Kim Gillan Airs First Democratic Congressional Ad

The Billings Gazette is reporting today that Kim Gillan is the first Democratic candidate for Congress to have an ad on the air.  The ad takes aim at our GOP-controlled Congress’ infamous inability to accomplish…anything.  Other candidates have created ads, but none have yet had the resources to air them.  Here’s the ad:



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  1. Kim Gillan is the best shot Democrats have to beat Daines and take back this seat. This ad is proof of just that. If you have not voted yet, fill out your absentee ballot tonight and vote for Kim Gillan.

  2. I hope the trend we’re seeing so far this year of candidates avoiding the “I’m for Jobs for Montana, Education, schools, and, as usual, Jobs for Montana” blather that is so typical of campaign ads. Makes for a much more interesting (and pleasant) campaign season.

  3. if you want Jon Tester to win in the fall, vote Gillan in the primary,.otherwise daines gets a free ride to november and will work with rehberg to beat tester. you can count on that. gillan is tester’s best bet for reelection. it matters.

  4. Meant to say, i hope the trend of avoiding cliche ads continues.

  5. Somebody here in Bozeman told me that Franke is newly engaged. Two questions: Is that true? And will that make husband #5?

  6. “Not accomplishing anything” is a little harsh don’t you think. I seem to recall Dennis Rehberg naming a post office or something. Let’s give credit where credit is due. ~snark~

  7. Dave still has the best ad so far. He will smoke Franke and Gillan in Missoula.

  8. Stutz for Congress has a TV ad and the resources to air it. Check it out:

  9. Where in the ad does she let us know she’s a Democrat? Where in the ad does she identify Republicans as the problem? I think she deserves a kick in her own can.

  10. Im not impressed with the Gillian ad and was more impressed with Strotomeier’s ad, cause Strotomeier atleast had guts with his ad, Gillian is typical politician.

  11. Both Rob’s and Gillan’s bring the Democratic message home. We have fine candidates all of them. Stop trying to start fights within our party(YOU know who you are, Knuckleheads) A Dem win for each seat in the state! Bring your friends and vote for your favorites, then stand proud behind who ever true Dem Wins!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 15, 2012 7:04 AM at 7:04 AM |

      Hey, yawny, just WHY does Dopey Reeburp always have to travel EVERYwhere he goes with his bodyguard and thug, ex-copper? What is Dopey afraid of, dude? (maybe them two should get a ROOM! they’re inseperable!) And WHY does Dopey’s thug feel the need to PUNCH in the mouth people that try to ask Dopey a question? Your turn, buttercup!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 15, 2012 7:13 AM at 7:13 AM |

        Bottom line? Dopey Reeburp is SO afraid of the people of Montana that he has ALWAYS had a bodyguard at his side! True story! You know that big goon dude who’s always at his side? Ex-billings cop! Why? Why is Dopey AFRAID to go out in public withOUT protecion! Good question! I’d ask him in person, but I MIGHT get assualted! bwahahahahahaha! Too funny! (but not funny to the guy in Missoula that got beat up!)

        You see, I see Tester everywhere at public events. He was here in GF at the Labor Day picnic, and he talked to everyone! And guess what. I saw NO bodyguard with him! What’s up with Dopey? From day one, Dopey felt the need for protection. From whom? From what? His constituency? Or maybe the bodyguard is supposed to keep Dopey from gettin’ TOO drunk in public! And if THAT’S the case, he should be FIRED!

        Who pays Vogel’s salary anyway? Inquiring minds want to know! And what are his duties? If we had a real press, we’d know!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 15, 2012 7:14 AM at 7:14 AM |

          Maybe “reeeporter” Joe Turner, aka dustbin burst, could get right ON this breaking story! How bout it, Joeey?????? bwhwhhwahahahahaa!
          You want a scoop, I’m GIVING you one, outta state dude!

  12. Dave Strohmaier calls for a hearing on Missoula’s role in coal trafficking: Missoula Red Tape.

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