A Wingnut and Prayer

TEA Party Republican Joe Balyeat

Joe Balyeat has resigned from the Bat Crap Crazy Legislature to become the new leader of the Montana TEA Party. The Washington D.C. TEA Party booster club Americans for Prosperity has struggled with keeping and finding leaders since it started meddling in Montana politics in 2009.  Now, the group has quietly instated its fourth new leader in less than three years. Henry Kriegel, Jake Eaton, and  Scott Sales, have all come and gone,  making the organization less about pretending that the TEA Party is a grassroots phenomena and more of a contest to see who can be America’s Next Top Crackpot.  So Joe Balyeat it is.

Balyeat’s first acts as the new TEA Party leader include sending out a robo-call on behalf of TEA Party Dennis Rehberg, which can be heard here.  A leaked photo of Balyeat’s remodel of the TEA Party offices can be seen below. (Don’t tell anyone where you got this, I don’t want AFP to know I have a tipster on the inside.)

Montana Cowgirl Blog readers know Joe Balyeat well.  For some reason, however, the TEA Party’s official biography of Balyeat does not mention that he’s the author of “Babylon: The Great City of Revelation,” (from $7.95 used on Amazon.com) which attempts to make the teabaggers’ case that if Christians don’t get involved in politics, “not only will hell prevail against us, but abortionists and homosexuals and humanists and pornographers and tin-horn TV networks will as well.”
A leaked photo of Joe Balyeat's first work as Americans for Prosperity director

Shortly after Balyeat’s world class work of non-fiction was published, Balyeat became vice-president of the Christian Coalition of Montana.  This was the group that fought to uphold Montana’s unconstitutional law that actually made it illegal to be gay in our state.  When a Montana court struck down the law making it illegal to be gay in the 1990s, the Christian Coalition was outraged, saying that the law making gay people illegal was “a necessary health and safety statute.”  Balyeat is also known for introducing a bill to require creationism to be taught in schools.  His bill failed in committee even though Republicans controlled the legislature by a wide margin.

Balyeat’s TEA Party bio doesn’t mention Balyeat’s attempts to declare war on Montana voters with a myriad of failed and legally flawed ballot initiatives.  In 2006, Balyeat was behind the infamous ballot initiative scandal in which three initiatives were stricken from the ballot after a judge cited “pervasive fraud in the signature gathering process.” (CI-97 would have arbitrarily limited state spending, CI98 allowed for recalling judges for any old reason, and I-154 would have made governments pay corporations if they passed consumer health and safety laws which the big wigs claimed limited their profits.)  This year, the courts rejected two more of Balyeat’s ballot measures: to restrict the ability of every Montanan to vote in all Supreme Court justice races and to gut the Montana budget with a tax give-away to big corporations.

Anyway, it seems Balyeat’s former pursuits weren’t wacky enough so he went looking for another fringe cause.   He definitely found it in Americans for Prosperity.


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  1. Didn’t think there was anybody around who remembered the Christian Coalition. Back in the day, this outfit was like the teabaggers are today–they source of hard right bigotry and bad policy. They pretended to be non-partisan and apolitical–they didn’t have the legal status to do political work. But that didn’t stop the Montana Christian Coalition. In January 1992, Ralph Reed openly advocated the defeat of U.S. Representative Pat Williams at the Christian Coalition annual conference, saying “If we will move forward in unity and if we will be persistent, victory will be ours. It will be ours in Montana and it will be ours all across America . . . . We’re going to see Pat Williams sent bags packing back to Montana in November of this year, and I’m going to be here to help you do it.”

  2. My Name is Not Joe Turner | June 14, 2012 10:33 PM at 10:33 PM |

    Is he wearing long underwear underneath that sign board? Weird.

  3. Ingemar Johansson | June 14, 2012 11:10 PM at 11:10 PM |

    Hey you guys see this?

    Tester’s not high on the priority list when it comes to a Super Pac.


    • First, the article you link is a wingnut, rightwing propaganda site. Second, you apperently didn’t read the article well enough. MT may be on the “second tier” but that does not mean that it isn’t a priority. In fact, the article goes on to say that the “Superpac” is planning on buys in Montana as well as the other states listed.

      This is your typical shot over the bow and it means nothing.

  4. Joe Balyeat is missing a few buttons on his remote control – that robo call is just a list of the Fox News talking points on Obama. e.g. What “failed green energy subsidies and bailouts” did Tester support?

    The entire AFP strategy seems to be – find something Fox News is ranting about, very vaguely tie it to some Dem locally, truth be damned, and blast it all over the place. Disgusting.

  5. “Government-run healthcare” Balyeat? Really!? Meaning the federal health care reform law requiring citizens to purchase private insurance, from private companies, resulting in massive profits for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries?

    Put down the meth pipe, “Senator.”

  6. This man is evidence that douchebags transcend not only various geographical locations, but age demographics as well. For instance, this guy is a dead ringer for the douchebags are quite often seen just south of Sarasota, FL as evidenced by 48 year old men who still wear Oakley’s, shave their chests, wear shirts with the sleeves cut off, and think its cool to wear white carrot pants. Embarrassment and shame don’t stop them from waving around guns as props; as they don’t understand that does nothing but advertise and amplify their inadequacy for the whole world to see.

    “Iiiiiiiit’s a small world aaaaaaafter all.” Sing it.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 15, 2012 8:49 AM at 8:49 AM |

    THE KOCKH’S OUTTA THE BAG! Wow! This is so exciting! Amerikkka, where ANY kid with grit, ambition, determination, and a rich daddy can grow up to be a Big Kockh! Ain’t that America?……well, no, it’s not.


  8. When he loses this job, Joe Balyeat can always get work in movies posing as a Civil War General.

  9. Drunks for Denny | June 15, 2012 9:07 AM at 9:07 AM |

    Burp…..Joe can knock back a Velvet Sage as good as anyone.

  10. I’ll bet he also did it for the Money, Probably gets a better paycheck then as a legislator, And he probably gets health insurance as well.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 15, 2012 7:20 PM at 7:20 PM |

    F*cking WEIRD! The dude’s gotta be related to the Joe Bullalot clan! He’s dumb enough to be!


  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 15, 2012 10:56 PM at 10:56 PM |

    Well, well, WELL! One of the Bulbdim clan finally has the narlies to show UP on the Cowgirl site. Isn’t that interesting. Well, since you’re here, Tim, please do what NONE of the other rightwing nutjobs has even attempted to do up to this point. Are you UP for it, dude?

    I have asked every moron Teatard to answer one question. Just one, only one, simply ONE question, and NONE of them can do it. So, Tim, I’m asking you.

    You reetarts ALL claim to be such great patriots. WELL then, just WHAT is it you love about this country? Answer the question, Tim. Be SPECIFIC! Hell, you’re a liarwyer, you SHOULD be able to answer one question! Try listing ten things that you love about America! Can you do it? I think not.

    You see, Tim, MUCH of the country is a giant shithole. Hell, even YOU and your daddy the pastord realize this, otherwise you wouldn’t have fled here to Montana. SO, come ON, mr. patriot, explain just WHAT it is that you love about your country, dude!

    You see, Tim, I think that guys like you and the pastord are nuthin’ but phonies. You haven’t really thought through the bullshit you spout. You actually HATE many things about our country, and it shows in your hate speech. In fact, you HATE the country! We’re just a leetle too diverse for racist wackos.

    Thus, there’s your challenge, Tim. SHOW us what a great patriot you are by detailing all the things you love about America. And for GOD’S sake, Tim, don’t spout shit like freedom! For if you do, you’ll end up looking like the pathetic buffoon in the picture above!

    Welcome aboard, Bulbdim! Now, impress us with your wisdom. Jesus wants you to! bwhwhhahahahaha!
    Put a pagan like me in his place!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 16, 2012 6:50 AM at 6:50 AM |

      p.s. I see this a.m. that Dopey Reeburp said at the gop convention yesterday that a vote for Dopey is a vote for peace, prosperity, and freedom……


      What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Teatards, they DESERVE the gubmint they get, but the rest of us don’t. But hey, not to fear. Dopey sees Ruskies comin’ our way too! When he looks in Putin’s eyes, he wets don’t both legs!

      Sheesh. Pubbies. Dumb as dogshit and proud of it!

  13. Did anyone read the article in the Missoulian about the outhouse gag at the Republican Convention? It (the gag) reveals where Montana’s Republicans are these days.

    Maybe somebody can link to it.

    • What? The defenders of the Second Amendment didn’t use real bullets? What are they? Paintball sissies?

      (From the story: “The outhouse was painted to look as though it had been riddled by bullets.”)

      • Should have called me….I have some 8mm surplus that would hit the broad side of an outhouse and not much else.

  14. Is it just me or does the GOP remind anyone else of imature high school crap? These are the guys that want to run the goverment and spend OUR money



  15. This is why I love the Heck out of you Lynn. LOL

  16. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 17, 2012 2:25 PM at 2:25 PM |

    Jumpinnnnnnnnn’ JAYsus! Even Jonny McSenile knows that Dopey Reeburp is full-o-SHIT! Jeebus, Dopey, but at your last deebate, you DEFENDED citizens united, you ignernt inbred dufus! Hell, even Jonny knows that you’re full of shit, Dopey! Stick with what you know, Dopey. Suin’ the Fire Dept!


  17. While I completely agree with everyone mocking the outhouse incident, it should also be noted that one of the things done at this convension was that the Republicans removed the plank about homosexuality.

    • Of course. They needed the plank to build the outhouse.

    • Just dropping it would be a beginning, but their platform was for criminalizing homosexuals just two years ago. Secondly, They also dropped that Marriage is between a man and a woman as well.

      Its slick writing, the wing nuttery writing looks like its gone, except for some code words. like this:

      “We support: Increased discretion of local school boards to allocate academic and vocational funds. Allow school boards greater flexibility with accreditation standards. Public school trustees to provide daily opportunity for students to have voluntary prayer and to recite the Pledge of Allegiance”

      Lets put it this way, Ill believe their platform exists when they act on it. Cause I still see that life begins as a zygote

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 17, 2012 5:28 PM at 5:28 PM |

        School boards determine accreditation standards? Oh really? Since when?! Since the earth is four thousand years old?? And prayer??
        What horseshit.

        A prayer??? Really?? Well OK then! How ’bout the Hail MARY every day?!
        What say you, Bulbdim?? What say you Teatards?? Are you good with the Hail Mary??? I am. Should do them heathens some GOOD, right?

        Ya know, these folks are f*ckin’ IDIOTS! ‘Bout time the press CALLED them out on this crap!

          • WTF?? This is lunacy… How can state money fund such batshit crazy teachings? Isn’t there a law or two against public money funding religious indoctrination?

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 17, 2012 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

            More on the rightwing agenda for schools. Crazy shit. Crazy HOLY shit.

          • What they will try and do is stop Federalized Standards cause that is the work of the Devil.

            The problem for them is true science and Math keeps getting the way of their religious dogma. They have worked very hard to get the USA Dropped down to the Mid 30’s in the amount of students that get Math and science degrees.

            The Majority of big Corporations in the USA now use Indian and Asian Graduates for research. bringing them in on Hb1 visas because our kids cant keep up to get the job. but the Teapublicans don’t see that. Immigrants are evil too!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 17, 2012 9:57 PM at 9:57 PM |

              “The Majority of big Corporations in the USA now use Indian and Asian Graduates for research. bringing them in on Hb1 visas because our kids cant keep up to get the job. but the Teapublicans don’t see that. Immigrants are evil too”

              Sorry, Norma, but I don’t beleive that your statement is facutally correct. They bring these folks in because they’ll work for shit wages. That’s what corporations do.

              • As much as this disturbs me right now, I have to defend Norma. It is an established fact that our education system is failing and many countries are worlds ahead of us in educating their children – including India and China. Further, American workers tend to ask for more compensation and are willing to do less work than those educated abroad.

                You might consider the wages being paid these “recent college grad school” foreigners, but from what I personally saw at Intel, the wages being offered them are the same as the “recent college grads” taken from American Schools. For example, one of the two “engineers” they replaced me with was from India and his salary was $42K a year, plus a relocation package that was… attractive. The other was a recent college grad from California and his salary was $40K with a relocation package. I can’t speak for the situation Norma was refering to, but I can honestly say that the reason the Indian engineer was hired was because he was the most qualified applicant for my job. I was asked to sit in both interviews and the Indian Engineer was brilliant. The Californian… not so much.

                • “It is an established fact that our education system is failing and many countries are worlds ahead of us in educating their children – including India and China.”

                  I’m gonna have to clarify this one, Kenneth. India and China are not worlds ahead of us. They have triple our numbers and no concern for educational fairness or equality. There’s some very smart kids in Shanghai or Bangalore, but their opportunities for success come at the cost of a lot of rural students whose standards of education, and living, are far, far behind. The majority of Chinese students can take tests exceedingly well, but many of them are not being really educated. Chinese and Indian student in the US seem like geniuses because it’s the geniuses that we bring here.

                  • Also, in these schools, students with disabilities are not often sent to school–little alone tested or integrated into classrooms with other children. Poor kids aren’t required to go to school by law, so only the richest families attend and are tested. In America, we decided that we want everyone to have the opportunity to go to school. Comparing us with other countries is not an apples to apples comparison.

                    • Then let me clarify… The students coming out of India’s primary and secondary education system are better (education wise) than those coming out of America’s schools. I made no allusions to whether they do a better job of educating ALL their kids.

              • Michael Searalika | June 17, 2012 10:36 PM at 10:36 PM |

                Hey Larry, Moms actually right on this and so are you! But I wouldn’t consider 80 Thousand a year “shit wages.” See I live down the street from two H1B families and the companies that hired them are already paying thousands of dollars to make them American Citizens. They Both got their jobs because, there were not any good American Mathematicians who applied for the Jobs.

                Both guys are from India, and their wives are college grads as well…. so yes the USA has such a lack of scientists in its arsenal of educated workers that they are pulling them from abroad.

                Yep Back, in Germany after a month of elsewhere, and such. Get to stay for a couple of weeks, take real showers and Skype to my baby girls.

                Thought I would pass on some information for you all. People in other countries do not want to see a Republican presidency. Georg Bush No. 48, kinda done them in on any love of conservative America. Hows that for Ya?

                Germany, and other Euro countries have gotten pretty expensive, with the money problems here… but the beer hasn’t changed… its still not on a par with a lot of our American breweries so I am soaking up some English and Irish beer, albeit at a steeper price.

                I do miss commenting with You Guys…. Stay focused Dems! Dont let this Marine down, I am counting on you to keep us liberals in the fight come election! Stay Focused!

  18. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 18, 2012 2:38 PM at 2:38 PM |

    Take one in the nuts…..FOR JAYSUS! Need your WTF post for today? Well, here it is! Is there ANYTHING more bizzare that these christofascists can come up with???


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