Helena Legislative Candidate Jenny Eck Up with Television Ad

Helena legislative candidate Jenny Eck has a campaign ad on air.  Eck is the Democratic candidate for  House District 82, which includes much of Helena’s west side. The seat is currently held by Rep. Mike Menahan (D), who is not running for re-election.  It’s worth noting with all the web-only video we’ve seen this cycle that the ad is actually on broadcast and cable stations.  Here it is:


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  1. Jennifer Davies | May 17, 2012 7:47 AM at 7:47 AM |

    Not that this is the most important factor in the race, but Jenny Eck has some of the best signs too. Some candidates seem to have forgotten that the whole point of a sign is name recognition. They need to remember the most important thing is the candidates last name in the largest lettering you can get. I’ve even seen the dreaded white campaign signs around this year. Ugh. (OK, my rant is over now.)

    Good luck Jenny!

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