TEA Partier Refuses to Let Facts Stop Angry Tirade

A 29-year-old hothead, a wannabe Tea Party politician named Scott Aspenlieder (pronounced Aspen-lighter), was caught in the embarrasing position of being on the wrong side of the facts this week. Scott launched an angry tirade accusing Secretary Linda McCulloch of being behind a Broadwater County precinct’s ballot glitch.

However, the Great Falls Tribune reported hat Scott is wrong:

Broadwater County election officer Rhonda Nelson said the error on the 11th precinct ballot was between her office and the private contractor who printed and mailed the ballots.

“There was no state involvement in this error,” Nelson said. “There was nothing that the state should have done or could have done differently. The error was entirely between the software company and my office.”

Scott  refused to acknowledge he’d gotten it wrong, which shows he doesn’t even know how the office he’s running for works.  County election officers are responsible for printing ballots.

Scott began his campaign by insulting teachers. He declared that Linda McCulloch, the current Secretary of State (SOS), is a “lifelong bureaucrat” and for that reason is not qualified to be SOS. McCulloch is a lifelong teacher, so Aspenlieder has now brought the national GOP war on teachers to Montana, by calling teachers “bureaucrats.”

Scott opposes mail ballots–perhaps because the allow more people to vote.  In voicing his opposition to the practice he even insulted rural communities. He railed on a vote-by-mail proposal that McCulloch voiced support for (she supported it because it would have saved the state two million dollars annually.)

Scott stated that:

voting is about all these rural communities have left.

In other words, Scott  thinks rural folk need the diversion thay a trip to the polls provides, since they have nothing else in their lives.

The glitch impacted 125 ballots.  All the voters are being notified by phone of the error and sent new ballots.



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  1. Media Trackers Uncovers Massive Ballot Irregularities in Montana:

    And to top it all off, even a sample ballot available to individual voters on the Montana Secretary of State’s website is incorrect (this particular ballot allows the voter to select a state representative in two separate districts — districts 68 and 83). Here’s the link – http://montana.mediatrackers.org/files/2012/05/ballot-bogus.pdf

    Over a dozen Billings-area voters have complained that they received incorrect ballots. Yellowstone county officials have also reported numerous complaints from voters receiving the wrong ballot .
    Election Supervisor Blames Ballot Snafu on Computer Error:

  2. Sounds like we need to elect new county elections officers.

  3. Scott should take a Montana civics class before he runs for office. As Bozeman dem points out, these problems are the fault of local election officials, who are locally elected, and are often republicans .

  4. Gollee. Since the guy who played Goober on the Andy Griffith Show died, the Ceement pond just isn’t the same. We needs moar guns and entertainment like teevee, guns, monster trucks, voting and monster trucks with guns mounted on them. For freedums.

    The end.

  5. “Aspenlieder said he supports keeping Montana’s elections the way they are and opposes McCulloch’s proposal, which was killed by the 2011 Legislature, to switch to all-mail ballots for most elections. McCulloch said vote-by-mail would save the state $2 million per election cycle and make it easier for everyone eligible to vote.
    ‘There is absolutely no reason to change,’ Aspenlieder said. ‘There’s no reason to force people to vote by mail.'”

    Since when is it more convenient for the olds to have to pack up the pickup and drive to town on Tuesday, a working day, and pick their way across a public gathering center on the walker or cane, rather than put the ballot in the mail box and have the mailperson take it?

    Sweet Googly moogly.

  6. mail in voting is more susceptible to fraud. I don’t care how many millions are saved if it means the Dims steal more elections, it just ain’t worth it.

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