Women’s Group Issues “Douchebag Decree” to UM Vice President

The nonprofit pop culture watchdog organization Bitch Media today issued an official “Ye Old Douchebag Decree” to Jim Foley, calling him “Vice President of Victim Blaming, the University of Montana.”

Jim Foley more than earns a Douchebag Decree for his actions surrounding the sexual allegations in Missoula. Instead of taking these terribly sad circumstances as an opportunity to stand with survivors and hold those responsible accountable, he furthered the injustice.

The author argues that when it comes to rape, “we should all be willing to call out anyone who is complicit in the tolerance of sexual assault—both perpetrators and those who revictimize and blame survivors. This means you, Jim Foley. Douchebag.”

Bitch Media works to point out the insidious, everyday sexism of popular culture, propose alternatives, and celebrate pro-woman, pro-feminism pop culture products instead.


4 Comments on "Women’s Group Issues “Douchebag Decree” to UM Vice President"

  1. I understand the US department of education is now involved as well. Good!

    • I agree Norma. I believe this is the second federal agency looking into this. Those emails from the Missoulian where this d-bag inquired about whether a student had violated “code” for reporting that she had been raped was a doozy. Especially given that no emails were discovered asking about what could be done to the alleged rapists.

  2. I love this college enough to know it needed shakeup. When all the administration has been checked, and the losers have been uncovered, and fired……This school well be back on its righteous path of educational standing, before football.

    We can always build up a great football team, but football wont get you a job 99.99% of the time. And thats not what colleges are for.

  3. I hope the administration gets its collective azz handed to it. This whole matter has been an embarrassment to all of us alumni. The notion that the school would cover up sexual misconduct and threaten a female student is indefensible. I hope other alum vote with their wallets as well and say, no more bucks for jocks.

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