The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to…

…Republican state legislators David Howard and Champ Edmunds.

Rep. Champ Edmunds is a father of two who says the Bible is his favorite book and hosts a Bible study group at his home.  Rep. David Howard is a married mouthbreather who compares poor people to animals.

But there is one thing they have in common.  They both enjoyed a donkey porn video enough to share it on their Facebook pages.  Here are the screenshots.  Looks like Judge Nels Swandal is also “in.”  Swandal is the Livingston conservative judge who made the news recently for some questionable behavior.

And so, for using their Facebook pages to lecture others on morality and family values, and then using those same Facebook pages to post donky porn, these elected officials are the lucky winners of the Montana Cowgirl Blog GOP Hypocrite of the Week Awards.

Reps. Howard and Edmunds, take some time to celebrate your awards, but please, keep any records of the celebratory activity you choose to yourselves.

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  1. It would be tempting to label this “unbelievable” but yeah, actually I can believe these idiots did this.

  2. Speaking of idiot TEA Party Republicans. The Billings Outpost blog has a hilarious article about the latest TEA Party “Rally” in Billings. Looks like they are hurting pretty bad!!

  3. You democrats are going to have to pull this donkey porn out of our cold sticky hands!!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 1, 2012 9:22 PM at 9:22 PM |

      You want’a pull my WHAT outta your WHAT with your cold sticky hands?? Man! You’re a sicko, dude! Don’t ask and don’t tell, little fella!


  4. On the one hand . . .


    Get it?

    Seriously, on the one hand does anyone need any more proof that Republicans are hypocrites?

    On the other hand, if this is what they posted on their public facebook profiles, imagine what they’re watching that they don’t think is fit for public eyes.

    AKA Rentboys.

    • These representatives, anticipating some other information about them which is soon to become public, were advised by GOP headquarters to post this porn on their sites, ASAP. As damage control.

  5. This isn’t porn, this is the video from the “guys” vacation they took on the Appalachian Trail!

  6. I might suggest legislators like Champ read Matthew 23:4 about heavy loads, hypocrisy and no help. Also, Matthew 25:14-30 about INVESTMENTS, and relevant as the GOP buried their heads in the sand – and the substantial surplus we could have exploited for the Bonding Bill (supported by non-TP GOP) for the good of all, especially the MT Contractors Association. The GOP legislative factions that crippled investment are like the Master’s third servant who buried the money and incurred the Master’s rebuke of being the useless servant. I remind ‘them’ the Bible also has a NEW Testament, not all Old and stern.

  7. Isnt that video being posted by malware or hackers? I believe it’s one of those links where you click on something and then it asks you to sign back into Facebook and steals your login info.

    • Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS | May 2, 2012 2:35 AM at 2:35 AM |

      Nice try TP, but your candidates are perverts! None of the links Montanafesto, or Cowgirl have on their websites point to Malware and Hackers… but keep trying to deflect….

    • The video was viewed via a Facebook app called Social Cam. The video isn’t nearly as bad as the photo suggests, so I would imagine Rep Howard was really disappointed. It was actually a silly slide show that played during a song, all of which was in Portuguese about the disparity between the rich and the poor. The point is, this picture is the one advertised for the video and in order to watch the video, one must click on this particular image. Considering I’ve never known them to be fluent in Portuguese, it isn’t difficult to assume that they expected to see something pornographic, rather than a slide show and a song in a foreign language. Rep Howard should have known better than to friend me on Facebook. I declined his request and blogged about it but he sent me another one shortly thereafter and I decided if he was that stupid, he deserved what he got.

      I posted this on my personal Facebook account and it only took a few minutes for friends to comment “it couldn’t have been a Representative, you know that people create fake accounts using their likenesses just to discredit them.” Please. Yes, that happens, but absolutely not in this case.

      • TP sounds like the classic “I dont know what this is honey I just opened up an email and this popped onto my screen. I’d better run the anti-virus Windows 95 comes with.”

        Ha ha.

      • lisa o'conner | May 2, 2012 9:07 AM at 9:07 AM |

        @montanafesto “pastimes of the virtuous” made me giggle. great writing : )

  8. Hypocrite of the hour is more like it. There can never just be one winner. If you see a Republican, you see a hypocrite. The worst offenders are the GOP legislators. A bigger bunch of buffoons I have never seen. Alan Hale is only the beginning.

    • I don’t think Hale could figure out how to turn on a computer so he is probably safe from donkey porn. Unless he has it stashed under his mattress or something.

  9. I guess this is what our Republican legislator are really doing when they claim to be “creatin’ jerbs”

  10. Champ Edmunds is one of the dimmest bulbs in the state. He says in the Missoulian that:

    “I have not hunted in HD 100 for several years now because of the devastation the wolves have caused there.”

    His district is outer Missoula. It is not overrun by wolves.

  11. The Montana legislature is chalk full of TEA Party Republican morons. These dimwits are so stupid that they couldn’t even figure out how much money they ALREADY HAD in the bank. I hope these two have primaries.

  12. Apparently blatant hypocrisy does not disqualify one from making Montana laws–and viewing oneself as qualified to do so. These fools are an embarrassment to Montana.

  13. Been There, got the t-shirt | May 2, 2012 2:10 PM at 2:10 PM |

    I am so tired of morons folks. I am tired of the Fatuous half wits in the legislature. Folks we have to get these fools out of office. No business CEO in her or his right mind would want to come here and risk laws made by idiots like this. Get. Everyone. You. Know. To. Vote.

  14. Howard’s lining up for a 3 way. Not for a topless Latina & donkey menage-e-tau, Nancy L.
    But a Primary fight between 2 others.
    Dale Miligan seems to be the reasonable one to vote for.

  15. Been There, got the t-shirt | May 2, 2012 3:12 PM at 3:12 PM |

    Thank god. Anybody has to be better than Howard.

  16. You know, people have the right to be stupid, but Champ Edmunds really abuses that priviledge on a regular basis. Have you guys ever heard the man talk? I heard him once during he session and he could scarcely complete a sentence without grammatical errors. Perhaps he and Rehberg are drinking buddies.

  17. The bible belt are the biggest porn viewers. That’s because no one wants to sleep with those prudes. Probably this is also the case with Howard and Edumnds. Gross.

  18. He’s an ignorant pompous ass.

    • Just watched this video. He says if you use cannabis you will die. Good lord!

      • “Marijuana is a kind of poison. Its kind of like taking arsenic with Valium. You are going to feel good until it kills you. It’s a scourge. I want it regulated down to the furthest point. I would prefer that it is repealed. “

        Well Dave Howard, take a break from bestiality and look it up.

        NONE, NOT 1 overdose of Cannabis in 6,000 years.

        • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. David Howard doesn’t have the sense God gave an animal cracker. To think this crackpot is making our f*cking state laws!

        • Seriously, the man is straight dumb. He voted a Birther Bob Wager bill to reduce vaccination for kids from deadly diseases. HB227, in 2011. Of course, so did half the legislature. Where the hell did these idiots come from.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 2, 2012 11:14 PM at 11:14 PM |

        For Davey Howard! He’ll luv it!

  19. Insert requisite lonely sheep joke here.

  20. Surprise! Billings makes list of smuttiest US cities: Men’s Health RT @Jezebel.

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