GOP Candidate is Convicted Felon

We Democrats can be proud of our candidates.  The Republicans, not so much.  The man pictured here is Ronald Lassle, the sole Republican candidate for the Montana Legislature in Helena’s House District 81.

An article on this race in the Helena IR mentioned that the TEA Party Republican candidate is a recipient of government assistance–but not that the GOPer is a convicted felon.  The TEA Party opposes government assistance but has not taken a position against felons in office. The Montana GOP’s position on the practice is unknown. However, Lassle said of his recruitment in the IR that:

“he was urged to file for the HD 81 seat and said, “I’m very much a Republican.”

Lassle was sentenced to ten years for forgery, theft, and bad checks, according to the Department of Corrections Correctional Offender Network Search.  He is currently on parole. While some states have made it illegal for a person to run for office as a felon, the practice appears to be legal in Montana.  Lassle had been running in the GOP primary for Governor but later switched to running for the legislative seat.  Perhaps he noticed that there were already several candidates in that race to appeal to the GOP’s seamier side.

Lassle will face Rep. Galen Hollenbaugh-D, who currently holds the seat.  Lassle’s former gubernatorial running mate Mark Diaz is now running against Democratic Rep. Chuck Hunter for Helena’s House District 79.  Oddly, Diaz lists as his candidate website.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 29, 2012 7:45 AM at 7:45 AM |

    HEY, a bad record is better than NO record to run on! And ‘sides, it appears the dude has found Jaysus! But I do like his campaign slogan.

    “Forging A New Future For Montana.”

    Works for the Pubbies I guess!

  2. the GOP’s only requirement is that the candidate can’t be gay or like any gay people.

  3. I think Ronald will fit right in. The Montana Republican Party is full of hypocrites, frauds, people who hate poor kids, people who want to keep women down, bigots, and authors on how to get yourself a prostitute.

  4. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is expected to glean most of the supporters of Ron Paul’s failed candidacy after it circles down the earth hater primary drain wrapping up in Paul’s state of Texas where Willard Romney is the favorite.

    Johnson will be on every state ballot where he will draw uncommitted voters and those disgusted with the conservative liberal at the top of the earth hater ticket.

    Gov. Johnson could affect a close race in Montana maybe even sway the contest for President Obama.

    • I think that Johnson will glean less than 10% of the vote and his running will effect Mitten’s Romney more than President Obama. Where I disagree with you is that Romney will probably carry Montana by a slim margin. Most of the races in Montana will go Democrat (yes, I think the Dems will win the state legislature), but the overt racism and misinformation about President Obama will still give the top race here in Montana to Romney. Now lots of things can happen between now and November. Romney still hasn’t picked a VP running mate and there is still a lot of time for either candidate to put their foot in their mouth. Some of the statewide races are over but there are some that have still yet to play out (primarily the race for Montana Representative to the House and the Attorney General race). I do not think that those will effect the top ticket races as much as others seem to think though.

      • Moorcat, please take this as the good-natured snark it is intended as, but I find your optimism adorable.

        In truth, I don’t see the make-up of the Montana ledge changing much at all. Democrats will retake a few of the more bat-crap crazy seats, but some Republican seats will fall to people even more bat-crap crazy than before. Dems will pick up some ground, but not enough to retake the Montana Congress. I think the best we can hope for is the stalemate we saw 6 years ago. The worst, I don’t really want to think about.

        R-money will defeat Obama in Montana by 5% or better, significantly better than John McCain in 2008. Johnson will have little impact here. Arizona has a very mean libertarian streak. Montana does not. What we do have is an over-load of Tea Party faithful and Mormon voters. Dissatisfaction with Obama runs too high among those as well as the far left who turned out in 2008. Still, I reiterate, this is not the top ticket race by any means.

        Whether it is printed there or not, the top ticket race will be Tester v. Rehberg. This is the one that could have coat-tails for good or bad. Turnout for either one could decide many down-ticket races. The fact that it appears to be close is not great news for Democrats in Montana.

        • Oh you very well may be right. In fact, when it comes to calling races, you have a much better track record than I do because of that optimism you find so adorable.

          I don’t think the Tester/Rehberg race will be all that close. Too many of my conservative friends are so burnt out on trying to defend Rehberg that they are already saying they will be voting for Tester (whether they actually do or not will be another thing altogether). If Tester’s record for getting things done for vets is highlighted (as I think it will be) and Rehberg’s penchant for drunken antics is also hightlighted (which I think it will be), I think the outcome will be a lot less close than the Burns/Tester Race. Turnout is always a factor (as we saw in 2008 and 2010) but the races on the Dem side are somewhat exciting and the races on the Republican side are – at best – Ho Hum. Daines is not a very engaging candidate and Rehberg does his best to avoid the constituancy. Whoever wins the Dem nod for the House will be far more engaging than Daines and Tester is amazing with meeting people.

          • How well Ron Paul does in western states in the final days of the primary could reflect how much support Gary Johnson will enjoy.

            The GOP convention could be a very ugly affair after which retiring Rep. Paul endorses Gov. Johnson.

            Vote, Montana.

            • It actually might get interesting if Paul does endorse Johnson. It has been my experience that most Ron Paul supporters are fairly dedicated to “the cause” and if they decide to continue that support by voting for Johnson, Obama may just well carry Montana.

        • Jennifer Davies | May 29, 2012 10:15 PM at 10:15 PM |

          I too think that while the Dems will make some gains we are still likely to have a GOP majority. This is due to the overwhelming numbers of Repubs currently in office and the power of incumbency. I think two years from now, we will be better off. I am worried about the Tester Rehberg race. I don’t see the same campaign from him that he had in 2006. I do think that Bullock will win against Hill.

  5. I like it. He is a felon and served time. Hif elected he’ll be in good company except the others have avoided jail time.

  6. Why did it take so long to learn of this gentleman’s resume? In the Flathead, a fellow who reportedly involuntarily spent time in an official confined space filed for the GOP nomination for a house seat. The local GOP quietly got him off the ballot very quickly.

    • Queen City Dem | May 29, 2012 8:44 PM at 8:44 PM |

      I assume they knew but that this was the best they could do. This is Helena, home of GOP Headquarters. There must be a couple of dozen young (men) in flip flops and popped collars working on this stuff.

  7. He has so much in common with former Chair (and current precinct captain) of the Missoula County Democrats, Starla Gade.

  8. An man arrested for burglary and driving while soused won the Democratic nomination for Congress in El Paso, defeating 8-term incumbent Silvestre Reyes, who was endorsed by both Bill Clinton and President Obama:

    “In the final week of the race, as the campaigns took on an increasingly negative tone, Reyes attacked O’Rourke’s character.

    “A Reyes campaign television advertisement recounted the circumstances of O’Rourke’s burglary and driving-while-intoxicated arrests in the middle to late ’90s. O’Rourke said he responded to those charges during his successful campaign for City Council when he apologized for making bad decisions as a young man. He said he had tried to give back to the community since then.

    “The Reyes ad drove home its point with a recent cellphone video that allegedly showed O’Rourke intoxicated and rolling on a barroom floor.
    O’Rourke, admitting it was him, said he slipped and fell when dancing. He denied being drunk.”

    El Paso may need smarter voters.

  9. The Montana GOP has just released its new platform.

    “Marriage should be between one man and one women” (Gets caught with cocktail waitresses and extra fiances on the side.)

    “We don’t like gubment spending” (Sucks up farm subsidies eagerly.)

    “We love freedumb” (Voter surpression laws are attempted every session.)

    “We oppose voter fraud.” (Run fake candidates as democrats in Gallatin and Ravalli County).

    “We oppose government involvement in healthcare.” (Attempt laws to tell women what health care they can and can’t have.)

    Yep that’s the Montana GOP in a nutshell.

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