Whitefish TEA Partier: True Christians Needn’t Obey Law

TEA Party Republican Tim Baldwin has authored a book to explain his belief that Christian people need not submit to secular laws.  Baldwin is a self-styled bible fanatic and lawyer that specializing in using the bible to find loopholes that allow True Believers to break the law.  You need simply believe that the government is evil to do so.

If you believe that parking meters are a tyrannical conspiracy theory to prevent Christian people from getting a good parking space–you need not feed them.  If you believe parking tickets are the faceless hand of government’s way of depriving the Godly of funds they were surely going to donate to orphanages–you need not pay.  If you believe stem cell research is murder–you need not obey the government that prohibits murdering the scientists behind it.

Baldwin explains his unique beliefs on the Alex Jones Show.  Jones is an apocalyptic conspiracy theorist on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate watch list.

The entire interview can be seen below.  Baldwin is running for the Democratic-leaning Whitefish house seat formerly held by TEA Party Republican Derek Skees.  Baldwin will face either Tom Muri or Ed Lieser depending on who wins the Democratic primary for this race.


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  1. Whitefish as too great dems ready to defeat this loon. Tom Muri or Ed Lieser, whomever wins the primary, will both be great. I have to ask- why does Tim want to make our laws if he believes they don’t apply.

  2. So Bob Wagner believe the government is evil because he thinks the president was not born here. Can I use that as an excuse not to pay taxes , or must I find my own reasons. Please address my question in the sequel to your book Mr. Baldwin. Thanks

  3. Methinks “Christians” of that ilk are the ones who will be doing a cannonball into the fiery lake.

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  4. Tim Baldwin claims to be a constitutional scholar, yet he worked as a prosecutor in Florida. Shouldn’t he have been on the defense? I believe he now represents a really shady character that goes by many names. The most complete name for him that I know of is Sam Halpern. Sam is trying to remove a vietnem veteran and his wife from their home which he claims to own. If sam owned it, the Sheriff would have taken it when they confiscated his ranch up on northwoods. My guess is that Tim is probably just a money hungry attorney or a plant to identify all the extremists in the valley.

    I wonder how his flock would feel if they found out that he is in fact representing Sam Halpern. Maybe the creditors and local businesses can talk to Tim to get their money back from sam?

    The entire family seems very sketch and greedy.

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