Guinness Records Declares Dennis Rehberg “Greatest Living Hypocrite”

The Guinness Book of World Records today has declared a Montana Congressman the “Greatest Living Hypocrite.”  The achievement is a testament to the old adage that persistence pays off.

To forever cement his world class hypocrisy status, Rehberg showed up this morning at an event honoring senior volunteers–after an attempt to eliminate the senior volunteer program’s funding just last year.

Rehberg boldly appeared at the Rocky Mountain Development Center in Helena to say he got “a great deal of pleasure” out of seeing the programs he tried to eliminate in action.

The Retired and Volunteer Service Program, the Foster Grandparent Program and the Senior Companion Program make up what is known as the Senior Corps. The Montana Senior Corp matches the experience, skills, and talents of seniors with community needs.

After he failed to eliminate the program’s funding entirely, Rehberg later proposed more cuts to the Senior Volunteer Corps, citing the need to cut “wasteful” programs and move funds “for programs that actually help people and families.”

The Guinness adjudicator who carefully followed Rehberg’s attempt reviewed hundreds of hours of footage, clippings, and political pablum before announcing the designation as official.  “Dennis Rehberg has earned this award hands down. We’ve never seen anything like it.”


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  1. Allow me to be the first to take back my statements that Rehberg has never accomplished anything. Truly “my bad.” I’ll be tuning in to the PBS docuseries chronicling his achievement very soon.

  2. Drill Baby Drill | May 22, 2012 7:51 PM at 7:51 PM |

    This is a lie. Your facts are as fabricated as your photo. GET A LIFE.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 22, 2012 9:27 PM at 9:27 PM |

      Get a life, Drildo? Oh, you mean as in reetards who have NOTHING better to do than read lefty blogs and comment?? I get ya. But I don’t blame ya either. For you see, I’ve read the righty blogs. They’re pathetic.

    • Drill – LIST Denny’s accomplishments or find pictures of his cattle which ever is easier

    • Too early for a sense of humor, pal? Have another cup of joe.

  3. Bhaw Hahahahahahaha Damn I wish that was true, Funny as all get out though!

  4. No Jennifer, it’s called satire. The liar is Dennis Rehberg for pretending to support a program he tried to obliterate.

  5. can some one tell me what the significance of the large strawberry on big mountain jesus’ chest signifies? or is that a carrot?

  6. So what is deal on Stapleton ad? Why so much money so late? This stable of political junkies must have some thoughts.

    • Comparative ads talking about one’s opponent are always done at the end. This way, the opponent doesn’t have much time, if any, to respond. Or, if she or he has time, perhaps she lacks the resources to respond.

  7. Where can we see the ad? I haven’t seen it yet. He probably is going after Hill for this personal failures.

  8. Chuck Johnson covers it in lee papers today.

  9. I think its smart. Stapleton has nothing to lose by doing this. Polls show Hill is vulnerable to such an attack, and he went for it.

    Here’s the Chuck Johnson article:

    Of course, the HIll campaign can’t respond on the merits (Hill did cheat on his wife. He does have baggage)

    And so, the Hill folks responded the only way they can in this situation. They accused Stapleton of “negative campaigning.”

    We saw a similar version of this common campaign scenario Hill when Laslovich supporters accused Bucy supporters of negative campaigning in the comments of this blog.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar ad from Livingstone come out. He’s in the same place as Corey–worse actually. This could clear the way for a win for Miller in the primary.

  10. Here’s the ad:

    It’s got everything. Support for Obamacare. INsurance industry board, sales tax, baggage.

  11. The best point of the ad for me is the “lucrative government leases.” People don’t know that Hill was not only Martz’s economic advisor, but that Hill’s wife Betti worked in Martz office. The two used their connections to get the state into leases on Hill’s property and Hill made millions.

    That’s not the kind of Governor anyone wants. I can’t see Stapleton or Miller doing that.

  12. Queen City Dem | May 23, 2012 9:50 AM at 9:50 AM |

    While I’ve heard some water cooler chatter this am about “how his really helps Bullock” the fact is that these candidates aren’t running in the general yet. They have to get through the primary first, an that is all they can and should be worrying about right now. Stapleton was wise to go with this ad. Even though weakening Hill helps all the other candidates, not just Stapleton himself. There is no downside to running this ad. You’ll hear the common whining about “negative campaigning” but the polls show over and over that it works.

  13. “Despite their concern that Libby residents’ rights are protected, Rehberg said that there is a need to limit asbestos lawsuits.” 2003

  14. Jesus looks like he’s totally taken aback.

  15. Mike Dennison ‏@mikedennison: Tester racks up another $765,000 in campaign funds, approaching $8M total. Rehberg raises $400,000 in same period, for almost $5M.

    • I would remind you, Larry, that Rehberg will not have to raise as much money as Tester in this race because there is a concerted effort on the part of the Republican Central Committee to turn this seat Republican. There have already been HUGE buys of ad time to attack Tester. This will be an ugly race, make no mistake. It behooves all of us that support Senator Tester to work to keep him in office. He has done more for veterans than any other Montana Senator previous. I have already done some work and will continue to work to get Senator Tester re-elected. If I manage to free up some money for donations, Tester and Lindeen will get it.

  16. GOP Folks in Montana want Citizens United, Thats why almost every GOP star has signed on to “friend of the Court” documents that were sent in to Supreme Court via the 11th district court, with Florida. In SW Montana area Debbie Barrett and Jeff Welborne both signed to support Citizens United, as well as the Beaverhead County Republican Party. These people are trying frightfully hard to sell us out to big Business.

  17. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is generating tremendous heat as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President: he is expected to be on every state ballot.

    Public Policy Polling keeps compiling evidence that Johnson will take a significant number of Ron Paul supporters after having been shat upon by the earth hater party.

    Expect MTGOP to go into panic mode in the coming days as they scramble to keep President Obama from making Montana a solidly blue state.

  18. Sen. Tester’s letter to Indian Country:

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