May 2012

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Attempted Bigamy

Neil Liviginstone, a.k.a. the Wannabe Most Interesting Man in the World, can often be found among the Helena Republican establishmenti with a woman on his arm whom he alternately introduces to everyone as his fiance and his wife. Her name is Cythia Tsai. There’s only…

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Women’s Group Issues “Douchebag Decree” to UM Vice President

The nonprofit pop culture watchdog organization Bitch Media today issued an official “Ye Old Douchebag Decree” to Jim Foley, calling him “Vice President of Victim Blaming, the University of Montana.” Jim Foley more than earns a Douchebag Decree for his actions surrounding the sexual allegations…

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Statewide Candidates Reveal Finances

The statewide candidates turned in their fundraising numbers today.   Here are a few items of interest: The Governor’s race: Steve Bullock raised twice as much as Rick Hill during the latest reporting period ($100,000 for Bullock to $54,000 for Hill).  Bullock also has a…