The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes To…

Janna Taylor…TEA Party Republican Rep. Janna Taylor has passed the official GOP legislator’s fit for duty exam. (No, a drug test was not involved.) Taylor says that what’s wrong for everybody else is very very right for her.

I’m talking of course about government money.  Rep. Taylor is the number one recipient of government farm subsidy cash in the Montana Legislature.  In fact, Taylor, one of Montana’s loudest and proudest Tea Partiers, and also the Montana House whip, has collected $1,000,000 over the last 10 years in federal cash farm subsidies, according to recently released figures.

But her campaign has a good defense.  It goes something like this: “Well somebody had to take the money–the government keeps advertising it.” Principles to live by.

In a letter to the editor in the Missoulian recently, Taylor writes:

“Interestingly, as we try to remove land from the CRP, the federal government is advertising for more to be put in. The other programs are set up to decrease food costs for the public.”

Taylor’s been on the dole to the tune of a 100 grand annually for the last decade.  Do we expect her to let that kind of cash fall off the money tree, hit the ground, and rot?

In the past, Taylor had written to voters that government spending concerned her because she was “worried about the debt we leave our children.”  But in her most recent missive, she’s just worried about getting the government cash for her own son:

“Now our son, a fourth-generation farmer, is working to keep us in agriculture. That’s not easy when our property taxes over there are over $28,000 yearly, workers’ comp, payroll, seed, fertilizer, fuel and the list of costs goes on and on. We pray he succeeds. Agriculture is the backbone of America.”

And hypocrisy is the backbone of the Montana Republican Party.  Pat yourself on the back Rep. Taylor. You’ve wowed us once again.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 31, 2012 7:34 AM at 7:34 AM |

    Please, someone make me STOP taking that hated gubmint money! bwhahahhaha!

    What a freakin’ buffoon! Hated gubmint money for me but NOT for thee!

    HAVE YOU NO SHAME, TEATARD WOMAN? Of course not. She’s a Teatard!

    But the reality is that this clownish woman is EGGSACKLY like all the other Teatards. Hell, I tried repeatedly to point this out when they first formed. They were all gathered on the steps of the court house here in GF, and I tried to get the GF Spitoon to point out the obvious. Every ONE of the morons out there was either a welfare farmer, retired military, or gubmint suckee of one type or another. What a sad pathetic bunch of hypocrites!

    And again, I have YET to have even ONE Teatard take my pledge! I have never taken one DIME from the gubmint, so I am willing to forego ALL hated gubmint money as long as they do too! Farm subsidies, military retirement, social security, medicaire, etc. ALL of it! But as of yet, no takers. Hmm. Wonder why?

  2. USDA subsidies are an effective bipartisan system to bribe voters. Careful not to upset too many Baucus Republicans with this line of common-sense reasoning.

  3. Rep Taylor is about as sharp as a bowling ball. I hope the voters pick a replacement who is a little more clued in. Last session she said that we need to keep the death penalty because prisoners shoot aids filled spit balls out of the prison to murder randos passing by.

  4. I can’t believe no one is discussing Sharron Angle’s visit to Montana to stump for Ken Miller. This was the woman who campaigned against black football uniforms because “black is the color of the devil.” I guess that means busboys are from hell!

    • Oh, I am sure it will be discussed eventually if Miller wins the Republican Nomination. It is possible he will. With the large field of Republican Candidates, and the somewhat unknown vector of Tea party influence at this point, the primary is still a tossup. Personally, I think Hill will win but I certainly wouldn’t place any money on that race.

      • She is just like Denny, he should be buying his own health care on the open market- I’d love to see what his preminum would be with all his pre-existing conditions that are the result of his drunken accidents.

        • I am kind of surprised that Miller was able to make this score. I think the candidate this hurts most is Livingstone, who before he became a joke seemed to be trying to court the TEA Party wing instead of the establishment.

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