High School Students Easily Best School Administrators in Smarts Department

Kudos to Montana educators are in order after a group of Kalispell high school students easily demonstrated they had a superior understanding of the U.S. Constitution than school administrators.

At issue is the attempt by Flathead High School school administrators  to force a student to change her t-shirt saying, “Legalize Gay,” or go home.  Her fellow students organized a protest.   They got other students to wear t-shirts with the same “Legalize Gay” message.  Other students scarily made their own message t-shirts.

Perhaps school administrators were afraid because the bosses at the Montana Republican party re-adopted an official position at their most recent platform convention in support of making gay people “illegal.”  Why none of them were able to figure out that the Montana Supreme Court struck down laws that made it illegal to be gay in 1997 is unknown.

The school had tried to claim the shirts were the equivalent of “advertising pornography” and therefore that they had the right to ask the student to take off the shirt.  I guess the school administrators didn’t realize that Constitutional rights apply to all American citizens–including students. As the ACLU reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that students could wear black armbands to school in protest of the Vietnam War. “Schools,” wrote Justice Abe Fortas, “may not be enclaves of totalitarianism. Students and teachers do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of expression at the schoolhouse gates.”

More recently, a federal judge in Florida ruled in favor of students in a case very similar to the situation in Kalispell. In that case, the principal of Ponce de Leon High School testified that he believed clothing or stickers featuring rainbows would make students automatically picture gay people having sex, and banned the wearing of any clothing with rainbows on it or any other show of support for gay people.


Posted: May 30, 2012 at 11:27 pm

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23 thoughts on “High School Students Easily Best School Administrators in Smarts Department

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Jumpin’ CEEMent JAYsus! Where’s Dopey Reeburp when we NEED him? Come ON, Dopey! Get out your pocket Constitution and get right ON this one! Do it for the Tenth Mountain Division, Dopey! Yes, that’s right! Them boys fought for out freedumb and liberty, and for our Constitution! And now, it’s under attack by them hated public skuuls!

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    1. Not a slave to fashion

      Let’s hear you take that tone with your beloved second amendment, Larry… Don’t let us down. The people demand to be entertained with your wit and charm.

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        OK! Where have you BEEN, dude? I’ve been a second amendment guy since before you were born! For you see, I believe that when guns are outlawed, only COPS will have guns!

        Now, care to compare arsenals?? Bet mine’s bigger than yours! Not that size matters, for you can only shoot one at a time!

        My belief has always been that if you take care of the Second, it will take care of you! You see, I believe in parity, FULL parity! Whatever the gubmint has, or whatever the nazis have, I WANT TO HAVE!

        Now do you understand? That is my position, wit and all!

        That has always been my position. Guess I’m not your typical lefty. I shoot back! I like a good .50 BMG as well as the next guy! All perfectly legal! Davey Crocket had Ol’ Betsy. I’ve got Ol’ Nazi killer!

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          p.s. And for the record, oh how I wish the guys I knew from the Tenth were still around to make fun of this draft-dodgin’ freak, Dopey Reeburp. But since they’re all gone now, SOMEone has to do it! They would have found Reeburp’s fight to save CEEment Jaysus laffable! Dopey, the fightin’ fire fighter sue’er! No phony fight too phony for the Dopester!

            1. Mark Tokarski

              I just read your attitude about fear and war and enemies this morning. You are more like a typical righty.

              1. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS

                Bhaw hahahahahaha! Liar!

                thou art a screwy puke snarfing ape who has delusions about being better then anyone else, Thou art nothing but a lying blowhard and hypocritical airhead from Colorado.

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                1. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS

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              2. Mark Tokarski

                Good grief. You’re Kralj without the piecing wit.

                Oh yeah, emoticon emoticon sarcasm sarcasm. Got to be unnuanced here.

                1. Norma Duffy AKA ILIKEWOODS

                  Wasn’t intending to be witty….. just truthful. Besides, Saying this to you, for the thousandth time, without it penetrating your thick skull is quite mundane by now to others, Im sure. But it hasn’t turn a light inside of that empty cavity Yet. Has it?????

                  Did anyone ever tell you, you’re the reason God created the middle finger yet???? I pretty sure that’s partially true as well.

  2. Amorette

    Rainbows make people think about gay sex, huh? Must be fun at this guy’s house during the monsoon season. These are teenagers, folks. All they think about is sex.

  3. Dan T.

    When I see rainbows I think of rain. But what the hell do I know. I’m not a repressed sex crazed school administrator.

  4. Karen

    Flathead High School does have really good teachers, we had two sons go through a couple of years back (more years than I care to mention) and they both went on to do great things. One is a senior at MSU and one is an accountant in Spokane.

  5. Havre Voter

    The fact that anyone would try to claim that these t-shirts were pornographic is ludicrous. Sounds to me like the school administrators (most of whom are Republicans) were afraid that religious nuts would criticize them if they didn’t do something. So much for all the fervor over following the Constitution.

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