be downloaded here.

Montana hunters and anglers have many concerns about Rehberg’s bill.  These include giving one federal agency supremacy over all other agencies, as well as what could happen in regards to access to public lands. H.R. 1505 puts an unprecedented amount of power into one federal agency, eliminating the public’s voice in how public lands are managed. Congressman Dennis Rehberg should gather input from real Montanans before this bill moves forward.

Tony Jones, President of the Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association said:

“More listening sessions mean more viewpoints from across Montana for Congressman Rehberg to hear as he decides if he will continue to co-sponsor this legislation. We feel it puts in jeopardy the long-standing outdoor heritage families and sportsman share in our state.”


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  1. This article blatantly ignores the obvious reason Rehbger is dodging the public. More time to booze with DC lobbyists. Please be more responsible next time.

  2. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 26, 2012 4:35 PM at 4:35 PM |

    He can’t produce his proof either, the man is a complete Buffoon!

  3. Rehberg’s bill would be a disaster. As Teddy Roosevelt rolls over in his grave, Rehberg pisses on his legacy. What I don’t understand is the disconnect between supporters of Denny who hunt or fish or just like being in the hills, and the repercussions of some the bills the guy supports, or rejects.

    These listening sessions are a good idea, but I doubt Denny will take them seriously. Recently, Denny had a listening session on the Heritage Act. At which, supporters for the act outnumbered opponents of the act 2 to 1. If you went by Denny’s response though, very few supported it. He is a tool.

  4. The real bill of Rehberg’s to pay attention to is his H.R. 1581, the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act. It’s absolutely terrible for sportsman and Montana in general.

  5. Matthew Koehler | April 27, 2012 8:11 AM at 8:11 AM |

    I’d just like to point out that there is a 0.00% chance that either H.R. 1505 or H.R. 1581 (both bad bills to be sure) will pass both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate and be signed into law by President Obama. Supporting these bills apparently offers some red meat for Rehberg and his supporters, just like opposing these bills offers some red meat for Tester and his supporters.

    Ironically, apparently these same sportsmen’s groups have no problems with Montana Wilderness Study Areas being released for development through Senator Tester’s rider for the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, or members of Congress simply mandating more logging on national forests through legislative riders. And despite ample scientific evidence and emerging research about the negative impact public lands grazing has on wildlife and over-all ecosystem health, these same sportmen’s groups apparently have no problems with Baucus’ RMF Heritage Act mandating that all current public lands grazing leases on the Front continue forever and ever, no matter what the negative ecological and wildlife implications might be, both now or in the future.

    Fact is, while H.R. 1505 or H.R. 1581 are terrible bills (that have 0.00% chance of passing this session of Congress), Montana’s democratic senators too have public lands bills containing terrible precedents for future public lands management (which they try and pass as legislative riders)….but these sportsmen’s groups can’t talk about the bad aspects of bills emerging from Dems for fear of upsetting Baucus or Tester. It’s too bad that some of these sportmen’s groups (and a handful of other enviro groups) have become nothing more than cheerleaders for politicians, rather than leaders and visionaries for sound public lands management.

    • I frequently write about voting records and nowhere bills – it’s all for perception management. Thanks, Mathew, for a hard-core example in real time.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 27, 2012 9:00 AM at 9:00 AM |

        YOU’RE A SAINT, BUTTINSKI! St. Buttinski! And Matthew is too! St. Matthew! What the hell would we DO without you two? The world would be a sadder place! No, I mean that. I really do! (tee hee)

        • Matthew Koehler | April 27, 2012 9:04 AM at 9:04 AM |

          Hey Kralj: Mature much?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 27, 2012 9:12 AM at 9:12 AM |

            Hey, Koehler, NO! Look, dude, SOME folks in the enviro/outdoor movement have to actually WORK for a living. And hence, must pick and choose their battles carefully. I’m not sure that you work at all! You seem to have an endless amount of time to study and write on the issues. HEY, that’s not a bad thing. It’s what you do.

            What gets old real quick is when you diss others. No need for that. Do your thing and save the criticism of others for someone who cares! As a enviro radical myself, I have never understood the need to attack others, for the Rangers have always understood that everyone has their part to play, even you. That’s just he way it is. Accept it.

  6. Everything Rehberg supports is a nowhere bill. The only thing he as accomplished is naming a post office.

  7. Not mentioned here is how both HR 1581 and 1505 will have a much better chance of passage after the election, when the Republicans take back control of the Senate and presidency. These are practice. But they’ll be back, because they are good bills that deal with big problems.

  8. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | April 29, 2012 7:18 PM at 7:18 PM |

    Just got an email from this fool Rehberg where he says he got a bill passed and signed by the president that…. apparently never passed anything in DC called:”H.R. 412: Kids Just Want to Ride Act” Rehbergs bill was dumped into committee the day that it was born January 25 of this year. This only law sponsored by Rehberg in the last couple of years, has a only a 3% chance of coming out of committee ever! But he considers it an accomplishment! Really? Really???

    Then is other accomplishments Rehberg is taking a late stance on that John( the actual farmer) and Max came out first on, the issue of kids working on other peoples farms.

    The DOL has repeatedly pointed out that the entire issue has fostered many misconceptions, such as people worrying about their kids being affected on their family farms. The DOL is still slogging through comments from a public comment period it held, and an official ruling on the proposed laws may be in the near future. its not even a Legislative rule its the new DOL guidelines, they haven’t even put in place yet!

    According to the DOL, “The Fair Labor Standards Act currently sets age 12 as the legal limit for farm work with exemptions available for children as young as age 10 or 11.” Age 14 is another point at which farmworking kids can receive more exemptions from labor laws.

    While kids who work on their family farms will be exempt from any of the proposed changes, plenty of others would have to consider doing something else. Its never been about the Kids who’s parents own the farm, its the other kids that want work, other then a newspaper route.

    Some changes aim to prohibit workers younger than 16 from working with heavy machinery, driving tractors, working around timber or from certain heights, according to the DOL. Other proposals include banning anyone younger than 18 from working in grain elevators, bins, silos, feedlots and stockyards. But nothing has been enacted yet by the DOL, even though a National Agricultural Statistics Survey of four separate years — 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2009 — shows that working-youth injuries and deaths on farms decreased in each sampled year.

    But Rehberg has lead the charge he says….. What a load of hogwash, and he intends to write an ammendment to attach to his appropriation bill, that isn’t done yet in DC also????

    If this is his idea, of getting Americans jobs….. He’s nuts!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 3, 2012 7:30 AM at 7:30 AM |

      A “magazine” published by Al Qaeda? Too funny. I would lay you money that this magazine is published by OUR very own Al Qeada, the CIA! False flag horseshit. Be afraid, very afraid!

      But HEY, there are some very, very scary Mooselum dudes in Montana. They’re called the American Taliban rightwingers! I would lay you money that THEY’RE way more of a threat than any non-extistent terrorists from the middle east! But what the hell, better get Congoman Dopey Reeburp on this right away! Dopey could station Homeland Screwity folks EVERYwhere in the forests!

      This one’s a real laffer, LK. Be afradi, VERY afraid of Dopey Reeburp and Homeland Screwity!

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