Attempted Bigamy

Neil Liviginstone, a.k.a. the Wannabe Most Interesting Man in the World, can often be found among the Helena Republican establishmenti with a woman on his arm whom he alternately introduces to everyone as his fiance and his wife. Her name is Cythia Tsai.

There’s only one problem.  Livingstone’s wife is Susan Livingstone.  Ms. Tsai is in fact his fiance.  The Livingstones are still married but are apparently in the process of estrangement, as this legal document indicates [PDF].

Livingstone has made little effort to disabuse anyone of the notion that he and Tsai are married.  Here is a screenshot of the photo from a Montana Public Radio profile describing her as his wife.  The caption on the current version of the story has since been updated to read “fiance.”

And several pro-Livingstone commenters on this blog have also referred to her as his wife.    Tsai is Livingstone’s Vice President at his Washington DC think tank, so Livingstone is going the Baucus route for sure.

Anyway, fiance it is.  We wish the happy threesome well.

More importantly,  this reminds me of a similar and hilarious item from a few years ago, when Dave Berg, a right-wing radio shock-jock from Billings, was revealed to have been married to two women at once.  Here is the the hilarious transcript from the day he was busted:

Interesting Berg in the Morning Call Today:
Berg: I’ve got Lisa on our Helena line. Lisa has been hangin’ on so patiently there. Lisa are you there?
Caller: I’m here. Thank you.
Berg: Thank you very much for your call.
Caller: Yeah, I have a question about education. I’m wondering. I saw something on the internet about you, Dave Berg, and your involvement with bigamy. And I just want to know what kind of message you think that sends our kids when you’re married to two women at the same time.
Berg: I am married to two women at the same time?
Caller: According to the website (Berg laughs) you had two wives from the period of July 13, 1998 to July 15, 1999.
Berg: That’s news to me. Ha ha ha.
Berg: Who the? Whose?
Caller: Apparently your name, apparently your real name is Dave Fullwiler.
Berg: Whose? Whose website?
Caller: You wrote the book called “The Gripes of Wrath”
Berg: Whose, uh whose, whose website is that you’re taking it from?
Caller: This is on several websites. It’s all over the blogs across Montana.

Berg: My goodness, I want to see a copy of that. Thank you very much.
Caller: I would go to if I were you and check it out.  There’s a ton of comments. People are really upset about it.
Caller: I’m going to be going to be calling advertisers of this station and letting them know that this is supposed to be a family values show. I mean, you talk about family values. What are you doing? This is unacceptable.
Berg: I would agree with you. I thank you very much Lisa for your call. I better check into that.
Berg: I better check into that.
Roy Brown: We need an education on that.
Berg: We certainly do.
Dave Rye: You’re listening to the family friendly and alcohol free–at least until he get’s off the air–Berg in the Morning. That’s a 60 second trip
across Montana. I’m Dave Ray.Northern News Network.
Bob Keenan: And one other thing David, if it was on the internet and it was on a blog site it must be true, Right?
Berg: Oh ho ho. Right, Absolutely. It’s in print, so it’s true.

Berg, who was so right-wing that he made Aaron Flint look like Bernie Sanders, later admitted being married to two women at once.  After his past was revealed, it wasn’t long before he disappeared from the air.


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  1. Queen City Dem | May 29, 2012 8:45 PM at 8:45 PM |

    So is this the “wife” that he took on the yacht full of hookers or was that his other wife?

  2. Queen City Dem | May 29, 2012 9:08 PM at 9:08 PM |

    Berg was a giant a-hole. Used to refer to Schweitzer as “our so-called governor,” and that sort of stuff. An angry right-winger if ever there were one. Good riddance.

  3. Jennifer Davies | May 29, 2012 9:18 PM at 9:18 PM |

    The Berg show went off the air in 2005, according to one station manager, the problem was that advertisers didn’t want their names associated with the garbage he spewed:

    I want to thank you Chad, and everyone else for being a listener of Berg in the Morning. The problem with talk radio in Miles City, yes there are listners who like talk radio, such as Berg, Rush, ect. The problem is that it is hard to sell it. Businesses do not want there name associated with something that might raise some issues, and I don’t blame them. I had no sponsors for Berg, so I just ran commericals during the show. One day, I had a listner call up and was torked at David Berg and wanted to know the buinesses running ads during the show because she was going to call up the buisness and give them a ear full.

    • I am so pleasantly surprised by the cromulent grammar abilities of the poster (s). Were they actually employed by the radio station? If so, I want to send them a fabulous prize that I have already picked out, worth a lot of munney!

  4. I remember that show. It was a total piece of crap. If you wanted to hear those in the lower IQ brackets discussing flag burning, hatred of gays, Berg’s support for Bush’s warrantless wiretapping, and how evil democrats are, this was the show. It was Moron Meetup before Meetups existed, then faded out.

    • Jebus, this show was carried by Cherry Creek, probably one of the political reason I was fired from that organization. Best thing that ever happened to me, by the way.

  5. Good Lord! Some of us just get married and stay married.
    I’m so glad I’m not a GOP with the eruptions.

  6. I guess bald men really do have tha sexy? I am so not getting it from this pic.

  7. Jennifer Davies | May 30, 2012 7:21 AM at 7:21 AM |

    Apparently, having been secretly still married and even having a criminal record (that Helena leg candidate) are no barrier to an elected office in today’s Republican party.

    What stops you from being allowed on the Republican party ballot is being a woman I guess. The GOP Chair Dusty Deschamps recently tried to pretend he had no idea why there was a gaping paucity of women on the GOP ticket.

    Did you guys read this article?

    State GOP Chairman Will Deschamps of Missoula said, “I have no idea. Quite frankly, I haven’t even looked at it. We want the best candidates we can find, regardless of gender. In a lot cases, we don’t choose the candidates, they choose us.”

  8. Drill Baby Drill | May 30, 2012 7:24 AM at 7:24 AM |

    Hang on their hypocrites. Jon Tester may talk about women, but he doesn’t think they are really so valuable. Well, not as valuable as men anyway.

    Now, a new report out of The Washington Free Beacon shows that Senator Tester pays his female staffers less than he pays his male staffers. How much less? 34.2%

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 30, 2012 7:41 AM at 7:41 AM |

      “Hang on their hypocrites”??? Wow! Hoam skuuled maybe?? Is that a command by the way? Hang on to the hypocrites??


      You can always count on Flint for the goofiest propaganda lines around, like this one:

      Dopey Reeburp real rancher, Steve Charter environmentalist! Hence, not a real rancher! Too funny.

      You see, HERE’S the problem with that. The Pubbies and their Teatard pals are ALWAYS and endlessly farting about how the ranchers are good stewards of the land! Well, Steve IS that! Dopey Reeburp is not! Steve IS trying to prevent the destruction of his land and water. Is Flinty even REMOTELY familiar with long wall mining and what happens to the land? And water?? If you’re a good steward, you PROTECT it!

      Drildo the dildo, I would fins some new talking points, dude. Oh, and maybe some remedial grammar classes might be in order too!


      • Drill Baby Drill | May 30, 2012 7:44 AM at 7:44 AM |

        Like many on this intellectual backwater, you can’t dispute the merits of the comment and instead attack the commenter. It is you folks who need the remedial classes–in logic.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 30, 2012 7:47 AM at 7:47 AM |


          Exhibit A:

          Are ranchers stewards or not?


          Steve is a rancher, hence a STEWARD! You are an industry puke! BIG difference!

        • Testers top aides in the Washington office are Females as well. his top legislative aide on environmental concerns was a woman. his secretary as you walk in the office was a guy. Real life will always be better then Flint’s Imagination. I was there I saw it his staff he hired as many woman as men.

          Get a life Drill either go to speak to the source or read a real reporter for a change.

          • Actually, Norma, you are factually incorrect. Overall, Tester’s employees are primarily male which opened the door for Flint’s critisism of him. A simple search of Tester’s governmental financial records makes this clear. What Flint’s idiocy fails to take into account is the relative job title, experience level and education of those employees. When you do, you find that Tester is kind of on the low end when it comes to income disparity (about 5.2% – the average for a Senator is 7.9%). Make no mistake, income disparity does exist. The sad fact for both Drill Baby and Flint is that disparity is far more extant for Republicans and moreover, has decreased steadily over the last two decades.

            A far bigger issue would be the apparent glass ceiling when it comes to pay in political offices. This has not been addressed in any legislation and it would be next to impossible to effectively address as it has too many factors involved – not the least of which is society itself. That is a discussion that is far too large for this context. In short, both Flint and Drill Baby are wrong and attempting to make an argument that is silly on it’s face.

            • You have too explain it to my eyes then…thats what they saw! Ah they tell different.

              • Norma, I am not discounting what you saw, I am simply relating what the money says. Tester has more males working for him than females, and the males have – overall – more seniority than the females. This is the case with all 18 Senators I looked up. I would not call that conclusive but it certainly is indicative of a trend.

        • 2 right wing organizations the Drudge Report and the Free beacon is what Flint sources???

          How many journalistic awards could those guys rub together to make a fire? Answer : None!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 30, 2012 6:30 PM at 6:30 PM |

          Here it IS, Drildo the Dildo! Which IS it, Dildo? Is Steve Charter a good steward or ISN’T he? Last time I checked, goat boy Dopey Reeburp was NOT a real rancher, nor a very good steward! He believes in condos not cows, remember?!

          “In fact, ranchers work hard to steward the private and public lands that provide the majority of habitat for wildlife in our state”.

          THAT is right outta the mouth of an industry puke like yourself, Dildo! Is this puke wrong? Why then is Steve a lousy steward?

          You morons got some splaini’ to do, Dildo!

    • Fine, Drill Baby, let’s talk about your issue. First, quoting Flint gets you nowhere. He is not a reputable source anymore than Rush Limberger is. The article you link is slightly better than Flint but JUST slightly.

      The figure you quote is based on “research” which is not presented in the article and is unverifiable. Further, even the article admits that the actual disparity is probably far smaller than being reported “when factors such as area of employment, hours of work, and time in the workplace are taken into account, the gap shrinks to about 5 percent.”

      Further, the article also admits that job title was not taken into consideration. Since Tester has a male Chief of Staff, the assumed “paygap” will of course favor men. If anything, the article points to a possible “glass ceiling” situation with Democratic Senators, not a gender pay gap.

      In short, it is unverifiable partisan pap you are trying to pass off as “fact”. It is in keeping with most of the crap you litter this website with. You prove – once again – that you are an idiot incapable of seeing anything outside your “FOX News” programming. What a tool….

  9. I look forward to the day when “Cowgirl” (as if) discusses her own sex life and personal relationships. What crap this level of political discourse is, what lazy reporting. Moral superiority does not become Democrats, ya know?

    And before someone says that “character” is important in voting, please let me pre-deflect by reminding you that if that were true, we would not have the two Senators we have from the state of Montana. If character counts, start by doing some house cleaning.

    • Jumping right past your unsubstanciated and rediculous claim that Sen Tester and Sen Baucus are unilaterally immoral, let’s take a look at your (silly) reasoning here.

      You are somehow attempting to show that Cowgirl’s relationship status and history is somehow related to the moral deprevaty of a person running for a representative office. This is a false equivelency. I am not interested in Cowgirl’s relationships status as I will not be voting for Cowgirl to represent me. Nor do I care about his/her relationship status as she is not attempting to run on a platform of “family values”. If a representative wants my vote, they damn well better practice what they preach.

      Now let’s be clear. I really don’t give a damn what the relationship status of the candidates are either. Unlike most, I have a very open idea about relationships and I do not believe that a person’s ability to represent me has anything to do with what they do in the bedroom or with who. What I do give a damn about is whether the person representing me is honest and trustworthy. If a person wanting my vote campaigns on a platform of “traditional family values” and then lives a life in direct violation of those “traditional family values”, his relationship status becomes damn important to me. I would much rather vote for a person that is honestly and openly engaged in a relationship with multiple people or with someone of the same sex, than I would for someone that preachs “traditional family values” and then lives a life in direct opposition to those values.

      Once again, you are an idiot, Mark. Please go away.

      • Well said. I would simply add that if Tokarski is looking to the Cowgirl for “reporting” then he, too, is looking for love in all the wrong places. Unlike Mt. Watchdog, this website has made no pretense of engaging in journalism. It says right up there in the header: Political Gossip, Satire, and Analysis from MT’s Capitol City. That Tokarski remains consistently confused by his own expectations speaks volumes about his own self-awareness.

      • You’re close to being tedious, like your brother.

        Elmo Roper (ever heard of the Roper Poll?) back in the 1950’s said that his research led him to conclude that 90% of the population is “politically inert, inactive, inattentive, manipulable, and without critical faculty.”

        And that’s reality. That’s what politicians have to deal with. But they do have to get you out to vote every two years, not because voting is important, but rather because people believe that by voting they are actually participating in governance. That illusion is critical, as people who have no power often become rebellious.

        That’s why we have elections – to lrivide the illusion of self-government.

        So your critical decisions regarding who you vote for amount to squat, and campaigns are a circus that comes to town every two years. “Cowgirl”, a Democratic boiler room operation, is here to rouse the rabble, get them excited and get them to vote. Sex, as in everything else, sells.

    • You Keep saying “we” like you still live here Mark? You don’t! You don’t care what happens here in Montana, You never will because you Dont Live Here! You Live in Colorado.

      How many times must it be said that for you to leave.

      • Mark’s just jealous that Cowgirl’s blog has more traffic than his, if it even still exists

        • Lynn, sadly his delusions go way deeper than that.

          • Anyway, you humorless twit, sometime look up projection. I am not delusional. But you, and your brother …

            You claim to be the best philosophy student ever to pass through MSU, a 4.0 average. Oddly, no grad school for such a remarkable prodigy. No scholarships Mr. Four Point?

            Even weirder, your brother talks of his military service days as if he was in submarine warfare! He must be your really older brother, as that places him in WWII.

            Those are “delusions,” and the two of you appear to me to be “delusional.” You are “projecting” that on me, as this gives you relief from yourselves.

            Now, go play with your friends. You’re kind of boring.

            • Neither I nor he have claimed any such things as you blather here. That would be the best evidence of your delusions, Tokarski.

              • Oh yes, you have. Oh yes, he has. Your self-laudatory blog post on your college career was one of the creepiest things I ever read, giving me a shudder. Your brother talked of needing to be quiet in his sub, as noise gives away location … And. .then … Boom! I assume it was underwater zombies they were chasing, as real submarine warfare hasn’t happened since … I

            • While, as Rob has already pointed out, it is getting tedious replying to you, I want to point out that..

              A) you know nothing (as in zip zilch and nada) of what submarine warfare is and isn’t. As such, you have information to make your sweeping statements about submarine warfare.

              2) Submarine warfare has been a constant since world war II. Engagements have occured (one was the situation I refered to in an earlier post and I was most definitely “involved”).

              3) Noise is always an issue with submarines and even more so with Ballistic Missle submarines. If you actually knew anything about what you were talking about, you would know at least that. Regardless of whether you are engaged in an exercise or actual warfare, noise is a submariner’s nightmare and will likely continue to be until submarines no longer exist.

              You are an idiot, Mark, and each time you attempt to post something here, you prove it. Please leave – you add nothing and reduce the IQ of anyone that has to slug through your crap.

              • Oh, I read Hunt For Red October. That’s not the point. You were chasing water zombies. Hat was the point.

              • Bwah hahahaha You want to know how many times Michael was deployed from a submarine on missions? 3 times that I know about. probably still one of the best stealth drop ships the navy has. Mark you stupidity amazes me.

                • The role of submarines is naval warfare is still not understood by the vast majority of people that have never served on them. Moreover, movies/books like Hunt for Red October go a long way to re-enforcing those myths. Idiots like Mark are clueless and frankly, that is a plus in my book. Since the primary functionality of a Submarine is Stealth, the lack of understanding about submarine ops is in their favor. Let Mark pontificate. It shows his stupidity and he is simply too stupid to recognise it. Those of us that have actually served and those that actually have some knowledge of submarine operations will laugh at his moronic posts. He is minimizing himself and will continue to do so because he can’t recognise his own ignorance.

                  • I know everything about submarine warfare I need to know. You are funny, so self-important! Protecting us from sea zombies.

                    What’s your fantasy? You’re Captain Lehman-Willenbrock? Here, use my broomstick. Ride, captain ride!

                    • We know what your fantasy is, Tokarski. You state it right here:

                      I know everything about submarine warfare I need to know.

                      How do you ever know what you’re going to need to know when you don’t actually know it? Do tell us Perfessor. You, sir, are delusional.

                    • Oh god, here we go again. It’s Helen Keller time. Rod, my statement contained nuance, and was meant to convey the idea that I have no use for elaborate knowledge of the working of submarines, as no one is going to attack us. It would be superfluous. At another web site kenny said that our $1 trillion defense budget was necessary, so he must think zombies are out there.

                      You guys keep,it up. I ‘m peeing my pants laughing again. Honey break out the depends.

                    • Figures you would wear Depends, don’t know enough to find the bathroom????

                      And your blind too? Russia and china might be on friendly terms regarding some business but, not enough to stop supplying terrorists and rougue countries like Iran and Syria, and possibly Pakistan. I know this pains you but submarines are one of our best quick defenses of that area, because of their stealth capacities.

                      Reconnaissance, agents sent to Buckley take out look-out areas, even small strike fighters have been launched from submarines, Icms to take out targets to big for armies…. and also recovery of down pilots in seas.

                      Then least you forget we have friends in the area like Israel Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, etc., Countries we have treaties to protect. Of Course you forget the treaties we have as well with the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, South American states of democracy as well. We are still the peace makers and police officers for a lot of our friends.

                      See your problem is Mark folks like you do not wish to see the whole picture….. its too much for your little brains, so you invent zombies???

                      I bet you couldn’t connect the dots regarding how much our economies, are still influenced as well with each other as well?

                    • So you are controlled by fer too, just like the Tea Party. This confirms my contention that there is no difference between you and the other party.

                      We have no enemies. Fear is how governments controls you. Snap out of it woman! Grow a pair.

                    • Mark, we Have friends to protect because of treaties! Again, you show yourself as one of those tea party conspiracists that believe in Agenda 21 BS, you want to close down the U.N., our borders, and hide in the basement for commies… the only one that needs to grow a pair is you!

                      I am not worried about any third world country, Mark. And I believe in significant cuts to the military. I believe we need to get private industry out of the Military as well. But we have promised half the world we are behind them. So get your head out of your ass and stop hiding in the bushes. The Military will stay, not just because of us fighting wars, but because of our promises as a country to others.

                      Having a Military, is and always will be the fastest way to confront any threat to our allies, any threat to us as a nation, any threat to our communities when natural disaster occurs…… Do yourself a favor and read “Drift” and STFU and stop putting words in my mouth!

                      Better yet Leave and dont let this blogs door, hit you in the butt on the way out!

      • We’re coming to visit in June. Keep your daughters inside.

    • Hey, if you want sexy-talk from the columnists (and plenty of dominatrix fantasy) go check out Mistress Rebecca will certainly fix your twixie. God, munney must really depress you GOP idjots.

  10. David Berg Fulwiler is a resident of St John’s Nursing Home in Billings and suffering from demntia/alzheimers.

    Even in his private life David was an odd character. A pompous, pious, judgemental ass if I ever met one.

    • Poor old fart. He’ll be the next one we have to do the -30- for, and no, that is not a threat, just an observation.

  11. For the record, I hate poodles. Not standard poodles, mind you. Those are magnificent, athletic and smart dogs. But miniatures and toys? They have been bred into a travesty of what a good noble breed should be. Look at the face of that dog in the picture. Even it seems to understand the existential horror of its role as a plaything of the horrible bipeds surrounding it.

  12. Its the owners that make a dog crazy Rob. But, your right one of my favorite water dogs are standard poodles.

  13. Just so you guys know I am happy to announce that the teacher’s and public education union MEA-MFT endorse me today as a candidate.

  14. Are you kidding me? | May 30, 2012 8:00 PM at 8:00 PM |

    Wait a minute, It is not the poodle dog’s fault….but the “other woman”…..she has poor taste in men and dogs…..At least oneof them is loyal…

    What do you get when you screw a man who is playing around on his wife… get a man who plays aroundon his wife…..

  15. I have it on authority that the pictured poodle, Whisper, is a verifiable rescue dog, adopted by Neil Livingstone from a makeshift urban street corner rescue organization at the 11th hour, when the pup was near death, hairless, starving, mangey, severely injured/ill and missing his tail. Neil just happened upon Whisper and the little waif stole his heart. The rest is history. True story.

  16. “Neil” is doing the dems a favor in one key way –His running mate Ryan Zinke no longer has any future as a congresssional candidate.

    • I will never be able to understand why Ryan Zinke hitched his wagon to this train. It seems pretty obvious that this candidate was on the fast track to internet jokedom. If Zinke had even bothered to goole Livingstone he could have predicted some of this. How old is Zinke? I feel like he’s not too old to have heard of Google.

  17. Looks like you don’t know how to use google either! Neil has never introduced Cynthia as his wife. If others have in the press or else where, he cannot control that. Idiot Savant is correct in his story of Whisper the poodle.

    • To the best of your knowledge he’s never introduced her as his wife, you have no way of knowing that for certain.

  18. And Trust No One, you have no way of knowing for certain whether the sun will come up tomorrow, despite the fact that it has come up consistently every day since time immemorial. (I learned that on the first day of Philosophy 101 in college–LOL). Nevertheless, Lola Zinke would be a most qualified and credible witness on the subject of how Mr. Livingstone introduces himself and those associated with him to people, as I am guessing Lola has spent thousands of hours alongside Mr. Livingstone on the campaign trail directly witnessing millions of such introductions. Best wishes to you and yours, Lola, in the upcoming election and in honor of Veteran’s Day this week, my thanks and appreciation to your husband for his brave and dedicated service to his country in the United States Navy and to you and your children for weathering the sacrifices and hardships inherent in the life of a military family.

    • Lola Zinke would be a most qualified and credible witness on the subject

      Credible? I can think of very few who would have more good reason to lie about the subject than La-la-la-lola Zinke.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 31, 2012 8:09 PM at 8:09 PM |


        “Well I’m not the world’s most passionate man but I know what I am I’m a man I’m a man and so’s Loola!”


        HEY, for any young dudes out there readin’ this site, this here’s one of the best songs from the sixties, that mythical golden time that some of us had the privilige of living through! Good music, good drugs, and good sex!

        And everyone from the sixties did NOT turn out to be a sick, baldheaded, fascist moronic bastard like Livingscam!

        Enjoy, young dudes! And remember, it’s never too late to return to sixties music and values! You want values? I GIVE you values! SIXTIES values!

  19. Sorry, I meant Memorial Day. That’s why I am the Idiot Savant.

  20. Thousands of hours and millions of introductions? If I’m not mistaken I believe I read that Mrs. Zinke earned a law degree. She should know better than to make a statement like that. I’m sure Livingstone and Tsai have attended many functions in D.C. without Mrs. Zinke around.

  21. Idiot Savant, keep in mind I never said the sun is going to come up tomorrow.

  22. Life is full of hardships for many today, especially during the current economic situation our country is in, but military families are now facing ten month or longer deployments. That is tough. You are welcome, Idiot Savant. I am very proud of my daughter’s Naval service, my son-in-laws’s continued Naval service and Ryan’s military service and legislative record. Right now our state needs honest, dedicated and tireless leaders. It does not seem too many of those type of have stepped up to the plate this season. Let’s hope this election Montana wins.

    • Gawd.

    • Hardships? Nothing a cruise with hookers couldn’t fix, I’m certain.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 1, 2012 8:34 PM at 8:34 PM |

      Well, I will never denegrate Ryan Zinke’s military service. I have too much respect for the SEALs. (and all our military members) To be a SEAL, one definitely needs to be made of the right stuff. In spades! But that does not mean that his skills as a SEAL necessarily translate into good politics. It did for Jesse Ventura, but I don’t see the same with Ryan. Maybe some day perhaps. But running with Livingscam is a bad place to begin.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 1, 2012 8:38 PM at 8:38 PM |

        p.s. I should state that I LOATHE the CIA and anyone evil enough to be associated with it. And Livingscam claims to have his OWN CIA. To me, there’s nothing worse.

        The CIA is responsible for nearly ALL the major genocides and atrocities since WWII. And lest we forget, they wacked JFK and Bobby, and MLK too!

        They’re evil incarnate.

  23. Rob, Rob, Rob….Do you have any idea what kind of torment one goes through on a daily basis as the spouse/parent of a loved one who is in harm’s way fighting for our country? The Zinke family has multiple family members in military service. That means their hardship has been multiplied many times over. All military families go through this agony, but in the case of the families of special forces members, it can be even worse because most of the time they have no idea where their loved one is, what kind of mission they are on, knowing that whatever the mission, it is necessarily very dangerous, etc. I hold military spouses/families as sacred and deserving of the utmost dignity, respect and support (because the ravages of war don’t miraculously end when their soldier/sailor returns home and I firmly believe that as a society we all need to accept responsibility and help minimize the negative impacts these families suffer). Please be kind, even if you don’t agree with their politics. Sleazy ad hominem attacks have no place when it comes to addressing the hero that is the Military Spouse.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 2, 2012 3:36 PM at 3:36 PM |

      Agreed! I couldn’t agree more! But what we CAN’T forget is that more often than not our valiant warriors are used to do EVIL in our country’s name!

      Deserter Bush and his dick, Cheney, the draft-dodger, did what ONLY Hitler and co. has done in modern times! They invaded a totally innocent coutry and SLAUGHTERED the innocent inhabitants in a so-called pre-emptive war! (Poland ring a bell?)

      This is rightly called the greatest evil by the Nuremburg Courts!

      Of course, it is not the place of our warriors to object. It is the duty of ALL decent people to do whatever is in their power to STOP evil nazis like bush and his dick! They are war ciminals right UP their with ol’ Adolpho!

      Thank GOD there’s a Hell! That is my only solace, knowing that these dirty bastards will spend eternity paying the price for the evil they have done! Guess we’ll see how smirky ol’ Bush is in HELL!

      But I do fear the retribution that wil surely come our way as a result of the crimes of these two! Karma’s gonna be a bitch!

    • Of course I understand that hardship. It was so well explained to me by Kim Sinrud.

      Sorry, kitten, what you “hold sacred” does not make it incumbent on me to be “kind”. If everyone who copes with fear is a “hero”, like our dear Kim Sinrud, then I suggest to you the word “hero” has no meaning left. If we really want to alleviate the hardship these long suffering folk go through, then I suggest we elect politicians who quit getting us into stupid conflicts, and not those who take cruises with hookers, like Zinke’s sugar daddy.

    • I am not Rob, but I certainly have more than just an “idea”. You see, I am a veteran. My wife is a veteran. My father and both my grandfathers were veterans. My son and daughter in law are both serving an active duty. I guess you could say I have an idea.

      I have a great deal of respect for any family member of someone serving in uniform – be it a military uniform, a police uniform, a firefighter uniform etc. Each day, those family members live with the very real possibility that the person they love will not return home.

      What I DON’T have respect for are those politicians that would make us pawns in thier political games. If a politician uses our military service for personal or political gain, that politician is guarenteed to never see my vote. On the other hand, when I find a politician that not only recognises the sacrifices we have made for our country, but works actively to aid those veterans with real benefits, I am likely to support that politician wholeheartedly, even if I dont’ always agree with his stances on issues.

      Senator Jon Tester has actively worked to make like better for veterans and active duty military members. Moreover, he has been more successful in doing that than any other Montana Senator. Livingston and Zinke have done squat and Livingston is ACTIVELY engaged in war profiteering. Making a plea to support them because of Zinke’s veteran status or because he has family members in harms way is the worst kind of political pandering. They disgust me more than I can put into words.

  24. I agree with you, Rob, that we should not be getting into “stupid conflicts.” I also know that veterans, of all people, know first-hand the horrors of war and do not want to risk life and limb and the lives of the soldiers under their command unnecessarily. Most of those in military service enlisted with the best of intentions, to serve the cause of freedom and protect the Constitution. They are the first ones to be disillusioned upon realizing that the sacrifices they and their brothers and sisters in arms made were not for the noble cause they “thought” they were fighting for but furthered some other nebulous agenda. I think of Pat Tillman as an example and note that career Air Force officer Ron Paul (who is clearly against unnecessary foreign incursions and allowing the President to circumvent the Constitution and lead us to war unilaterally without Congressional approval) purportedly has more active-duty military support than any other presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat. I take comfort in the knowledge that, on the whole, veterans are not “hawks” and having a reasoned and tempered veteran in high office actually furthers a peace-loving agenda.

    • I’m sorry. Remind me again what was Neil Livingstone’s military service?

      The man running for Governor in question put other people in harm’s way for profit. You and Lo-la-la-Lola are attempting to manipulate a softened view of what we agree is wrong because this asshole is running with a guy that served his country. Fine. So is Steve Bullock. But unlike Livingstone, Bullock has never endangered people and created heroic spouses (and concurrent fiances) by his actions. Clearly, the one to favor is Bullock over Livingstone.

      • As a veteran, in my opinion, one of the lowest forms of life on this planet is a war profiteer. Livingston wouldn’t get my vote if he was running with Baby Jesus. I have a son and daughter in law both on active duty and scum like Livingston make money off the wars that are sending our sons and daughters back to us in boxes. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of the state.

  25. General Colin Powell has a new book out on the subject, Larry, and it sounds as if much could be gleaned from reading between the lines, especially taking into consideration the testimony of Powell’s outspoken Chief of Staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. As we know, Powell and Wilkerson were sidelined by the administration once it became apparent that they had been snookered and started speaking out about it.

    From a book review:

    “On this [Memorial Day] holiday, in between barbecues, we honor the sacrifices of those who fought and died. [Gnl. Colin] Powell clearly believes that many such sacrifices in Iraq were avoidable. As he writes, “We must exhaustively explore other possible solutions before we make the choice of war,” but alas, he points out, President George W. Bush “crossed the line in his own mind” without ever once convening the National Security Council to discuss the decision.”

    • And Powell convinced Congress to hand such ‘over the line’ power to Bush to do with as he pleased.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 3, 2012 7:21 AM at 7:21 AM |

      Idiot S., I will check out Powell’s book. But I believe that Powell is not the only baby boomer who let this country down. Hell, most ALL of my generation did! They were too goddamned greedy and self-centered to do the right thing. And, I believe that they were also just too fearful, fearful of risking it all for the future of this country. Easier to just go along. Need an example? Look at the newspaper industry in this country. The folks in the industry ALLOWED the press to become shit! ‘Cause they liked having a job! They were too cowardly to fight for a real press!

      Will Rodgers said, “I’d rather be right than be a Republican”. Well, I say I’d rather be UNEMPLOYED and be right than be a sellout!

      The boomers that really had the talent and ability to change things did NOT rise to the challenge. They did NOT come to the fore. They observed and complained from the sidelines! Powell is a perfect example of this. He could have done the right thing, but he chose not to. Why? I dunno.

      And it continues today. There are very few Elizabeth Warrens out there any more, the folks I consider true heroes. And I think that that is what the boomers will be remembered for, a group full of promise who turned out to be full of shit! Too harsh? I think not.

  26. As they say, once we give away our rights it’s near impossible to get them back. I hope/pray it is not too late to reverse course down the slippery slope to tyranny.

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