More Hollow Gestures

Last year,  the Flathead Memo caught Congressman Rehberg walking unashamedly behind a fire truck in Kalispell’s 2011 Independence Day parade.   The gesture was somewhat hollow because, at the same time, he was suing the Billings firefighters who risked their lives to save his scrub brush last year. Rehberg decided to drop the lawsuit only when he realized it was tanking his campaign.

Since that time, things have only gone downhill.  This year, the Flathead GOP has simply taped a picture of Rehberg directly to the firetruck.

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  1. Utterly pathetic. Still, it is interesting to see the political genius of this man at work. Montana has more acres of fires burning now than any other state, and Rehberg’s response is to tape a picture of himself to a firetruck.

  2. Max and Jon were here in Butte, with a good crowd response, no Denny and very few claps for the “Tea” Float

  3. Right in the DOUGHnuts! If they got the dough, let’em have it right in the nuts! When the one percent does NINETY-NINE percent of the actual WORK in this country, why then I’ll say that they deserve the ninety-nine percent of the wealth! But they don’t. These greedy bastards don’t even WORK! And Dopey Reeburp is the manservant! Their little dress up cowboy suckup who does their bidding. CALL Dopey and ask him why his masters deserve to have ninety-nine percent of the wealth if they DON’T do ninety-nine percent of the work! Equal pay for equal WORK, actual WORK! When was the last time a billionaire did a billion times the work that YOU do??

    Come ON, Dopey. Answer the damn question, loser boy!

  4. What, judy mars wasn’t available????
    Geez. One would THINK that if the Pubbies wanted the dumbest woman around, they would have selected judy! I mean, she’s got it all! AND, she’s from Montana! She’s got the Montana mystique!

    But seriously, folks, THIS even boggles my tiny mind, such as it is! Is THIS really where we are as a country? When an obscure, retarded christofascist who wasn’t even in the NEWS a few years ago, is elevated to the position of VP?

    The Pubbies aren’t THAT sick, are they? I’m thinkin’ they are!

  5. I sense a new meme coming on. Rehberg’s face taped to a senior. Rehberg’s face taped to a veteran. Rehberg’s face taped to $7 dollar milk.

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